Monthly Income Report – January 2016

monthly income report january 2016 title

monthly income report january 2016 title

January Blues

What a wet, cold and slow entry into the new year…

It feels like December was 3 months ago and somehow the weather just isn’t getting any better here in Luxembourg.

Although I was pretty productive and kept busy (even worked out again after a long lasting injury and laziness), things seemed to slow down massively.

Besides working on my eBook and reaching out to other bloggers, I had to take care of really annoying tasks at my flat.

It turns out there was a massive stain of mold on my wall in my bedroom.

So we had to rip off the entire wallpaper, disinfect the area, clean etc. I think it was a good reason why I’ve been sleeping terribly the last few weeks.

Anyway, besides this busy month, I’ve also kept up with the website and started learning tons of new interesting stuff for affiliate marketing.

I will of course teach them, once I managed to see results from them, and help you cut down on the time it takes to learn and implement them.

But before going into too much detail on my income we have to look at the overall statistics and performances.

As always, I just want to emphasize that I post this not to show off, but merely as educational purposes.

I was sceptic about making money online myself one day, but I knew it was possible.

Once I found out a source I trusted and did my research on, I started learning and these income reports are there to prove that it works.

I want to achieve complete financial stability and I believe it is possible with online marketing.

Hence the reason of my the name of my blog and why I report everything I learn.

Additionally, if I can manage to do it, anyone can. I am no where near an internet wizard or exceptionally good with PC’s.

The reviews I post are there to prevent people from getting scammed and losing a fortune by learning fluff.

Having said that, let’s move onto the specifics!

Comparing Statistics

For once, I haven’t been obsessed with my traffic stats and I haven’t actually looked at the graph until I wrote this very sentence.

If you take a closer look at it, you can see one giant day for me, quite a few below average and several strong days:income report traffic chart january2016

Strangely these strong days would have saved me from the weak ones. I’m not quite sure why there is such an irregularity at the moment.

However, even without the giant day, I would have probably succeeded in my objective, so that is obviously good news!

If you are wondering why I managed to get over 400 sessions in one single day, it was thanks to Reddit!

After some investigating, I found out that someone posted a list of several blogs reporting their online income and I was featured on it.

However, looking at most of the comments, people were rather negative about the whole thing which almost made it pointless.

It showed me though, that I need to possibly get into Reddit a bit more and learn how to make use of this incredible traffic source.

I think my account has been marked as spam by now as I never really engage with the platform besides posting my content there.

So definitely worth looking into. Having these sort of spikes are pretty great! It just shows how powerful social media can be!

As for the average sessions, it definitely is a new record breaker thankfully! Last months average was 72, whereas in January it was 97!

Very strong leap forward and very pleasant to look at.

This may have happened because I was taking a deeper look into my Google analytics account and realized something.

Most of my traffic comes from reviews I do on other programs. So not only do I help others decide which program to choose, I also get more traffic.

I did neglect them for a while because I find it hard and a bit tedious to do the research and write them out.

But I’ve decided to write a couple for the next few posts.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that physical products aren’t selling at all at the moment, on my micro sites.

I guess I was a bit lucky with my December sales on that aspect. As mentioned above though, I’m working on something currently.

They would probably perform better if I’d be using ads, but I’ve mentioned previously I don’t like spending money for traffic.

income report stats of january 2016As for the other figures, I’m fairly pleased when looking at them.

My bounce rate has decreased a little more, which is always great!

Last month it was 68.86% whereas this month it went down to 67.47%!

Either my posts are becoming more interesting or people are generally more interested in my articles.

Here are the overall changes from December to January:

784 more sessions, 613 more users and 1,343 more pageviews.

Obviously increase is always good but I wish the pageviews were slightly stronger.

I always assume it to be more or less double of the sessions. Nevertheless quite impressive.

January Thoughts

As for traffic related outcome, I expected something slightly less but still a stronger month than December.

As for the sales I’ve made with my other sites I was really incredibly sad with the outcome.

Worst of all I was hesitant about selling the site or not. On one hand I could have made a few thousand by selling it, especially with rising stats.

On the other hand, apparently it’s risky to sell sites because you can get ripped off and as it is an auction, (on you never know what you end up getting.

Nevertheless, it was a very young site and I would probably have gotten less than I expected to get from it so I decided to keep it.

Maybe in a year I’ll make another $2k from it which is great pocket money. Not too bad to have wouldn’t you agree?income report traffic source january 2016

Loving the chart again. Organic traffic clearly made it far this time and everything else has also increased.

Maybe referral and email still needs some work, nevertheless it’s an increase so I can’t complain.

Here’s the breakdown of the figures compared to December:

  • Direct increased by 264
  • Organic search increased by 236
  • Referral traffic increased by 19
  • Social increased by 258
  • Email increased by 7

Not much to say there really. The figures speak for themselves I guess 🙂

Social Media

In January I did almost nothing in terms of social media. The only exception being Instagram and Pinterest.

I made sure to post fairly regularly, but trying to come up with nice looking images of a laptop and myself can be tough…

Therefore, most of my new followers are all organic for all platforms. I’ve decided not to continue this method of generating more followers.

There is no specific reason why I quit doing that, except that I am being a bit lazy and also it attracts a lot of fake accounts.

  • Facebook Page – A pretty strong increase from 143 to 163. This means I actually managed to get 20 new page likes in a month. Maybe I can get one a day soon.income report january 2016 facebook stats
  • Twitter – As I said in the intro I barely did anything, so it is surprising to see any increase in the statistics here. Not only did I only get 28 new followers, I also deleted around 200 spammy ones. Looking at these stats makes me realize I need to step my game up and start tweeting again. These tweets usually have quite a great response.income report twitter statistics january 2016
  • Pinterest – Out of all the accounts I have, Pinterest may have been the second strongest engagement I had this month. I posted quite a few new images on it (trying out something new I will soon report here). This naturally increased my followers quite a bit. However I didn’t think I would jump from 1.8k to 2.1k! Amazing increase here.income report january 2016 pinterest statistics
  • Instagram – So although I probably did most on Instagram, I also spent almost an entire day deleting some of the people I was following (went from 4,699 to 468). This resulted in losing quite a few followers. I went from 1,649 to 1,538. I don’t actually care too much because now that I’m posting images more frequently I get more generic, interested followers. A lot more engagement is happening as well and many more comments are turning up lately. So that’s what really matters.income report january 2016 instagram statistics

I still use Crowdfire every other day to get rid of additional people that don’t follow me back.

This helps to keep my accounts clean within a few seconds!

If you’re interested to gain 1,000+ followers within a few days, make sure to check out the tutorial I posted here.


This month I managed to succeed the majority of my objectives but the one I cared about most didn’t even come close to succeeding sadly…

Here’s what was set and what happened:

  • Reach 2,700 views on Google Analytics. (Exceeded)
  • Have a rough draft of my eBook sorted (Succeeded)
  • Get at least 1 guest post on my blog. (Failed but got many requests)
  • 100 Email subscribers (Failed closely – 92 subscribers currently)
  • Reach $1,500 profit! (Failed massively 🙁 )

As for my statistics on my main blog and trying to get people to jump onboard to learn making money online, these have risen.wealthy affiliate my statistics and graph

That’s my main objective and I’m happy to see my WA statistics rising.

For deeper analysis here are some more figures that explain the chart for January:WA meaningincome report january 2016 wealthy affiliate stats

The reason I care about these most, is because not only is it actually selling something valuable where people learn something, it’s also reoccurring billing.

So a win-win situation for both.

This month I got one new referral, a personal friend of mine, as well as 9 total referrals.

Sadly there are a lot of people signing up and never actually bothering to give it a chance, which is a wasted opportunity.

Nevertheless, they can access their free account at any point so it’s not a lost account at least.

As for the guest posts, I didn’t let anyone post on my blog yet because those who wrote me, were rather new in the business.

Not that it is a bad thing, as I’m still very new myself. However the style of their writing wasn’t very SEO friendly and others didn’t have any subjects.

It’s not really my job to come up with suggestions for a blogpost. Guestposters should be able to come up with something interesting.

Otherwise I’d just write the post myself obviously 🙂

Email subscribers jumped up from 66 to 92, meaning I got an increase of 26 people.

Better than last months 19 but I still need to get a lot more! Email lists can never be to large.

Here’s the breakdown of my disappointing earnings:

This makes a total of $76,36. That’s about it for this month in terms of earnings sadly!

The only costs I had this month was for my email list building service provider:

Again, having such minor costs just shows how great the profit margin is when it comes to working online or even generating a side income.

So to conclude…

Total Earnings Of January 2016 – $57.36!

At first I was a bit devastated but what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and I’ve got a good feeling for future earnings.

It’s easy to give up but really it comes down to learning from mistakes and improving.

Once my eBook is out it should make a few sales as well therefore I’m looking forward to that.

Objectives For February

Going from $1,000+ all the way to $57.36 is definitely very disheartening. Nevertheless I want to be able to stabilize an income.

I will try and get my remaining projects out the way.

As for the book, I need to do some more research for legal stuff and also how to publish it best, as there are many options.

I can’t predict when this will be done so you just have to be patient sadly.

But as I’ve mentioned before, my subscribers will get a discount or bonus on it.

What I want to reach in February:

  • Reach 3,100 sessions on Google Analytics
  • Get some of the projects out of the way
  • Get 1 guest post sorted
  • 110 Email subscribers
  • $500 profit!

I have to stay modest now with the profit margin but even if I’d reach $100 it would be great.

Once I figure a stable strategy out it will be massively scaled!

This concludes my January income report!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy seeing me struggle. The first month to break the cycle of hitting new highs in income!

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  1. Hey Esteban,

    It’s normal to have less earnings, almost everybody feel affected after the Christmas. I’m sure than in February will get better and you will get your target of $500 profit.

    I say that Matthew Woodward included you on his January roundup. Congratulations, you got a really nice backlink from his website!

    I updated your income report in the list of favourite best bloggers at


    • Hey Francisco,

      Always good to read a new comment of yours.
      I know that a lot of affiliates are affected in the early stages of a new year. I didn’t expect it to be that massive though on my behalf.
      Yea Matthew’s been featuring me for quite some time now and it really helps! I like reading his SEO tips.
      Thanks for the update! I’ll be sure to leave a comment on your site too!


  2. I’ve been trying to get into instagram for social media now for awhile but haven’t really gotten around to it. It’s good to hear you’re having so much success with it.

    I agree analytics are important for discovering where your blog’s traffic is comming from and finding out what web pages and post they’re intetested in most.

    Thanks for sharing and great post!

    • Hey Tyler,
      Can I ask what you’ve been trying so far, to increase your Instagram exposure? Also what’s your goal with Instagram? To monetise your account or simply get more exposure for your website?
      There are many ways you can increase your exposure. Either be very active and post an image a day with a few hashtags (relevant ones), like and comment on other peoples images that have a similar niche or style to your accounts or alternatively you can try to use this technique I’ve written out here.
      Again depending on your goals, you may want to see what is best for you.
      Hope this helps you out a little. If you have more questions feel free to comment again or just write me personally.

  3. Hey Esteban,

    I have to admit I feel bad for your drop in income but keep ya head and wait for the bounce back, this is the quiet before the storm!

    One suggestion, and it was just a flying thought as I read your report; what about preparing for next year by working on something that will actually have more chance of generating income in January and not get affected by the death of the christmas holidays?

    I am thinking fitness, weight loss, detox etc? These are massive for January, and this could be a way to start 2017 much stronger?!

    Have a great February!

    • Hey Carl,
      Haha very nice of you to feel sympathy for me. I didn’t expect the drop the be quite as brutal as it was, but I guess I was bound to feel a sting eventually. I was breaking records every month and eventually you have to have a breakdown.

      I’m not too concerned though because I know what could be achieved and having reached $1,000 in such a short time with no knowledge at all shows it can be done again and this time better and more stable!

      That’s what I’m aiming for now… stability!

      As for your thought, thanks and yea I am working towards something that has an all year round demand. I’ve got several things cooking up, which also drains a lot of my energy but I am hungry for success so I won’t stop until I’ve reached it 🙂

      Thanks again for your kind words Carl! Hope to get back up soon 😉

  4. Hi,
    Just discovered your blog today and already have read more than 50% of your posts. Great.

    what i want to know is this?
    How did you go from $1,000 from your amazon niche to $2 was your site deindexed?
    I wanted to try out the Amazon income strategy but i really want to be sure if it still works and as effective as when you started some months ago

    • Hey Kenneth,

      Wow 50% is quite an impressive amount 🙂 glad to see you enjoy my posts that much! Thanks for that first of all!
      As for the Amazon micro site, I think I was mainly lucky to have started it around Xmas. Many people love shopping online during that season and therefore I was making tons of sales. My average daily traffic was around 80-100 people!
      Right after xmas sales have dropped as my traffic dropped. I went from 80-100 to 0-5 a day..
      The reason for that, is because I didn’t do any link building whatsoever. I relied on SEO and Keywords. But now that I know this I am currently building some links.
      Trying out different strategies but so far it’s been growing a little again and my traffic has gone from 0 to 10-15 a day again.
      Hopefully I can have much more traffic soon again and I’ll be making sales ;).
      You can read about how to build links here. I’ll let you know how my site ends up doing.
      Let me know if you need any more answers,

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