Monthly Income Report February 2017

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Bad News Everyone

February is over! Although it was very calm at work, my wallet had to suffer quite a bit. The car broke down, I had to pay at least a grand doing a checkup and repairing it and worst of all… Amazon let us down!

In case you haven’t heard or if you’re not that familiar with affiliate marketing, Amazon’s commission have changed and they are fixed now.

Most affiliates will be suffering from this and I’ve read from many super affiliates that they’ll earn around  40% less.

This is of course a massive amount especially when you’re used to making anything from $10,000-$20,000 per month!

I haven’t really worried too much about this change yet as the current site I’m working on with a friend is still fairly young and only makes about $2-$3k monthly so we had a lot of growth to do anyway.

Now we can focus on grasping the highest commissions hopefully and not suffer too much from this loss.

Before I go into detail about my objectives I’ve set (and forgotten mostly) last month, let’s take a look at the blog statistics.

Comparing Statistics

I only found out near the end that one strong backlink and main source of traffic every end of the month, will now disappear as well.

Used to be featured on a roundup for income reports and for some reason the owner of that roundup decided to stop doing these.

One bad news after another ey? Ah well not too worry as I have other focuses these days.

monthly traffic february 2017

Nothing out of the ordinary really if you look at this graph. It’s always very equally choppy and although I did hit a few nice days, the overall traffic wasn’t massive especially because February is a short month.

I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking over the course of the month and I definitely feel more motivated than ever.

I’m not sure if anyone can relate but there seems to be this fire inside of me that burns like a uncontrollable firs in a forrest. Whenever I switch on a console and start playing video games, I feel like I’m wasting time and it doesn’t take long for me to switch it off.

When I go to sleep at night I lie in bed for at least 1 hour just thinking of ways to increase my income (it’s incredibly annoying as I can’t really sleep).

When I wake up in the morning (a lot earlier than I’d like to) my mind goes insane again.

So having said that, starting this month I will push even more to increase this passive income.

traffic statistic february 2017The statistics clearly show a strong deficit in terms of numbers, but as already explained, this is mainly because of the short month.

Additionally the traffic source for the beginning and end of the month is also a strong indicator of lower figures.

Overall it is actually very similar to last months.

But if you’re interested in the full breakdown and difference to last month, here it is:

256 fewer sessions, 212 fewer users and 479 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate went up 2.1% 

I think once I live off my online earnings, I will focus to explode this blog and make it a strong source of passive income as well.

As for now I want to concentrate on my other website as it’s more fun and seems to be doing very well.

February Thoughts

As just highlighted in the previous part, I am determined to make it and get a massive passive income.

My goal has always been (and still is) to be a millionaire by the age of 30! I am 28 now so I have less than 2 years left!

I am confident that this goal will be reached. However that is not my end goal. I’ve always thought once I reach 5 million that’s me sorted!

Now I’m thinking, “why am I restricting myself to a low number”… I don’t really know why I did.

My new “end” goal is to be in the 8 figures. Being a billionaire is too much and it comes with too many dangers and obligations. I honestly believe that multimillionaires are happier than billionaires.

I’ve watched a ton of documentaries on wealthy people (mainly at work as I work for a T.V. station) which gives me that impression.

I’ve also FINALLY joined the gym again and it feels amazing. I was really depressed the last few months and for some reason I tried to seek comfort with locking myself indoors, eating nonsense and drinking quite a bit.

Now I’m on my health craze again and it’s honestly such a nice feeling. I really missed hitting the gym.

To break from the personal life pattern here are some figures of the traffic breakdown.

traffic source breakdown february 2017And yes once again main source is organic which is probably the best source to me.

It’s the one you have to worry and work the least for once you managed to rank for certain keywords.

As I don’t really have much to say about this I might as well jump to the change and breakdown now.

The full breakdown is as follows:

  • Organic search decreased by 144
  • Referral decreased by 45
  • Direct traffic decreased by 59
  • Social decreased by 16
  • Other increased by 8

So although my figures suffered a little on my blog due to the short month, I have to say I am amazed that my side project is stronger than ever even with all the changes and shortages.

Before I go into the side project I quickly wanted to mention that I’ve been getting a lot more requests for guest posts which I love! And this month I have to say I got the best guest posts so far.

Not only did I learn a lot myself, I think you should all have a read at these here:

Attract more customers by paying attention to website user experience

This guest post was written by the lovely Emma Miller

How to stay ahead in search results to your competitors

This guest post was written by the talented Neerja Gupta!

Do make the effort and read these! You won’t regret it.

Over the entire month we only added one or two reviews and did about 3 updates. Next month we’ll destroy the whole thing by working like mad animals on it.

project stats february 2017

Can you believe that we almost got 30,000 visitors in February???

This must be reached by March otherwise I will be very angry! January was a bit slow because people tend to buy less after xmas, and I expected February to be very similar.

However this is what we managed to scratch together:side project earnings February 2017

Not too shabby right?

That’s actually a whole $1,000 more than the previous month. I can’t believe that I used to almost make the same amount in my first job and I am barely touching this site!

Total hours worked on it in February is probably around 3 hours total. Compare that to a normal 9-5 …


As highlighted in the introduction. I kind of forgot about most of my objectives and I did look at them several times.

My main focus was on sorting out my mortgage which by the way was finally approved!

This means I’m closer to gaining another source of passive income very soon!!!

  • Set up a meeting to find out how to open an online company in Lux (failed)
  • Make at least $2,500 with side project. (Exceeded!)
  • Get my tax return sorted out. (need to wait for more papers)
  • Possibly get that mortgage now on the flat! (Approved)
  • Clean up on more unfinished projects. (Was supposed to be done but still waiting on a reply)
  • Save up to 3k on  one of my savings account (Done!)

Now that I go through these goals I realized I did very well actually. Many of the goals I failed to achieve are out of my hands.

I was going to sell one of my old websites and I did get an interested buyer, however they are being very annoying and long about everything and I’m not sure what the holdup is.

Not only is it annoying because it’s another thing on my mind constantly that I have to chase, it’s also annoying because I wanted to increase my earnings this month.

I was going to sort my Taxes this month but I have to wait for some more papers as well on that, and I wasn’t able to sort a meeting for company creation due to lack of time really.

So again my earnings suffered in terms of the short month especially when you look at these recurring sales:

WA meaning

wa earnings february 2017

My costs as usual remain:

Total Earnings Of February 2017 – $1,685.71!

Love to see this increase now. It shows that progress is finally happening. It was very demotivating at first when I looked at my monthly reports and almost no change would happen.

Now there’s a small increase each month and it makes me want to push forward every second.

I hope we don’t take too much of a beating due to Amazons new commission policies and that I can break the 2k benchmark in March!

Objectives For March

Now that I’m pumped more than ever I want to really speed up the process. A lot of the times you’ll end up helpless and don’t know what to do in order to progress because it is out of your hands.

Especially when you have to wait for answers or literally just let your sites age. These moments can be frustrating but I figured theres always something to do.

Having said that, these will be my objectives for next month:

  • Buy the flat!
  • Sort out Taxes
  • Finish off old projects
  • Make at least $2.500 with side project!
  • Finish reading 2 books I’ve started

Although we reached $2.8k with our site, I am a bit worried with new commissions to make it happen again. I know that in the long run we’ll end up getting it to $10k/month but it will take more time now.

Both my friend and I will soon have a bit of a holiday to catch up on things which will help a lot.

Are you fascinated with the way I generate this income by almost doing nothing? Would you also like to have a bit of extra cash at the end of the month?

In that case stop wondering how it works and take action. Everything you need to know is one click away and you could start earning tomorrow already! I’m not even trying to be a typical salesman selling you nonesense.

In fact I’m actually offering a free course you can look into and see if this is for you. All you need to do is have a quick look and read through this review. Maybe watch the video and sign up as it’s totally free.

That’s how I started and it’s starting to pay off!


  1. Essi,
    The income report you mentioned was an interesting one to read. Sad that it will be stopped. Glad to see your session reaching 30k. That is a huge success, following your blog since you have pretty much started it :). I still don’t know how to do it. Good luck with you.

    • Have you looked at the course I recommend? I learned all the fundamental basics through it and I can honestly tell you it’s worth having them. You will save a lot of time. After there’s a lot of different ways to make money online (as you can tell from my history already). I’m happy to help if you need assistance.

      • O ya! I had been part of that course 🙂
        What do you attribute to the relative success of your side project? Consistent posting? Or keyword research?

          • Ha Ha. Finally you are there. I think that is where I need to improve. I have the feeling that, the course you mentioned play very safe and do not discuss anything but white hat. I haven’t done other option whole heatedly. Will be there soon!

          • Playing it safe is whitehat 😉 to be honest it’s the best way to play it because Google just hit another update and I’ve been deeply affected by it. You will see in my new income report how badly it’s been affected and that would have never happened with purely whitehat approach. By playing the game right you will never have to worry about any new updates or sudden crashed in traffic as you’re doing what google expects.
            Don’t give up you’ll get there! And if it’s any consolidation, I’m still no where near where I want to be 🙂 I need a steady income and one that grows every month. None of that up and down shenanigans 😛

  2. Hey Essi,

    I wanted to respond to the part where you say that there’s an uncontrollable fire inside of you. I’ve had the same feeling before, and I think it is important to deal with it.

    I’m now just starting to realize how important a worklife balance is, and if you’re constantly thinking about work and making money eventually when you reach your goal you might find it impossible to turn off.

    I struggled with us a little bit, but I finally figured out that I shouldn’t feel guilty if I take some time off for myself and not focus on just making money. After all, what is the reason for making money? For me the goal are financial dependence and being able to travel, but if you completely exhaust yourself then no amount of money or traveling is going to satisfy you.

    Also, I find really interesting how you’re also talking about increasing your goal. Personally, I started off aiming for $4000 per month, and then I had some points where I thought that $1 million or $2 million a year should easily be possible. What’s interesting though is that when I focus too much and making money I stop trying to figure out what I actually want to do with my life. I’ve been asking myself questions like why do want to make this money and how much money will actually let me live the lifestyle I want, and surprisingly it’s not as much as I thought.

    I agree with you that multimillionaires are probably happier than billionaires, but I also think it’s important to figure out what you actually want in life, figuring out how much that would cost you, and aiming for that. If $100 million is what you want that’s obviously fine, but I would just focus on arbitrary number because it seems like a nice round number. Maybe 20 million would be enough for the lifestyle you want, or maybe even 10 or 5 million. You never know until you should try to figure it out.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but I just wanted to share my experiences and help you out on your journey to making passive income online.

    • Hey Ilya,

      Glad to see that someone feels the same way and has that fire! I think many people pretend or assume they do, but only very few actually have it burning inside them.
      From the choice of words you’ve used and the way you described how you look at life, I can tell you’re sincere and mean it.
      I completely agree with you that you have to balance it all out. I think the more pressure you have the harder it gets to produce quality and everything seems to go slower.
      In my first year of getting involved with affiliate marketing I was unemployed and I really wanted it to be my job. Work from home etc. but then the longer it took for me to reach that first $1,000 on a consistent basis the more pressure I felt and soon enough I could barely sleep.
      Now I’ve got a “typical” 9-5 job and I have a steady income which reliefs a lot of stress but at the same time I have less time to work on my online business. However I’ve seen much more success and a lot more money coming my way.
      As for having a goal, I partly agree with you. Yes you have to know what you aim for. Having a number in mind is all well and good but if you don’t have a reason for it, you’ll feel just as empty as before.
      For me my first goal was 5 million and live happily of that. But recently I’ve read and watched a lot of influential stuff from influential people and I don’t remember who it was but he said “why aim for a million when you can aim for 100 million” and honestly I’m very certain I’ll reach the 100 million in my life eventually.
      In case you’re wondering what I want in life, it’s simply financial freedom. Most people could probably live perfectly happy with 2k a month and sure I can do too.
      But I also want a real estate empire (and having 1 or 2 properties is already a million) and be able to donate an insane amount whilst I’m still alive. I think that donating money for good causes can be the true meaning of a successful life and make me happy.
      However I want to have a few fancy cars, nice houses and carefree lifestyle along the way. Currently I struggle a little every month to pay all the bills etc but I’m managing so I’d say give it a year or two and I’ll be back on track for the next digit in my net worth 😉
      Thanks for the long comment. I love long comments 😉

      • Makes sense. Seems like your trajectory is very close to what I want for myself also!

        Yeah, the beauty of having a real job is that you don’t have to worry about money each month and you can speed up your online businesses/buy new businesses with the money you can save each month. I’ve played around with the idea of getting a real job (after I graduate college that is) and I think I’d only do it if my internet income wasn’t at what I want it to be or if I wanted to get to retirement more quickly and actually liked the job.

        I have the freedom of doing that though as I’m still in college, but obviously other people would have to either do a real job + business or try and go all in and experience high levels of stress and potential for failure.

        Anyway, based on your past progress I think your goals are definitely achievable and I hope that your real estate endeavors end up providing you with a solid income base in the upcoming years!

        • I honestly wish I was in your shoes! If only I would have stumbled upon affiliate marketing or making money online generally whilst I was in college I think I’d be self employed by now 🙂
          You’re well on your way to doing that. Congratulations !
          Although there are certain things you learn in each job that can be handy in life but it does rob hours of your life away which is what I can’t stand. On top of that you’re doing something you don’t love and it only pays a certain amount, whereas online earnings have no limit really.

    • Hey Ilya,

      I saw you on that roundup as well and was quite jealous how you surpassed me so quickly 😉
      Glad to see you took the initiative to create your own roundup. I’ll jump on it now and leave a comment if I can find any improvements for it!
      Thanks for including me of couse!

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