Monthly Income Report – February 2016

monthly income report february title 2016

monthly income report february title 2016

When The Winter Won’t Leave!

With a leap year I had to wait until after the 29th of February, to release this income report. Straight off the bat I will have to say that I will try to keep it shorter than usual.

Mainly because I feel like I go on too much to begin with and because it was quite an uneventful month.

I actually feel like the winter is after me and my online business.

In Luxembourg we have a tradition, where we burn down some sort of wooden statue or castle, to say goodbye to the winter. This tradition is called ‘Buergbrennen’.

For some reason, this year it actually didn’t work and it was snowing the very next day!

Maybe it’s the same reason my traffic won’t come back and earnings are being kept at an ultimate low!

But with as you know, I’m fairly resilient and I will continue working hard on this until I reach my satisfied monthly income!

Comparing Statistics

As I already hinted in the introduction, I didn’t have my best month in terms of traffic. I don’t exactly know why, but it was really depressing to see the low figures.

I tried to ignore the problem, but when you open the Google Analytics app several times daily, it can be hard to overlook.traffic chart february 2016

Thankfully I am still being featured on a roundup at the end of each month, so I had a good spike last night to save me from total embarrassment.

I can’t exactly explain why this massive drop happened, but as for the end of the month, it might be explained through not creating a post like I should have.

Normally I’m incredibly consistent with this but I started to struggle nearer the second half because too much was going on in my life.

I did however create a new video, to increase the value and length of my number 1 rated product. It gives you a peek inside the community and what you get.

As for the average views, last months ultimate high of 92 now dropped down to 66.5.

I have to admit that I was working quite a bit on my micro site trying to get it back to life. Near the end of January the traffic was dropping drastically, so it was an urgent matter.

I now added a bit more text and a few more pages (nothing significant) as well as a few videos and swapped out links and images of the products I was promoting.

A lot of the images that were featured were the wrong models and some didn’t even exist anymore so it was crucial to have taken these few steps.

Hopefully we’ll see some changes soon as it was my highest earning website so far.

income report traffic stats february 2016The figures won’t be amazing either after you’ve seen the slow and fairly straight line of traffic above.

Slight change in the bounce rate. Still below 70% which is good.

In the previous month it was at 67.47% so a 1.01% increase if fine.

Overall there isn’t much more to say about the chart as it kind of speaks for itself.

The low volume clearly drops all other figures but to compare, here is the overall change from January to February in detail:

1,085 fewer sessions, 842 fewer users and 2,233 fewer pageviews.

February Thoughts

There were quite a few days where I was getting a bit depressed and felt a bit down. But ‘when life knocks you down, you look at the stars’ they say.

I was going through several job interviews during February and thinking of how my old life used to be and what it will be like again, if I don’t get back on it.

Some of the jobs actually sounded interesting and had quite promising packages.

But when I think about getting up early to drive through traffic and sit in an office in uncomfortable clothes…

It just motivates me to get back to work and be my own boss.

Yes times are currently not the way I’d like them to be, but if you remember, last month I mentioned my niche site was estimated at $12,000-$15,000, I’m actually doing a lot better than my previous job already.

This is more than half my yearly previous salary. On top of that I spent a fraction of time and money on that site and it was actually fun creating it.

Taking a peek into what’s coming for me helps me stay on board. And no I won’t sell the site until it’s fully functional and profitable again. Who knows how much it’ll be worth then?

traffic source february 2016Anyway, getting back on topic now, the traffic sources are pretty interesting.

Looking at the chart, you can see that although I intended to tweet more and be more socially engaging, I didn’t do as promised.

I could have easily doubled the views by doing so but my organic traffic is still standing strong!

My Email engagement is still fairly week but I didn’t send out any broadcasts as far as I can remember.

The breakdown is as follows when compared to January:

  • Organic search decreased by 27
  • Direct decreased by 436
  • Referral traffic decreased by 280
  • Social decreased by 336
  • Email decreased by 6

I definitely have to stay motivated enough to power through some social engagement to prevent these disasters from happening.

I’m still trying to figure out how to master Reddit, but I also believe that I need a new account.

It turns out that after a while, people do not reply to your account at all anymore because they consider you as spam, if your engagement isn’t social enough.

Social Media

Last month I did near enough nothing for my social media profiles, and you guess what… I did even less in February 😀

I shouldn’t really be proud of that but it’s interesting to see how much of an influence it makes on a business.

  • Facebook Page – Again no promotion, interaction or any engagement (except for letting everyone know what’s upcoming and new) and still getting some more loving fans. I went from 163 to 185 over February. This means 22 followers more for me!facebook stats income report february 2016
  • Twitter – I did try to reach out to a few more influential people on twitter, testing this new software I was introduced too (and will soon write a review about). However I didn’t get quite the results I was aiming for. I may have gotten 200 new followers but I still haven’t reached my 1,700 milestone yet!income report twitter stats february 2016
  • Pinterest – Except for having a few more boards, these stats seem almost unchanged. I feel like I could pin a few things here and there every morning to not loose traction. We’ll see how this goes.incomr report february 2016 pinterest stats
  • Instagram – I’ve started to like this app more and more, over the weeks, as you can chat to quite a few interesting people fairly directly. I may have lost more followers but take a closer look at the number of people I’m following. I decided to only follow friends and people directly involved with IM. I learn a lot from them and it’s good to stay in touch with interesting people like that.instagram statistics income report february 2016

Objectives For March

The objectives were very well intended, but I didn’t manage to keep any of them haha… Sad times 😀

But let’s take a look at them anyway:

  • Reach 3,100 sessions on Google Analytics (Failed Massively)
  • Get some of the projects out of the way (Succeeded)
  • Get 1 guest post sorted (Failed but Roundup in progress)
  • 110 Email subscribers (Failed currently at 93)
  • $500 profit! (Failed sadly)

Here are the stats for my main blog that I’ve been including since last month. It’s mainly the stats where people joined through me and are learning to make money online.

wealthy affiliate graph february 2016

Although there may be a slight decrease, I’m still continuously growing my income, which is a monthly reoccurring one, so I’m glad to have that as well as help people out.

WA meaningwa stats february 2016 income report

Although I don’t make a huge amount with this website alone, it is the most rewarding one. I genuinely believe in the value of it and I like seeing when people sign up to at least try it.

The fact that it is free to join and what it offers as a free member is better than any course I’ve seen so far.

Those people who do decide to take the next step and go for a paid membership usually stay in touch with me on a regular basis.

I try to help them out as much as I can and I love seeing them grow their business. I guess it is the same reason the super affiliates remain in the community.

They’ve learned more than enough and have sustained a nice monthly income, meaning they don’t need to be following the course at WA any longer.

However they are still the most active members, creating trainings, helping other newbies out and advising intermediates to scale their business.

But coming back to the objectives list, I didn’t write any guest posts, but I did start drafting my first roundup.

I hope to have gotten enough answers by the end of the week or next week and I’ll link it back here.

I hope you’ll enjoy the answers as well as the question, because a number of influential people will be on it!

My email subscriber signup rate is fairly slow so I may have to offer something of more value soon to get you people to sign up 😉

But for the most interesting bit, let’s look at what I managed to achieve this month in terms of earnings:

Let me just explain quickly what these are. I constantly go on about having too much on my plate and I think these earnings almost explain it.

The second niche site is an experiment from December. I mentioned I was creating a new niche site and I’ve been doing things a bit differently.

Promoting a complete different niche, in a different way and using different methods and affiliate program.

It’s only gone live at the end of last month and it’s just brought in my first commission!

The CPA earnings is another side experiment. I literally spent about 20-45 minutes on this total and made that small commission within a few minutes.

I will see how this goes and if it can expand but if not I won’t explain much further. All I used for this was my smartphone and Instagram so it might be interesting for some.

Let me know if you’d like to know more about this.

The combined total however of February’s commissions is $176.45

As for the costs, I only had my subscription to pay for again:

Got to love the costs you are facing when making money online 🙂

And to conclude this income report…

Total Earnings Of February 2016 – $157.45!

A bit more than $100 increase from last month!

Objectives For March

Now that I reached the $100 milestone again, I need to make sure to keep it that way.

Hopefully I can get my eBook out this month and finish my second niche site to increase the conversions.

As for March here’s what I’d like to achieve:

  • Get traffic back on track
  • Guest post at least once
  • Make an affiliate sale for my first micro site
  • $500 profit!

I received my first check from Amazon the other month in my mailbox which felt amazing. I need to get these coming in every month!

If I was able to make nearly $1,300 in one month, within such a short time of learning about this industry, I can definitely do it again and once I do sustainably I will scale it up and repeat this process.

Hopefully you enjoyed this income report and let me know what your thoughts are! Feel free to leave behind comments if you’d like me to add or remove things.

General questions can always be sent to me personally or also left as a comment below.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you’ll never miss out on my income reports and useful tips, tricks and tools will be sent right to your mailbox.




    • Hey Gordon,
      Will your blog mainly be about real estate then if you say ‘properties’?
      I’ll make sure to see your progress 🙂
      Thanks for leaving a comment behind on my blog,

  1. Hey Essi – great job this month! I just recently discovered you through the Income Report Roundup. Feels so great to be making money online when soooo many people fail to even make $1.

    I’m looking forward to keeping up with your progress.

    Keep up the hard work!

    • Hey Dave,
      Thanks for following my blog and commenting on it! It definitely is easy to fail at this but trying to make it work is another story. One thing is sure, if you don’t continuously work on it you’re guaranteed to fail.
      I hope to make it big like the others on that roundup 😉
      Thanks again Dave,

  2. Hey Essi, first time on your blog today and I’m checking out your income report from Matt Woodward’s roundup. Very thorough break down and awesome work, keep it up as it’s always inspiring to see bloggers sharing their transparency and reports like this.

    Regards – Fabrizio

    • Hey Fabrizio,

      Always happy to see comments like yours! I have to admit I’ve been struggling a little since December but I won’t give up that’s for sure.
      But financially I think I have to get back to the working world for a while. Funds are running low at this point!
      But encouraging words keep me going 😉

  3. Hey Essi,
    Another visitor from Matthew’s riundup here.

    Love the round ups mate and your style if writing, will definitely be back in a regular basis.


    • Hey Mike,

      I don’t know if you remember but we’ve actually spoken in the past 🙂
      I never heard back from you after my last email though!

      I’ll send you another one if you like?

      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Hi Esteban. I am a newcomer and I really like your journey. Hope you reach your goals next month.

    I am starting a blog with this consept where I talk about my journey with lots of case studies. So I’ll be following you for any tips.

    I have to say that I am really interested in your CPA offer since I think of utilizing it.

    • Hey Evren,

      Thanks for the encouragement about reaching my goals. It won’t be easy but I’m getting closer each month I suppose 🙂

      I’m happy to hear you’re trying to follow the same concept as my website. Feel free to ask me whenever you’re struggling or need help with something specific.

      CPA is something I’m still exploring so if you have a specific question I can help you with shoot 🙂 but again I haven’t got much experience just quite yet!

    • Hi Mantras,

      I really appreciate your comment! Glad to see someone gets motivated by my words 🙂 I’ve been a bit busy this week but my next income report will come out tomorrow at the latest. Maybe I can inspire you some more 🙂

  5. It’s fascinating how many balls you are trying to juggle. Thanks for sharing these. They are definitely inspiring.

    • Thanks buddy! I’m super exhausted at the moment with my new job and all these projects going on after and before my job but got to keep up my hustle to make it work right? 😀

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