Monthly Income Report – December 2017

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Need Some Rest!

Welcome back to yet another magnificent episode of my online earnings report! Otherwise known as my monthly income reports.

For all you newcomers, here’s a quick re-cap why I write these monthly posts:

  • I like to share the struggle of making an online income
  • I want to show you that anyone can do it
  • I started from the bottom with no knowledge or coding skills whatsoever
  • I want you to learn from my mistakes and repeat my successes faster than I do
  • My transparency is not to show off but rather to inspire and get you going!
  • You can start TODAY by simply clicking here and turn your passion into a business

Now that that’s out the way let’s have a brief look into my Festive month of December.

Most of you probably spent the 24-26th at home relaxing, eating delicious food and opening presents.

While my days weren’t far off, the days leading to it were pure stress and filled with work.

I don’t understand how a normal job suddenly turns out to be the most hectic and overloaded place I can be at.

Basically my corporate job was living hell. On the 26th I actually worked a 13 hour shift.

The only benefit of it was that they gave me 2 meals (twice the same which kind of sucked) and that I was paid extra.

The meal itself was really nice but when you eat the exact same twice and barely move from a desk and several screens in front of your face, the novelty wears off real quick!

office lunch and dinner for xmas
My Office Lunch and Dinner

I’m not going to lie, I wish I would have had the day off instead.

Besides that I also worked every week including the weekend of the 16th and 17th of December, and a night shift from midnight to 8 am on the 31st.

Pretty brutal right?

Anyway… when I did have some time to think and rest, I managed to put some work into my lil monster and it’s been growing continuously.

Unfortunately I’m way off my target but I’m not giving up yet.

Comparing Statistics

Before I continue my rant and moping over the tough December period, let’s take a look at how my lil monster has been growing!

I still haven’t managed to crack down the 1k traffic which is a huge disappointment and it strongly affected my earnings as well.

More keywords are being indexed and moving up the latter however so traffic has been growing.

Still I believe the December period was the main reason for the great traffic. We’ll see how much it’ll drop in January I guess.

traffic for lil monster in december 2017

Yes the graph looks nice and strong and it kind of is. But my last site hit a couple of good keywords on the number one spot on Google last year and thanks to that the site made a whooping $6.7k or something.

Needless to say the lil monster won’t hit the same amount with that traffic.

However, X-mas is pretty much the peak moment for this type of consumer site and it did generate some cool revenue. More details will be shown below a little later.

Initially I really hoped for my traffic to be in the thousands per day but I didn’t even get close to it.

What did surprise me is that I still made a lot more than I expected with the traffic I was getting.

traffic breakdown December 2017As you can see the traffic breakdown on the left is broken up pretty evenly like almost every month.

The only difference being, that it’s doubled from November.

No huge surprises there.

I’m still annoyed that my bounce rate isn’t dropping by like a good 50% or something.

That would boost the ranking of the site immensely. I’m especially annoyed because it’s got so much quality content. Maybe I need to consider making it look more appealing to the reader!

The exact change is:

  • Sessions: +2,566
  • Users: +2,320
  • Pageviews: +2,793
  • Bounce rate: +1.03

The figures that are green are pretty cool. But don’t be fooled! It should have been ten times that!

In case you are wondering what I do every month to increase my figures, it’s basically a lot of editing on my existing work.

Trying to improve the quality of the actual texts, more interlinking and outreach for guest posts!

There’s no voodoo or black magic involved when it comes to SEO, just a lot of work and a bit of luck really.

Obviously if you’re an expert (which I’m unfortunately still not) it’s a lot easier and you can create your luck a bit faster.

traffic sources December 2017The sources of my traffic are mainly coming form organic searches which is always my main priority.

I’m not using any ads nor am I doing any active social media outreach.

Having said that, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that my main source is organic in that case. I’m always a bit curious what exactly “other” means as every possible option is already listed.

Maybe it was Bigfoot and his friend…

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the amount I generated from the lil monster in December is:

December earnings 2017


Yes the $1,000 benchmark has finally been reached. I mean it’s literally only a few dollars above 1k but still a new milestone.

I was actually pretty sad seeing that number but when comparing it to last years site which had 19,450 sessions and $6.7k earnings, which turns out to be $2.9 per session, then my lil monster has an average of $2.6.

That means I’m not far off from making the same amount. It all depends on my traffic now!

And now that I’m working on it solo, it’s a 100% profit for me and not split into 2 earnings.

Sadly January will be a sharp decline as everyone’s probably spend their money on X-mas gifts and needs to save up some money now.

But we’ll just have to wait and see.

December Thoughts

I feel like I’ve been saying this basically every month but, I’m exhausted beyond belief at this point.

Luckily the internet enables me to outsource a lot of work and I can literally cut down the most annoying tasks when building my site.

However, having to sit 8 hours on my chair at work (if not more) and mentally being drained, makes it hard to even lift a finger to get jobs out for the freelancers.

What I did enjoy in December was some quality time and although I’m a bit of a grinch, it’s nice to get together with the family and have a nice chat and meal.

xmas with pants

This year my girlfriend and I decided not to go crazy and gift each other senseless stuff that we don’t really need or use anyway, so we decided to give each other a small practical gift, as well as help someone else.

What we did was sponsor a child each for one another on which felt a lot better than receiving something you chuck away in your closet somewhere.

I’m not saying I don’t like materialistic things, but I’m at a point that I don’t need anything or want anything that anyone in my close circle can get me.

Unless you want to buy me a Lamborghini or a villa in the south of Italy I’m ok with just a nice bottle of wine for now 🙂

As for new years, it is one my favorite celebrations. We had some of my best buds over with a nice raclette dinner (if you don’t know what it is you’re seriously missing out in life) followed up by a lot of drinks and then out into town!

new years eve with the gang

For the first time in my life town was extremely disappointing and I’m still annoyed about the music that was being played. But the night itself was awesome.

On that note I still have to wish everyone reading a happy new year and hopefully you strive to become better, stronger, healthier and wealthier than the year before 😉

I know I am 😀

I also renewed my gym membership and giving the whole MMA class another go.

Although my work schedule is already ridiculous, I felt like a potato sack and I could sense my motivation levels decreasing due to lack of movement.

My daily routine literally is wake up, get ready, drive to work, sit on a chair for hours and drive home, maybe a bit of TV and sleep.

I think overall I walk about 300 steps that way! A human body isn’t meant to be unused that way.

I also see a sharp difference in my body and it makes me “depressed” so gym is always the best answer.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say depressed I mean, I feel a little unhealthy and restless and looking in the mirror isn’t as fun as it used to be haha.

In case you’re not aware of this yet, I’m also a huge, huge fan of the whole cryptocurrency world (bitcoins and all) and have been investing into them since late October.

My portfolio almost multiplied by 6 since I’ve started so that is also a huge upside for me. I’m a member of several facebook groups involved in that world and try to read as much as I can about different currencies.

If you’re also interested, do make sure to read my article as it can be very helpful and prevent disasters!


Nearing the end of my income report, we can see what I managed to do with my objectives that I’ve set:

  • Feed the little monster with 20 new posts! (partly achieved)
  • Hit 1000 sessions a day on average! (20% achieved)
  • Make the first $5,000 month with site! ($1,000 reached 🙁 )
  • Finish the book (embarrassed to say I got one chapter left)!
  • Update little monster with new/forgotten SEO techniques (ongoing project)

I’m not proud of my failures I have to admit!

But these goals are daunting and annoying to say the least. Achievable yet not that easy!

And now for the most interesting part and the bit most people probably just scroll down to, here are my earnings made in December:

WA meaning

earnings wa december 2017

Costs as usual remain:

Aweber – $19.00

Total Earnings Of December 2017 – $1,038.48!

Finally over 1k but does it have to be such a small amount over 1k? At least I know my site is working and it’s picking up momentum.

Now I need to dedicate a lot of time and effort into it to make it work properly.

It’s still in it’s infancy and it was a giant goal to reach the 10k so early but now I got a whole year to make it work.

To be honest there are months like December where earnings will be substantially higher than in January for example but it’s also a lot of work and hard to find time to do what’s necessary.

Therefore I have to devote myself in the quiet months so that the busy ones pay off handsomely.

Objectives For January

Well without objectives I wouldn’t know where I’d be today, so this is always a crucial moment for myself.

I need to set the bar high but not too high that I can’t achieve anything. Therefore for January I want to achieve the following:

  • Feed the little monster with 1-2 new posts.
  • Hit 500 sessions a day on average! (previous month was 1000 aim but too optimistic)
  • Make $800 month with site! (Remember it’s January so it’ll be tough)
  • Finish the book (1 chapter to go)!
  • Work out 5 times a week every week! (Should be easy enough)
  • Update little monsters old posts!
  • Start new book to read (possibly finish it)

Ok that sums it up!

I know this review was meant to come out way earlier than it did but I don’t get where all my time is flying off to!

By the way! I’m planning to write a massive guide with step by step instructions for you to copy my lil monster if you’re interested in something like this.

Please leave comments below if you’d like that.

It won’t be written fast because I do want to make it as easy as possible but it’s doable.

For those who want to get started asap please have a look at my number 1 recommended course which is also free by clicking here!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great review of December Essi! It’s great that you still manage to work on all your projects alongside working such an intense corporate job. Well done!

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