Monthly Income Report December 2016

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Taking It Easy

December was a month where things started to pile up and then really slow down a bit. This was great because at work I was really getting overworked with countless hours of overtime and long shifts over the weekend.

Alternatively there were a lot more shifts during odd times that required me to go in at midnight until 8am in the morning.

But around the 20th things became a lot more calm and I could calm down a little. Old good friends came back home and although I had to squeeze in a quick visit during working shifts it was good to see familiar faces.

In terms of online work, a lot of my time went into answering emails, going through guest posts and reviewing what can be done to improve the side project.

On the 30th I drove up to Düsseldorf in Germany to pick up one of my oldest best friends and together we drove up to Amsterdam to meet a mutual friend to celebrate new years eve.

That friend is also my partner on the side project so it was good to speak face to face again and just laugh about stupidities and see that neither of us matured the slightest!

We had a couple of drinks and some nice cigars as we discussed and just had a relaxing and good time really.

Catch-up with the boys

Unfortunately back at home there’s been a bit of tragedy that kept my mind distracted for pretty much the entire month and so I decided to drive back earlier than I wanted.

As it’s quite a personal issue I don’t like to discuss it in further detail but it’s been having heavy effect on the entire family.

Finally my car obviously had to break down again and I have yet to receive the bill but I’m sure it will be a sweet 500 Euro bill or more.

If you have the option to use public transport, I highly advise you to do so because owning a car is more expensive than it’s initial purchase.

The fuel, insurance and upkeep in general is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure it’s written in Rich Dad Poor Dad as well. I remember the highlights a point that he only buys a new car if he has or makes an investment that pays for it.

By the way, a must read this book! 

I wouldn’t own one if I could get around with public transport but unfortunately there aren’t any busses after 11pm from my place.

Comparing Statistics

To be honest this is the first time I looked at the stats for my blog since last months income report.

It seems as though there was a significant drop in views. However this isn’t particularly anything new for me because back in December 2015 I had a slight drop as well.

I guess for sites in the money making niche aren’t as popular during the festive period. However niche sites that sell material goods, generally make great earnings.

december 2016 stats

As you can see from the very choppy graph, around the 20th things were very calm. People were probably running around crazy trying to get the final gifts, cooking the turkey and unwrapping their presents.

I’m not sure what’s going on for the blog but although my traffic is decreasing, the DA has now gone up to 29 which is quite impressive if you ask me.

I suppose it’s from the great guest posts people have been writing, which you can read here and here!

These posts have actually taught me a thing or two and you might want to give it a look yourself!

In case you are curious about the exact breakdown of the traffic, below you can find the deets:

traffic stats december 2016

With last month being at 1,918 and not down to 1,747 of course it is a bigger decrease than expected.

But again, winter and December generally aren’t my friends, whether this may be in terms of me hating the cold or me not receiving the desired views on my blog.

Everything else has been a little worse as well.

The exact change of the stats are as follows:

171 fewer sessions, 48 fewer users and 243 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate went up 3.74% !

I’m not disappointed nor annoyed at this slight shift. It’s all good and only a temporary decrease.

December Thoughts

As I highlighted in the beginning, although I had a lot of work, things calmed down a bit around the 20th.

I had a hard time concentrating with what was going on in the family but it was amazing to see my friends.

But I guess on the bright side, I generally like to keep myself busy to keep my mind off things and this has helped me to stay productive.

I read a lot of blog posts from the top sources and looked at what experts have been doing. I drafted a lot of future projects out in my head but didn’t put pen to paper yet.

There are still so many open projects I want to complete and I guess 2017 shouldn’t be another excuse to push these for a further date.

Before I jump into the exciting bit let’s look at the traffic breakup from this month:

traffic source december 2016There’s not much to say about this just that it’s gone down.

We saw that from the above images already but it’s still interesting to see how much and from which sources.

Although I was planning to be a little more active on social media, I didn’t do much except on Instagram.

I like visual sharing but it’s hard to share much when most of your work is done on a laptop in your home office!

Besides the same 4 walls and the unchanged view there’s not much to share. Soon things will be very different through hopefully!

  • Organic search decreased by 74
  • Referral decreased by 102
  • Direct traffic decreased by 14
  • Social decreased by 9

Fair enough overall but I guess social was the smallest difference once again through the social sharing from the guest posts.

If you remember last month, I shared that in October, the side project made a new record by breaking the $100 benchmark.

In November we broke $1,000 but I was quite annoyed it wasn’t more although I set the bar really high already with $1,000 and I was beyond ecstatic to have made that much.

For December I set an objective, to reach $5,000 but deep inside I was really aiming for $10,000 (I know that’s an insane amount of money to be earning in a month right?).

But before I reveal how much we actually earned, let’s take a look at the beautiful graph that’s just amazing to look at every month since it’s creation:

side project graph 2016

19,450 is the amount of views we received in December! That’s almost 20k!!!

Practically doubled from the previous month. Like I said, December is a good friend of mine when it comes to material goods and niche sites.

A lot more pages are ranking on top 10 first posts in Google which is helping a lot. We almost completely abandoned social efforts as they are hardly making any impact.

However Pinterest is still sending a couple of thousands a month I believe.

So what does all this traffic in the best month convert too you ask?…

side project earnings 2016

We made a total of $6,714.08 in December alone!

That means I’ve exceeded the goal to make 5k but on the other hand it’s not the $10k I was secretly hoping for.

What’s also great news is that my partner and I finally came to an agreement to still split the profits as well as everything else by 2!

Although I did a little more work than him, he is currently doing his best to catch up and equalize the work. That way the 50/50 split is fair.

I know he’ll catch up because he wants this as bad as I do and once his efforts have been put in we’ll hopefully make double the earnings! Exciting times ahead.

This means that from now on I will be including the profits in my total income report. Having said that, after all expenses and all my piece of the pie will be a sweet $2,882.13!


As well as last month, this month and next month will sadly put me into a position that the first objective will not be reached. I don’t really mind though because some things are more important than money.

Understandably I won’t be able to reach the first objective on my list, but I’ll list it anyway.

  • Mortgage to buy the flat (not possible at the moment)
  • Make $5,000 with side project (exceeded)
  • Do research on another niche site/ revive old niche site (couple of ideas noted)

Quite a successful month overall in that aspect.

Now let’s look at the other passive earnings I’ve been making over December with my blog and other niche sites.

WA meaning

WA earnings december 2016

And looking at the usual minimal cost which is unchanged and the same:

So if we add everything together INCLUDING my side projects earnings entitled to me, this is what comes out for December:

Total Earnings Of December 2016 – $3,061.88!

Things are starting to look a little more interesting now aren’t they?

Don’t be disappointed in next months decrease. Sales will be a lot less in January because people are still recovering from their Xmas expenses but nevertheless it will hopefully be in the thousands still!

Objectives For December

A for next months objectives I still don’t really know what else to set.

Here are my goals thought for next month:

  • Figure out how to set up a company in Luxembourg to cash in side projects earnings
  • Make at least $2,000 with side project (not looking very promising)
  • At least one guest post or feature on another site
  • Clean up on unfinished projects.

I guess that’s a fair amount of goals to look into and sort out. I also want to map out my goals for 2017 as a long term project.

As always I hope to inspire some of you with these earnings. Let me just highlight that in December I probably worked about 1hour total maybe 2 hours if I include the blog.

If you put hard work into it at the start, you don’t have to do much later. This doesn’t mean that it’s time to relax. I should probably work twice as hard now to make great earnings in the coming few months.

Anyway, this concludes December 2016!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hi Essi,

    AMAZING results this month! Wow!!! I have been following your progress for a few months and it is incredible to see your side project taking off! Am curious if you are going to tell us much more about it haha.

    I have been wanting to get more into affiliate marketing/niche sites for a while but I’ve been quite lazy with it. Seeing your results is really inspiring! It’s good to see a rough timeframe too. I guess the first few months are hard when you don’t see results, but then it kind of snowballs once you get more links/authority.

    Looking forward to seeing next month’s results!

    • Hey,

      Wow thanks for your positive feedback 😀 yea it’s really taken off but let’s not forget for niche sites like this December is really the best month. January will definitely be a lot less but it’s still growing in traffic weekly which is amazing.
      I will 100% share a lot lot more when the time is right 🙂
      I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been experimenting with many different programs and even tried out personal ways to create niche sites and every time nothing came out of it it felt like a huge waste of time. However I believe I finally found a formula that works perfect for me.
      Next I Want to see how I can minimize my effort put into a niche site and gain all of the profits. But yea the beginning is always tough especially when you’re trying to get any traffic. At the same time once it finally takes off you definitely can’t get lazy and expect it to continue the way it does.

      Thanks again for your comment and stay tuned for updates 😉

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