Monthly Income Report – December 2015

monthly income report december 2015 title

monthly income report december 2015 title

Cozy Winter!

As much as I love spending time with the loved ones and opening presents, I hate winter, the cold and the amount of food I stuff in my face!

I become like a lazy sloth and barely move out of my bed because it’s too cold. Luckily for me I can work from bed these days though.

Just a friendly reminder that I post these monthly income reports to educate and not to brag or show off in any way.

I want to encourage other people to get involved in creating passive income streams and by sharing my reports it shows, that you can do it too.

I literally started with having no knowledge in this business and as you can see I’ve been growing substantially every month.

Still hard to believe actually…

As already mentioned, I probably worked half as hard as I normally do. It’s hard to focus when all your best friends come back home.

Drinks are inevitable and I did sacrifice a lot of good nights out, but then again had to take some time off as well.

The hangover is still buzzing from New Years Eve celebration!

My social media engagement was terrible and so was my other daily routines. Traffic was pretty embarrassing but that was to be expected for this month.

Comparing Statistics:

Thanks to the technique I mention almost every month (full post here) I was kind of saved from total embarrassment.

As you can see below the traffic started fairly decent and had another great spike in the end:Monthly income report december 2015 traffic chart

I seriously need to repeat this process and get more exposure for my blog so that I have constant spikes like these.

Sometimes I think I have to many things on my plate at the moment, but actually it’s possible to manage them when I get my act together again.

As you may know I have quite a few projects in the back I won’t disclose just yet.

One additional project I talked about openly that I want to get started with is creating an eBook. Read up on how you can get involved here!

As for breaking another traffic record, this month definitely didn’t make it.

In November the average amount of visitor was 83, whereas in December I only had an average of 72!

Pretty strong decline in my opinion so that’s no good.

Not only should I be ashamed for working a bit less than usual, but I even wrote about how I tried to defeat slow months here.

Sadly I kind of neglected my own strategy so I couldn’t push up my visitors views.

On top of that I knew this was going to be a slow month as I disclosed seasonal trends and even reminded myself in the last report.

At least I did do some of the things to beat the quiet December days and hopefully they will pay off in January.

income report december 2015 traffic statsI think it’s needless to say I am slightly disappointed how everything turned out but that’s ok. No need to dwell on things.

Surprisingly I had this feeling the whole time that, although the traffic was worse than usual, it would be more quality traffic.

If you look at the bounce rate, my thought might be right. In November the bounce rate was 72.11% whereas in this month I had a 68.86% rate!

In my mind I had the idea that people who still come to check out my blog are actually those who really are motivated to create passive income lifestyle.

Overall here is how my stats compare to last months:

270 fewer sessions, 98 fewer users and 358 fewer pageviews.

Im sure this will pick back up now that people are required to go back to work and realize how annoying it can be after such a nice break.

At least that’s how I would always feel after any holiday. I would always go back to my desk thinking “I need to get out of here” and I did!

December Thoughts:

To be honest I expected a lot worse for the month than what actually happened.

Of course I could have done a lot better but I think I say that every month anyway. This month is the only time I actually put a bit more meaning to it.

I love how the bounce rate has lowered again. I want my viewers to actually read my articles and learn from them, like them, comment on them etc.

I guess this is another reason I want to get my eBook out.

It will be a nice reference guide and people tend to carry gadgets with them where they can read it on the go.

income report december 2015 traffic sourceWith a blog a lot of great posts might get lost on a page that you might not get to see, since there’s always new content coming out.

Looking at the chart, I am happy that my organic traffic has increased again (which was one of my worries last time).

Overall here are the figures compared:

  • Direct increased by 100
  • Organic search increased by 119
  • Referral traffic decreased by 283!
  • Social decreased by 203!
  • Email decreased by 3

I haven’t sent out any broadcasts this month except the ones wishing them a nice holiday and happy New Year, which explains the low email count.

However I have a slight suspicion it doesn’t track my automated email sequence. I’ll have to look into this at a later stage.

I’m still learning to integrate this provider a bit better. Very happy with it for now though.

Social Media:

Previously I’ve mentioned that I would leave Facebook to be the only organic generating followers.

In my poor efforts this month, I’ve also completely neglected Twitter and let that happen organically.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t follow back certain people. I also tweeted every now and then. No where near as much as last month.

  • Facebook Page – So I went up 132 to 143 in December. The increase of 11 likes is more than I could expect. If I get something around that in a bad month that’s ok. Happy with that result and not much more to say.income report december 2015 facebook stats
  • Twitter – My followers in that account went up by quite a nice amount. I actually can’t complain at all. Although it is almost half of last months, it’s still a great increase for natural increase! Interestingly with almost no interaction on my twitter account in December I still got nearly the same amount of impressions and mentions as in November!income report december 2015 twitter stats
  • Pinterest – Again very half hearted on the performance from my part but the increase was still incredibly strong here. Over 800 new followers.income report december 2015 pinterest statistics
  • Instagram – This was probably my most active engagement and it was one of the slower increases as well. I only managed to get 510 new followers. It is still more than my last months increase but I expected a bit of a stronger growth due to my engagement.income report december 2015

I did start using a nice new software for my Instagram and Twitter accounts to filter out all the people that don’t follow me back.

I’m using the free version where you can unfollow 100 per day on Twitter and 100 an hour on Instagram which is pretty cool.

This tool is called Crowdfire. I’ve also added it to my resource page. If you’re using this strategy to get thousands of followers, the tool will come in handy!


Every month I set myself some objectives and you should to! There are tons of reasons why setting goals is really important as you can see here.

As for this month I shouldn’t have exaggerated with my ambition and set my bar a bit lower.

Here were my objectives and their following results:

  • Reach 2,750 sessions on Google Analytics! (Failed)
  • Aiming for 900 Organic traffic. (Failed but increased nevertheless)
  • 8 Referrals with 2 premiums. (Partly Failed 2 premium)
  • Get 1-2 Guest posts on my blog! (Failed)
  • 100 Email subscribers! (Failed)
  • Reach $1,000 Profit! (Succeeded)

I probably did worse than previous months but then again I did so much better than the previous month as well!

Here’s why – I knew I wasn’t going to reach the traffic related objectives, but they ended up being a lot better than expected and organic traffic rose again.WA meaningincome report december 2015 wealthy affiliate stats

As for the 8 referrals and 2 premium members, I got 2 premiums! I only got 6 referrals in total but the 2 upgrading ones are the ones that count!

I didn’t get any volunteers to guest post on my blog, but I believe that I need to be a bit more engaging in that aspect myself.

Letting people come to me might be the wrong approach. I will have to look for possible volunteers myself.

I see that my email subscribers only went up to 66 which is an increase of 19 people.

Definitely have to find a better conversion rate there but I’m always happy to have a new member on board.

And as always I save the best for last. Let’s take a look at the broken down version of my December earnings:

This makes a total of $1,306.40! Yes, finally hit the $1,000 benchmark 😀 Crazy to see such a nice increase although it was the worst month.

As Amazon pays out the money, once items have been shipped, a lot of the earnings I made were coming from the previous months sales.

I hope this doesn’t make January very slow! However I did create a second niche site, which I hope will pick up like I mentioned.

Let’s look at the expenses before we celebrate too early:

  • Aweber – $19
  • New Domain – $10.87

This makes a total cost of $29.87!

As you can see working online at the moment is incredibly cheap and I have almost no costs whatsoever.

Total Earnings Of December 2015 – $1,276.53!

This is such a giant leap forward from two months or even one month ago it’s quite amazing for me to see!

Every time I think about how I’m currently making money it’s so fascinating. I always believed that online marketing is just full of scams.

Here’s living proof it’s not and even more proof any average Joe can do it!

I was so happy I made over $100 last month and now I made over $1,000! Now I need to focus and scale this massively!

Objectives For January:

Now that I finally made my first $1,000 it’s time for me to stabilize that income and see how I can scale it up from there.

I’m hoping my stats will get back to normal after such a slow winter and with all the projects going on, I hope to complete some of these soon.

Having said that, here’s what I’m planning to achieve in January:

  • Reach 2,700 views on Google Analytics.
  • Have a rough draft of my eBook sorted (at least the blueprint)
  • Get at least 1 guest post on my blog.
  • 100 Email subscribers
  • Reach $1,500 profit!

Slight change in objectives for next month as you can see.

This concludes my December income report!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or general comments, please take the time to write them out below.

Hope you enjoyed it,





  1. Hey there, I’ve been a fan of your blog. Not sure how I landed on it but I kept on coming back. Thank you for being so open about your income and traffic.

    Looking forward to see more blog posts on here. And what’s your new niche site?

    • Hey Hawon,

      Happy to have a regular follower 🙂 you’re more than welcome for the honesty in my income reports.

      I usually blog twice a week so you’ll get plenty more to see. You can also sign up to my newsletter and get informed with blog posts, personal advice and more.

      Unfortunately I don’t disclose my niche sites as I don’t want anyone to copy them. I’ve seen way too many people copying other super affiliates sites and they result in making a lot less money that way.

      Hope you can understand that 🙂

      Thanks for your comment,

  2. I want to learn how to do this!

    I have read through the content once so far. I need to read through it again.

    I will definitely ping you back with more questions.

  3. Congrats Esteban! More than $1,000 is already a big deal.

    Your Amazon Niche site is doing awesome, such a big jump in sales in only 2 months. I wish I could know your site, but I understand is better to keep it secret =D

    I’ve updated your blog income reports on the monthly income reports bloggers list. You just jumped some positions, well done!

    I feel I have to learn a lot from you.

    • Hey Francisco,

      Yea I was amazed myself, I have to say this is mostly because it was December and Amazon sales usually shoot through the roof during that month!

      This Month has started off as really slow already so I’m a bit worried for the next income report :/
      However I’m starting new projects again to see if I can stabilize this income 😉

      Thanks again for featuring me! Highly appreciate it.

      I have a lot to learn from you too! Your traffic amazes me 🙂


    • Hey Alexander,

      Thanks for including me in your list 🙂
      I have to say that this month has been really, really slow for me so will be a bit of a downer when it comes to my income reports 🙁
      But my ambition and spirits are still high 😀
      Always great to have a new blog to look at so I’ll be visiting yours regularly now!

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