Monthly Income Report – August 2017

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Tiring But Fun Month

Welcome back to another episode of the monthly income report! With August flying by faster than a jet I can honestly say it was very tiring yet productive.

I don’t think I’ve ever done so much in a month and still kept the productivity levels up high.

My corporate job was really taking a beating at me and drained my energy harshly but then I got some nice time off.

I celebrated my birthday in a civilized and rather responsible way (unlike the previous years where I’d go overboard) and I went to see certain cities and countries, met very close friends as well as attended a wedding and heard great news.

In terms of earnings I knew I wouldn’t make as much because the main earning site has been sold off last month (as you can see here) and my new project has pretty much just started.

i amsterdam selfie

The money I earned is being spent wisely on loads of new investments (I’ll continue further below).

And finally because I’ve worked so much and haven’t taken much time off I accumulated tons of holidays I have to take before the end of year so I treated myself to a short trip to London in the coming month.

Needless to say the remaining days will be used to go full on work mode. I find it hard to complete my lists and objectives for the month.

Comparing Statistics

If you’re a regular reader, you should know by now that my “little monster” is my new project and the one thing I devote most of my time to.

Basically what it is, is a website that earns money through affiliate sales. For more details on what affiliate marketing is and how it generates money just read this short post.

If you’re interested in getting involved I highly recommend reading this and always email me if you have questions. I’m more than happy to help!

So let’s take a look at the progression of the little monster below:

traffic graph 2017 august

Very sharp incline which I’m very happy about. Honestly I would expect a growth like that with all the work I’m putting in. On a daily basis it’s still very low in traffic but I expect to see a big change in the coming month.

I set myself the target to post at least 20 new posts this month and unfortunately I only managed to post 10. It’s half the actual target… shameful!

I need to step up my game now. In my defence, I was testing out writers and looking for good quality work as well as the cheapest ones.

After a bit of tweaking and getting used to the provider I’m using I finally found 2 new writers.

Now it’s up to me to do the keyword research and provide them with the material (which is also not as easy as it may sound!). That’s the main reason I want to take a whole week off and just get thousands of posts read to write for them.

traffic breakdown august 2017In a more detailed view, we can see that I almost reached 800 sessions in August.

If you look closely you see a tiny spiked mountain early in the line. That was caused due to a successful infographic post I shared.

However I still need to put in a lot of work to promote that infographic for future traffic and backlinks.

The bounce rate is fairly high but it’s expected with the site I’m building. I will try to get it down.

Honestly I’m looking to get about double the traffic in September. Now that I’ve posted 10 new post and Googles little spiders will crawl through them, a ton more keywords will start getting indexed and hopefully posts will rank in Google.

I’ve also done a bit more work to get more backlinks on already existing as well as new posts. This should boost my entire website domain ranking as well.

If these words confuse you, don’t get too worried. Basically all I’m doing is adding more content to my site as well as reaching out to other quality sites and try to get them to link to my site for related posts.

The more you do that the higher value your site has in the eyes of search engines and you will be placed higher if people look for certain terms.

traffic source august 2017

I’m very happy to see that the majority of my traffic is from organic searches.

As expected most of the direct traffic came from the infographic.

My social engagement is very weak and honestly it’s almost none existent but still cool to get some traffic from it.

Organic search is my main goal because once that’s set you pretty much get long lasting traffic for all the hard work you put in at the beginning.

And as you should know by now the goal is to make $10,000 per month with the site so we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us!

amazon earnings august 2017

So far the earnings are still rather pathetic and only $26.20 which is also a little more than half of what I wanted to earn.

But it’s always great to see that it’s already making some sort of earnings. But it’s a tiny increase from last months earnings which is really bothering me!

August Thoughts

So in terms of progression and thoughts on the little monster, I’m quite positive and things are slowly moving into the right direction.

However I need to keep at it and hit a big home run before Xmas. The festive period is the one that makes most money and I want a nice little bonus for myself then!

I’ve been working my sweet behind off the best I could. When I was in Ireland last week of August, I was actually on an island that had pretty much no internet connection at all.

So it was nearly impossible for me to even do research of any kind. It was a very beautiful country to see (even with all the wedding stress involved).

beautiful view from ireland

We were very lucky with the weather as well which was great because I’m not a huge fan of the cold, let alone rain!

I also had a blast celebrating my birthday in Amsterdam (even though I’m not a huge fan of the city).

Most people fall in love with the city and want to live there but for me it’s just great to go because one of my best friend lives there. I’m more of a beach and Mediterranean kind of guy!

The next retreat will probably be in an Asian country because my girlfriend and I have decided, it doesn’t make sense to spend €500 – €800 for a weeks trip in a city around us if we can get more value of a nice sunny vibe for the same type of price!

Anyway I don’t feel like treating myself too much anyway and always want to work unless my girlfriend convinces me to go somewhere.

I always prefer to aim for my goals first but it’s important to treat yourself occasionally and take some time off to get your mind off things and refresh.


Now it’s time to look at the earnings but before that let’s look at the objectives and see how much I achieved from the targets I set myself last month:

  • Feed the little monster 20 new posts -> Failed posted 10!
  • Create 2 infographics for the site -> Only posted 1 but need to promote it more before second one!
  • Hit 50 sessions a day with the site -> Reaching about half of that (maybe related to half the posts posted 😀 )
  • Make the first $50 month -> Failed. Reached about half of that!
  • Read at least 1 book -> Unsurprisingly only got halfway through the book.
  • Keep up the gym -> Failed. Not trying to make excuses but work and 2 weeks off almost made it a bit unreasonable to get a monthly membership if I’d only go for a week.
  • Empty the house (donate clothes and items) -> Donated loads! Hopefully can do more next month.
  • Relax a little! -> Kind of achieved…

Haha I failed almost every single objective so needless to say I have to try to double my efforts in the coming month.

Whenever I step out the house and do try to have a laid back day, I love it and it kind of motivates me to aim for that daily. For instance here you can see me discovering a new cigar having a couple of drinks with my girlfriend while we just sat there ate pancakes and watched the world go by.

relaxing in amsterdam

After all isn’t that what life is all about… Living?

Enjoying yourself, learning, experiencing and discovering new things. Do the things you enjoy instead of sitting on ur butt for hours and working away with a lack of sleep and buying material goods to feed your misery?

Anyway that’s just my opinion.

Here are my earnings:

WA meaning

wa earnings august 2017

My costs as usual remain:

Total Earnings Of August 2017 – $145.48!

Obviously this isn’t the highest I’ve ever earned but again, the site is in it’s early days still so I have to be patient and not let this affect me too much!

I won’t be including the costs of my site currently otherwise my earnings would be in the strong negative figures haha but I will write a fat massive post with all the details once it’s earning properly.

I might only include all the financial details once I sell the site even. It might be easier that way. We’ll see when the time comes!

Anyway, how much have you made from your side projects outside your job? Do you have a side project?

Objectives For September

As for objectives there’s definitely certain things I want to get done that I haven’t been able to achieve this month.

For the most part these will be very similar to last months so here’s the list:

  • Feed the little monster 20 new posts
  • Promote existing infographic and get at least 5 backlinks
  • Hit 50 sessions a day with the site
  • Make the first $100 month with site
  • Read at least 1 book
  • Invest at least 3k in cryptocurrencies

The last point is a new thing I want to get into. Although they are highly speculative I feel that the cryptos are the future.

The point of them is to have a universal currency which makes trade a lot more simple. Besides that there are no bank regulations that try to intervene and control the currency.

You also have you absolute privacy and no one knows how many cryptos you own because of their complex algorithms.

I have yet to learn a lot more about them but seeing the sharp incline in certain currencies over the last 3 weeks alone made it very frustrating for me not to be able to get involved while I was on an island with no internet in Ireland.

Anyway hope you liked this update and hopefully you’re on your way to start your own affiliate site!


  1. your very right Esteban! life is for living and it seems like you have a great balance between working your corporate job, working on your passive income and enjoying life – well done you

    • Thanks! It’s not easy but I’m managing and the reward is almost priceless when the money rolls in 😛
      Thanks for the encouraging words!

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