Monthly Income Report – August 2016

august 2016 title image

Worst Month Ever!

Well not really…. August is my favorite month for two simple reasons:

  1. My birthday is in August (which is actually getting more depressing the older I get because who really enjoys getting older after 25 right?)
  2. Summer, sun and fun!

I absolutely love the sun and I cannot wait to live in a place where the sun always shines. I had an awesome vacation at Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

in the sea

It was the first time I  was able to relax and do nothing but read a book and dip my toes into the sand while letting the sun toast my body.

Once I got too hot I took a dip in the sea and repeated the process.

on the beach

But whilst I was on this vacation I couldn’t help but think about having to go back to work and that this was currently only a momentary retreat.

Because of that I often had the urge to continue working on my project. I tried to completely ignore working but the truth is, I can’t stop until I reached my goal!

I also read a lot of new interesting posts from other successful entrepreneurs and they showed me a few new things I tried including on my new project.

As you may have noticed my main focus is now on my new project which I’m working on with a friend of mine.

Therefore this blog is only getting monthly updates and possibly some guest posts coming up!

Having said that, let’s jump into the mess of the quiet summer month!

Comparing Statistics

As previously mentioned in the July’s income report, summer is usually a bit quieter, especially when it comes to niches that are related to making money.

I completely understand the human behavior and why it slows down. When you reach June-August, most people get time off work to go on holiday.

Additionally they try to completely get away from anything related to work. I mean I tried to do the same.

Therefore less activity involved around making money actually takes place and I get less views on my site 😛

However I think it is the month where you should actually be working the most. And believe it or not I think I worked harder than I did in the previous months myself.

I wrote about 4 x 1,000+ articles just before going on holiday and did at least 1 hour of work a day on holiday.

When I got back it was around 3am and I had to go back to work at 6am that same day. Since I’ve been working daily on the project again. As predicted work has been very busy again as well.

But I can live with it for now. It’s all motivation in my eyes! So when you look at the below graph, it’s understandable that it’s a lot lower than usual:

august traffic 2016

It may be low but at least it’s quite consistent and I always enjoy consistency!

Besides holiday and work, I didn’t have too many distractions. I am actually pretty focused right now and have a tunnel vision of my goal for 2016.

I also finally managed to reach one of my personal goals I set exactly a year ago for my year goal 😀

This is to get my eyes lasered so that I don’t have to wear glasses anymore! I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I heard of it but the main things that held me back from doing it were age and money.

August traffic stats 2016Now I finally saved enough and aged enough to do it! (Surgery is on Monday the 5th so wish me luck)!

Always tough seeing a decrease but it’s ok when you predict it.

Also I can’t blame anyone but myself as I haven’t touched this blog in almost 3 months besides the monthly updates.

As you know my main focus is the new side project. And below you’ll get updates from that too!

To compare last month with this month here are the figures:

192 fewer sessions, 141 fewer users and 141 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate went down by 2.35%!

At least some positivity came out of it with the lower bounce rate 🙂 but clearly nothing to brag about either!

August Thoughts

My entire focus is currently on the side project and like I said I’m incredibly focused. I still want to publish my darn book and I’m still involved in a project with the almighty Neil Patel.

But honestly I don’t think I can publish my book at the moment because of my low passive income.

If I want to motivate someone and he sees that I’m only making a few bucks, chances are he’ll just throw away the book and not give it a second thought.

Personally I think that’s the wrong attitude but that’s probably the way I would react. For the Patel project, I will try to contact someone to see if I can advertise or at least talk about it a bit more here.

traffic source august 2016As for the blog, when I looking at my stats there are no surprises and I’m just happy my organic search is still the leading role in it all.

Sometimes I wish I had more hours in the day to work on this blog a little more.

Check out the tiny social engagement I have.

I could easily bump this up to a few hundred if I would put a tiny bit more effort into it.

all together here’s what we’re looking at compared to last month:

  • Organic search decreased by 71
  • Referral decreased by 53
  • Direct traffic surprisingly increased by 46
  • Social decreased by 22

Not the end of the world but it should stop at that now 😀 I need to put some more life into this blog!

Time for the new projects stats!!

new project 2016

Looking pretty sweet so far right? Constant rise and quite a sharp increase in the last month. We went from 1-2 backlinks to around 70 now I believe.

Earnings are still fairly low but I might as well share those with you as well. Like I said last month our main focus is link building and outreach now.

We’re posting 4 articles a week and social engagement is fairly active but nothing crazy either!

We had a few days without clicks on our amazon affiliate account but now we’re getting at least one a day which is amazing. Good conversions are usually 100:1 meaning per 100 clicks you should have 1 sale.

august amazon clicks 2016


Therefore I’m happy to announce we had 235 clicks and 6 sales in total. I really want to have about 100 clicks a day though! Overall earnings are $5.53 which is less than last month but that’s ok since we got ton more clicks overall.

Slowly but steady. I love seeing something grow that way. Every time I get annoyed or frustrated I like to look back at the start and then realize it’s actually all coming together.


Last month I set myself a bit more of a diverse bunch of objectives which weren’t all related to online businesses in general.

I like the way I set my goals because I get really motivated at the beginning of the month and think I can take on the world but end up doing a fraction of what I set myself.

Nevertheless I like the offline objectives quite a bit so I might continue setting some of these.

  • Get $500 on the new site ( got about 1% of that :D)
  • Read 4 books (Read 1.5 books)
  • Get my book out (will wait for a better date as described above)
  • Get eye laser surgery (Surgery is on Monday the 5th of September!)
  • Get 100 posts for the new site (technically couldn’t reach it because we’re doing 4 a week and we’re at 75 now so a bit more than a month until that’s reached)

So pretty much failed every objective except the laser surgery! But that’s probably one of the most life changing ones and it is actually a long term goal I set exactly a year ago.

Now I guess most of you just scroll down to this part so let’s take a look at what the money is saying for this website.

Last month I showed you the amount I made from a single affiliate program in my very first year.

For those who don’t know, I started with 0 knowledge about affiliate marketing.

I’m still considered as a newbie but every month something is coming towards my way. Currently Wealthy Affiliate dropped their Vegas trip again (like they do every year) so if you do consider making money, please sign up now!

Wouldn’t mind winning this free trip for once. Feel free to see the full details about it here.

Here are the monthly figures:

WA meaning

august wealthy affiliate earnings 2016

There you have it. I decided not to take a print screen of every single affiliate commission I made this month because I’m feeling slightly lazy.

Besides they’ve dropped quite a little so it’s not as impressive to have those one liners print screened.

All together I made $112,08 and I worked even less than the previous month! I think this income report took about an hour to write within 2 days!

Pretty cool to still get paid 112 bucks an hour no?

I have to say I’m honestly surprised that I actually made the amount I made this month. I expected it to be slightly lower.

As usual my only costs were just a single one:

So to come to a conclusion and see how much I made in August I had to do the hard calculation and I came to the end result of:

Total Earnings Of August 2016 – $93,08!

What a tease to have an amount that is just a few dollars away from a rounded 100! 😀

Nothing ground breaking nothing devastating. Actually glad I’m back in the plus zone!

Objectives For September

September has to be the month I finally get some stuff done otherwise I will get a bit frustrated!

Having said that, here are my objective:

  • Get $500 on the new site
  • Finish reading my real estate book
  • Save €500
  • Get my girlfriend to start a niche site
  • Write down a fresh list of goals (weekly, monthly, yearly)

And guys, if you’re reading this and STILL haven’t started your own website, please tell me why.

Share your thoughts below, by commenting or write me personally. I really want to know what’s holding you back. You literally need about $20 to get started. 

The earlier you start the shorter it will take for you to retire on online passive income!

Thanks for reading!

P.S.: The Title image is where I spent most of my day during my holiday just so you know. I hope that motivates you a little as well 😉


  1. Hey Essi… Glad you enjoyed your vacation! And a nice relaxing one too! The beach is awesome.

    As far as your motivation, keep grinding! I know what it feels like when there’s not much to show for it. This game pays dividends for those who stick to it. And don’t let anyone steal your dream…. PRINT THE BOOK!!!!

    Ever think of selling it on Amazon? If not, I would consider it. You could even link to it from your site. The cost is minimal, the hard work is done (writing it). You can sell it via the ebook. Check out Steve Scott, that’s where he makes his money online and a lot of it!

    Most success with your book!

    • Thanks it really was nice and yea I love the beach 🙂 need a house near one someday!

      Very true about sticking to the game and the dividends analogy! As for the book though, I was planning on releasing it on Amazon and possibly get more traffic from it. I should have released it on the day I finished it because my stats were constantly growing whereas now I had a bit of a drop.

      I decided therefore to release it once I’m getting a massive growth again (planning on getting that by the end of October latest).

      I’ll have a look at Steve Scott as you suggested it but again I think I missed my momentum. Either way, it’s finished and not running away so it will come 🙂

      Thanks again for the comment,

  2. Hi Essi,

    Looks like you needed that well-deserved holiday! Congratulation on the new project! Now that you have stepped into the world of Amazon, I am sure your income is going to rocket. When you say ‘we’, are you referring to Neil Patel and yourself?

    I just broke through $1000/o for the first time! Its an amazing feeling, especially having spent a few months so close to the target.


    • Hey PiiGirl,

      Thanks and yea holiday was a real must 😀 I’m not new to amazon I had some success with a niche site back in December 2015. But I am more than confident that my current project will make it big.

      I wish I was working with Neil on that site but no Neil Patels project is something I joined in September I think also in 2015. It should be done any day though. I won’t be earning anything from it.

      I told you you would hit your target 🙂 well done! Time to keep that a steady income now and possibly scale it up 😀

      Happy for you! Thanks for the comment.


  3. Nice work Essi!

    Definitely inspiring for me. I am about to rebuild my IM blog and I started roughly the same time as you in online marketing.

    I am going to stay posted on your income report! Because for SEO, mine is 0! And I want to get where you are, $100/month is awesome!

    Thanks for writing 😉

    • Hey Jeff,
      What exactly did you do since you started? Maybe I can help you out a little. As you may have seen my main focus is my new project so I’m not really worried about my current online income as it’s dropping quite significantly this summer, but on the other hand my projects coming along nicely.
      100/month is actually really nothing. I want to make that daily and scale up from there 😀
      I’m sure you have all the knowledge it takes to generate that income so I’m curious to where you are stuck 🙂 let me know if I can help you out!

  4. Looks like a good holiday. Spending an hour a day while away is very dedicated, well done.
    How did the laser eye surgery go? I know a few people who swear by it, but I’m more than a little scared. Probably seen too many youtube videos.
    The new project graph looks very nice! Hopefully it keeps on going like that for a few more months.
    Here’s hoping for $100+ next month.

    • Hey Matt,

      Thanks, yea I couldn’t help myself but spend at least an hour a day with so much free time 🙂
      The surgery went awesome! I was back at work the next day 😀 honestly the videos look horrible and more scary than it actually feels. It’s a little uncomfortable but takes about 20 seconds per eye :).
      I may be broke now but at least I got perfect vision. It’s so weird after wearing glasses for almost 17 years.
      Thanks! Yea the graphs already looking better this month. Hopefully will get out of the sandbox soon and things will look a lot nicer 😉
      Good luck on your progress too!

    • I’m more than happy to share them with you lot 🙂 I wouldn’t say the financial result is great but it’s better than nothing haha.

      Hope to soon multiply this by a thousand. That would be great 😉

  5. As previously mentioned in the July’s income report, summer is usually a bit quieter, especially when it comes to niches that are related to making money.

    • Very true but winter is also a bit tricky with money making niches I think. I think in general it’s a hard niche haha but my blog is now more of a resource to show how my progress is going and I hope to teach people to avoid making the same mistakes.
      I can’t wait to share my results from the other niche 🙂

  6. Hi Essi,

    I wouldn’t say worst month ever. You had loads of fun and sometimes that is more important than business.

    Plus, you have a job that gives you money month after month. I am on the same side as you, job + online business = 70-80 hours of work a week. It’s killing me.

    I just found that in the feature image it sais “July” instead of “August”, you might wanna change it.

    Just to keep you updated, in July I did more than $700 and now in August I am back to near the $500, it feels good, but it is going little by little.

    Here the link to my last income report

    I hope it doesn’t look spammy Essi!

    • Hey Francisco,

      I just saw your income report the other day on Facebook and now that I check my spam folder I see you left two comments!

      Not sure why you landed in spam but well done on your improvement! Let me know what you’ve done differently it looks like you’re on the right path and I see it’s with your first niche site.

      Is it still the one we talked about once a few months ago?

      Anyway congrats and thanks for the feature!


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