Monthly Income Report April 2017

So Slow…

Here we are again for another update of my income report in my affiliate marketing adventure and passive income lifestyle dream!

Since about two months ago, traffic for my main side project and main earner has dropped significantly due to google’s new update named “Fred”.

It’s been a real slap to the face and since it happened, my partner and I have been trying to figure out what exactly it is that’s holding us back and why we’re receiving such low traffic.

With over a 100 posts, we’ve decided to update all of them that have a word count below 1,500 words, to increase the quality and rank.

Although we managed to go through almost every single one of them, traffic still has been below 500/day.

Now it’s time to delete some of the really bad reviews that earn near enough no traffic at all.

Before I go into details on the side project, I’ve also FINALLY managed to sort some side projects out that have been dragging on, for what feels like, forever.

I’m back at the gym fairly regularly and my money situation is back on track.

March and April are probably the most expensive months for me because it seems like my entire family decided to have their birthday then.

Although I have yet to actually purchase some gifts, I managed to get the heavy duty ones out the way.

Comparing Statistics

I’m honestly contemplating whether or not to continue showing the stats for my main blog because I really don’t do much for it.

However it is interesting to see the development and the amount of money it generates, especially because I don’t really do anything but my monthly updates and answering to comments on it.

As for now let’s just keep on doing it I guess.

April income report stats for traffic

The last 3 months I’d say were pretty much a copy paste of statistics. Very boring and nothing much to talk about here!!!

Not sure why the beginning of the month looked so rocky and to be honest as long as there’s any traffic coming in, I’m happy.

I’m fully devoted and concentrated on the side projects and objectives I set myself monthly.

But to get a deeper insight on what exactly the above translates too, let’s just throw out the individual stats as well.

traffic stats for april 2017

So although there are a few more sessions and a handful more users since last month, to me these stats are very identical.

You can’t really brag about 5 more sessions unless the site is brand new.

Seeing as my blog has been around for a while I’m actually quite embarrassed about the amount of traffic I’m getting.

Even though it’s pretty identical, I’ll still give you the breakdown thoroughly here:

5 more sessions, 69 more users and 7 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate went up by 2.5%

Again nothing new nothing special nothing significant so let’s move on 😉

April Thoughts

As mentioned and talked about in the introduction, it is really bothering me how low our traffic has sunk with our side project.

We were growing steadily and constantly until Fred hit us. Now we’re struggling to get back up to the traffic we used to get.

If the traffic were at least around 800/ month I could sleep a little better at night. But scraping the surface of 400 is quite annoying.

one year anniversary stats 2017

It’s especially annoying because every day I check, it feels like it’s not moving up or declining slightly more.

On the plus side, the site has now been up and running for a year and site age is something you can’t buy (unless you buy an aged domain).

The older the site the better or the more value it has once you try to sell it.

All we can do now is continue to analyze, continue building and continue to work hard on it because it’s proven to make money and although we’re making half of what we should be making it’s still above 1k a month which is great.

It’s actually helped me out a lot financially to sort out some payments I had to go through.

On the other hand, I finally managed to sell one of my old niche sites which I wrote about here, for $350.

About 1 year ago if not a bit longer, this site was estimated around $12,000 – $15,000.

It was the first site that managed to make me over $1,000 in a month. Unfortunately it was in a niche that produced an item which was removed from amazon right after I made the 1k.

side project earnings 2017

If only I knew this was going to happen I would have sold it then and there!

However, since it was only catching dust I decided to get rid of it and still made a few pretty pennies.

The process was the most annoying ever. I was supposed to get rid of it 3 months ago, yet the buyer was not responding to any of my emails and I had to send several a day to get his attention.

To further continue my thought process, I’m really pushing hard these days to get my money to work for me rather than me working for my money.

Not only do I invest regularly for the last 3 years into 4 different funds, I also use every extra bit of cash to invest into other stocks, projects and businesses.

If you’re not doing the same you should really get started. If you get a performance bonus, 13th month salary or even the slight bit of extra cash for your birthday, use it to get rid of your debt and if you don’t have any, invest it.

Don’t buy a new video game or a new set of clothes, but instead invest! 10 Years from now that investment will have grown into something that generates more money.

And if it doesn’t, at least you learned something from it which you can avoid the next time you think about investing.

Yesterday I went to the bank and my uncle mentioned something about investment and the bank had a new deal set up to help people invest if they were interested. Before you could place your money into certain funds, they highlighted that they would do a personality test to see which category you’d fall into.

Then they said you had to put a minimum of €125,000 (not sure if this is the exact figure) and finally, they would take care of the money and invest it for you. The average return would be 3%!

Now let me tell you, this is probably the dumbest investment strategy I have ever heard of.

  1. Clearly this is for people who have no idea about investing. Rather than educating them they make it out to be super complicated and that you should let the bank handle the money.
  2. Every time the bank “handles” or “reinvests” your money in case things go wrong, they get a fat commission for placing new deals.
  3. Why do you need such a huge amount of money to invest to get something like 3-6k a year in return? Wouldn’t you rather buy a flat or house and get monthly rent and an appreciating asset instead?
  4. You have no control over what’s happening and just hope for the best.

Don’t be scared of investing and don’t assume it’s all for mathematic braniacs and people who have studied economics for decades. There’s enough information online on websites such as  or seeking alpha which nice beginner guides and introductions to the whole investment world.

It’s not rocket science and anyone can do it. The earlier you start the better. I’m looking at a nice retirement amount of around €5 million if I continue my monthly €600 investment. Not bad right? So what are you waiting for?


As every month I set myself objectives (which you should be doing too) in order to move forward, and reach my goals.

It’s also a great way to see if you’re still on track, where you’re falling behind etc.

So these were my objectives and how I performed:

  • Find out the value of my flat (succeeded and getting second evaluation as I’m typing this out)
  • Make a list of potential flats to buy. (looked into 2 strong contestants)
  • Finish off old projects! (website sold and cleared 2 more)
  • Make at least $2.000 with side project! (failed sadly)
  • Save at least €200-500 (failed)
  • Invest into a few more shares. (bought 1o more)

With some birthdays now behind me and being back on the healthy track, I can focus even harder now.

I will soon start drafting an exit strategy so that I can finally move somewhere sunny and focus completely on being self employed. It will have to wait about 3 years as I want to pay off the car we bought recently and I want to have some saved up money as well as a second and possibly third flat.

As for now it’s all about focusing on getting that website back up.

So without further ado let’s look at the earnings generated in April:

WA meaning

april wa income report 2017

My costs as usual remain:

Total Earnings Of April 2017 – $1,219.72!

I actually thought this month was going to be another one below the thousands! Quite glad to see this amount.

As always if you want to do the same just follow my path and avoid my mistakes. You can literally just copy what I did, maybe even outsource everything once you’ve learned the basics and make 10x what I made by avoiding cheap content below 1500 words and double the output.

I’ll get a fully detailed version of my side project once my earnings are back to normal that way you can actually do this.

Objectives For May

As I’ve been pretty good at reaching my goals it’s time to push slightly harder this month.

I’m really digging into my monthly costs such as insurances I don’t have to pay and bulk buying all the things I can when there’s good sales going on. That saves a ton of money.

My holiday is soon coming up which I should save a little bit of money for and regenerate my energy levels.

But most importantly I need to set some goals and reach the targets. So for next month I want to:

  • Set up a meeting with bank for potential second flat! (exciting)
  • Save at least €200-500
  • Work on old websites and give them new life!
  • Make at least $2.000 with side project!
  • Invest into a few more shares (got one company in particular I want to purchase from)
  • Re-read certain books
  • Draft out future plan (vague blueprint)

I love writing these monthly updates because they actually motivate me more than they probably do you!

Seeing my progress makes me hate my current situation and realize I should move faster. I’m only getting younger and I want to reach the self employed beach lifestyle within the next 3 years still.

I always said I wanted to be a millionaire by the age of 30 and thanks to the purchase of my flat my gross net worth is roughly $200-300k shy of that amount.

If I purchase one more rental property I’ve reached that unthinkable margin and goal.

Please stop wishing for better things and wishing you could reach something similar. Look at my earnings for this month! 2 years ago I could only have dreamed of that amount.

I’m sure you would love that extra income as well. If you do then why don’t you just click here and do it?

It’s free to start and it could change your life.

There’s so much BS online and trust me many will say you only have to click away a few times and millions will roll into your bank account.

However I’m telling you, if you put a cool hour or even half an hour a day into building an online business, within 3 months you could easily see your first $50 rolling in steadily.

A year from now it could be a cool $2-5,000/month. That is the reality…


  1. Hey Essi,

    Glad to hear that you’re back to the gym and settling into a normal lifestyle. Sorry to hear you’re having issues with Fred! How many non-affiliate posts do you have? That seemed to be the biggest issue for me where the ratio of aff to non-aff content was too high, so after adding a bunch of non-affiliate posts my rankings have started slowly rising back up!

    lol I understand the pain of publishing blog traffic statistics so well. I think I’ve actually been blogging for longer than you and my traffic is puny, but now I’m actually working on growing it. Most of the time the blog is simply there for the monthly updates.

    I agree on the investment front. 3% per year on 125k? lol I’d rather invest in Kickfurther or buy a freaking house, right?


    • Hey,
      Yea it does feel good but it’s hard to be consistent with all the guests visiting us and celebrations. Those set backs really take my progress two steps backwards. But I generally feel so much better and look better as well!
      I don’t have many non affiliate posts and I have heard this before. I will have to try adding a few maybe in the coming weeks to see if that can change something.
      The current traffic is very unpredictable and I’m not sure if it stabalized yet or if it’s still decreasing. I have however removed almost 30 posts which weren’t driving any traffic at all so maybe that will be a start.
      As for the blog, it’s very similar here. I just use it for monthly updates and the occasional guest post 🙂

      I haven’t heard of kickfurther yet. I might check it out now and see what that is. And definitely get property rather than that investment haha.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I’ve heard so much about how the change in algorithm of some big sites has taken a toll on blog traffic. I just started my blog less than a month ago and have been struggling to grow the traffic. Some say they spent years growing their blog, so maybe I’m a bit impatient.

    Your blog looks great though. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Hey,
      If you started a month ago, I think you have nothing to worry about haha. You probably need a couple of months to start driving traffic before worrying about getting affected by the new updates of Google 😀
      Keep adding quality content and be active in social media and traffic will start trickling in !

      Thanks for the compliment and good luck with your site too!

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