Monthly Income Report – April 2016

monthly income report april title

Busy Month

Another eventful month passed and although you’ll see soon that not much has changed in terms of progress when it comes down to figures, I still have to admit that a lot did happen.

You may remember that I mentioned I am currently trying my best on job hunting. My priorities were mainly focusing on just that.

For some strange reason the only job I interviewed for that I really wanted, told me I wasn’t motivated enough (although I previously applied for the same company 2 years ago).

It was the strangest interview I had and there were 3 very different characters to convince you’re the right person for the position.

Needless to say, I think they made a huge mistake and since the job was related to affiliate marketing, how could I not be right for it?

Anyway I don’t like to dwell on things so I moved on. I have also started another project (not sure how many are on the go right now) but as a priority I’m still taking good care of my blog here.

I took on this new project because I will split the costs with a friend plus we’re working on it together.

We’re aiming for good ROI around December, which gives us a good amount of time to work on it seriously and still focus on our private lives and jobs.

The temptation to move to a sunny destination and continuing my project is still very high and very much a dream of mine, but not sure I could pull it off because there are so many things to consider.

It’s not like there are many things tying me down where I’m living but making such a big move is not an easy decision when you’re business hasn’t kicked off fully yet.

We’ll see how it turns out around August. I’ve got a holiday planned for my mothers birthday so I’m pretty much tied down until then anyway.

Comparing Statistics

After giving you my personal updates, let’s have a gander at the graph and see if there are any significant changes:

monthly income report traffic graph april 2016

Although this is probably one of the most steady months and graphs I’ve seen, it still has a slightly low volume to it sadly.

Surprisingly enough I wrote a guest post on the 13th on SEO basics for RankWatch which you can read here, but somehow that didn’t seem to drive a lot of traffic towards my blog.

Personally I don’t think guest posting is going to drive a massive amount of traffic your way in a short term, but it helps to build backlinks and also grow your online presence.

I also didn’t blog as much I would have liked to. I will release the two sequences for the grey and black hat SEO definitions this month, to complete the series.

(Read the white hat SEO post which is the first part, here!)

I also can’t wait to release my process and tutorial on creating the roundup and what came out of it for me.

I’m sure you’ll like it and make great use of it. Roundups are incredibly powerful in many ways and they can boost your progress significantly as well.

So stay tuned for that!

As for guest posts I sent a ton of requests to many influential blogs but only heard back from two with one letting me know they aren’t looking for guest posts at this time.

The other blog told me the suggestions or titles I proposed weren’t what they looking for so I resent other suggestions. Let’s see what comes out of this. I’m also awaiting another post to be published but not sure what’s going on there.

If you want to know what I think of guest posts and what they can do for you, either read my previous month’s income report of this post here.

Now let’s go back to the stats for April. Unlike the crazy weather we had here, I had a pretty  uneventful progression on my stats compared to last months:

traffic stats income report april 2016Interestingly I may have had a few less sessions but more pages have been viewed and the bounce rate has lowered as well.

This is great for SEO because it means people are spending more time on my blog.

After all I don’t care for having millions of sessions if people just click away instantly.

I can’t confirm that as of yet but maybe this has something to do with the new layout of my blog as well.

Overall I got 117 less sessions, 120 less users and 33 more page views. The bounce rate dropped 1.87%!

Nothing to brag about and nothing to complain about really :).

April Thoughts

I already mentioned that I’m actively looking for a job (which really bothers me) but then again it’s just something you have to do if you want to feed your projects.

In the worst case scenario I have a good chunk of backup money (which you all should be saving up for as well) if I really can’t find anything and just want to continue being my own boss.

I love the liberty I have but that little fear of not being able to pay for next months rent does hold you back a lot. I could easily blog a lot more and put much more effort into this lovely business if only I didn’t have to spend half the day looking for suitable jobs.

Or jobs that don’t crush my spirit completely and make me do hours of overtime.

There are man stories of millionaires who went bankrupt or hit rock bottom before they made their massive comeback and became who they are today. I actually wrote a small list of people here as one of my first posts.

Don’t judge on the quality of the post 😀 I was very new when I wrote this and it’s almost 10 months ago. Kind of crazy to see the progress the blog has made since then.

traffic source april 2016First thing I spotted when comparing to my last month was the referral traffic.

These are quite high compared and they are most likely due to the guest posts I’ve written.

So they do pay off after all. Little things that I realize such as these, do motivate me to go on!

I really have to focus a bit more on my social presence again. It’s where most of my direct traffic comes from as well so that’s something to remember for the coming month.

Here’s to complete breakdown for you:

  • Organic search decreased by 1
  • Direct decreased by 74
  • Referral traffic increased by 57
  • Social decreased by 101
  • Email increased by 2

Again, can’t complain as I’m still happy about the bounce rate as well as the referral increase.

It’s hard to keep up with all the social media accounts on a regular basis and having all these projects.

I might give up on a few soon, especially on a program I joined back in November.

I will definitely write a review about it because it was such a pain and expensive as well. Need to warn people before joining that!


Those were my set objectives and their results:

  • Publish another 1-2 guest posts! (Completed)
  • Post a guest post from a guest blogger on my website! (Exceeded)
  • Make $500 (Failed)
  • Get a job to keep me going or book a flight to a cheap destination! (Pending)

I was so close to pass the last two but I guess I have to wait until next month and see if it happens then 😉

Almost certain it will but more about that later. All I can tell you is that it’s related to my roundup post I created.

It seems as though my affiliate earnings are coming to a steady income for now which means it can only grow from here.

If you look at the graph below, you’ll see that it may not be increasing overall but the important line is the green one as it represents my earnings:

wealthy affiliate april graph 2016

As you can see the sneak peak for May, I’ve already made more than in my first 3 months of joining the affiliate world.

And obviously you can also tell that April is my strongest month so far almost reaching $100 on that month alone.

Here are the details for this month:

WA meaningWA april stats 2016

Not too bad and yes this is not a massive amount as of yet, but it’s a lot of work that’s finally starting to pay off it’s passive income!

It’s great to have new members joining through me and learning how to achieve financial freedom with the internet.

After all this is really our chance to make something happen. Our parents and our grand parents didn’t have this access to every possible information in the world at the grasp of their hands like we do.

Better yet, they didn’t have everything narrowed down to one course to help you achieve financial goals you dream of.

So we don’t have any excuse not to make it…

And having said that, let’s look at the earnings and costs:

april tim sykes silver subscription sales 2016

(Just a little side note, there is currently a 35%-50% discount on all DVD’s and Newsletters for Tim Sykes, due to his birthday if you’re interested)

Tim Sykes offers several different newsletters and DVD’s. You’ll find that he often has certain deals for special occasions.

Therefore I just like to warn you not to join when these are off since you do save a good amount of money.

I’ll let you know when these are on because I do think his teachings can help you make a lot of money if you’re interested in trading.

Looking at the earnings I’ve made this month it’s a total of $258.54

As for my costs, I have to subtract the usual leaving me with only one cost for this month yet again:

To conclude this income report these are the final results:

Total Earnings Of April 2016 – $239.54!

This is another increase of $40.5 compared to last month.

Nothing massive but it still feels great to get back up to the $200’s! Every penny I make online feels great and I do encourage every single one to get started.

My dad finally got around (even though he’s doing it through a course I don’t recommend) and he’s reaching his 60’s.

What are you waiting for? Every single one of us can make money online if you have access to the world wide web. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t enjoy an extra $250 at the end of each month?

This is almost a third of my rent paid off just through my online earnings.

How long until I multiply this earning by 10? It took me around 11 months to reach these results.

I’ve written down all my errors and trials here so you can literally just do exactly what I did without my mistakes and make the same amount in half that time.

Objectives For May

Definitely glad about the increase of income but now I need to focus on stabilizing and scaling up from here.

I’m also very excited about the new project I’ve got going on and hope to really make a difference with it by let’s say September.

Not to sure what my objectives will be for the coming month but definitely will try to reach a minimum of these:

  • Publish yet another 1-2 guest posts!
  • Post 4-6 new blog posts.
  • Scale up to $500
  • Seriously get a job to or book a flight to a cheap destination and work from there for a few months!

So that kind of wraps it up for me for this months.

You see being self employed isn’t always easy and most people will tell you to get realistic and get a job etc.

But what they fail to realize is that I’m still continuously growing and making progress while they are in a never ending cycle of the same dull routine.

Have you finally considered making the leap yourself? Have any questions, concerns or thoughts?

Feel free to leave them below in the comment section or simply write me a mail I am always happy to read and answer your questions.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your income report, it is very interesting to see the different ways we internet marketers build passive income streams. It has been just Amazon Affiliates for me so far but I am now branching into other areas such as digital products.

    Keep writing and hope you either get the job you want or are already enjoying the sun and sand somewhere!


    • Hi PiiGirl,
      I also find it hard to see people use other affiliate programs besides Amazon but when I do I like to investigate a bit further 🙂
      How is your progress going so far? How long have you been working online?
      Very nice of you to wish me good luck in my decision making 🙂 I haven’t done either as of yet but it’s a tough decision to move and leave it all behind but then again traveling is such a dream as well.
      Thanks for your comment,

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