Men Behaving Badly Change Your Attitude

look think and behave like a royalty


Act like a Count

I once read that in order to become part of the elite, one should act and dress accordingly. Now I must admit I don’t always do that, especially when I hang out with my close friends. But we all tend to change our habits and manners when we are invited over to our spouses family or at work for instance.

We do that because we want to be perceived from a different perspective and be respected, as well as let our respect reflect upon others. It’s almost like when someone tells a parent: “teach your child to behave”. They want the child to behave according to their rules or societies norms.

A noble person once told my father that “a count never runs, apologizes or whines“. First I thought that he was an arrogant person to make such a statement, but ever since I’ve heard that sentence it’s been running through my veins.

Take Off Those Running Shoes

Let’s take a closer look; A count never runs. Why would a wealthy person not run? Well, when do ordinary people run (excluding in sports)?

We usually run when we’re late and try to catch a bus or a train. Or we run around the office trying to rush the next paper being faxed, printed or email sent.rush

Why do we add stress to our lives for things that don’t really matter? I mean have you ever been late and whatever you we’re late for, was so dramatic it was irreversible? Fair enough being late shouldn’t be a habit and as a matter of fact it shouldn’t ever come to the stage you are late because no matter what, you can always get up earlier or take an earlier bus.

The last time I ran because of me being late, was when I tried to catch a flight because of my previous flight being over an hour late. I ran across the airport and just about made it. When I finally sat in the plane I was covered in sweat and that plane never took off so I had to spend the night in a hotel waiting for next mornings flight.

I like to be in stress free environments and workplaces such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Overall, running after things has never been worth it when I look back. Therefore I now try to avoid running. If I miss my last bus, I’ll catch a cab home. If I’m late for a meeting, they can start without me or reschedule.

You should consider acting the same, not only will you have less worries, but you will also tend to get up earlier to avoid the lateness!

Sorry, Excuse Me, Apologies…

Stop being sorry for everything. A count never apologizes. This habit in particular was the one that made me think, only an arrogant/ selfish person could live this way.

Now I myself don’t even remember the last time I said ‘sorry’ unless I was quoting someone. I don’t think there’s ever a suited situation where I should feel sorry for my actions. I think we can all tell wrong from right and if you are a decent person. I’m sure you don’t intentionally try to hurt someone, or deliberately deliver poor results or make mistakes.sorry

I know people that apologize, before every sentence they start and it drives me insane! The only time I find it necessary to apologize is when I hurt someone without my intention. If I’m late for a meeting I don’t introduce myself by saying “sorry for being late”. If I’m late I’m late. You can’t change what happened. Instead you can explain the situation, for instance: “I know I was meant to be in 15 minutes ago, but for some reason I left my card in my other jacket so it took me longer to find it. Anyway let’s not delay this any further…”

Honestly apologizing just makes you look weaker and people will dwell on that. Whether they do it on purpose or subconsciously, I’ve seen the change since I stopped apologizing. It works best with arrogant people that feel that they are somehow above your status.

Here’s A Napkin…

Some people are obviously stronger than others. But some people love to make excuses and push the reasons for their problems on others. These people usually tend to whine quite a bit as well. I was never a fan of whining and therefore hearing from a noble person that one should “never whine” makes sense to me.

Of course I have done so in the past and probably will do in the future, but I tend to avoid doing it. If I’m having a bad day I try to switch it around or not let it reflect on my personality. I always smile and show good attitude.whining

If you really analyze the situation, there’s never a good reason to whine. If you’re overloaded with work for instance, whining won’t get rid of it. Just accept the facts and face your situation. The sooner you get going with it the earlier it will be done. Problem solved. Obviously there are situations where you may feel sad or even depressed but again, whining will only make you feel worse and sorry for yourself. Try to keep your head up and stand strong. It will make you stronger and more successful.


So if you combine all three habits together, you will see quick results and changes not only from yourself but from your social surroundings also. People show you more respect and sense a change in you.

You will come across more successful and it will reflect on your performance. Watch how people will try to impress you more and show you more respect. I speak from personal experience. If someone starts a money related conversation, they will ask for my advice for example. That annoying colleague at work that gave you a hard time will now try to reason with you instead.

If you look around you and analyze people that might have one or two of these habits, think about how people see them. Look at your boss for example, I’m sure he doesn’t run around like a headless chicken trying to please everyone or makes excuses on a regular let alone starts whining and blaming others.successful

No he or she is most likely a very strong figure that takes ownership for when mistakes happen and explains to his clients how to resolve this issue.

By all means please don’t become arrogant, you can do all these things without becoming a dislikable figure. Keep your personality but add a few improved tweaks!

Stop following the trend of men behaving badly and learn how to behave appropriately.

I hope you enjoyed my little article. Please let share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Do you agree these habits are worth having?





  1. I like the take your post, men behaving badly shares, “a count never runs, apologizes or whines”. I have a similar saying, well not mine but one that I read somewhere. You don’t need to explain yourself, Your friends don’t need and explanation, and your enemies don’t care”. I have thought about that many times. It does sound arrogant but it is factually true, and I try to remember that. I am a person who falls into the habit of apologizing, explaining, and likely whining. I will comment that I don’t run. lol!

    • Hey Vic,
      I like your saying too 🙂 It is very similar isn’t it? I think we are raised to be apologetic as children, but we don’t understand how to apply it when growing up I guess. Some of us are more polite than others. But with all that politeness we forget not to undermine ourselves and let others rise above us. We are all equal beings so why should others be more important than us?
      I guess that is the main message of my post and that we can improve by avoiding these habits 😉
      Happy you liked my post Vic!

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