Max Profits Now Review 2015

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My Max Profits Now Review 2015

Product name: Max Profits Now


Owner: Max Aria

Level of Experience Needed: None.

Price: $97

Overall Rank: 1/10



Max Aria, the creator and founder of Max Profits Now, claims that he makes millions of dollars online and that he can teach anyone to do the same through his program.

He is so convinced that this program will be able to teach others to make insane amounts of money, that he offers to pay anyone $500 if they fail to do so. This is a smart way to grab peoples attention of course.

cluelessThe funny thing is, it is hard to describe what exactly this course teaches you, as it isn’t really mentioned anywhere on his website, the introduction video or anywhere else. So it’s hard to imagine how he helps you to find max profits through his course. You only find out what you learn once you’ve already gotten out your credit card and paid him your $97.

Please note as I continue to write this Max Profits Now review you will notice a relatively negative vibe. I couldn’t find one positive review about this program, unless they were obvious promoters.

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Who is Max Profits Now For?

Honestly I think Max Profits Now should be for no one. It is purely a program based around fluff and making Mr. Aria richer with every sign up. The $97 may not seem as much of a fee for a course, but I did read that they call their subscribers up and offer them upsells as well.

The money back guarantee of $500 is also very smartly structured and written out, that apparently near enough no one sees that money. So please don’t try to sign up to get that money because chances are you won’t get it.

To summarize how to claim that money, you basically have to prove you’ve done every single bit of his course (including all his material) and haven’t been able to make a dollar.desperate

I’m not sure how much time and effort you can be bothered to waste to claim that small amount of money, when you could be learning valuable lessons from a real course instead and try to make real money.

Mostly I think this course targets people who are hopeless and desperately need a new source of income. The most desperate take drastic measures and often don’t think before they act. If the sales pitch is good enough you can easily fall for this trap.



Trainings and Tools

I’m not sure how to write anything for this as there is no information given on his training or course. All I’ve discovered is that he has a 15 method way of making money. From that information I guess he teaches his subscribers 15 different ways to make money, where he vaguely explains how these 15 niches work.disappointment

Apparently once you’ve signed up you are tricked and promoted to sign up for several upsells in order to make this course work, where fees go up to roughly $2,000.

One of the first ways to make money through him is similar to Wealthy Affiliate, where they encourage you to get a commission by referring people to their course. Unlike Wealthy Affiliate (read my review here) they don’t outline any of the benefits of the course (let alone what the course teaches anyone).



Pros vs. Cons


  • Featured on several TV station


  • Pure Scam
  • Sneaky Upsells
  • Charging fees without letting buyers know
  • Encourage to promote fake product
  • Fake Reviews of insane benefits gained through course
  • Money back guarantee scam
  • Terrible Customer support

Final Verdict

Based on all the information I’ve found, this is a highly dangerous product to sign up to. I’ve read about cases where people have been falsely charged over $5,000 and not being able to claim back their money.

Additionally the $500 check, in case you don’t manage to make money through his course, is a clever way to avoid a refund. A refund would be harder to avoid rather than the money prize you never see because you can’t prove how you failed his course.

The whole course is part of the organization called My Top Tier Business. If you do a tiny bit of research, you will find out how dangerously immoral that company is. Thousands of complaints are all over the internet about this as well as Max Profits Now, so beware of these.fraud

Finally, usually when people claim to make $10,000’s regularly on a monthly basis through a course, you should be cautious and do a little bit of research. I’m not saying this isn’t possible, because it definitely is, but it is a sign of warning, especially when they claim to have done this after short time of signing up.

For a legitimate course please read my preferred and most recommended product here!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please leave comments behind if you want to ask questions or share any thoughts.





  1. Hello Esteban, this is a nicely written review on Max Profits Now. You just reminded of MOBE that lured me into signing up with them because they promised a $500 pay to you if you don’t make any profit with theire program.

    Guess what, I later realize, before I can make any sale with their program I must purchase some of their products that is worth not less than $2000! Can you imagine that? So, If I purchased a $2000 worth of product, and don’t make any sale, he will give $500. What a smart ass. This people are all over the internet scamming poor and helpless individuals. It is so disheartening and appalling.

    Expose them all!

    • Hey,

      Wow that is really unforgivable. I’m sorry you had to make this experience. Honestly I think all these crooks should go to jail for making false promises. I wonder if anyone out there actually MADE any money through his program. Very sneaky and very immoral. I couldn’t live with myself stealing off other people.
      Anyway I am glad you are past this and hopefully I can warn more people before they fall into his trap in the future!
      Thanks for your comment and confirming this thief of a program!


  2. Hi Esteban. A well written and scathing review. I had not heard of Max Aria – where have I been? – but I will definitely check him out so I can see this for myself. Thank you for the scam alert – I hope you reach a few readers before they pull their credit cards. The level people will stoop to in order to make a dollar – it always amazes me. Nice work and your site is looking good! Thanks

    • Hi Cindy,
      I’m glad you found this article if you haven’t heard of Max Aria before. He’s a crook in my eyes and hopefully you can warn some people after reading this review 🙂
      I luckily didn’t make any payments towards him myself but I have heard of others falling into his trap and I feel sorry for them.
      Thanks for the comment and I’m happy you liked my review.
      All the best to you and thanks for the compliment 🙂

    • Hi Guy,

      Definitely stay away from this one 😉 check out my review of WA. I think you’re in better hands there 😉

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