How You Could Be Making Money Off YouTube Videos

Making Money Off YouTube Videos title

Making Money Off YouTube Videos title

You Too Can Be A YouTuber

Most people that consider starting a little side business online learn about affiliate marketing or other online stunts to make money.

But most of these are website or blog related. Making money off YouTube videos never seems to cross peoples mind at first.

However this is a massive opportunity they are missing out on.

I’m sure everyone reading this has watched a few hundred YouTube videos in their lifetimes by now.

In this post I want to help some of you think outside the box a little when it comes to making money online.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

  • How time efficient and easy it is to make profitable videos
  • How to actually make money off YouTube videos
  • Tools you’ll need
  • Example of incredibly successful YouTubers

Whilst reading this, please be aware that most if not all successful YouTubers started from the bottom.

You don’t have to be exceptional or incredibly talented, just like you don’t have to be special or a mastermind when it comes to affiliate marketing.

We have the incredible advantage of living in this era of technology and we should use the opportunities we are presented with.

Anyone can be successful, it just comes down to how much you want it and where your priorities lie.

Once you start trying out new things, you’ll discover what you enjoy and what you’re good at and success will naturally follow.

If you’ve ever thought off making money with youtube videos, then continue reading and keep an open mind!

The YouTube Phenomenon

Have you ever wondered about any statistics related to YouTube? If not, have a look at these and I’m sure you’ll be blown away:

  1. Almost a third of the internet uses YouTube. That is over a BILLION users, watching billions of videos a day!
  2. YouTube has more users than any cable T.V. network in the US from the ages 18-49
  3. 80% of YouTubers are from outside the US
  4. 50% of YouTube channels make over 6-figure incomes per year!

These are just a few of the figures to give you an idea what power YouTube really has.

If you want to check out more figures have a look at the full post here.

So if you have a look at the last point again, this should really wake up your attention if you’re thinking about making some money online!Making Money Off YouTube Videos youtube logo

Besides having one third of the internet by your feet, it is incredibly easy and quick to set up a YouTube channel and making videos.

In one of my previous posts, I explained how long it takes me to create a blogpost (roughly half a working day if not more).

Creating a simple YouTube video would take me about 10 minutes and guess what… most of that time is uploading the actual video.

Now imagine if I would use the same time creating useful videos instead of typing and editing my blogposts…

I could have a few hundred videos per day!

Additionally it’s a lot easier to show and demonstrate things on video rather than blog post.

Basically you just demonstrate how you would do, install, cook or create something whilst being filmed.

Pretty easy right?

You then talk through the whole process and describe where difficulties could come up and how to solve these or how you go around it.

In the end you show the finished result from a few different angles and how you like to make the best use of it and you’re done.

In a blog post you have to describe the same process in detail but keeping it short in order not to bore your readers.

Then you have to add several images to make sure people get what you’re trying to explain.

If you don’t lose the reader halfway through, you’re lucky enough to have caught their attention for that long.

Don’t forget the necessary time to do some keyword research and writing SEO articles while blogging!

YouTube videos are short and self explanatory.

If you stutter a lot or say things like ‘uhm’ and ‘uh’ a lot while thinking of your next words this can be edited as well.

Also, I can speak from experience when I say that, the more you do it the better you get at it.

Overall YouTube videos are more interesting to watch and more entertaining than reading a blog post usually.

As well as blogposts, every video can be shared and go viral within hours.

Although there are many more articles on the internet than videos, people prefer to watch than read.

This is almost a secret message urging us to jump into this loophole and make the best of it.

If you’re to shy to jump in front of the camera, don’t be!

Think about it this way, instead of standing in front of a giant crowd explaining your topic, you’re sitting alone at home.

You will most likely never meet anyone that’s looking at you’re videos unless you become fairly famous.

Besides there are numerous options you can do to become viral on YouTube:

1) You could talk to the camera showing your face. That’s probably the most nerve wrecking option as everyone get’s to see you.

It’s best to combine this with pop up boxes showing small examples of what you’re discussing or that link to different websites.

This is usually popular for fashion related channels or cooking.

2) Slideshow videos are also very popular. Simply type out what you want to discuss on a slideshow and talk it through.

That way you can hide from the camera yet still deliver your message. You could keep it interesting by including images.

This is also great because people tend to pay more attention when there are words on a screen and someone’s reading them out as they read them.

Mostly used for channels explaining technical things describing how to’s or informative things (top 10 countdowns for example).Screencast-o-matic example

3) Screen capture is probably the next most popular method. I myself started off that way.

You basically film your screen and talk in a microphone explaining what’s going on.

This is pretty useful for tutorials especially. I found it a very good way to overcome the shyness of being heard and seen on the net.

Of course you can combine one with the other. I’m sure some of you have seen videos of screen captures with the persons face in the corner.Making Money Off YouTube Videos example of screenrecording and face recording combination

The easiest way to get started is to just pick one version you’re most comfortable with and just record your video from start to finish.

No one ever get’s to see it until you upload it.

Once you repeat the process a few times you’ll be recording without thinking about it twice.

How The Money Gets Made

Now that you know the true potential of videos and that it is a lot more efficient as well as easy to grab the attention of people, let’s talk money.

Making money from your videos isn’t much more different than from a blog.

Here are the top ways to make money:

  1. Adsense
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Traffic to your blog
  4. Promoting products (sponsors)

Let me explain a little further by going into each option a little deeper.

1. Adsense

As most blogs, (you will typically find ads on the side panel, throughout a blog post or in the header/ footer of the website) videos can contain ads.

In videos, you typically get ads to pop up after a few  seconds. Most of you probably close these straight away or ignore them.

However, a good amount of people actually do see a relevant ad they like to click on and for that click you get a few cents.

It’s the same way I use my adsense on my site (although I’m considering to remove it soon).

Now I keep seeing a lot of YouTubers saying that they don’t like to use these.

Nevertheless if you can generate a few hundred bucks per couple of thousand views, that’s not too bad to have in my opinion.

Below you will find an example of what they typically look like:

Making Money Off YouTube Videos through adsense

2. Affiliate Marketing

As you may know, my main focus is on affiliate marketing so this would probably be one of my main ways of monetization.

In most blogs or websites where the author makes money through affiliate products, they sneak in affiliate links every now and again to make money.

Of course you don’t spam your site with links all over the place.

You insert these rather subtle.

Maybe you include a resource page like myself, or in a review of a product.

Making Money Off YouTube Videos affiliate links in description from a fashion blogger
Example of affiliate links off fashion blogger Samantha Maria

In YouTube videos you can include your affiliate link at the description(see below), or create pop up boxes.

These boxes typically have something written in them like “click here for more info”.

Additionally you could physically show them where to click in your videos.

Whenever someone clicks and buy something you get your commission.

3. Traffic To Your Blog

Similar to the previous points, you could talk about a specific topic and end the video by encouraging your viewers to jump onto your blog.

This could either be for more additional information or for whatever other reason.

The importance is to get them onto your blog.

Maybe you have affiliate links there that they are supposed to click on or maybe you promote your services that way.

Combining traffic from YouTube could double your conversions.

Maybe you have an eBook or another product you created that can only be bought through your site.

Promotion collides with the next point…

4. Promoting Products

As we’ve just discussed, you could be promoting products that you’ve created in your videos.

However, you’ll notice that the more viral you become, the more attention you’ll get from other companies.

These companies will most likely offer you to promote their products for a certain reward.

You can think of it as product placement in movies for example.

It’s not unheard of and I’ve also discussed this on my recent post on how to make money with Instagram.

Doing this can get you a nice sum of money depending on your reach per video.

Making Money Off YouTube Videos product placement example
Example Of Product Placement In Videos (Samantha Maria)

Most likely you won’t get any offers as you start off.

After getting a few thousand clicks and having a few subscribers however you’ll start receiving more and more offers.

If you want to see how this looks, just look at any popular fashion bloggers videos.

They typically tell them where their products come from and where you can buy them.

Essential Tools

If you’re trying to make it in the YouTube universe, there are a few essential tools you’ll need to own.

Now depending on your niche, you want to have the basics.

Technically you could do everything off your smartphone.

Think about that for a second… you could actually make a living, solely by using your smartphone…

Any smartphone typically owns a camera with fairly good quality. You can then upload your video straight from your phone.

But if you want to take this business slightly more serious, I’d advise to invest in a bit of equipment.

You might want to own a proper digital camera to take videos and images, if your in a niche that is related to traveling for example.

If you’re a fashion blogger focusing on make up however, I think a laptop would suffice.

Most laptops nowadays have pretty good integrated cameras.

On my mac however the microphone is pretty weak. So if you have the same issue, you should get a microphone.

The way I got around this issue was to simply use my iPhone headphones to speak into that microphone.

If you want to specialize your niche on more technical stuff that requires you to show your screen a lot, you should have a good screen recorder.

I personally started using screencast-o-matic and it’s good for getting comfortable and trying out your skills at first.

Note that this is a free version and I haven’t done many videos yet.

Once I become more professional in this area I will update better programs and equipment tools.

I don’t think it’s necessary to have the best of everything in order to make it big online.

I’m sure if you have a fairly decent:

  • Computer
  • Camera
  • Editing tool
  • Possibly a tripod

You’re good to go…

The most essential tool is your confidence and being yourself.

If you take the first step and just be natural, whilst consistently uploading videos and promoting them you should see results soon enough.

Of course there is some keywords research to be done and other things, but without a video theres no content to go viral.

Overall it doesn’t take much to get started.

The entire equipment will pay itself off after if you play your cards right.

And all of the tools just require a one time payment in most cases (unless something breaks and you have to reinvest).

Examples Of Earnings

To finish this article, I thought it would be interesting as well as motivating to show some examples of people making incredible money on YouTube.

This list is completely random in the sense that it covers a wide range of niches.

how you could be making money off youtube pewdiepie profile picture
Famous YouTuber PewDiePie
  1. PewDiePie – Made $12 million in 2015
  2. Lindsay Sterling – Made $6 Million playing the violin and dancing
  3. Michelle Phan – Made $3 Million mainly make up related videos
  4. Roman Antwood – Made $2.5 Million filming pranks
  5. Rosana Pansino – Made $2.5 Million with her baking channel

Of course this list is made out of those who make millions with their channel.

What you have to realize though is that every single one of these people have simply done what they love and look where it got them.

This is why I repeatedly say to everyone that private messages me about what niche to go into, to pick something they are highly passionate about!

It doesn’t matter what’s the most profitable because the truth is, whatever you like the most will be the most profitable.

Who would have ever thought that commenting on how you play video games will make you a multimillionaire?

I don’t think anyone would but PewDiePie did it…

Let this be an inspiration for your channel. I know I’m hyped now to create new videos for my channel.

If you have any questions, thoughts or general comments, leave them below and I’ll be happy to answer these.

I hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for reading,


P.S.: If you’re wondering why I’m not currently uploading any videos to make money off them, it’s because I need to invest in a new laptop.

This old piece of junk is almost 8 years old and getting slower by the day.

The last video I uploaded was so laggy I had to record it several times and write everything out again. Once I get around this I will get involved.


  1. Great post! I never realised how lucrative being a professional youtuber is! Surprisingly…as I watch and am subscribed to lots over successful you tube channels focusing on fashion and beauty . Looking forward to seeing more on this from you Esteban

    • Hey Milly,

      It’s true, a lot of the channels you follow are run by people making a nice living of it.
      If there’s a passion and you pursue it by sharing and teaching others on video, there will be people with similar passions and the more you produce the more followers you’ll get and views as well.
      It’s a crazy time we’re living in and money can be made online so easily if you stay consistent 🙂
      Thanks for your comment,

  2. Hey Essi!
    In your AdSense section I’m a bit confused about the “Nevertheless if you can generate a few hundred bucks per view, that’s not too bad to have in my opinion” part. Should this be per year?

    A few hundred bucks per view would be crazy and I’ve had a YouTube channel (1,500 subscribers) but I never had $100 per view from ads like those.

    I’m just wondering, but have you personally made a lot of money with YouTube? I know the gaming niche is incredibly tough (I tried) and while there are still many keywords you can rank for, I think it’s harder than this blog post makes it look like.

    Also be careful with monetizing YouTube videos using affiliate programs as you have to make sure that you check the “this video contains a paid product placement” thing or otherwise you could have problems.

    I’ve also had one of my channels that brought in about $50 a month banned because I was “driving traffic to an outside website.” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically what Google told me.


    • Hey Ilya,

      I meant to say, per couple of thousand views.I’ve changed it now!
      I haven’t made any money as of yet (I kind of explained in the end why not) but I am planning on doing so very soon. I suppose it’s tough in any popular niche, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. For instance, the making money online niche is quite tough itself if you ask me but It’s still manageable if you really want to succeed in it.
      Thanks for the advice on the affiliate box that needs to be ticked. I’ll keep it in mind.
      May I ask what your channel was about that got banned?
      Sometimes Google can get a bit picky. They banned my adsense account for no reason.
      Well one on getting 1,5k subscribers though.

  3. Great article…thank you for posting it. I’m about to start a horse training website and never thought of YouTube as an income producing site/channel … You have given me plenty of food for thought. Thank you 🙂

    • Hey,

      I think that a horse training channel would be a great idea 🙂 let me know if you do decide to do it. Glad you found this useful! Always happy to hear words like these.
      Thanks for dropping a comment,

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