How Not To Make Money Fast Online

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With the right Information you will succeed

How Does It All Start

So you’ve seen several options and opportunities to make make money fast online and finally decided to give it a go. Having read several success stories online and even more bloggers pop up, living the life you dream of, now gets you motivated enough to be the next success story.

You work hard every day to set up your online business and read all you can to create the best and most beautiful website you can. Now its been already a couple of weeks and you’re getting slightly fed up that you’ve spent a couple of hundred dollars with no result, but that doesn’t hold you back because you’ve got to spend money to make money right?

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Time to start your online business

A few more months pass and you’ve tried 2-3 different approaches and still no results and your bank account a lot lighter than before. But not to worry since you’ve just found the next guaranteed way to make money online, faster than ever!

Now you’ve spent enough money and still haven’t received any back and you decide to close the case, as online businesses are all clearly scams!

I see and hear too many of these cases where people see the opportunity to make money online, fall into the hands of a so called ‘guru’ and get fed wrong information to create their wealth.

Others join a legitimate program with valuable information but still give up shortly because they find it too exhausting and don’t get enough results out of it.

So how do all these success stories happen and what separates these successful entrepreneurs from the 95% of people that fail?

If you really want to start your online business, be able to live off it, quit your job, generate passive income and live the life you want to live, then you want to avoid doing the same mistakes as all the other failures!


To begin with, you need to forget about how to make fast money online, because this is probably one of the highest misconceptions that many new joiners have.

I mean if you consider that a career type of job will take you around 40 years in order for you to retire from what you’ve earned, then yes any online business can be a much faster way of earning money to retire on.

But like any other start-up business, it takes time to make a profit or even make your first dollar.

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Plan your online business like a real business

This is why you need to have the right mindset when you start. It will avoid a lot of stress for your upcoming months of work.

Additionally you need to keep the motivation you had to start throughout the whole process. It will keep you fueled and going, which is why I always recommend to set goals and keep a checklist prepared.

Track your progress and when you feel like whatever you’re doing isn’t working, compare your work from the previous month and see what you’ve accomplished and which points you ticked off your checklist.

Two of the biggest failure reasons are:

  1. Inconsistency and
  2. Being demotivated and giving up due to no results

It’s almost like a diet. When you see massive bodybuilders or trimmed people with perfect abs, it’s easy to blame it on steroids or natural physics. But the truth is, steroids or not, these giants work out hard for several hours for months (if not year years) and devote themselves to look the way they do.

Ripped people with perfect bodies also dedicate themselves to a strict diet and routine workouts. The same effort has to be put in for any success. If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to blog every day or week or month. It’s obviously ok to miss out once or twice, some bodybuilders have cheat meals once a week, but they don’t make it a habit and neither should you.

Underestimating The Work

Other failures happen because they get too confident before they even start. They think that all it takes is study an hour a day and write a post per month.

Although you could succeed with this approach, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. There is a bunch of information out there and if you try to study everything at once, you will burn out very quickly.stack of books image

If you start learning from the wrong source, you have to try and forget that information and start over (this happened to me by the way).

Then comes the writing part. I’m obviously not saying I’m a perfect writer, in fact I’m far from it, but some people highly underestimate it and think they can type out books every week.

After the first few writer blocks they get frustrated and give up. Or worse they hire freelancers to write for them and don’t get the results they wanted and blame their failure on others.

There are many things the online business world has to offer and of course we want to succeed in all of them. As a matter of fact you can combine a lot of them in your own business, but it’s never a good choice to take a massive amount of work on at the same time!

Too Much At Once

As you know, the internet has all possible answers, to any type of question. This doesn’t mean you will always find the right answer with every question you type into your search engine.

If for instance you search how to make money online now, I can promise you that you will find around  500 million results and you will probably not find a single one that will help you to make a dollar that same day!

There are hundreds of right ways to make money online but thousands of products out there that won’t teach you one valuable thing. If you want to get started on the right track, you need to have the right information and the right education.

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With the right Information you will succeed

Wealthy affiliate is where I’ve learned all my skills so far and I can’t complain yet. Make sure to read my review about it and see if this might be for you!

And yes at time it feels overwhelming how much work you have to put into it, but if you want to break the cycle and get out of the rat race, you have to sacrifice certain things.

How To Make It

To conclude, I will give you a list of things to keep in mind, to actually make money fast online:

  • Learn as much as you can – The more you learn (from the right source) the more of an expert you will be and the better your business will convert. Just because one task takes longer or is harder to understand, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Every piece of the puzzle counts to complete the picture.
  • Be punctual and organized – As I previously mentioned, you should always stick to your schedule. Treat your new business like a real job. You wouldn’t show up late for your 9-5 job, or start performing worse. So don’t avoid working on your business and as a matter of fact you should put double the effort into it.
  • Defeat your problem areas –  Although this point is a combination of the first two, I still find it important to make it an individual point. If you don’t know what PPC, SEO or List Building means or how to sell Ebooks and use Ads or Keywords on your website, then find out and learn it. Talk to people that use these successfully. Find the answer and seek help. It will come in handy later!

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    Learn all the terms
  • Find the right school – Although there are many legitimate courses online that teach you the right way to make money, I suggest you find the one that is right for you! Wealthy Affiliate has proven itself numerous times to be my number 1 suggested course, especially for the incredible community, but that doesn’t mean this is for you.
  • Patience – My best and most single important advice to succeed online is to be patient. I’ve talked to a lot of successful guys who make anything from 4 to 6 figure incomes online and what their best advice is for me. They all told me to be patient and that the money will follow eventually. This isn’t an overnight thing. You have to work and work and work… eventually success and all the hard work will reward you!

I hope that these tips will help you get the right idea about making money online and that you will have a different approach when you decide to start your own business.

I have learned a lot over the past few weeks and months and although I get frustrated and impatient at times, I have to continuously remind myself that I’m in this for the long run.

If you are serious about this business I really want to help you out, so feel free to ask me any questions or doubts you might have. And if you’ve missed the link before, here’s the link to my Wealthy Affiliate review. This program has all the answers you could possibly have about online businesses and especially affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading,




  1. Hi Esteban,

    thanks for the great read!
    I am still struggeling to make my living online. So far I have only earned a few dollars, but I am still at the beginning, I guess.
    4 months is not really a long time in the online business world.

    One problem is really that there are so many ways and so many “gurus” that it can be really tough to concentrate on one way and stick to it.
    It is so easy to get distracted and lose money because of trying to find a faster way.

    How long would you say does it take with Wealthy Affiliate to start earning money?


    • Hey Moritz,

      I am definitely also still struggling I guess you and me are in the same boat. I only made a few bucks as well but the beginning is always rough! If you’re only 4 months in and already made a few that’s actually really good. I’m finishing my third month this month so overall we’re doing ok.

      I completely agree about new gurus promising new things all the time. I see a new interesting way to make money online almost daily and it is so tempting to try it out. But I would say forget everything and just stick to one. I am committed to Wealthy Affiliate for now and I will give it a real fair shot. The fact that I already made some money gives me a slight confidence boost.

      I don’t think there’s a definite answer about how long it takes to make money with WA but I wrote a blog post about it, which you can read here and the answer kind of varies from person to person and niche to niche. Either way I think a fair answer would be to say 6 months to a year. If you haven’t earned a dime by then I would reconsider.

      It depends on how much you work on your site as well etc.

      Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine I’m sure!

      Thanks and good luck,


      • Thanks man.
        What you say makes absolutely sense.
        Have to stick to one thing and don’t give up too early!

        Good luck to you, too!


    • Thanks for the post Esteban,

      Moritz, this is my exact issue. I have found so many great ideas, that it becomes difficult to concentrate on just one. I know my website will be my primary source of income this year, but I know I should be doing some freelance writing, and I want to grab some low hanging fruit with WealthyAffiliate, oh and I would love to do some public speaking, and after all of the searching I have done, I should be able to coach others on how to start their own online business too. Wow! That was a long sentence, but that’s where our minds go.
      The good news is that it is much easier to become an expert in a particular area than it used to be. It takes some discipline to get good at that one thing before you move on to the next great idea.
      One of the first rules of being an entrepreneur is getting your first customer. After that, you can figure out how to get your next customer. Until that happens, you really don’t have much at all. Stay focused and finish what you start and you will see results.
      Great post and great discussion.

      • Hey Gerald,
        I think most of us have the issue of chasing the next golden ticket. Especially if you’re new to the whole game. I myself chased a few but although most things failed, I made a bit of an experience and learned something from it.
        You should definitely focus on your main website. It’s ok to try out different things on the side. See what works and maybe even scale that, but remain focused on your number 1 site.
        Public speaking is awesome too have you thought about webinars? I’m way too shy for public speaking but I could see myself doing webinars eventually.
        It’s definitely a lot easier to become an export with the right discipline and the internet.
        I love how you understood that getting one customer means that you can achieve the goal of having an endless stream of customers.
        That’s the right spirit!
        Keep up the good work and you’ll reach your dreams soon!

  2. This is a great post. I have learnt quite a number of new things as to why some of us happen not to make any money online. From all that I read, I can deduce that it is based on us giving up to early in the journey to financial freedom.

    Thanks for the tips on how to get over this hurdle and make our dreams come true.

    Thanks for sharing this info

    • Hi,

      I’m happy that you enjoyed this but more thrilled that you said you learned a few things reading this 🙂 It brings joy to me when I can help out other people.

      Giving up early is definitely the number one thing to failure I see in most people. They expect things to happen to quick and easily. But if it were so easy, everyone would be doing it by now and it wouldn’t turn out to be as valuable.

      Keep at it and your dreams will come true as well! I am certain of it!

      Good luck and thanks for reading,


  3. Thanks for this article! I have tried numerous online business opportunities and have never had much luck. Maybe it’s because I don’t give each opportunity enough effort and time. I seem to get distracted by new opportunities that present themselves instead of fully devoting my energy and time into one business.

    • Hey,

      I also tried several online schemes and never saw a dime. I did sense a faulty program every time I tried it though.

      New opportunities and programs are so easy to fall for because the sales pitch is always perfectly done. Now it’s time to buckle down and have a tunnel vision to ignore other programs 😉

      Soon enough we reach our goals.

      Good luck,


  4. Dear Esteban,

    I often was told the quote, never eat more than you can chew and it was reminded me of your article here. I try to absorb as much info I can in 1 day and often found myself brain exhausted. I want to take things as they come, but feel rushed at times if I do not have something posted per day. It might be 3 times a week I hope to aim for in terms of publishing new content each time.

    It can be quite tedious, but in the long run it should be all work it with the stuff I do now for later.

    Patience is something I struggle with, I want fast results at times, but then am reminded of the phrase: Good things come to those who wait.

    Would you agree with that?

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hey Angel,

      Haven’t heard from you in a while! I think I’m very much in the same situation as you. I always take on as much as I can in a day and by the end I feel exhausted.

      I try to catch myself when I go to fast and scatter all over the place, to focus on one subject at a time. I find this is the best solution.

      Lately I’ve been publishing less but promoting more. I was told from numerous sources that you should spend 20% of the time writing your content and 80% of the time promoting your content.

      I think the only way to keep posting daily and doing a great job promoting it, would be to outsource some of the work. As I’m not financially capable at the moment I have to cut corners.

      Patience is definitely a struggle I have as well. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with the phrase “good things come to those who wait” I kind of stick to the phrase “good things come to those who work” (and wait :P). I am confident you will get there though.

      You’re hard working and continuously working so it’s just a matter of time!!

      Wishing you all the best as well Angel and thanks for your comment :),


  5. Hi Esteban,

    I really enjoyed your article. I loved the approach that you took to provide such useful information to people who may just be starting in the online marketing business. i also thought it was good for people who may have been struggling to make money.

    I can see a few things I should have done when I first started. It’s not to late for me to implement some of your ideas.

    You were very honest with your assessment of the business and it’s good to let people know what this is not a “get rich over night” gig. I will surely take some time. It is also a lot of hard work in the beginning.

    Thanks again for all the great information and insight into the world of an online business.


    • Hey Verna,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I think most people underestimate the natural approach of online marketing and that it takes long consistent work to actually make some serious money in it.

      However the benefits are so much greater once the hard work starts to pay off!

      Again, very happy you found this useful!


  6. There’s a whole lot of truth in this blog post. Many people want quick results, and marketers always prey on this. People think the next big program will give them results in weeks, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

    They need to learn that attaining success overnight is impossible. Our universe just doesn’t allow for quick success due to the laws of physics. Another problem is that if success were easy, everyone would be successful and the value of out dollar would decrease.

    I think the most important thing you mentioned was goal setting. This is what I do, and I have been very successful when planning things out.

    • Hey Alec,

      I like the way you look at things.

      Have you read the book the secret (or maybe seen the filmed version)? It also talks a lot about the law of attraction and how the universe works.

      Pretty much the same message you’re giving here. Things just don’t come that quick and yea if it were that easy everyone would be doing it (or at least a million people).

      As for setting goals, it is one of the most important things when trying to reach success. With no goal in sight you have no end! Every goal you reach takes you to the next level.

      Thanks for your comment,


  7. “How Not To Make Money Fast online”!

    That’s a very eyecatching title for your post and certainly got my interest.

    I can totally relate to the information overload you talk about. I’ve found myself overwhelmed at times when studying ways to make money with an online business.

    I’ve actually been trying to get my head around affiliate marketing for quite some time and how to get started. I realise now that I need to do some proper training, so I’m going to look into your Wealthy Affiliate suggestion.

    • Hey Darren,

      The thing I noticed within myself (and later on with others) is that we’re always trying to make things happen quickly. Sadly I’ve bought numerous programs and trainings and courses etc. to achieve my passive income lifestyle.

      Needless to say I was just wasting time and a lot of money. For the past year now I’ve been focusing on one project only (with a few side projects occasionally) and it’s been growing and growing ever since.

      I’m positive this time next year I’ll be my own boss!

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Really well done post. I’m elated to know that there are still people out there who will tell it like it is and not fluff things up. One of the other reasons people fail is because they are trying to deny the fact that they do have to work and they continue to pursue those individuals who are showing off stuff and telling you that you can have it too by working “4 hours a month.” People are still attracted to this kind of content unfortunately but there are some who are willing to work and those are the people you will definitely attract and work with very well.

    • Hey,

      Thanks buddy! I think too many links, posts, videos etc. promise the “get rich quick” lifestyle. It’s so easy to fall for these as well because they sound so promising. But the truth is, that if it were so easy everyone would be driving in a lambo now 😛 But at least some of us try to tell them how it is. The only problem with that, is that people often click away and get disinterested because “hard work” doesn’t sound attractive does it? 😀

  9. Hi Esteban,

    I have made many of these mistakes before. When I started, I thought that I would be able to make money fast and without real effort.

    I was disappointed after a few weeks without results but I did not quit and I found a different legit way to continue.

    In my opinion, if you really want to start an online business you will never give up. So, it is just a matter of time to find the correct information.

    • Hey,

      I can only agree with you. I made massive mistakes in the beginning and even after making my first thousand bucks in a month I went back to almost 0 the month after and I was really close to giving up. Especially becasue I was unemployed and needed the money fast.

      I didn’t give up and last month I almost made $20,000 … Insane right?

      Keep up the hustle!

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