Learning Others Mistakes For Your Success

Mistakes happen
Look at how others failed and learn from their mistakes

Different Point Of View

Sometimes in order to achieve success, you might have to tackle the task from a different angle and look at how not to fail. We often look at how people achieved their goals and what measures they took to get to where they are now.

Mistakes happen
Look at how others failed and learn from their mistakes

Maybe we should focus a little more on seeing where they didn’t fail. What made them get back up on the horse? Which mistakes made them wiser? Who misled them in their journey?

As far as I can remember, almost all successful entrepreneurs had some sort of failure. Some even went bankrupt a few times before they made their first real income.

This is why I want to outline all the failures and bad habits, that led some of the most recognizable entrepreneurs into a rich and famous lifestyle, we are all used to seeing them in today.

After all, if we learn our mistakes can benefit us, surely learning from other, now successful peoples mistakes, should be one of the best form of education we can have. By avoiding mistakes we can jump ahead a step and find the quicker route to success.

How To Fail Successfully

Do you remember the times when you learned how to ride a bicycle? I remember it quite clearly because it was one of the things I had to learn, that seemed so unnatural to me at first but suddenly became second nature.

I was shaking and wobbling on that two wheeled mechanical device for countless tries. Eventually I was riding and when I realized my mother wasn’t holding on to the bike anymore, I was overwhelmed with excitement.

This was one of many examples where I learned from my failures and realized that if I would try hard enough, I can eventually reach, what I set my mind to achieve!

These type of failures don’t always have to be physical activities. I mean sure the same joy came from the trail and error I experienced, when I learned how to swim, when I was even younger. Or when I learned how to drive properly.

These days all I want to succeed at, is making a 5-digit, monthly salary, working from home.

Falling and getting up
When you fall get back up

To some this seems a bit ridiculous, but after talking and reading about so many success stories, I know it is just a matter of time before that door opens in my life.

Here are some influential people you surely heard of that didn’t give up when life wasn’t going the way they expected it to:

  • Colonel Sanders – I’m sure you all heard of Kentucky Fried Chicken before, but have you heard about how many times he had to pitch his recipe before he was able to open his franchise? Apparently he was turned down over 1,000 times, before someone finally gave him a chance. I don’t know how determined you have to be to go through a thousand rejections, but it seems that it worked out wonderfully for him!
  • Steven Spielberg – We all know the classics, such as E.T. and Jurassic Park and quite frankly Spielberg is probably one of the biggest names when it comes to cinema blockbusters. But can you imagine that he was rejected 3 times from film school? His drive and passion didn’t hold him back from giving it a 4th try and thanks to that, we all have memorable films to enjoy!
  • Thomas Edison – Failures which turned into successes, go back as far as we can remember. Thomas Edison is a great example of a huge breakthrough and leap forward for mankind. The man who invented the light bulb reportedly failed around 10,000 times before it worked! Not only is it one of the greatest inventions, it is also an amazing achievement to go through so many failures and still continue.
  • Steve Jobs – Yes even the father of our beloved Mac products and iPhones we hold in our hands every few seconds, failed during his early years. After a short 6 months, Steve dropped out of college. This didn’t stop him from coming up with one of the most influential devices known today.

If these big names didn’t impress you, I don’t know what will. We all have to go through error phases in order to learn and avoid these mistakes in future. It isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always work out to be a success either, but the above examples show that sometimes it does pay off to be stubborn.

Relevant Examples

Of course not everyone of us will be able to come up with an invention that will revolutionize our society. I don’t expect to invent the new iPhone or the next lightbulb-like invention.

I just want to achieve my goal. This doesn’t require me to be an inventor or a public figure that influences a lot of people dramatically. All I want to achieve is to be running a successful online business.

At Wealthy Affiliate I have all the tools to teach me how to do that. By that I also mean that I can talk to people who have proven to be successful and are currently making more than I can imagine. They aren’t unreachable like Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates. I can easily drop them a mail and they are happy to respond within a day or two, depending on how busy they are.

I frequently ask them what their main advice is and how they got to where they are at the moment and guess what they told me…

Education through communication
Reach out to successful people and learn from their mistakes

They almost all tell me that the beginning was a rough one and it took them several months to see any money coming in. A lot of the times I read that they spent over 6-7 months earning about $5 total. Not on a monthly basis but total!

If they would have given up then and there that would have been it, but they kept fighting and kept working on their sites and producing content etc. and now they are living the live they want to!

So in the end their biggest advice and probably the most cliché advice is to just not give up and keep working until it happens!


If there is any way to get back up when you feel down, I think you should remember that others have been there before.

Not only is the community of Wealthy Affiliate highly responsive and the courses extremely powerful and educational, but what keeps me going is that I can read about these people that made it.

Learning others mistakes is the best advice in many cases. For instance, when I first started creating my website, I wanted it to look perfect. What I did was waste hours of time trying to make my landing page look amazing and the title needed to be the way I envisioned it etc. eventually I read that others have wasted hours of time on making their site look nice, instead of producing valuable content for their readers.

I quickly dropped what I was doing and put my head back into work mode.

Another similar incident was when I kept trying to move faster than the course. I would read about people adding things on their site that looked awesome and I wanted to get involved with as well. I lost countless hours researching them and asking for the best plugins etc.

When I set everything up I continued with the course. What happened next really bothered me because the next lesson actually taught me what I just spent hours researching on my own.

Since then, I decided to just follow the guidelines and let the course teach me everything I need to know to build up my online business. Once I complete the course I can always go and look out for other information that might come in handy.

Patience to success
Building a successful business takes patience

So next time you feel down and unmotivated, think of this article and think of the success, or should I say, failure stories from the above examples.

If you stick to it and believe in yourself, success will follow naturally. Don’t be a quitter and fail several times if you must. Just learn from your mistakes and more importantly, learn from other peoples mistakes.

If you liked this article, please leave a comment behind. I would enjoy reading about your failures and how they turned out to be valuable and helped you achieve your goals.

Do you maybe have a role model that failed before they succeeded?

Thanks for reading,



  1. Great post Esteban! Its very motivating to read examples of hugely successful people who struggled and worked to be where they are now. Some of my favorite examples are Walt Disney – he was told Mickey Mouse would never work for television/ movies as it would only terrify women and Steven King received over 30 rejections for his book Carrie! Keep up the good work

    • Hey Emily,

      I heard about Mr. Disney’s struggles. He was also told his art was terrible and wasn’t allowed to be published on a newspaper and if I’m not mistaken they even fired him. I guess those who really fight back receive the greatest rewards 🙂
      Stories like these keep me going 😉
      Thanks for reading,

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