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How A Community Should Run

Many times, communities crumble or simply don’t work the way they should be working. Whether it is a group of friends or a larger society, there will always be arguments and disagreements.

Certain groups though, tend to work better than others, mostly when people share similar interests or aim for a mutual goal due to the right leadership.

Work together for a common goal

I am particularly talking about the organizations of successful corporate businesses or military units. Believe it or not, they can have more in common than you think. Does leadership influence this success? It most certainly plays a big role to it.

There can be two types of managers/ bosses just like there can be two types of generals. Either you have the type that treats their employees or soldiers like lower humans, because they don’t have the same rank as them, or you have the type that wants them to learn and succeed, in order to be useful for the rest of the company.

Below I will outline several points, how any successful group should be functioning. We are all equal, regardless of our backgrounds and should therefore learn to work together, if we want to lead a successful business.

Let’s Move Forward

I remember clearly how during my school years, there was a strong devision and centralization of kids. The naughty ones were slightly neglected and left on their own, while the ones that got good grades, received special attention.

This is probably the exact opposite the way a teacher should run his class. I’ve experienced similar behavior in my work environments too. The employers that seem to be working hard got some recognition and those who struggle or cared less, would just get fired eventually.

The smart thing to do would be to encourage the worse performing students or employers, to work harder. Give them a hand or ask what the real issue is. Instead we let them deal with their own problems and wait until we can replace them.

For a community to work efficiently, there are certain points we could easily copy from the army. Here’s how to develop leadership skills everyone can benefit from:

  1. Mutual respect: If you respect your bosses, you will naturally give it your best to show them that you value them. In return there will be efficiency and trust from both sides.
  2. Hear out all ranks: As a manager or boss, sometimes you aren’t aware of all the problems. Therefore let everyone speak in meetings or conferences when issues need to be addressed. Even a new joiner might see or know things others are oblivious of.
  3. Don’t humiliate: One of the worst things you could do (in my opinion) is to humiliate people in front of the rest. If you performed badly or made a mistake, it is better to have a private chat instead of letting everyone know. Not everyone is strong enough to take this kind of shame. Additionally they might be too scared to work properly later.
  4. Award them: Recognition for good work is always received positively. This type of public announcement is more than acceptable!
  5. Award All of them: Often smaller tasks performed under the radar, which are still crucial to the business, aren’t rewarded enough. It’s not just the big achievements that need recognition. Smaller units may be just as important as the big ones yet no one hears of their achievements.  Therefore everyone should receive some recognition once in a while!
  6. Share your thoughts: Communication is key! To any organization and especially if you want efficiency to be on top performance, it is important to outline the exact tasks for everyone. Any updates or changes need to be understood by everyone at all times.

    Sharing ideas. Discussion
    Discuss and share your thoughts
  7. Don’t hold back: If there are issues or any mistakes have been made, don’t try to shove them under the carpet. Report what is wrong to handle the situation immediately, rather than letting it cook for a while and blow up later.
  8. Take your time and stay calm: Instead of freaking out and losing it when things don’t go the way they should, remain calm and reinsure your team that it can be sorted. With someone getting angry at mistakes, you will have less honest reports coming your ways. Information will be left out to keep you at a calm stage.
  9. Say goodbye: Earlier I mentioned that the ones that perform badly should receive extra attention. This is still true, but when a lack of performance turns into incompetence and even the extra training can’t help them, then you must let them go. Sometimes there is no other way.
  10. Be available: I’ve seen it numerous times, where the ones that ask you to report everything to them and encourage you to ask them urgent questions, are the least available people in the building. If you are in the building, you should always be available sooner or later. Don’t abandon your team with meetings throughout the whole day and let them figure out how to solve the issue.
  11. Increase your size: Always try to expand relationships. Networking is one of the most valuable things you can do. The more people get together, the more ideas, solutions and help can come out of it.
  12. Build your future: Any teacher, manager or general, you should teach your students/employees/soldiers to become the next you. If you want to succeed, make sure they know everything they can know.
  13. Don’t lose sight: Always remember what you are aiming for. Don’t let yourself go and get distracted. Put your smartphone away, get back to work. Leaders as well as followers should be focused at all times. Work hard first and then reward yourself later.
  14. Help each other: If someone is struggling and especially if he asks for help, stop what you are doing and help them out. One of my managers was never to busy to help me. I still value that treatment today and believe everyone should act this way. If you have time for cigarette breaks then you have time to help others too!
  15. Know when to stop: When you are physically or mentally beaten, make sure to rest. A human body can be compared to a battery and when our batteries are low, everything else will be of equally low quality. Instead of draining your team to the end, let those who are still energized complete the tasks and the others replenish themselves. Sometimes you have to power through but not always.

My Community:

Many of the above traits can be seen in many great leaders. But I believe that a lot of them should be mutually treated. It’s not always up to the creators/leaders to do everything in their power to make their class or community work.

If you have intolerant people amongst your team, it will be hard. However, if most of the above mentioned points are found within your community, guaranteed success will be the outcome.

At Wealthy Affiliate, not only do I see every point amongst most members, but the creators as well. They are almost always available, ready to help, show respect and definitely encourage the rest to behave the same.

The respect and the help we receive and give each other is almost incredible. In no other workplace have I received so much support when needed. Of course there is always the odd few that don’t understand how things should be run. But it’s usually the same ones that don’t last longer than a few weeks.

If you have a common interest and want to achieve a goal, then the above points should help you get there and your mutual interest will naturally help each other out.People around the world

Another incredible feature of the community is, that there are literally people from around the world with all kinds of knowledge and education. So even a complete beginner will have valuable thoughts and input at times, that help the most experienced members out.

If you decide to join the Wealthy Affiliate program, I highly encourage you to form connections and discuss with others. You will see within a few seconds how valuable these connections tend to be. There is a sense of cross cultural leadership, where everyone provides knowledge of their own. It isn’t unheard of people becoming good friends there either.

With that being said, I guess most of the points all come to one conclusion really. We should treat each other with respect, if we want to succeed. You can’t expect to get the most out of someone if you don’t like each other.

Have you experienced great management in your life and if so did they follow some of the above mentioned examples whilst doing so?

How would you like to be treated? Do you prefer the cold treatment? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

I hope this was of some use and thanks for reading,




  1. Hi Essi,
    Great post ! I completely agree on the fact the bosses / teachers always focus on the best employees. If you can turn a non interest employee into a hard worker threw avices and supports he will be beholden to you and tour firm. The result is ending up with only serious and committed employees!
    Personally I always prefer a boss who is available, who takes time for me and show me that I’m well accepted among the team.
    Thanks for the post ! Continue giving us good content !

    • Hi Julien,

      It’s true that usually the ones who aren’t good are being neglected and get less attention and I find that a very bad approach of teaching.
      I also loved my bosses that cared and helped me when I needed them. I feel like too many are in higher positions that don’t deserve it.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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