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Keeping It Simple

Are you one of those types of people that have a ton of clothes lying around their room, messy table and clutter all over the house in general?

Although this shows an artistic side of yours, it can also completely shut down your productivity.

In this article I will highlight the points of keeping a house neat and how your business needs to be so too.messy table leading to accident

Simplicity makes everything easier for you and your potential clients. If you have a smartphone, look at the design of it. Look at all the iPhones for example.

Apple keeps all their products as simple as it gets. That’s why you should aim for the keep it simple keep it fresh blog method as well.

The reason of keeping things simple is not just for your own benefit of clarity and open view from your side, it’s also for your readers to get out the full potential of your site.

We will go into detail about it further below.

Case Study iPhone

In the introduction I mentioned how the company Apple keeps all their products very simple. I think this is a major reason why most people get their hands on their items.

As most younger people, myself and a friend once had a discussion about which phone to get next. Soon after we had a semi-heated discussion we both had valid reasons why to stick to an iPhone and why you shouldn’t.

He decided to go for a different brand but a year later switched back to iPhones. This happened with a couple of friends actually.simple iphone

I’m not trying to promote their products at all but here’s what I’m trying to explain:

The main reason for us to stick to iPhones was simply that it was the easiest phone to handle. We didn’t need or want all the extras that other phones came with.

We understood that these other phones had a lot of greater benefits (longer battery hours, more storage, cheaper prices etc) but we still outweighed these pros for a major con, which was the simplicity and user friendly way of handling the actual device.

Here’s how I see the iPhone and why it’s made my life so much easier:

  • It starts at the package. One box with the phone, tiny charger and cable, earphones and tiny user manual. Everything else is online
  • The phone itself has 6 buttons.
  • All you need to run it is iTunes which carries all your images, contacts etc. over from your last phone.
  • It’s so simple a baby could download apps.

When it comes to websites it follows the same principle.

If you find yourself on a website with millions of information but you don’t know where to start, you quickly get frustrated and overwhelmed.

The next natural step is to go back to a search engine and look for an easier path.

This is why I try to keep my website as user friendly as possible. Not only can I find my content back easier, I also help my readers to jump from article to article in a simple manner.

Minimal For Maximum

The minimal lifestyle has always interested me. I like keeping things neat and short.

I prefer having one or two items lying around that guide me to the next stage rather than having a billion choices and having to choose several to make it right.

If you look at the Wealthy Affiliate program it is exactly why I chose to join the community.

There are two major ways to learn how to get involved with affiliate marketing:

  1. Get started here course
  2. Bootcamp Course

It couldn’t be easier. What’s even better is that you have a linear structure to follow and if you stick to them you have a guaranteed success rate eventually.

As for my website, I try to follow the same principle. If you land on my website, you have a timeline with all my latest posts piling up one after another.

  • On the right side you will find my Categories if you want to read something of a particular genre.
  • The top bit has the most important links for those who like to get involved in the same business as I am.

Of course this is not my final result and I am constantly changing and trying to innovate my format to make it even more simple.

It’s not always a simple task to keep everything accessible. You have to look at the business from a customers point of view and try to put yourself in their skin.

Obviously being the creator of the site it can be a little hard.

My Advice

If you ask me, keeping it simple is the best method to approach your website. There are a few simple methods to keep it that way.

To start off with I would definitely use WordPress to create a website. It’s so simple that it’s almost stupid not to use it.

If you’re worried that using WordPress will only make your site look like the next one out there, don’t be. They have thousands of themes to choose from and every theme can be customized to a ridiculous extent.

wordpress theme choice
Thousands of WordPress themes to choose from

Besides you could created your own logo, upload it and that changes a lot of your theme already.

What you want to do next is to add a category to every post or article you write. This will always come in handy and you can then create a sidebar like mine with categories for your readers to choose from.

I also included the pages I found most important at the top because a website usually had their menus at the top.

When you write your articles, keep a simple layout as well. Don’t write huge chunks with no paragraphs and images. You want to make the readers enjoy reading your content.

Also keep a basic simple theme when you chose one. I sometimes come across themes that have a bunch of things moving around and stuff happening which confuses me and I quickly lose interest.

The colors can also play a huge role.

If you have the traditional black on white, it works best. The reverse effect is actually quite heavy on the eyes and really not enjoyable to read from.

Change Slowly

When you decide to make drastic changes, make sure to do it slowly. You don’t want your regular users to get confused and not be able find their favorite articles around anymore.

If we go back to the example of the iPhone, go back to their very first example and compare it to todays model.

There have been major changes but they all came very slowly and the adaptation is quite subtle.

The devices themselves are years apart from their productivity and what they can do.

You want to do the same with your website. Don’t change your theme from one day to another with a completely different layout. If you do decide to change your theme, try to keep it somewhat similar as your previous site.

You should also consider to make changes on a regular basis. Look at what your competition is doing and how they keep it fresh.

Take a look at Facebook as another example. I can barely remember what Facebook looked like when I joined it, but I remember there was no chat for example and every new change that was made I got really annoyed.

Try to keep your changes subtle

Eventually it became second nature.

You want to adapt that same feeling to your site.

I hope that this was somewhat useful to your concept of what your website should look like and how it should develop. Just always remember to keep it user friendly.

Feel free to like my Facebook page and find more useful articles like these. I write an Article almost every day.

If you have any questions, suggestions or general thoughts, leave them below in the comment section! I’m always happy to read why you have to say.

Thanks for reading and keep it simple,



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