My Honest Kannaway The Hemp Lifestyle Company Review

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My Honest Kannaway The Hemp Lifestyle Company Review

Product name: Kannaway The Hemp Lifestyle Companykannaway logo


Owners: Jeff Rogers and Ryan Vanderpool

Level of Experience Needed: Beginner – Intermediate

Price: $9.99/month or $49.99/year

Overall Rank: 2/10


In 2014 there seemed to be a craze going viral within the penny stock market, because of Marijuana penny stocks.

As more states legalized the plant, more scams seemed to arise. Tim Sykes exposed these ‘wolf of weedstreet’ traders and urged no one to follow their craze.

Kannaway – The Hemp Lifestyle Company is a different type of Marijuana related business.

They aren’t stock traders, however it’s interesting to see the company rose around the same time the stock market fraudsters did.

Kannaway is a company that sells hemp related products. Their Ambassador program is free to join for anyone.

The program is a typical MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) type of program where you basically try to make as many sales as possible.

To further increase your sales, you can get other people to work under you and every sale they make gives you a commission too.

The more you get to work under you the greater your pyramid grows and therefore your profits increase.

Most MLM programs are schemes and you should definitely stay away from them.

Hemp related products usually serve the purpose of healing diseases or helping you ease pain to very specific pains.

Kannaway’s hemp products are meant to help with different conditions.

However the first red flag went off with the FDA disclaimer which you can see below.fda kannaway

What I found strange as well is that the videos shown on the website about how it changed people’s lives were a few seconds long.

They don’t actually share how Kannaway products helped them and what conditions it cured.


Who Kannaway Is For?

As mentioned above, Kannaway is a typical MLM type of program.

I never liked the idea of MLM schemes, because they mostly just exist to lure in people that don’t know how hard it is to sell products or crooks that are geniuses in sales.

But if you’re interested in spending your money in a product that isn’t FDA approved, yet claims to cure and help people, go ahead.kannaway revolutionary products

I’m not saying these products can’t cure what they claim to.

I just find it a bit dodgy when there is a disclaimer that you are using this product at your own risk.

Additionally these products don’t come which a cheap price.

So if you’re a master of sales, this should be alright for you but as a complete beginner I think you will find it hard to convince people to buy a product.

Besides the commission payout of the sales you do make are around $15, regardless of how expensive or how many products you manage to sell.

I think the easiest way to sell something, is if you’ve personally tested a product first and know what it can do.

If you didn’t have any medical issues, you won’t be able to test these really.

And if you’re a bit tight on money, you’ll find it hard to test them as well.

What you want to do, to get the bigger payout, is to recruit other ambassadors underneath you.

The more you recruit, the more commissions you can receive.

Don’t be blinded by the fancy objects they promise you by successfully recruiting more people.

Of course it would be nice to receive a car after achieving Platinum Diamond level, but you will most likely never get there.

To answer the question who this program is for, you should fit the following criteria:

  • Worked in sales before
  • Have a resilient attitude
  • No issues with selling products you don’t believe in
  • Know how to recruit others beneath you
  • Be consistent

Being a sales person if often said to be a very tough job.

Joining the ambassador program of Kannaway falls exactly into that job category.

Trainings and Tools

The main strategy you’re being taught with Kannaway, is to promote the products to friends and family.

The rest will go through them as they should serve to refer you to their friends and families.

Personally I would have an issue with promoting a product I’m not fully convinced of to my friends and family.

Besides that, you will run out of leads eventually and there is an end to your sales, if you manage to get any at all.

The training itself doesn’t sound very promising as they mainly talk about what you receive after being successful such as a “Generous compensation plan”.Kannaway payout plan

However there are a lot of pointless tools you get with the program as well.

They provide you with:

  • Social media posts you can share
  • Whole sale prices on their products (I sure hope so)
  • Auto-responder to your leads (because who wants personal contact with customers you promise a cure for?)
  • Dashboard to track your team

All of these points are pretty basic for a program to provide once you join them in my opinion.

There isn’t any real training on how to get leads and how to sell a product.

As previously mentioned, sales is a tough job to be in.

The entire presentation has to be on point and they should at least provide you with a little bit of a guide on how to speak to your customers.

Maybe a template would be useful for first timers.

Pros vs. Cons


  • 30 Day money back guarantee


  • Dodgy product
  • No real testimonials of people having tried and liked the product
  • Very irrelevant videos on their pages (mainly about the history of Marijuana in the united states)
  • Typical MLM type of program
  • No real training
  • Very expensive products

Final Verdict

Personally, I can’t ever promote an MLM type of business.

As mention several times now, to me these type of organizations are almost always scams.

I’m not saying there aren’t trustworthy ones, just that mostly they aren’t.

Having said that, due to the lack of evidence of successful and positive feedback as well as testimonials, I can’t seem to recommend Kannaway either.

Even if this is a brilliant product and really does help a lot of people, sales won’t be easy to achieve.

As for the website and program details, there is such a huge lack of details and description for everything.

The 2 videos presented on the landing page just talk about how and when Marijuana was banned in the united states and when they legalized it again.

This led to the creation of Kannaway.

Does that clarify any information necessary to succeed in selling the product?

Or does it help inform you what this product does and what it can cure?Avoid Scams

Overall I rate the program very poorly mainly for these last two points. But because it is possible to make money with it, it does get some points.

If you want to create a business that is sustainable and that you can work on part time, please have a look at my #1 rated product.

Not only is it free to join, you also get a massive amount of support and all you need to know to succeed is found within the program.

I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to share this review to avoid friends and family from joining it!




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