Jobs That Travel The World – Would You Like That?

beautiful sights
What I Love Seeing On Travels

Why We Should Travel As Much As Possible

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Unknown

I’m sure a lot of you wondered where to find jobs that travel the world and what that type of job would look like.

I’ve always imagined how it would be to get one of these jobs, during my academic years. Now that I’m a few years into the job market, not only do I know some friends that travel regularly for their work, I was presented with the option to do so myself on occasion.

There is something rewarding in each travel I had. Most of my travels were obviously holidays and I’m sure for the majority of you readers, this will be the same.road trip vacation

Traveling with work however is obviously completely different. You still have to remain professional and have a certain attire and attitude whilst traveling.

If you’re working for a corporate business, a professional attitude has to be obtained at all times.

In this article not only will I show you the difference between a typical travel job and self employed travels (specifically self employed affiliate marketers), but also try to explain the negatives of having to travel for an employer rather than on your own will.

How We Imagine It

When I used to think of traveling for my job, I always pictured myself in a suit on a plane and taking nice taxis to my hotel where I can rest for a few hours before meeting colleagues.

I would then have a comfortable lunch or dinner before exploring the city a little bit. After the first night we would sit down in the morning discuss some business stuff and then enjoy ourselves as we further explore the culture.

This is far from most corporate travel jobs really!travel for work

The reality is that you will have to jump from plane to taxi to meetings and barely get any time to explore anything. Besides the walks from office building to hotels and maybe a dinner or lunch, you won’t get any exploration time.

There is a strict time schedule to keep up with and after all you’re not there for a holiday, you’re there on business and everybody knows that time is money!

So you might be traveling across the world, but you won’t be able take in any of the beauty of the country you’re in, besides a few snaps you rushed to get.

As for the food, you will probably just eat something off a semi-fancy restaurant and have platonic conversations with clients and colleagues, since you have to represent the company at its best.

None to minor interaction with the locals and no new inside knowledge of the countries history.

Where is the point in traveling if all the benefits are taken from it?

Desk Job VS Self Employed

As I have just explained above, if you travel for a corporate business, besides the air and the quick glimpse of the foreign country and city you will be in, nothing has been taken in.

You will be just as ‘stuck’ in your job as a desk job. Fair enough it is still a lot better than most boring desk jobs, but where is the joy in constantly being around the world, away from family and friends to see the fake life in hotels and restaurants, as well as boring offices.

After all, one office looks just as impressive as the next if you ask me.

If you’re s self employed and if you start making some money online as an affiliate marketer, you’re traveling will be much more rewarding and the way we imagine it.

You can do exactly the same things you would do on a holiday which include:

  • Taking in the country/city
  • Travel within the country/city to explore different locations
  • Take your time to talk to locals and find out where the good restaurants and shops are hiding
  • Make new friends
  • Relax
  • Visit touristy areas

And all the other benefits that come through traveling.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that loves the experience of coming back from a foreign country with tons of memories and images to share with people.sharing memories

That is the reason we travel after all. The world is huge and there is so much to explore and from every experience we gain a new piece of culture with us.

As an affiliate marketer, all you would potentially have to pack with you, is a laptop and maybe one set of clothes for warm and cold weather.

The rest can be bought in the country you’re traveling to. Chances are that utilities such as toothpaste etc. will be a lot cheaper there and shirts and trousers can be bought there for half prices as well.

Essentially the only necessity might be your laptop and passport, although you could walk into internet cafés and check up on your business once a day or less.

Tortures Feeling

In one of my previous posts, I explained how I felt tortured sitting in an office, while the sun was shining outside and I was sat on an uncomfortable chair with leather shoes, black socks, dark suit and unnatural air filling my lungs.

It was one of the key moments in my life where I thought to myself that being in a desk job is like being in a prison. You can’t just leave because you’d lose your job and besides the curfew of the occasional hourly lunch and 5 minutes court time, there wasn’t much freedom in it.

I always believed that if I could at least travel, I would be able to enjoy the sun outside and have a little beer on a nice terrace.

beautiful sights
What I Love Seeing On Travels

But reality is, I would still have to wear my suit to impress someone I don’t really care about, have discussions about things I care about even less and end up being just as miserable as I was on my desk.

The only difference being, that I am possibly sitting outside and in a different country.

I don’t see how I would even be able to focus on a conversation, especially if I would be near a beach somewhere. The only thing that would be going through my mind would be the waves and what it would feel like to dip my toes in the sand.

What Are Your Thoughts?

So now I would like to hear from you, what your experiences have been like. Have you thought about getting a travel rewarding job and if so, did you imagine it just the way I described it above or more like the harsh reality further below?

Maybe you are already in a job where you get to travel quite a bit? Is it really as bad as I make it seem or am I exaggerating a bit?

mosque in abu dhabi
Exploring The Local Culture

I would especially like to hear of some testimonials of you affiliate marketers that travel a lot and how you manage your work load. Do you carry your laptop anywhere you travel or do you have a peak on your business once or twice a week?

Please leave behind some comments and thoughts. If however you’re interested in getting involved in affiliate marketing, please check out my highest rated community, that teaches you everything you need to know step by step, in order for you to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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