Jaaxy Review Is It The Most Powerful Keyword Tool?

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Why Use A Keyword Tool

For any website to be ranked highly on search engines, it is fundamentally important to make the best out of your articles. How do you do that? Well the answer is simple but the method can be rather complex without the right tools.Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

  1. Write quality content
  2. Don’t copy stuff from other pages
  3. Don’t fill your site with affiliate links
  4. Use low competition keywords

I’m sure the first 3 points are manageable for almost anyone that’s creating or wants to create website. With a few tweaks here and there, some proofreading, this should pose no problem really.

It only gets tricky at point 4! If you’re new to producing stuff to the online world, you might not know of keywords.

Basically a keyword is a term or phrase that people type into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. in order to stumble on websites. If you wrote an article about the best hiking gear for example, you would ideally want to fill your article, with a few phrases that people might be typing into the search engines, in order to fall on your site rather than other websites.

I guess there are certain keyword research companies, you could pay to provide you with a list of relevant sentences and phrases to use, but there is a much cheaper alternative!

Is It Really Necessary?

When I first started off writing articles and creating my website, I thought it was rather unnecessary to use keywords, let alone use a keyword tool.

But after weeks of producing, what I thought to be quality content, without any traffic coming my way, I gave the keyword search a try.

Instead of wasting hours of time trying to find the right SEO keyword research tool, I went on to try out a highly recommended one called Jaaxy.

(Hint: if you want to read my previously written post on how to use Jaaxy click here)

Now that I’ve created my account with Jaaxy, not only do I save tons of time but my posts and articles are getting ranked higher every day. My average traffic literally increased over night! It seemed a little surreal at first but this was clear evidence, that from now on I would have to use this tool for every post I would produce.

I must admit that I’ve tried using one other tool before, which I won’t name as it was a waste of time. But besides running around like a headless chicken for hours, I’ve also had tons of numbers and data, which I couldn’t clearly identify what to do with. Having this data and not knowing what it meant only confused me more!

Besides having the ton of data thrown at me with each search, I now understand what they meant and realized how useless these were. With my new keyword tool, none of these are included and my ranking is climbing with each post!

Once I found Jaaxy and it’s simple rules to follow, I suddenly felt relieved and I am now saving a lot of time to produce my content!

How Much Does It Cost?

I know most of you are probably wondering what this beautiful tool will set you back, but don’t panic there are 3 different accounts you may want to consider.

If you just started off with internet marketing and don’t have much experience, I highly recommend to create your free account with Jaaxy. No credit card details are required to do so and you can start off searching away instantly.

The only catch to that is, that you will be limited to 30 free searches a month. I think that is fairly reasonable for such a powerful tool. And to let you in on a little secret, I’ve been using the keyword research tool, free account so far myself 😉

If however you are a little more experienced and would like to receive more results as well as more useful data, you might want to consider the Jaaxy Pro account.

The pro account will set you back $19 per month or $199 per year.

The third and most powerful version is called the Enterprise, which you can afford at $49 per month or $499 per year.Jaaxy Price Range

Instead of typing out the benefits of each upgraded version, I suggest you go see the full list of benefits and comparison of all three accounts, on the actual website here!

Keep In Mind

When you look for a valuable keyword, you should always look out for three specific things!

  1. How much traffic does it have
  2. How much competition
  3. Does the keyword make sense

A lot of times you will find sites that overload their page with any keyword they can find and they type out sentences which don’t make any sense because the keyword didn’t make sense.

This can initially harm your website and decrease your ranking. Therefor always make sure to use keywords which make sense. The first two points are hopefully obvious.

Jaaxy has a nice way of filtering out keywords with low competition and good amount of traffic as shown in the below screenshot.

Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

Ideally you want the highest amount of searches with the lowest amount of competition. The higher the SEO column is, the easier it will be to rank for that keyword!

As you can see I am using the free account and the the domain column shows as “Upgrade”. For both pro and enterprise accounts, it will instantly reveal the available domains for that specific keyword. So in case you are looking for a high ranking keyword as your domain, this can come in very handy!

Another highly useful feature of Jaaxy, is the suggestion box. For any keyword you might type or look for, there will be a number of suggestions popping up on the right hand side, in case you run out of ideas.


So to give you an example of how easy Jaaxy actually is to use, I will research a random subject I have no idea about and show you how many results I can receive with my free account!

To pick a totally random keyword I will look for the best keywords related to Ironing Boards. This is what I came up with:

Jaaxy Result example

As you can see, within seconds I received 15 highly valuable keywords I could now build my next website or post about if I were to talk about ironing boards!

As a matter of fact, the simple term ‘Ironing Boards’ has such high traffic and no competition to rank for, that I might have to consider building a website around it 😀

I assure you that my search took no longer than a few seconds. Additionally I received 15 other suggestions I might want to further research, as shown on this screenshot, of the above mentioned suggestion box on the right hand side.Brainstorming

This is just a small preview of what Jaaxy is capable of and remember, I used a term or subject I have no idea about and could easily rank on the first page of Google or any other search engine if I were to write a post or create a website about this niche.

So if you still aren’t convinced by the power of Jaaxy, I encourage you to try out any other keyword tool and compare it with Jaaxy.

See which one acts faster, helps you rank higher and produces such quality in it’s results.

I am also intrigued by the price comparison when it comes to other keyword research tools. Surely there is no cheaper alternative than a free account.

Don’t Be Shy, Give It A Try

Because I am only a member of the free version and I’ve only read about the other benefits, I can only share as much information as I’ve been using myself and seen by others. All the other benefits are still to be discovered and I’ve only covered a fraction of the actual power Jaaxy can supply you with.

There are numerous other benefits such as finding out where you rank on Google, what affiliate programs there are, Trainings… and much more!

So if you want to give Jaaxy a try, click here and choose which account you want to open.

If however you want to try it out now for yourself first, just type in your desired keyword below and test the tool out! I’m sure you will be more than happy with the results that come up.


Thanks for reading and happy researching!




  1. Hi Esteban:

    I always enjoy checking out your website. It is always full of useful articles are easy to read and apply the techniques to. Your review of Jaaxy is very well written. I too use the free account of Jaaxy and at this point, do not see the need to upgrade. Maybe once I start making additional money, I will consider upgrading, but the free account is totally fine during the first few months and perhaps beyond. Great job! Look forward to more postings.

    • Hey Steph,
      Glad to see you’re back on my site 🙂
      I didn’t know you were a Jaaxy user also! The free version is pretty good isn’t it? I think I will upgrade in future once I make an income through my website to be honest. I think we have the same goal in mind then 🙂
      Thanks and hope to see you again on my site!

  2. Hello, Esteban! I love your content. It flows very nicely from one idea to the next, the images support the content and help to make it much more clear and easier to understand, and you support an honest review. I appreciate that! The only thing I really don’t like is the site header–it’s a bit hard to read with it being black and white.
    I love all of the other stuff, and actually remembered your website from the other day because of your slogan “Don’t become rich, become wealthy”. VERY good! Keep up the good work! Your work is inspiring :] Have a great day!

    • Hey Brooke,
      Thanks for the compliments! Really love and enjoy hearing these type of compliments. Of course I try to be as honest as possible. I want to be as transparent as I can for all my viewers to see that I’m the real deal 😀
      I’m not sure why you find the header hard to read? I might have to look into it :S but black and white seems like the clearest/ most contrasted colors to make reading visible no?
      Thanks for mentioning it though because I will have a look at it. Also thanks a lot for liking my slogan 😀

  3. Hi, nice overview of Jaaxy. It’s true that keywords are one of the areas most people don’t take seriously enough. Jaaxy is a great tool and can give the novice a great advantage when first starting.

    • Keywords play a huge role in website content. I found out the hard way but at least I found out 😉
      I hope more people read this to improve their SEO!
      Thanks for agreeing!

  4. Esteban – You’ve written a very good article about Jaaxy. I agree – whole hearedly! I have the monthly Pro version for $19 bucks a month. It’s well worth it, and I have many lists of keywords to target. And, thanks for the research too! ….ironing boards… lol…. Nice!

    • Hey Toni,

      Great to see someone else using Jaaxy! It’s definitely worth it in the long run if you can afford it. I’m actually using the free version a lot of the times. Thanks for taking the time to read my article on it 🙂
      Gotta love ironing right 😉

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