Is The Empower Network A Scam? See For Yourself!

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My Empower Network Review

Product name: Empower Network

Link: www.EmpowerNetwork.comis the empower network a scam? company logo

Owners: David Wood

Level of Experience Needed: Minor

Price: $25/ month or $100/ month (Inner Circle membership)

Overall Rank: 2/10


Empower network, like many other programs, claim to help you reach your online success in an easy and smooth way.

Thanks to their training you will be guided through to success without encountering problems or issues, within such a ‘complicated’ business.

It basically consists of a blogging platform (Kalatu), marketing training and information products.

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It really isn’t that complicated…

Through their affiliate program, members are able to earn decent incomes when promoting their products.

Depending on which membership you decide to sign up to, you can earn higher commissions.

If however you purchase one of the lower memberships and you manage to get someone to sign up to a higher one, you won’t earn commissions for it.

There are quite a few trainings and programs to choose from so it really is up to you how much you are willing to invest.

Prices range from $20 up to $3,500, varying from one time payments to monthly subscriptions.

So is the Empower Network a scam?

Technically no… You are able to earn from them and you will not pay for something without delivery.

Having said that, it is still just a typical MLM scheme, meaning you have to sell the product which teaches other people to sell their product.

The entire business model is a bit secret. You don’t really find out what the program is about before signing up to it.

Who’s Empowered Network For?

If you want to make money online but not really learn anything valuable by doing so this might be your gig.

Another deciding factor to take into consideration is the different levels of training you might want to commit.

As mentioned in the introduction, there are about 4-5 different trainings all ranging in different prices.

If you love hidden upsells you really want to get involved.

Additionally you will constantly hear that you must purchase them in order to make real money.

Don’t forget that if you only signed up to the lowest membership you will not earn commissions if you manage to sell higher levels.

Technically this system makes no sense because…

  1. You should be compensated no matter which membership you sell and joined at
  2. You’re selling a program with no value behind it

But again, if you’re happy with this that’s your choice.

To actually earn something from this program you have to sign up with the minimum of $25/ month membership which grants you a basic blog.

This also includes basic training to get you started and slightly motivated at first.

But in order to actually get paid, you have to invest in the ‘Payment System’ which is an additional $19.

Not the end of the world but they could make that more clear. It’s a bit sneaky if you ask me.

The worst bit about the program is that you don’t receive 100% of your sales.

What I mean by that is, that you will have to pass every other sale the person who referred you to the program.

Although the Empower Network has been around for a while and a lot of people have heard about it, you may assume that it is a powerful and successful scheme.Is The Empower Network A Scam payout statistics and figures

But looking at their own payout statistics, you can see that 92% of their affiliates make an average of $56 per year!

Those are horrible figures and doesn’t even cover the cost of the monthly subscription fee!

Trainings And Tools:

As mentioned above, there are several different programs you can sign up to. Let’s look at them a little deeper to get a better understanding.

That way you can see which things are necessary and which may seem more beneficial for greater success:

  • Blogging Platform – $25/ Month – This grants you access to Kalatu which is a blogging platform. Additionally you’ll get basic training and a checklist. On top of that you’ll get other tools to purchase further levels.
  • The Inner Circle – $100/ Month – This membership unlocks a lot more training, information about founders, members and leaders. Also let’s you earn commission if someone buys this off your affiliate links.empower network inner circle membership
  • Top Producer Formula (Must Have) – $500/ One Time Payment – This training let’s you learn about the insights of further marketing strategies. Supposedly helps you get more online leads. The only reason it’s called Top Producer Formula, is because it shares how other members make up to 3 sales a day. It’s meant to show you what you can reach if you play your cards right in the internet marketing world. They claim it is a ‘must have’ (again?) for you!is empower network a scam? top producer formula package
  • The Team Building Formula – $1,000/ One Time Payment – This training teaches you long term success. On top of learning how to market online you’ll also receive technical training and learn more targeted lead the empower network a scam? team building membership
  • The Mass Influence Formula – $3,500/ One Time Payment – This consists of a work book, letting you learn whilst your earning money and 40 different trainings. Apparently they used scientific research for proven success with this product…is the empower network a scam? mass influence formula membership package

There you have it. Although they all vary in price and offer different things, the art work looks exactly the same!

If you want to look at each description of each package, you’ll have about 2-3 sentences vaguely explaining what you get. Lazy or cheap? You decide…

Before making any decisions, let me just further explain a bit about the blog you receive for the $25 investment.

Once you receive your blog, you are incredibly restricted in what you can actually do with it.

Not only will you never have total control and it belongs to them, it will also have a few templates to choose from so it’ll look like thousands of other blogs.

If you’d decide to create your own blog or website, you have several thousand templates to choose from for free.

A domain purchase would cost you about $10 per year and hosting will set you back around $5/ month if you’re using Hostgator.

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So in total it you end up paying around $70 a year to do what you want on your website, compared to $300 for a limited blog full of ads.

Or create it for free like I’ve shown here (restricted on themes if you do this).

Yes the blog you get will be spammed with ads promoting Empower Network so that everyone visiting it clicks on at least one ad.

Another terrible feature of the whole program I found, was the availability of support. If you ever get stuck you will realize that you have no help.

Support is terrible and you get ignored, not because they don’t care, it’s mainly because they are overwhelmed with the amount of members.

For such a high investment I would expect more.

Pros VS. Cons


  • Not a scam and can actually make money with it
  • No real limit to how much you can make
  • Money back guarantee in the first 2 weeks
  • Teaches you basics of making money online


  • Overpriced to say the least
  • Hidden upsells and costs
  • No proper training to make a self sustaining online business or income
  • Way too restricted on your blog
  • No free trial
  • Forced to invest in more expensive packages before you can earn commissions
  • Barely or no support in the programs

Final Verdict

If you ask me, I wouldn’t bother with this program. However it is not a scam.

A scam in my eyes would be something that steals your money and has no way of letting you earn through their system.

Empower Network has too many newbies running around the net promoting something they barely understand.

This has a severely bad image upon the program and instantly flips it around to be marked as spam.

Direct linking to the site has been banned by Facebook for a reason. That reason is that people have been spamming the life out Empower Network.

Trying to get new sales through spam is not only annoying, it also shows you’re not being taught anything valuable.

Having said that, the payment system is another incredible default in the program. Why would you need to sign up and pay more to earn something?

Most legitimate affiliate programs pay you simply for promoting their product regardless of what you purchased from them.

If you take a look at my #1 rated product for instance, you get 50% commissions on all your sales.

Additionally you don’t even need to pay for anything if you want to earn! You can sign up for free (although you’d receive smaller commissions that way).

And on top of that you also learn how you can make money apart from promoting their program for longterm success!

That’s a worthy lesson learned.

It is for the lack of training and overpriced label, that I have to give Empowering Network a low rating of 2/10.

If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate, read this review.

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