Is Paid Surveys At Home A Scam? To Say No Would Be A Lie

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payed surveys at home logoMy Paid Surveys At Home Review 

Product name: Paid Surveys At Home


Owners: Patricia Johnson

Level of Experience Needed: None.

Price: Varies from $7.00 to $68.00

Overall Rank: 2/10


Like most survey programs that promise you to get paid decent amount of money and even replacing your full time job, this one does too.

Is this a truthful statement? Or is paid surveys at home a scam like the rest of the programs out there?

The very first red flag went off, when I landed on the website and filled in my details for more information.

It says that the owner or creator of the product is Patricia. But once you move onto the video, a man named Kevin claims to be taking over.

So we have 2 different people as the creators of the website.

psah job description
What you can supposedly expect

What PSAH actually does is charge you a small sign up fee for a collection or database of survey sites from research companies.

They basically just send your details to these companies and websites that you could find yourself if you do a bit of research on any of the big search engines like Google of Yahoo.

So if you really want to fill out surveys for cash, save your $68 and do some research.

But essentially what you get from signing up to this program is that you get emails with surveys every week, which you can then complete and get some cash in return.

It sounds very simple and basic, which in essence it is, but you will take several minutes if not hours, to complete one single survey that pays you around $1-$5 at most!

If you want to skip this review to find out about legitimate programs to make an actual living, I recommend you read my #1 recommended product.

But before we judge the PSAH, let’s go into more detail about the program and what else it has to offer.

Who Is Paid Surveys At Home For?

If you want to take several surveys a minute and make a couple of hundred dollars a day then PSAH is definitely not for you.

But if however you love getting spammy emails then this might be for you. Instead of getting tons of emails of surveys, you also get a lot of promotional emails for new products of these companies.

So you don’t actually get surveys sent non-stop, you get terrible surveys that pay you $1-$5 an hour, which you might not even be eligible for.

The fact that they claim that you could replace your job by doing these is a total scam.

You will also not move from your PC for the entire day. They like to promise you that you can make a few dollars here and there, take time to go do personal things and maybe fill out one or two more surveys before calling it a day.

This is a complete false dream they are selling.

income calculator
As you can see the calculator claims to make an average of $15600 per year, by filling out 3 surveys a day according to ‘Patricia’s statement’!

You might have noticed that more and more of these survey websites have been popping up lately and I can easily understand why they have been around for so long and why people fall for them.

  • The prices to join these sites are fairly low compared to some of the programs out there.
  • They are very good in their sales pitch and make it seem like easy work
  • They promise you little hours and a new lifestyle
  • Make it seem like it all depends on how hard you ‘work’ on your new business.
  • It doesn’t require any particular skill or background

Additionally once you do fill out a survey and see actual money as a reward, you believe that false dream that they sold you could be attainable.

Most of the testimonials you get to see on these sights are also fake. They either pay for people to leave these statements or create fake testimonials with bought pictures of random people.

Trainings and Tools

What you get is basically surveys that match your profile. So if you are under 30 and the current surveys being passed around by research companies is a diet pill for seniors over 55 for example, you won’t be eligible to fill out that particular survey.

As mentioned above, you will receive a lot of emails upon your sign up.

A lot of these won’t actually be surveys, but instead spam emails promoting product.

psah training
No training needed apparently

It seems like these products give affiliate commissions to the very same product you just signed up to a.k.a. paid surveys at home.

If at any point you feel stuck or need some help, they have a magnificent FAQ where you can hope to find some answers.

Alternatively you could sign up to their support ticket system and wait for a response eventually.

The actual training is actually quite funny because you are presented with a total of 5 chapters, with one chapter asking you to read privacy policies as a tip.

How is that helpful to complete surveys faster or make more money?

Pros vs. Cons


Like most scams, this one doesn’t leave much option for any great Pros but here it goes:

  • 60 days Money back guarantee
  • Can actually make money online
  • You will get a list of surveys (which you can find for free)


  • You will get spammed through email not just by PSAH but also by the companies that have received your personal details and try to promote their products to you
  • You will not earn more than $1-$5 a survey
  • You’re not eligible for every survey you receive
  • You will waste a lot of time trying to make small amounts of money
  • Upsells are going to be present
  • Fake testimonials and terrible support system
  • No real training

Final Verdict

If you do decide to sign up to this scam product, at least save some money by chasing the downsells.

There are more than one so keep pretending to exit the sign up until you receive the price of $7 instead of the full $68.

However I strongly recommend you stay away from this product.

You’re better off looking for lost change in your sofa than paying for this.

If you really want to be able to create a successful online business or at least a second stream of income, I suggest you read my top rated product or some of the positive reviews I’ve written.

In order to quit the 9-5 and run a business from home, you need to stay away from paid surveys at home scam products.Avoid Scams

After all, if at some point these surveys don’t exist anymore or all of them have been filled out, you won’t have any additional skills to apply for a new income.

With the products I recommend you at least learn one or two skills you can use and apply to a new online business in case something goes wrong with the first.

I hope you enjoyed this product and that I could help you stay away from it.

Please leave behind comments if you considered buying this, have made experiences with similar scams or if you have a positive feedback!

I’d be surprised to see any positive feedbacks for this product.

Thanks for reading,



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