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My Paying Ads Review

Product name: My Paying Ads A.K.A. MPA

Link: www.mypaingads.comIs My Paying Ads A Scam business logo

Owners: Uday Nara

Level of Experience Needed: Medium

Price: $5 for lowest package

Overall Rank: 4.5/10



Every year there will be several new products arising, that help people make money online.

Then there are thousands of other products that also come up and spread over the internet like a virus, that scam people.

Before I come to conclusions, I like to inspect and investigate a program. So what is My Paying Ads really?

I look at everything from date of creation to customer reviews etc.

Since My Paying Ads has been crossing my path several times in the last few months, I thought I’d take a deeper look into it.

MPA has been around since early 2015 with the creator being Uday Nara.

According to their header, they have been paying out millions since their creation, as you can see on the below image:

Is My Paying Ads A Scam header payout

Now figures like these always impress people but if there is any truth behind it will unfold itself below.

(If you divide the payout by the total amount of members, that means that on average every member earned around $49. Not a huge payout after all.)

So how does this program actually work?

Basically it is a revenue sharing program. In plain English, this means that you invest a certain amount and let others invest as well.

The interest generated from that then get’s paid out. Pretty much sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.

In a more detailed explanation, you invest in a package of advertisements, which then get targeted traffic sent to them.

Depending on how much you invested for a package, gives you a certain amount of interest.


Who Is My Paying Ads For?

If you have a look at the different packages they offer and what the payout is for each plan, you can pretty much see who this is for.

If you’re just planning on making a little extra cash to buy a coffee, you can invest in one of the lower packages.

However if you want to eat out and treat yourself a little, then you can invest in the bigger packages.

Is My Paying Ads A Scam different package payout

Looking at the above table, it shows that you can invest 500 times (apart from the biggest package), which means the more side cash you have the better.

Having said that, unless you are willing to risk some money, this probably isn’t for you.

In order to actually get something worth living off or even more than just a few $100, you have to invest quite a bit!

By referring other people to this scheme, you are also able to get a 10% commission if they make any purchases.

Of course this is always easier said than done but nevertheless it is also an option.

Besides having a bigger wallet, you must also be incredibly trusting with the owner of the website, who could really just run off.

Since everyone is putting money into his platform, nothing is stopping him from running away and disappearing with everyones investments.

So besides having a program that:

  • Sounds fishy and pyramid scheme like
  • Needs you to invest constantly and quite a bit of money to get anything worth while
  • Needs you to trust the owner

There is nothing that should stop you from actually trying it out.


Trainings And Tools

Once you join you will be greeted by the owner. You will be explained how the system works and that you have to work your way up to get access to higher packages.

But in order to be able to invest in these, you must maintain 100 shares of investments in the previous levels.

This means just to invest 1 share in level 3, you will need to get 100 shares in level one as well as level 2.

Since the first level only costs $5 that’s already a minimum of $500. If level 2 costs $10 that means you will have to invest an additional $1,000.

Now you can access the third level which costs $25 so that would end up in a total of $1,525…

Personally I think that is a huge risk for a minor return of investment. Especially since there are no refunds.

Have a look at the recent payout table to understand what you can expect to earn:Is My Paying Ads A Scam recent payouts table

I’d rather spend a third of that on a good program that teaches me a way to make a sustainable income like this one here!

But seeing as this seems to be a legitimate way of making money online, you are able to earn through this.

It will take time (like most legitimate programs) and you will see some money coming in but nothing fundamental.

Pros VS. Cons


  • Can actually make money with it
  • Money transferred through PayPal (very reliable)
  • Low investment needed to start as well as payout ($5)
  • Several different ways to make money


  • Very risky and most companies using this sort of business have shut down in the past
  • Pretty much only sustainable through on-boarding members
  • Need to invest a lot to make any decent money
  • No guarantee of return from your investment
  • Owner could take off any second with your cash

Final Verdict

If you ask me, I wouldn’t commit to a program like this. Yes you can earn some cash on the side, but the risk factor sets off too many warnings.

Put it this way, if you’re looking to make a bit of side money, you are more than welcome to try this.

However, you should be alerted that there’s no guarantee and you will have to invest a lot like I said several times.

But if you want to create a sustainable and honest way of making money that could eventually replace your job, this is definitely not for you.

Claiming that My Paying Ads is a scam would be a bit much.

A scam in my eyes is when people are being robbed from their money. This definitely doesn’t do that (yet). Additionally it isn’t promoting or selling fluff.

Advertisement is a very honest way of making money. Personally I wouldn’t try it out. 

If you would like to have a look at how I learned most of my knowledge on making an income online, have a look at this program

Wealthy Affiliate an honest way of making money online

Not only is it incredibly much cheaper than My Paying Ads, you will actually be able to learn a lot, get help from people when you’re struggling and more.

Read the review and make up your own mind.

Earning online isn’t hard but it takes time. Programs like MPA will not make you rich that’s certain!



  1. Best review I’ve seen on My Paying Ads and 1000 % correct. Yea, I fell for the scheme too and lost my 917 shares when they had to “restructure.” The problem with MPA is the lack of professionalism within the “community.” I had to laugh when one of Uday’s admins was explaining things in broken english on Utube cigarette in hand. Just a sad situation all around. But lesson learned with these rev schemes. I would suspect the SEC will get involved and shut them down before long. Wealthy Affiliate is an honest way to earn with a ten year proven track record.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I’m sorry to hear about losing those shares.
      When I read the broken English and cigarette bit I actually had a little chuckle myself.
      That’s incredibly unprofessional and somewhat worrying if you’re part of that community.
      WA definitely offers quality from every angle.

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