Monthly Income Report – October 2015

income report october 2015 title cover

income report october 2015 title cover

Exciting Month

October has finally come to an end and although I probably worked harder than all the other months, yet I still worked a lot less in terms of hours than before.

Near the end of September, I kept reading up on articles telling me to promote more and write less.

Taking this advice into consideration, I tried to promote my already written stuff a lot more.

I also put a lot more effort into my new posts and I really think this can be seen within the content.

During the beginning of October, I flew to London for a short week and pretty much couldn’t do anything from there.

I tried my best to send out a few tweets and share some things on my Facebook page, but mostly just spent some quality time with family and friends!

Nevertheless, I managed to make some extra cash on the side but let’s talk about that later!

Previous Objectives

To start off, let’s take a look at my traffic reports from Google Analytics.

In last months chart, we saw an incredible rise in the last few days of September thanks to the technique I’ve explained in this post.

The chart, as you can see below, shows a strong start at the beginning of the month (due to the technique) with a slight decline throughout the month.

Again, I couldn’t really work as much as I wanted to during 8th-12th, which is where I was in London and where the chart starts to come down a bit!

Income report october traffic chart

Near the end you can see a nice rise again (except for the last spot, which is the most dreaded day of the week – Saturday).

Overall not a bad effort and by far the most successful month yet again!

I’ve mostly been focusing on promoting my content which has clearly helped a lot. Therefore I will have to try and keep approaching this method.

In my September my average views has been around 46 whereas October is around 63.

Income report stats October 2015Knowing that my efforts have been paid off in terms of traffic is always a good start!

The overall statistics have a bit of a weird analysis to them. Everything has a much better outcome than last month, however the bounce rate has increased.

This might just be a minor increase of 0.72 but I’m still slightly annoyed by that.

Nevertheless, it’s actually pretty cool to see all other stats being quite a strong success this month!

572 more sessions, 526 more users 1,065 and more pageviews!

Statistics like these make my day! It might not seem as much to some of you but if you look at it in percentages, this means I roughly increased my –

  • Sessions by 41%
  • Users by 51%
  • and Pageviews by 43%

It’s only in hindsight that you realize how well you’ve performed. During the month you can often have mood swings and feel a bit demotivated!

Sometimes you feel like you’re just wasting your time but then you compare your efforts and realize that it’s actually paying off.

I guess that is why tracking your records and analyzing everything possible is so important.

When I started working out seriously I was told to take a picture every week in the same position under the same light, with the same camera.

Personally I didn’t feel much of a change when I looked in the mirror. But when I checked my very first picture with the last picture I saw a massive change!

Tracking efforts is always good not only for progress but also to see where you’ve been slacking.

Last month I realized how poorly my social media engagement is, so I tried to boost these ratings a bit.

October Thoughts:

Am I satisfied with my results? I can’t say I haven’t made good efforts yet again, but I wish It were a little better.

I’ve never been a patient person but I guess I have to continuously work towards what I want.

income report traffic sources october 2015I knew this road wasn’t going to be easy and I know I still have a lot to conquer, nevertheless I am loving what I’ve achieved so far and looking forward to whats coming.

Looking at the traffic chart, shows that I’m heading in the right direction.

Additionally you can see a new bar for my subscribers labelled as Email. Hopefully this will drastically improve in the months to come.

Quick comparison to last months:

  • Direct increased by 174
  • Organic increased by 335
  • Referral increased by 244
  • Social decreased by -111 (Instagram is not taken into account here because it opens through internet explorers on smartphones)
  • Email newly added and 24 in this month

Some of the direct traffic should be added to social due to Instagram so it’s hard to judge these now.

Below you will see that I made some earnings through Fiverr (which actually was done partly during my travels to London).

I just wanted to add that I didn’t actively search for work, I just set up an account and got hired by someone for 3 quick jobs.

I will not be actively searching either. I will accept these as they come but overall they seem a bit small in terms of work/reward.

Social Media

As I’ve abolished the plugin stats, I thought it might be interesting to see how my social media engagement has been doing.

So this will be the first month where I dedicate an entire section for my different accounts. Obviously feel free to connect with me on these 🙂

  • Facebook Page – I’ve started my Facebook Page in September and got most of my likes then. At the end of that month I had 98 likes. This month I got 20 additional likes which is fair enough I guess making it a total of 118.

facebook page likes october 2015

  • Twitter – I’ve only started being more engaging with my twitter account, near the end of the month but it has proven to be quite effective so far. You can see the statistics below.income report twitter stats october 2015
  • Pinterest – My pinterest account has also been neglected for a while but again, my focus was social media this month so it went up quite a bit.income report pinterest october 2015 stats
  • Instagram – Instagram has been one of my strongest focuses. I’m not sure why but it feels like this is the most engaging form of connecting with my readers. Therefore I’ve been trying to regularly post, update and connect with people on that. I’ve only started up my account on the 9th, meaning this wasn’t a full month of engagement there either. The stats are still pretty impressive, as you can see below, and I will write a post about how I managed to get this amount in such a short time.income report Instagram october stats 2015

Those are my main social media accounts that I actively engage on nowadays. Again feel free to connect with me on these.


I actually kind of forgot about these throughout the month. But since I have them branded in my brain (slightly), I still knew what I was aiming for in a way.

So these were my objectives and the results:

  1. Reach 2,500 sessions on Google Analytics! Failed!
  2. Reach 500 Organic traffic! Exceeded (577) 😀
  3. 6 Referrals with 2 premiums. Failed (4 referrals none going premium)
  4. Post epic content and get more shares on social media! Succeeded
  5. Finish the course! Kind of succeeded (explanation below)
  6. Plan a project. Project was a complete success as you can read here.

This month was way more successful than last months in terms of objectives.

4 out of 6 completed is pretty good. However I’m always unsatisfied and aim for more. If all points would have been exceeded I would have been pleased!

Let’s look at them a little closer:

I guess I overestimated my performance a lot to believe I could reach 2,500 sessions when I couldn’t even reach 2,000!

But seeing as this month was great, I will aim for 2,750 sessions this month!

Can’t believe my organic traffic went so well again!

Referrals have slightly decreased but I think those signing up now are more likely to actually try making some money online compared to the previous referrals.

WA meaningIncome report October WA stats 2015

I do get a bit impatient looking at these but nonetheless my unique clicks have increased slightly.

Hopefully this will soon change.

Total posts in October were 6, including one guest post that hasn’t been published quite yet.

This makes it a little more than one post a week and the social engagement is rather hard to prove, but it’s been better than previous posts.

I only have 7 lessons left in the bootcamp course, but I don’t think I will be completing these for two reasons.

The first reason is because my adwords account has been suspended for some reason I’m still trying to figure out.

The second reason is that I don’t think it is necessary to use adwords for my website.

Of course it could boost my statistics and help me reach more conversions faster, but I feel like this is not in my interest.

Having said that, I actually applied the lessons of adwords on my niche site to see how this would convert.

The conversions were quite good but again I think it’s a bit too much effort and quite expensive, especially when you’re new to it.

I will see how my niche site performs without ads in the coming month.

Let’s take a look at the money made this month. Did I manage to make more money, less or any at all? Let’s break it down below:

This makes a total of $191,04! Incredibly ecstatic about this however we need to calculate the costs this month as well, since I’ve used adwords for my niche site!


(Note: Not all my expenses from Adwords have been paid yet so Novembers Income Report will have the other half included)

Total Earnings Of October 2015 – $92,05

An incredible increase of $57.23 compared to last month!

If I continue this way, I will reach my longterm goals sooner than expected hopefully!

I cannot believe what a huge increase this is compared to last months. Again slightly disappointed I didn’t make it in the triple digits!

Don’t get me wrong I am over the moon with these results but let’s hope for a better month in November.

Objectives For November:

Honestly pretty happy the way my progress is going but I need to start making some serious improvements now.

I will try and set higher figures than before even if I didn’t reach all my goals and even if the new goals might seem a bit unrealistic.

So here it goes:

  1. Reach 2,750 sessions on Google Analytics! Did very well in October so let’s push it a bit
  2. Being successful twice in a row, I’m aiming for 900 Organic traffic this time.
  3. 8 Referrals with 2 premiums. Not much to say here!
  4. Guest Post twice for two different blogs!
  5. 100 Email subscribers! If you haven’t signed up to the newsletter yet feel free to do so.
  6. Reach $100 Profit!

This concludes the October income report!

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions, thoughts, questions or comments can be left below.

If you have any ideas for improvements I’m more than willing to hear you out as well 🙂

Again don’t forget to subscribe to my email list and feel free to connect with me on the above mentioned social medias!




  1. Really enjoyed this monthly report Esteban. Its great to see how much you are developing, and its really true what you say about the importance of tracking and analyzing. I am really enjoying your Instagram at the moment by the way, seems like your focus on that is paying off. Well done of the monthly earnings, what a huge leap from the previous month. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! It really does make me happy to see effort finally paying off.
      When I was employed, no matter how hard I would work, I would get nothing back. Just the same salary and the same routine work coming up the following day.
      With my website I learn new things daily and they seem to pay off as well 🙂 Hopefully this success will continuously grow!
      Thanks again,

  2. Hello! I enjoyed the way you share your experience with Google Anlytics! It’s true that the statistic are quite hard to analyze sometimes, aren’t they? However, I must say that I appreciated your analysis and how you managed to increase your traffic with your tactic of promotion. I also liked the theme of your website. Very sunny and optimistic! Nice job overall that you did with this post!

    • Hey,

      Yea analyzing your work is definitely not easy but I find it a lot more manageable when you have tools like google analytics and others.

      It’s actually quite useful because it goes into so much detail so I’m really happy I found out about this early on in my journey!

      Thanks for enjoying my approach and theme 🙂 have to stay optimistic in tough times 😉 but as much as this journey is hard it’s also very exciting and fun at the same time!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Your site is extremely helpful and right to the point. You certainly have some very useful articles and references. Hard to believe you have only been at it a few months. I am certainly going to try the plugin you recommended because I’m having trouble with Google Analytics. So I use the statpress for now. Much success. Deanna

    • Hey Deanna,

      Very nice of you to say it’s hard to believe I’ve only been at it for a few months. That’s always great to hear and good encouragement :)!

      As for the trouble you’re having with google analytics, is it anything I could help you with? Statpress is great, but I think I might remove it from my site all together since I don’t really need it anymore.

      It does have some great features but I feel like some of my other tools are replacing these already.

      Hope you solve your issue soon!



  4. Its really an impressive income report Essi,
    You really did well in the month of October and I’m happy for you.

    I’m certain that the result will go much higher if you puts more efforts this month and the coming months.

    More strength to your elbows.

    • Thanks Theodore,

      I am surprised at the results but could definitely improve a lot more 🙂
      I am putting in more work this month to further increase results!
      Thanks for stopping by and congratulating me 🙂

  5. Hello Esteban,

    This is indeed the best comprehensive report with regards to progress of any site. You’re indeed on track.

    Please I do wish you all the best.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it!
      I feel like I’m doing ok so far myself so I am quite confident. Of course the way I analyze my progress can be used by anyone.
      I tend to add and remove certain things each month!
      Thanks again,

  6. Hi Essi
    It took me a while to read your article because I was just about taking notes and I had to click through to read your other articles. Thank you for sharing your progress, it really is nice to see what other people are doing and how it is working!

    • Hey Lynne,

      I’m glad to hear you were snooping through my links and checking out other articles.

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words. It’s tough to have to fight through the days without results but once they come it’s such a rewarding feeling. I’m no where near where I want to be yet with my earnings but it’s a good start!

      Thanks again Lynne,


  7. Hi there, Essi.

    This report just blew my mind. It’s amazing how much work you’re doing for your website. Are you a full-time blogger? I like how much effort you’re giving to achieve the success you desire.

    It’s encouraging and motivating for me to see this kind of reports. How long have you been working on your site?


    • Hey Imad,

      Currently I am a full time blogger and I hope to keep it that way 🙂 I do work a lot on my blog and I try to maximize profits but it’s a tough challenge sometimes.

      As of this report I was working 6-7 months on my blog. The first two I was still employed at a bank. You should check out my other income reports for later results actually. December was surprisingly good.

      Thanks for the nice comment and I’m sure you can beat me!


  8. Hello again Esteban,
    Wow congratulations on your awesome monthly report! Very happy I came across this page, you definitely inspire me to work harder, thanks so much man.

    I love reading monthly reports such as this as it shows transparency and that the more effort you put in, the more you can pull off. Looking forward to reading your future ones 😀

    • Hey Riaz,

      Haha I’m sad you’re looking at one of my older income reports. I actually have made a lot less in the last two months. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up though. Only means I’ll have to work twice as hard to actually make this work full time!

      That income report and the month after was just a taste of how much I want to be making online. Glad to see I got to make some amount within my first few months though!

      Thanks for your encouraging words and keep working hard. You’ll easily make that money in no time if you do ;),


  9. Hi Essi,

    Thank you for sharing the monthly income reports! They are very inspiring and encouraging. Your reports show that there are ups and downs of the passive income last year. But it definitely pays off if you put efforts in it.

    You talked about content promoting in some of your reports. Could you recommend some course or blog posts which have more detail about it. I don’t know how to promote my content. Thanks a lot!


    • Thanks for your comment. I like to show that eventhough I have a job, no web skills and don’t speak English as a first language, I manage to make some cash online. Therefore if I can do it anyone really can 😀

      I don’t really know much about content promoting as I myself am doing a pretty bad job at it haha, but a good post about it would be anything related to guest posting I guess.

      Not only do you get a few new visits from people who read your post on popular blogs, you also get a nice backlink and exposure of your name/brand.

      However I recently had a pretty amazing guest post by someone else on my blog on that topic and I believe you might find it helpful!

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