I Quit My Job Now What?

Quit your job now

How to quit your job?

Ever since I joined the working life, I wanted to get out of there immediately and be able to say “I quit my job” with pride and joy, but didn’t know how. I thought that if I’d work real hard and keep my head low and obey instructions, I could work my way to the top and quit when the money is good.stress

Obviously this is a false dream that very, very few achieve. I then quickly opted for other options, until I arrived to the point, where I found out that affiliate marketing will be my secret key to unlock my well deserved freedom.

The plan was to quit my job, get a small break and have a backup job on the line in case I see no improvement or progress at all within the affiliate world.

I found this website of WA (click here to read my review) which might help me get there sooner than expected.

I planned to have at least a month of break where I can give it my best and if small results would occur I could start my new job, where I’d be making a small/ average salary and simultaneously keep working on that passive income after working hours.

In case the affiliate marketing wouldn’t turn out as expected, I would still have my new job to fall back to. Well, I just quit my job and here’s what happened next.

Not According To Plan!

Today I received an E-mail, from my new employer, saying that they cannot give me the position. I just quit my job, I signed the contract for a new position and now I’m pretty much unemployed as the new position cannot offer me the job anymore.Panic

Needless to say, I am currently freaking out a bit, but trying to keep a calm attitude and clear conscience. The way I see it, I will now hopefully live off unemployment benefits until I can get a new job somewhere.

There’s always something around. I didn’t tell anyone except a very limited amount of trusted sources, since spreading the word would lead to, too much questioning and distractions.

Great Opportunities!

After several hours of E-mailing important people that might sort out my situation and trying to figure out my next steps, I also realized something very important!

Having no job in the next coming weeks, means I can give it my very best at working for my affiliate marketing concept. I know that there is no hidden rule to generate a passive income through it. The only main importance is to keep at it and work hard on it.One leads to another

Having all this extra time, means I can read more valuable information, create better content and produce even better results.

Coming to think of it, most results are reflected by the work put into it. So instead of putting 1-2 hours a day every week, I can now put 8-9 hours a day and therefor push my income faster!

Remember there is always a solution to a problem. This is mine and with the great support of WA (read my review for more info here!) this road seems a lot less scary!

If you liked this post and have similar issues in life, please leave a comment. I would like to hear your opinions and could also use some support now 🙂




  1. Hi Esteban,

    Sorry to hear you’re without work but i hope that by putting in the extra hours into WA, you see the results you want faster. Keep us posted on your progress. I wish I had more time to spend on WA as like anyone, I want to see results faster!

    • It sure isn’t a nice thought being unemployed but hopefully I can manage to work my way out through WA! Thanks for reading 🙂

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