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Another new year is set to hit around, and experts have already begun with preparing effective SEO optimization techniques to beat the competition.

We’re all aware that each year brings new challenges in the way online businesses promote their services and products.

With a list of modern SEO techniques in hand, marketers try to enhance their business ranking and win over their competition.

According to a recent survey conducted in the U.S. alone, approximately 12.5 billion web searches are conducted on a monthly basis.

For sure, SEO is and will remain the most important mode of winning over competition even in the coming few years.

Not only can you just drive more volume of traffic, but can enhance your online business credibility and boost your business brand.

After all, the eventual point of delineating stringent SEO strategies and preparing quality content is to gain maximum visibility from the online audience when they run an online search.

In the past couple of years, marketers have understood the importance of SEO, in association with generating strong content and responsive website creation.

As a matter of fact, almost 70% of global population conducts mobile searches on a regular basis and around 61% of them conduct it to make an online purchase.

According to the experts, SEO is the process to boost business brand and drive in rich ‘organic traffic’ and ‘paid sources’ to a site to win over others in the big race of ranking top on search engine results pages (SERPs).

It is an undeniable fact that the search engine rankings fluctuate from time to time but it your responsibility to create a website that can be regularly updated with quality content to bring a constant stream of traffic to web pages.

As per the results revealed in the latest survey, the average length of content that ranks in top 10 results for any keyword based search on Google comprises at least 2,000 words.

Wondering what modern SEO techniques will be a hit in the coming New Year? Here, we disclose the list of exclusive and Updated SEO trends that are considered to rock the online world in the year ahead.

1. Mobile Optimization will be more intense and critical than ever

important factors to outrank competitors

In the coming years, content from social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will gain more prominence on the SERPs.

Even most marketers are aware of this fact and around 77% of them have already started using social media platforms to boost SEO.

It is expected that in the future year, marketers would try and attempt to practice all possible means to enhance their tweets and Facebook posts ranking on SERPs.

It would be truly exciting! We even consider that more volume of social media content optimization would be indexed on all top search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

It will even enhance the relation between SEO and social media strategies. So if you want to win over your competitors then identify and gather valuable social content for enhancing your web pages.

For most of the renowned brands across the world, social media profiles are amongst the top ways to enhance results in search listings.

For instance, if you will search any brand name on Google, then the company’s Twitter page, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook page appear in top listings. See it for yourself!

2. Mobile Optimization will be more intense and critical than ever

making your website mobile friendly is key

If your business website is responsive and specifically mobile – friendly, then you have to broaden your horizons of concentration.

Users are no more restricted and hence use all kinds of devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other latest gadgets to browse the web.

With this fact in consideration, most of the top – notch brands went on creating mobile – friendly sites in the previous year.

But as experts have anticipated, more brands will follow this trend in the upcoming session as mobile optimization will become more critical.

Therefore, you have to transform the way you strategize and generate SEO approaches for mobile searches.

According to the current statistics, the overall number of online searches conducted via mobile devices has witnessed an increase of 45% within a span of a year.

Also, Google algorithm updated that mobile-friendly site to avail a boost in search engine ranking on searches made through mobile.

Since, a large number of people, utilize mobile for browsing the web, so Google wants to make it simpler for identifying relevant and mobile optimized sites.

It will now, use mobile optimization as a factor in ranking search results.

If you still have any doubts, then you must have a look and go through these 5 points:

  • Every 4th consumer uses mobiles for online shopping.
  • Over 1.2 billion people across world access web via mobile in just one month.
  • The worldwide mobile traffic has increased to 15% of total online traffic, which is a major contribution.
  • 76% of searches made through mobile result in an online action in less than an hour.
  • 95% of users search for local information via their mobiles.

Hence, you need to incorporate mobile optimization in your upcoming SEO Strategies.

3. Content will still be the ‘King’

As per a current survey report, locals, social media, news, Knowledge graph, wiki, videos and relevant images account for 87% of Google search results.

Such statistics indicate that now individuals search for quality sources that could offer them appropriate information for a specific topic or subject, all at one place.

To this day content will still rule, but needs to be appropriately aggregated in order to support a website.

Content needs to be well – researched, collated, amassed, consolidated, shared and presented in a pre-specified set of criteria to attract the target audience.

If you also intend to use content for SEO purposes then make sure that you gather and curate content from high-quality sources and showcase it all in one place to present your users with authority.

The humble newsletter from Next Draft by Dave Pell is an excellent example of content aggregation which has amassed around 160,000 subscribers to his everyday email that shares interesting coverage in culture, technology, and business.

Blogs build by HubSpot and Moz are also great examples of this.

4. Videos will be the finest way to engage the audience

video marketing trends 2017

We all know the fact that videos are an excellent way to engage the audience and keep them entertained.

It is but also true that engaging videos can actually boost the ranking on SERPs.

In a report consolidated by Marketing Land reveals that videos comprise for 62% of searches made on Google.

Also, Google is now more focused on blended searches.

So, you can grab this opportunity to ensure your website ranks top on the first page of search results by comprising an engaging video in your content posting.

According to experts, viral videos obtain 50% more organic traffic as compared to static or plain text results.

It is also disclosed that video searches generate 40% higher click – through in comparison to static content.

Large numbers of marketers intend to use modern marketing engine with the premium fuel of quality videos in the previous year.

As far as our prediction is concerned, we expect more businesses and marketers will embrace the on-going trend of videos in the next year.

An easy way to gain higher rankings for your web pages via videos is by uploading them to YouTube.

But, it is essential that Google is able to identify your video content, index it and display it with appropriate keywords during display of search results.

5. The function of ‘Voice Search’ would be a mandatory addition

using google speak

These days, large numbers of people use voice search as it is more convenient and secure way, particularly, when one is multi – tasking or driving.

As a result, voice search has become a vital part of mobile usage as it provides users the freedom from the pain of typing keywords to conduct a search query.

Almost all recently introduced and future coming mobiles offer voice search function as its popularity has been spurred by Google, Apple and Microsoft who have launched even their own mobiles with voice search function assisted by Google Now, Siri and Cortana.

Even most of the famous pizza ordering services have a voice ordering feature.

While it is an excellent way to bring organic traffic to your web pages, you need to ensure that your content is conveniently searchable via voice searches by implementing long tail keywords that are expected to be spoken than traditional keywords.

Reports from Google reveal that voice searches are mostly used to identify directions.

Teenagers are big users of this function as they find it convenient while watching television or while hanging out with friends.

On the other hand, for adults, it is an amazing function to use while multi – tasking, cooking or out with friends.

So if you want to make a decent place in the search engine results in next year, then you need to include this function in your content.

6. Mobile Apps will gain even more importance

According to technology experts, mobile apps account for almost 53% of time spent by users on digital media.

Another current report showcase that users spend their 89% of daytime searching exploring and using apps.

For all such good reasons, more and more numbers of businesses are planning to gain from mobile apps.

Use of mobile based applications would be an all – time rise and apps make the work easier for businesses as well as users.

We even predict that in the coming few years, mobile apps would surely overpower mobile and desktop websites.

For you to gain from this technique, you need to feature your brand importantly in the app name and ensure that you properly link your website pages with mobile apps for enhanced SEO optimization.

Already, a range of brands is benefitting from mobile apps and gaining rich volume of organic search results.

Ebay, Amazon is some of the top names in this list.

7. Local SEO will head the search engine strategies

Local SEO is not just going to be stronger but will become even more important than ever.

As an online marketer, you need to inform Google about your location, your business, and offerings as it would increase your chances of displaying your pages, particularly in front of an appropriate audience.

Your website must be inclusive of local pages comprising your business name, address, services and more.

Also, Google has already introduced its latest ‘pigeon’ update and based on that local SEO is vital for any business than ever.

Marketers have to focus on a local tangent. Therefore, you need to be sure that your website includes location related keywords and customize content as per your target audiences as only then you can stay ahead of your competition in the next year.

If you are still unclear on how local SEO can bring benefits to your business, then check out the latest statistics below.

  • Local searches can provide businesses with more potential leads that can result in greater monetary gains.
  • More than 65% of consumers have utilized local information in varying ads.
  • 50% of local mobile searches are conducted with an intention to find appropriate results that can serve end users.

Higher rankings in local pages search results can boost your customer engagement and increase your business credibility.

Hence, in order to enhance your business presence and ranking, you need to concentrate more on social media, include impressive videos of your business in content as ultimately it would create a strong influence on the organic traffic your business receives.

You also need to stay tuned with latest SEO updates by Google and SEO techniques to overpower others in the race in order to compete.

The more powerful and effect SEO strategies you will employ, the more benefits you would be able to avail.

guest post by neerjaNeeraj Gupta is a 28-year old SEO blogger. An active Internet user since 2011 with a very curious personality, always tries to learn about new and exciting things every day. Internet gives him the power to explore the whole world in a totally new and efficient way. Very passionate about blogging and loves to help people in expanding their knowledge on digital things. You can visit his blog here

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