How To Start An Online Business On A Low Budget

starting an online business

Where To Start?

If you are one of the many people like me, who know that there is a insane potential to make money online but don’t know where to start, let me give you a hand.Starting an online business

I’ve always wanted to start an online business on a simple computer or laptop, that sits in my room, waiting for me to switch it on and create something digital that makes money.

Now I’ve finally discovered a tool that taught me many things (and still has many more to teach me)!

But to break it down in a more detailed way, I thought that I could share a few basics to those of you, who still believe it is an impossible task, or that you need years of experience in the field before you can even start to think about the potential money.

What Options Are There?

There are obviously various options in which you can excel and make your income online. The most income can come from one specific source and each source may vary from personality to personality.

Here are some of the ways you could make money online:

  • AdvertisementSo many right ways
  • Teaching
  • YouTube videos
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And many, many more

These are just a fraction of options you could use as your next source of income. The thing is, some of you might be camera shy and prefer not to start uploading YouTube videos, but you should definitely keep it in mind.

Many people have become internet sensations through their videos and literally became millionaires over a few weeks.

Which Source Is The Best?

If you want to know my opinion on which source converts best into money, I can easily answer by saying, a combination of all!

Any online business should start with a website. Have your website ready and start producing quality content. If you don’t know how to create your website, there are thousands of tools and courses teaching you this and it is as simple as getting used to knowing the basics of Microsoft Word.

For more information on creating websites, I would suggest to click on this review here, sign up for a free account and start hosting a free website within 30 seconds or less probably! Any questions you might have will be explained there as well, so you can’t fail really.

Once you have the heart and soul of your new online business and created a few pages, you can now start by adding advertisements on your page.

Who should I learn from?
Who should I learn from?

You can now also create a YouTube account, create videos and either let people see them on YouTube itself, or post these videos on your site where people might land on. You now have two sources of being watched.

Now that your site is standing, you can now join any affiliate programs for giant retail stores for instance and promote their products on your site!

If you have certain skills you would like to teach to others, you could start creating courses, or E-books and sell these on your site. Maybe even create your own affiliate program for others to promote your content for a small commission.

The options are really limitless.

What If I fail

I think the biggest issue with most people is that they fail before they even start. I understand the skepticism in online businesses and actually making money out of them.

After all, I’ve been getting popups and spam Emails, ever since I entered the internet. Besides you hear stories about people having their bank accounts cleared through a dodgy online enterprise, near enough every day.

The only guarantee to fail is if you don't try!
The only guarantee to fail is if you don’t try!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t become financially free through the internet. Johnny Ward quit his job and created his online traveling blog, because his dream was it to see every country in the world. He now went to over 140 countries, owns 3 houses and makes around $1000 a day through his online business.

His advice is to just get started with it instead of reading about other peoples success and being to afraid to start it yourself. The other advice he gave, was to simply start blogging. You don’t need to monetize that blog, it just simply gives you a voice and authority, as he puts it.

If you want more information about how to blog, either click on the above link I showed you, about how to open a website in less than 30 seconds, or read my post about blogging itself here!

As for failing, if you managed to create a website and started blogging on it, think about how much you’ve learned by just doing that and how many steps you have moved forward compared to others still fearing the simple start.

Johnny Ward claims that he’s never been as free as he is now, as he doesn’t have to ask for permission from his job, to be able to take some time off. He can now see the world and work from anywhere.

What Do I Need To Start My Business

Ideally you own your own laptop or computer. Second necessity is internet access and ideally a PayPal account.

Other than that all you really need is a bit of drive, passion and commitment! Don’t expect to make money within the first month or two. It might even take a year or two but believe me it is possible.

I made my first dollar the other week and I’ve been doing this for about a month and a half. I don’t think I’ve realized it yet because it feels a bit surreal but it is true.

All you need is motivation
All you need is motivation

If you don’t know what your website should be about, don’t panic and give it some time. Think about what you’re good at or what you’re interested in and once you’ve found that subject or niche, stick to it.

Ideally you want to present your niche in a way to solve issues or provide solutions and answers to problems and questions people with similar interests might have on that subject!

Help your visitors  by simplifying their lives. Businesses such as Netflix and iTuns for instance are hugely successful due these simplification algorithms. The data they collect by our online habits, are processed in a way that they can recommend the most suitable products for us after.

It is very important to focus on one business and keep learning from one source in my opinion. I personally joined the community of Wealthy Affiliate, but I am interested in learning as much as possible. If I can’t learn everything I need to know through them I will definitely expand my knowledge.

But for now I will stick to their courses and finish them. Having too many sources of information will get you confused and exhausted before you even came to a decision.

I hope that this small article helped you realize the simple thought process and tasks it takes to create your online business. Success is only a footstep away once you’ve established the base of your business.

The only wrong way on how to start an online business on your own, is not to start at all! This I can guarantee.

Feel free to ask me any questions and leave behind comments if you liked reading this article!




  1. Firstly, very well written and secondly you have inspired me, i got a good idea, my question is about the accounts e.g tax etc?

    • Hey Ahseem,
      What specifically would you like to know? There’s a lot of different ways your income can be taxed. More specifically, it depends where exactly you live. Since you live in the UK I suggest you read this post:
      I hope this clears up some of your questions. I tried finding out the same for me and it turns out I have to declare myself as self employed and anything over a certain amount will be taxed by my government and I have to declare my entire income at the end of the year.
      Glad I could convince you 🙂

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