How To Nail Your Next Affiliate Product Launch Like A Pro

how to nail your next affiliate launch like a pro

how to nail your next affiliate launch like a pro

The Variety Of Affiliate Marketing

If you have been using the affiliate marketing business model for a while you may have heard of affiliate product launches. If not, do not worry that is what I have in store for you today!

Most affiliate offers will bring small successes here and there but when you target a launch you can really make your earnings explode.


Because of the amount of buzz being created by the product creator. They want to really cash in on their launch to recoup their money during the creation of the product.

Today you will learn:

  • What an affiliate product launch is and why you should take advantage,
  • How to create a content strategy so that you can get the best results from your blog,
  • How to implement an email sequence so that you can earn from your current customers
  • How Facebook Ads can really skyrocket your campaign

How can you get involved though and surf the affiliate product launch wave…

What Is An Affiliate Product Launch?

An affiliate product launch is a great way to jump into the world of affiliate marketing because it is a lot easier to get results.

99% of new internet marketers start with affiliate marketing according to Neil Patel. Why?

You don’t need to spend hours creating a product, you don’t need to worry about a support team and the cost to start an affiliate business is extremely low.

The debut of a product into the market. The product launch signifies the point at which consumers first have access to a new product.”Business Dictionary

Jumping onto a product launch can change your income from $100 here and there to $10K here and there.

Not always as there are variables that come into play, but it is a simple way to make money online.

The amount of buzz is what is going to make your job easier, so, it is always a good idea to research the creators and get an idea of buzz before you choose your product.

When I promote a launch I always want the buzz to be incredible so that without much effort I can bank some easy money.

Where To Find Launches?

Where can you find products that are about to launch? I mean, when you go on the Clickbank Marketplace all these products have already launched.

Yeah, you are absolutely right!

That is why you need to look for a product launch calendar when you find these you will be able to pick from hundreds of products.

In the internet marketing world, there is at least one product launched every single day.

MunchEye Product Launch Calendar

I always use two sources to find new launches…

When you get good at this you may even find creators will come straight to you and ask you to promote their launch!

Always strive to do your best, when you have a track record the rewards can be life changing and the task will become a lot easier.

Pick The Right Product To Dominate

This is where you really want to spend your time because if you pick the wrong products to promote you are basically dead before it’s even begun. No matter how much effort you put in it will never sell if it sucks.

Doing a bit of research goes a long way, when choosing and affiliate product to promote.

You need to gauge whether the niche is profitable before you even choose the product. There are some niches where people just don’t spend money.

Simply head over to Google and search for your niche or a keyword related to your niche.

Google Search Example

If you can see paid advertising above and below the search engine’s free results this is a great sign. This means that people are spending money in this market.

Google Paid Ads Example

If companies will pay for advertising then they must be seeing a return from somewhere (a product).

If you see no adverts on Google it’s a good idea to stay away.

Next, you want to research the creator of the product, you want to see what has come before this.

If they have had a few explosive launches then this would be a great product to promote (you can see the creator creates a lot of buzz and this is what we want).

Use Buzzsumo

This is not a guaranteed method but if you see results here then your product has a huge chance of bringing you those dream commissions.

Use Buzzsumo For Proof

Buzzsumo will display to you the most popular pieces of content depending on how many social shares it has.

The thing with products is that people don’t like to be sold to, naturally reviews don’t get a lot of shares, so, if you see a high number of shares… there must be a buzz for the product.

  1. Head over to Buzzsumo,
  2. Search for [Product Name]+Review,
  3. If results are poor take away the review part and just search product name,
  4. Look at results.

If you see more than 50 shares on any platform I would go for it.

Look at the platform that has the most shares and get promoting there. You know it’s already being shared there!

Buzsumo Results Example

I wouldn’t rule out a product based on Buzzsumo but if you need evidence of popularity this is a good place to get it.

Your Blog Strategy

I hope you have that launch smashing product selected now because it is time to look at how we can implement a strategy to conquer our competition and make money on our blog.

If you go into this blind with no clear plan of what you’re doing, you can kiss any sort of results goodbye.

This content strategy will utilize your own blog! Why create something new when you have something that has a level of authority already.

Starting a specific blog for each product you launch will be a lot harder without the use of black hat techniques. Your blog will have authority already, and this means it will be easier to rank in Google for your products name.

Prelaunch Content

First thing is to get the prelaunch content prepared and at this stage you really want to think about what the product is about.

I suggest you actually try the product if it is possible. If you can’t get your hands on a review copy then it is time to turn to your competitors.

Head over to YouTube and search for your [Product Name]+review, watch as many of these as you can as they normally give a walkthrough of the product.

Having an insight to what the product is like and what is about will make the job of writing a review a lot easier.

Back to our pre-launch content and I will lead with an example. Our product is an online course that will demonstrate how to make money from your blog via Clickbank.

In the month leading up to the launch, you want to release blog posts that give away actionable tips on the topic. That way you are conditioning your users into the idea of making money with Clickbank.

Do A Product Review For Your Affiliate Product Launch

The Actual Review

The best thing is to write your product review as far back as possible as that will allow the search engines to start indexing and ranking it.

At the very least, 2 weeks, no later!

You want to find as many images as you can of the product, use Google, don’t steal, though!

If you have access to the product you have the upper hand as you can take screenshots which will sell the product a lot better.

Spend time on this give all the good points but really think about the bad points too, this will ensure your visitors do not think that you are scamming them for their cash.

The Email List Strategy

I hope each and every one of you lovely people has started building a list! If not, stop this and go and do that, you are severely leaving money on the table if you don’t build a list.

When you have a list you have a group of subscribers that are loyal, that trust you and some may even have bought something from you before. They are warm leads and are a lot easier to sell to than someone that you are meeting for the first time.

Autoresponder Sequence For Your Launch

The Prelaunch Sequence

Some of the launches you join will have a sequence that they recommend, I suggest you follow that!

If they don’t you want to probably write 2-4 emails prelaunch and schedule them to go out at intervals with you autoresponder.

The first two will be introducing the idea to your list similar to what you did with content for the blog. Then the next two will be where you will pick an angle and introduce the product.

So our make money with Clickbank product…

If you know your list is full of people looking to increase their income then we would focus on this when we craft our emails introducing the product.

Find an angle that resonates with your audience. You can tell a story as well by focusing on this angle…

“I was getting fed up of looking at the minus sign in my bank balance, each day was more depressing than the last. Everything I did I seemed to fail. I was then introduced to product X and it changed my life Blah Blah”

Leave out the blah blah bit, but you get the picture, be creative with your emails.

The Launch

On the day of the launch you are not going to send one email, you are not going to send two emails… you are going to send three. The first one is the announcement to alert your list that the cart is now open.

Again be creative!

“The day has arrived for you to learn the secrets that helped me get rid of type 2 diabetes”


“Stop what you are doing something has happened! You need to see this crazy program that I have been a member of, well they have only gone and slashed the price… check it out”

The more you write the better you will get at this, I don’t know how well these examples will do so don’t copy and paste them. They are only an example to give you an idea.

The second email will be to remind people that haven’t seen the offer yet and to expose everyone to the product again. Don’t use the same email text or subject line!

Third is a retargeting email that you must only send to people who haven’t opened any. Use a subject like…

“OMG, you are about to miss out!”

I have seen my conversions increase up to 10% with this third email.

Post Launch

After the launch is when most affiliates decide to give the promotion a rest, now what does that do for your efforts. Well, all the people that they have told about the product and have not taken action will forget it even exists.

You need to expose the offer to your subscribers, some people need to see something up to six times before they are set on their decision.

Most launches last about a week to two weeks after the actual launch day, so every few days, provide an email that focuses on one benefit of the product.

Even give away a free tip, give value and you will be rewarded!

Last Day

The last days of the launch are when it can really explode because you can introduce the best conversion trigger out there. Scarcity!

This offer will be gone tomorrow, this is your last chance, if someone has been on the fence about making a decision, this could be the push they need to buy!

I always send 3 emails again on the last day, 2 to everyone and the third is to retarget the non-openers.

Just like the launch day… except this time you use scarcity like it is going out of fashion!

Facebook Ads For Instant Results

Don’t settle for what you have got already, you need to strive for more and one thing that is going to help you do just that is by growing your email list.

Facebook Ads Example

Facebook Ads is a low cost paid advertising platform and it is perfect to do just this.

What you need to remember with this platform is laser-sharp targeting! That’s what makes Facebook Ads perfect.

Power Editor Facebook Ads

You can set your ads to be shown to people based on their interests, demographic, income, marital status or even the last time they purchased something online.

Facebook knows everything about us, so they know exactly what to show us to get us to convert.

You will not be able to send visitors to an affiliate link these are all banned by Facebook, but what you can do is send them to a squeeze page that will get them onto your email list. Then your email sequence will do the work. Check out this article for tips to make a high converting squeeze page!

Once they sign up to your list they will then be redirected to your thank you page and that is where you want to start building your relationship with them.

Even better, offer them another affiliate offer, make sure it is a low priced but very high converting.

You could even set your email list software to redirect the user to the offer and bypass the actual thank you page altogether.

Wrap It Up

If you want to nail your next affiliate product launch following these steps will push you in the right direction. Like everything else, though, you will get back what you put in!

If you publish crap content then you will get crap results. If you don’t define your audience and don’t target properly with FB ads you will waste a lot of money and get poor results.

Get your content strategy setup, prepare emails and schedule those long before the launch begins. Then as launch day approaches and the affiliate links are live you can start your Facebook Ads campaign.

By the time the launch happens you will already have a buzz for the product with your own community…

Do you have any tips for a successful affiliate launch?

joeJoe Elliott is the founder at Screw Your Day Job, with 6 years’ experience in the internet and affiliate marketing world. On the blog you will find actionable and easy tips to help you start making money online. He has a passion for helping others and wants to help people and does that by providing honest reviews on upcoming products.


  1. Epic post on affiliate marketing. Joe! Wish I had this 6 years ago when I first started blogging.

    Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative and lead to sustainable income from your blog and your list.


  2. Great article thanks Joe.

    I’ve seen lots of ads for pre-launch products on Facebook before and I wasn’t quite sure what that was all about.
    I learned quite a bit from this article of yours, so thank you. I’m going to come back and refresh my memory soon as I am just busy with a few projects right now… but I so want to give this a go!

    • Hey Lynne,

      Glad to see you learned something here from Joe’s guest post. I hope you get your projects done sometime soon 🙂 I would like to see how your results are when you launch your product.
      I keep reading that launching a product online is where your earnings really skyrocket compared to affiliate commissions.

      So on that note, good luck 🙂


  3. Neil Patel is an internet guru. You can learn many tips from him. I have been following his blog for sometime. It’s true that most new internet marketers start off with affiliate marketing. I have this problem when selecting an affiliate product. Should we select one with a high ticket item or should we select a low cost item but you need to sell more? Assuming both are hungry niches.

    • Wesely,

      This article talks about launching an affiliate product yourself rather than promoting other peoples product for affiliate commissions. But if you’re asking my opinion on how to choose a great affiliate product, I’d say choose the one you feel more passionate about. Yes by selling more expensive products you receive higher commissions but if you only manage to make a sale every month or so compared to several sales for cheaper products, you might end up converting better that way.

      I wouldn’t choose according to price but much rather on how passionate you are about it. Can you write several articles and keep your website relevant for days to come with that product? Do you own and use it yourself? Will people need this product?

      These are the questions I ask myself usually. Hope this helps…

      P.S.: Neil Patel is very wise and informative when it comes to IM

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