How To Make Money While Traveling – Get Paid Whilst Being Abroad

how to make money while traveling

how to make money while traveling

Why We Love To Travel But Why We Can’t

Traveling is probably the best investment we can make as humans. The freedom it gives us and the relaxation we experience is almost priceless.

No other investment (besides education maybe) can teach us as much as traveling.

It is the fun of exploration of different cultures, foods, languages, smells etc. that we don’t get in our every day life which make traveling so special.

What we experience can sometimes be captured on images or videos but most of them remain in our head.

After a few months pass by we cherish these memories and long for new adventures but then we are faced with several problems.

The main issue usually revolves around money.

In this article you will learn:

  • Different options on how to make money while traveling
  • The negative points to each possibility
  • My preferred choices
  • Real life examples

After all traveling can be quite expensive if you like to travel comfortably.

The flight itself may seem affordable but the costs usually accumulate during your stay.

Having dinners and nights out, buying little treats and souvenirs all add up and once the trip is over you have to get back to your desk job and make up for it.

Either way, traveling is almost like a drug and for those of you that love traveling, there is barely anything that can hold you back from doing it again.

The Options You Have

If you want to get paid while you are in a foreign city or even country, you can try several things to get paid whilst staying there.

Check out the below options to see if something might interest you:

House Sitting

Often a very overlooked option is house sitting. It may take a while to find a house near the place you are planning on visiting, but it’s certainly an option.

The great thing about house sitting is obviously that you have a roof over your head during your stay.

You can also cook your own meals and save money that way. Restaurants are always pricier than local supermarkets.

The cost of a hotel is automatically taken care of due to house sitting and additionally it’s usually not much work from your side.

However you are limited to your location and you can’t travel much further. Some owners might want you to stay within the house for certain hours.

Most house sittings are required for pet owners. Dogs typically need quite a lot of attention and therefore you might have to spend a lot of time at home.

On the plus side, animals love to go for walks and this enables you to see the streets of a new to make money while traveling freelancer jobs


Being a freelancer truly gives you the option of being free! I’ve previously written about how I made a quick $15 on Fiverr while I was traveling to London.

If you’re a freelancer on websites such as oDesk, you aren’t necessarily required to be sitting on a desk nonstop and have to be available constantly.

Usually you get a timeframe for a job and as long as you deliver that job within the hours you’ve been asked to finish them, you are free to do what you want.

If you think you don’t have any special skills to become a freelancer, you don’t have to worry.

There are numerous jobs that people do. Being a virtual assistant is also a very popular freelance type of job.

Answering a few emails, calls and queries can be done by everyone.

The main downside to being a freelancer is that you have to build up a reputation before people ask you to complete jobs.

This can take some time and in the beginning you might have to do a lot of low paying jobs that take up quite a bit of time.

It’s the main reason I didn’t pursue any more jobs so far. I’ve also been asked to do these quick jobs instead of looking for them.

(If you’re wondering what I had to do for those $15, I was asked to write 1500 words on a specific topic. I had to do my own research on it as well.)

Teaching Abroad

Another very popular option is to teach abroad.

I personally know a few friends that have been in exotic countries like Thailand and Bangladesh, where they started teaching all sorts of things.

One of my friends went to become a scuba-diving instructor for a few years before moving back to Luxembourg and getting a job at a bank.

(I still don’t understand how he could come back from that).

Other friends from school went to several countries to teach English to primary to make money while traveling by teaching abroad

Becoming a teacher in foreign countries is easier than you might assume.

By teaching a foreign language to local people, not only will you get some money for doing so, you will also get the pleasure of helping people.

Usually you will meet some locals and get to know the real way of living within that country.

Meeting locals is always great because they teach you how they live, their language and bring you to local food places and bars.

I always opt for the local restaurants rather than the touristy places. I also love testing my language skills.

Pretty great option overall.

The only downside and main reason for people giving up that lifestyle, is that they are usually very low paid jobs.

In the end you don’t feel like you’re traveling or on holiday anymore because you still have to be at the same building or spot every day to teach.

You’re also very restricted on doing things as most of your income will be spent on food.

Initially you just end up being an employee at another country. The sense of location independency disappears and the joy of travel as well.

Getting A Local Job

My least favorite yet, very possible option on how to make money while traveling, is to simply apply for local jobs.

This might not be what you typically think of but it’s very possible.

If you just want a change of lifestyle and switch up the scene of your current life, this is probably a very good option.

You get a standard salary, it will look great on your CV and it’s great to mention in job interviews, which can get you better jobs when you decide to move back.

It’s a very interesting and life changing experience to work abroad.

Making a few new connections, befriending colleagues on the way and getting to know the average routine will be the benefits.

However this completely defeats the purpose of traveling in my opinion. When I travel I want to experience the country on my own terms.

Making friends on adventures and try out different things whenever I please. Having a job means you are very limited with time.

You have to ask for time off and the people you get to meet most likely have families and want to spend time at home after work.

Nevertheless it is an option!

My Preferred Choices

I often go on about passive income and different ways to achieve a source of passive income.

Here’s a great example why I long for it so badly. Passive income wouldn’t tie me down to any of the above mentioned negative points!

  • Once you have a source of passive income, you’re not relied on to be in an office from certain set hours.
  • You are generating money at any point. Even when you sleep.
  • You can automate your income stream and just overlook it by checking in occasionally over email or phone every so often.

Real Estate

The ideal option is to own a flat or house and rent it out.

So if you’re already a homeowner you could put up an add anywhere online and travel for a month or two while getting paid the to make money while traveling through renting out apartments

Your house/ flat will be looked after and the bills are being paid for. Everything else is yours to spend.

Being in a foreign country usually ends up being cheaper than your own mortgage or rent anyway.

So technically you could save some money as well.

If you’re worried about rent not being paid on time or that something goes wrong with the property, you could always hire a property manager.

These are very inexpensive if you look around. A great resource for any type of real estate related questions and answers can be found on this page.

Of course I saved the best for last…


Having a blog is so easy to maintain and can make an incredible amount of money. There really is no limit to how much you can make online.

There are so many people who have travel blogs these days and besides loving their life, they document their experiences and make money through it.

Have a look at as an example. This lovely couple has been making more than enough and helping others travel comfortably by doing so.

Having a blog initially is just like a diary where you write down your thoughts or interests and share it publicly.

There will always be someone who has similar interests and if you can help these similarly minded people, you can start monetizing it somehow.

Of course it takes some time and effort at first, to actually make some money and enough to be able to travel.

But once you have your audience and the word is out, it will depend solely on you on how much you want to make.

If you’re confused how exactly this makes money, have a look at my article on affiliate marketing.

Some of you might be intimidated on the technology side of things and assume it requires a lot of coding knowledge to be able to run a blog.

You couldn’t be more wrong. I wrote a how-to post a while ago which teaches people on how to create a website in less than 30 seconds and all for free!

You don’t necessarily have to run a blog as there are so many options to make money online these days.

This method I described here is still making sales on complete autopilot for me. I haven’t touched the site since it’s construction.

Technically I could set up 20 of these type of sites and make enough to travel wherever I want.

Having a blog however has much more scalable opportunity.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are always various options and opportunities to make money especially when it comes to making money online.

It all comes down to what you really want to be doing in life. The only thing that holds you back from traveling the world while getting paid is you.

If you are interested in traveling, consider creating your own blog. You might not know it yet but within a few months you could be free.

If you need a little more inspiration and motivation, feel free to read my motivational post here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe I will see some of you around in a foreign country eventually!

Please do me one favor and leave some comments behind if you have any thoughts or questions. I am always happy to help you out!

For those of you who truly enjoyed this article, feel free to share it by clicking one of the social media buttons.

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  1. Great post Esteban! Online Assistant , I like that idea! but really, blogging seems like the most rewarding method you have discussed in your post
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Emily,

      Being an online assistant is quite a standard job these days. It’s basically doing all the tedious tasks someone doesn’t want to do but you can be anywhere in the world doing it.
      Blogging definitely is the most rewarding and easiest to start up. Real estate is a close second but it requires a lot more money and knowledge in my opinion.
      Glad you enjoyed the post 😀

  2. Hello Essi,
    This is a very awesome post as always. Traveling is one of the best forms if learning indeed and I love it a lot in fact, it’s actually one of my hobbies.

    However, one of the things that usually prevent people from traveling is money and if you can have a good way through which you can earn some side income while on it then, you wouldn’t have to worry much because most of the expenses will easily be taken care of.

    • Hey Theodore,

      I think traveling is the most rewarding thing a human can do next to giving back to others 🙂

      Of course money is holding most of us back which is a bit sad. That’s why I came up with this article!

      Glad you enjoyed it 😉 let me know if you try out any of the tips here.


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