How To Make A Career Change And Why I Did It

false promises

How I Changed

In several of my posts I try to share my feelings, as to why I started my website. Why I decided to try making a living online and why I think you should too. I might not be the best writer and maybe this is why it’s hard for me to get you to understand why and how to make a career change.

I understand that some of you might have good jobs and are happy to be so fortunate to have a job at all. I mean there are people out there who would be happy to have a home or some food.

I get that completely…

What I don’t understand is, if we have these opportunities, why do we not fight and work to have what we want?

I’m not talking about wanting the latest iPhones and newest clothes of a certain brand. I’m talking about true freedom!

All I wanted when I was younger, up until my academic years, was to be a successful banker and make a nice salary, drive a nice car and own a big house.false promises

I guess in that dream I failed to realize the suffering that comes along with it and the endless hours you waste in an office.

I pity everyone that is currently locked in that lifestyle and I am so glad I found the courage to break out of this cycle. Of course this is a daily battle with myself. I often doubt I can actually pull this through and quite frankly it scares me sometimes, since about 90% of the people tell me to get a job to at least have some financial security.

But it’s exactly that financial security that is the poison that keeps pushing my new dream, of financial freedom, further away!

New Objectives

As I said, I always wanted the big wallet and fancy lifestyle. I’m not going to lie, I still love the fancy lifestyle and fancy things, but I don’t want to be locked up in the office for more than 8 hours a day to have that financial stability.

My new dream is quite simple, work as little as possible, from wherever I want, whenever I want. I want to be able to lie on the beach with some nearby WIFI connection and my laptop, while I get a tan and post my next article on my website.

You might think this is every mans dream and only the lucky few actually make it.


The few that make it, are those that took their life into their hands!

I spoke to a lot of friends and colleagues and I know that a lot of you are the same. You have great ideas and good concepts cooking up, but you never take action.

I think it was Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo, that came up with the term Wanterpreneur.

A lot of you are probably thinking you will get something done eventually. But why are you always waiting for something to happen in order to make a change? Nothing will happen unless you decide to make it happen. That is what a Wanterpreneur does. You have great ideas but don’t do anything to realize them.

I get that the fear of failure is there and you wouldn’t want to invest a couple of thousand dollars or euros just to have wasted it in the end. But having invested that is not a waste! It was an investment you’ve learned a lot by spending that money.

You actually moved a million steps closer than anyone who still just wakes up every morning to go to work day in and day out.

My Previous Routine

After I received my Bachelors in London, I wanted to get started in the corporate world and wear my suit as I walk into the tube every morning and arrive at work on my personal desk and get started.

‘Sadly’ I didn’t manage to get a job and because I couldn’t afford rent, whilst I was looking for jobs I moved back home and decided to look for jobs here instead.

Literal rat race
I’m so glad I don’t have to go through this daily

Few months passed and I finally joined the working force. After about 3 weeks I got fed up with wearing the same 2 suits every week, especially because I was a nobody and the only people that would see me, were my colleagues.

It didn’t make sense to look like someone important, when in fact I’m earning the lowest salary in the entire building. I quickly switched jobs and although the company was much greater a lot more opportunities etc. I still felt like a nobody.

What was worse was that, I became tired to the extent that I was really exhausted. I barely had any energy to work out anymore and all I wanted to do after work was watch TV and sleep.

I picked myself up and started working out in the mornings, worked during the day, started my own business and studied to learn how to trade.dreadful mondays

Eventually it was too much for me and slowly everything crumbled and failed. I wasn’t torn apart and I didn’t feel like my life was over. My business would probably still run ok to survive if we’d continue it now but that’s just wasted energy.

I realized that trading wasn’t for me, as it required nerves of steel and you would have to be present during trading hours, which I didn’t have at the time. Plus it involves a little too much money for my liking.

I finally got introduced to something that fit my criteria perfectly, called affiliate marketing, which I have been doing ever since.

Suddenly it all made sense to me. I grew up loving technology, I love my laptop and spend hours on it, I’m a quick learner when I’m interested in things and most importantly, the internet can help me make money.

Why didn’t I realize that quicker? There are millions of people making millions online. Surely there must be a way I can learn how to do that too?

My Current Situation

I resigned from my corporate job to join a different one that seemed more interesting (who was I kidding, every desk job is not the real life to me) but due to ‘unfortunate’ circumstances, they had to let me go.

I am now working on my own as an affiliate marketer.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, it can be really scary at times because I just started out and everyone’s telling me to find a job as soon as possible.

The truth is, I am too afraid to let go of this opportunity. I finally got the ‘push’ in my life that I need. I know that this will be my chance to break the cycle and say goodbye to the rat race.

Desk jobs
How I felt after only 3 years

I remember being depressed walking into the office, hearing the same jokes, smelling the same air, feeling stressed and warm with unnaturally heated climate due to thousands of PC’s being on 24/7 in this office.

Now I wake up early, eat my own cooked meals (I actually have time to eat breakfast), work out, write my blogposts and sleep without stress.

Future Prospectives

I honestly could never return to the working slave lifestyle. I was so demotivated in the end that even a promotion wouldn’t have kept me in the office much longer.

As for now, I want to spend every day blogging and writing articles, creating websites etc. until I have a stable enough income.

If I fail at affiliate marketing, I will try something else, as there are too many different ways to make money online.

I also want to help you to at least try the same. You don’t have to quit your jobs. You can do this part time. It might just take a little longer to say goodbye to your desk job, but it will work if you pull it through.

Additionally you can work with anyone of your passions. How could you not want to at least try it?

I can’t see, how you can lie to yourself and tell yourselves that you like your jobs. Maybe you do, but I never understood how you can enjoy:

  • Being stressed
  • Rushing every minute of the day
  • Being stuck in traffic morning and afternoons
  • Wearing the same formal clothes to impress no one
  • Sweating in summer in long trousers
  • Sitting on your uncomfortable chair for 8 hours
  • Getting half the salary you wished for
  • Being denied a promotion

And there are thousands of other reasons I could give.

If you need more motivation I strongly encourage you to read Tim Ferriss’ book ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’ as this was really an eye opener for me, as well as ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki.

Both of these books made me get up and change my life. I hope that a year from now I can refer back to this blogpost and show you how much you can achieve with determination.

Now it’s time to take action from your side! If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, definitely read my review of Wealthy Affiliate and their course.

Feel free to like my Facebook page, leave comments or ask questions. I’m always happy to help and answer questions.

I also wanted to note that all my images are by Steve Cutts and that his images manage to show, what I might not be able to express in words. For more of these illustrations and animations feel free to visit his website right here!

Thanks for reading,




  1. Wow!!! Great read Esteban, I really enjoyed your blog and I am glad you decided to get out of the rat race and start living. It feels great to see your friends getting up at the same time every day to do the same old things day in and day out. I really love the artwork especially the rat in the rat trap. I will be definitely be checking out Steve Cutts website. I think your page is well laid out and the great pictures break the reading up. you have definitely done the right thing and as you say, “there are many ways to make money online”. I wish you good luck in your new career and may it be a success.

    • Hey Sean,

      Really appreciate your comment. The images are very powerful aren’t they? They manage to describe how I feel thinking about going back to the life most of us are currently living. I think Steve Cutt is a great artist. It’s worth having a look at his site.
      Thanks for enjoying the way I write and break up the text as well 😀 I try my best 😉
      And thanks for the wishes. Now that I know the online potential there’s no way back for me!

      • Your welcome, it was a great pleasure reading your blog. Does Steve sell these pictures? I will look on his site later, getting stuck into my own website at the moment. I am easily distracted!!

        • Glad to hear that 🙂
          I’m not sure about Steve selling them. You can contact him directly through his page though.
          I’m the same about distraction. I wish someone would slap me every time I lose focus so that I’d be more productive 😉

  2. Hahaha, funny pic of the mouse… It sounds like you are the perfect candidate to work online. I am glad that you have taken that path. On that note, yesterday was a beautiful fall day that I was able to enjoy with my wife and children on my work breaks. I remember standing there thinking I am so glad I work from home doing what I want. Freedom is definitely attainable working online, but it requires action.

    I like your word wanterpreneur; I have not heard that before. I guess that is someone who wants to take rewarding risks but never does.

    Affiliate Marketing is a great option, and like you said, You can do it part time. I feel that for anyone who wants control of this or her own life, it should definitely be considered. I especially like that anyone can work part time hours online and make a full time salary.

    Great article, thanks.


    • Hey Travis,

      You actually put a smile to my face saying I’m a perfect candidate for an online job 🙂 I’m glad as well. I never had the courage to just give everything up and start something new. I’m more convinced than ever that this will be my breakthrough!

      The moment you cherished yesterday is exactly what I feel every time I wake up and go to my office at home! Not one paycheck could pay me that feeling!

      A wantepreneur is exactly that. I have too many friends that keep talking about wanting to make a change but never do! I on the other hand am the exact opposite I need change and can’t live without chasing my dream until I have it.

      Travis, you just took my thoughts and formulated them perfectly 🙂 I’m happy you understand me completely buddy!

      Thanks for your comment,


  3. Hi, what a really interesting article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I like to hear about life stories, especially success stores.

    Although, you do not sound like you are making your millions on the internet just yet, you must be making a modest amount to be able to carry on. I’d love to know your secret! ….Well whatever you are doing works! Carry on! Sammi

    • Hey Sammi,

      Thanks for reading and enjoying my story. I quite like reading other peoples life stories too, maybe it’s the reason I wrote a bit about mine on this post here 🙂

      You can actually see all my income reports on my site and as a matter of fact I wouldn’t even be able to live off the money I am currently making online.

      However I’m already generating more than I could imagine so it keeps me going and pushing harder to beat my previous months goals every day!

      One day I’ll be making more than enough, I am positive of that 😀

      Thanks for your encouraging words,


  4. Hi Essi,

    I really like this post. The graphics are great! So true about being stuck in the rat race – I was thinking about that just this morning, in fact.

    I have to agree with you that it’s not necessary to spend our lives going to a boring job, just so we can make rent.

    It must be possible to do what you’re good at and are passionate about and still make cash. If others are doing it, then why not the rest of us?

    So, how long would you think it’d take to cross over from your regular 9-5 to having your own online business?


    • Hey Sean,

      Firstly I wanted to say thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment. Always makes me happy!

      I hated being stuck in that office all day every day. I chose to change my job and I was quite unlucky (but kind of lucky) that the new company couldn’t keep me due to economic reasons.

      Instead of looking for a new job I decided to go full time on affiliate marketing and online businesses.

      I can’t guarantee success to anyone let alone what timeframe to count on to quit a regular job. But I believe that if you give it all you can reach your goals.

      I’m in my 5th month of doing this and as you can see in my income report I’ve been drastically improving each month.

      So far this will be my most successful month yet again and it’s only the second week. I hope this answer helped you out a little 🙂


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