How To Increase Your Website’s Traffic Through Email Lists

how to increase your websites traffic through email listings header

how to increase your websites traffic through email listings header

The Secret Of Email Listing

Knowing how to increase your websites traffic can be tougher than anything else in your online business.

I’ve previously written a post on how to boost it ten times with a few simple methods.

However that method takes some work from your side and a lot of research as well as human interaction before you can do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is my favorite method of increasing your traffic and I will continuously work on that method.

However, several online marketers have opened my eyes and taught me that email listing is the true key to guaranteed success!

In this article I will teach you the following:

  • Explain what email listing is
  • How you will generate guaranteed traffic with it
  • How to recycle older articles
  • How to create your own email listing

By the end of this article, hopefully you will have understood why you too should at least consider adding a mailing list to your website.

So What Is A Mailing List?

As the name itself already suggests, a mailing list is simply a list of emails that you hold and own.

Every time someone willingly gives them their email, you can add that to your list of emails.


Usually you get people to pass you their emails by offering something back to them.

Obviously your website or blog itself serves the purpose of showing or giving them informative content they want or like to read.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have people visiting your site ever.

Apparently having an email list is one of the best and most valuable assets you could have as an online marketer.

I kept seeing that sentence over and over again on tons of different sites.

That sentence alone should convince you to create a mailing list. It definitely convinced me to!

Matthew Woodward wrote an entire post about the importance and his strategy on creating a list.

Although I am still in the early stages of creating my list, I’ve already gotten a few sign ups and it continues to grow of course.

There are obviously benefits for people to sign up to a mailing list of certain online marketers, otherwise they wouldn’t willingly give out their email.

These benefits could be:

  • Information they seek being
  • New methods of their niche
  • Personal advice…

…and much more, directly sent to their inbox.

A mailing list also helps you establish your business and make it look more professional.

By keeping a mailing list, people will regularly see your logo within their emails and you therefore help them remember the name of your business.

So next time they see a post or article of yours online, they are more likely to have a look at it because they are familiar with it.

Guaranteed Traffic Through Your List

As you create a list of several people, you can send them valuable emails.

When I say valuable, I mean that you should send them emails that offer something of value for them as well as for yourself.

The better your emails are, the more responsive the click through rate will be.

Tips I’ve learned over time:

  • Grab their attention with your email title
  • Keep it short but relevant
  • Offer them something

Let’s have a look at the title for each email you’re supposed to send to your list.

The Subject Title – Instead of writing a plain and simple “My newest post”, try to actually wake your readers up.

If the title doesn’t instantly grab their fullest attention, you will lose them and your email will go to waste.

Instead you could wake an interest by asking a question such as “Did you know this one trick could generate ‘xyz’ in just 3 steps?“.

Of course you shouldn’t just write any lie in order for them to open your mail.

Clearly make it relevant to what you’ve actually written in your post or offer them in the email text.

The next bit is The Email Text – As mentioned above, you want to keep this short but relevant.

Write out why you are sending this email to them, what it did for you and what it can do for them.

Offer Them Something – Finally your email should always offer them something. Why else would they want to land on your site?

Every mail I send, I intend to offer them a valuable post I’ve written that can help them increase their traffic, improve their site, generate more conversions or simply start out with making money online.

However you could also offer them products (ebooks, online programs, softwares etc.)

Personally I only offer things I have either created or tested myself. I don’t see how offering anything I can’t vouch for would be morally correct.

how to increase websites traffic - my sources

As you can see from the above image, my traffic sources now have an Email tab.

Although it only says 4 on it, it is still 4 more people and recurring visitors to my site, that otherwise might not have returned.

Additionally let me just add that since I currently only have about 20 subscribers, this means that I got about 20% of my subscribers to check out my post through one mail.

Not amazing results but if we’d multiply this by 100, I would have 400 instant readers through one mail.

Are you starting to see the potential of a list yet?

I have to reinforce that I am just starting out with this so my emails still need a lot of training.

If you’d like to have a full example of my mail, you can read it here.

As you can see, a nice visual should make it slightly more enjoyable to read as well.

I don’t see many other mailing lists doing that.

If you’d like to know a slightly different approach, have a look at Pat Flynn’s post on his approach to capture his email list to read his mails.

Recycling Older Posts

If you have a look at one of my older posts, you can see that they are about a quarter of the length of my new ones.

They basically just scratch the importance of a subject and summarize a valid point.

Additionally they aren’t as SEO specified and lack in keyword research to actually get indexed and ranked highly enough on search engines.

However, I still believe they have valid and interesting points I might want my audience to have a look at.

But how can I get a sure and guaranteed way for them to fall on my older posts?

I could either:

  1. Interlink them in my newer posts and hope they land on them
  2. Hope they check the categories on the right hand side of my site and maybe they browse long enough to go read them. OR
  3. Send them an interesting email and make them land directly on the post!

That’s what I mean by recycling through email listing.

By directing your audience directly to the desired post, you will firstly refresh these pages and get a possible share or two on social media.

This revives the post and its content.

Additionally search engines are happy to see that the activity on your website is not just surrounded by the new content.

How To Get Started With Your List

Now that you know how valuable an email list can actually be, let’s start creating our own campaign to grow a list.

As you can see on the right of my site, there is a colorful banner encouraging everyone to sign up to the newsletter.

As a small reward you will receive my tiny E-book which teaches you how to create your very own online business just the way I started in under 25 minutes.

(This is actually no lie and if you really want to create your online business you should give it a try).

In this section, I will explain –

  • How I created my banner
  • Where you can sign up and how to do the same
  • What messages and fields you need to add

I know of several different email listing companies that I’ve personally tried, but for this tutorial I will go ahed and show you the best free version.

The banner you can see was created with Madmimi. I chose this because the way it works is quite interesting and simple.

It’s also completely free unless you get more than 100 people on your list. As I’ve got around 20 for the moment, I don’t see the need to upgrade until then.

Once I reach the limit I will upgrade or change to another provider. Either way you will know about it since I will write about it here!

So to get started, click on the link mentioned above, or on the banner you can see below.

Mad Mimi Email Marketing

You should now be on the website and you can sign in by clicking on the create my account and typing in your email, followed by clicking OK.

Choose a password which you type in and click ok again.

After a short while it should redirect you to the next stage, where it asks your personal to increase your websites traffic sign up form

Once you’ve done these, just skip the social sharing unless you feel the need to do so.

Now that you have your account and everything is working, click on ‘Webform’ on the top right, followed by clicking on add a webform, to create your first banner.

You should now see something like this on your screen:

how to increase your websites traffic madmimi webform

Click on the advanced options to setup the sign up procedure.

First you want to change the activation message. This is the email your subscriber receives, right after signing up.

In that message you can congratulate them for signing up and let them know that they need to verify their mail before continuing.

Like I said, I offer my subscribers a free ebook (in order for them to sign up) and in order to receive this, they need to verify their account.

Simultaneously, you will have to set up a landing page that will redirect your user once they filled out their email in your banner.

This landing page should simply state something like: “Thanks for signing up, please confirm your email and you will be redirected to receive your free ebook”.

This prevents users from using a fake email account.

(Feel free to change or modify that text to your specifications of course.)

Once the email has been confirmed, there will be another link within the mail that redirects them to the final confirmed page.

This page should let your new subscriber download their free ebook or whatever freebie you offer.

Of course you need set up that page as well.

The page doesn’t need to contain much content except for a congratulations and link to your freebie giveaway.

So to recap:

  1. how to increase your websites traffic madmimi setup formClick on Edit Activation Message and write out the email they receive after subscribing
  2. Create Confirmation page asking your subscribers to check and verify their email that they received (which is written by you in point 1 and will automatically be sent to them). Copy and paste the link to that page in the Confirmation landing page section.
  3. Create an activation page (with the link attached of your freebie if you have one) letting your new subscribers know they are now signed up to your email list. Copy and paste the link to that page in the Activation Landing Page section.

Once you’re done, click on the embed tab and copy the HTML code which you can then paste wherever you want on your site.

Ideally you want it to be visible on any page in any post, which is why I added mine in the widget section of my site.

Increasing conversions is the important bit of your email list. Although I only have it on my side widget, many bloggers will have a different approach.

On Sue Anne’s blog you will find a great post by Adam Connell, on his approach, which is a more costly one yet a ton more effective than mine!

Final Word

Now that you know how to create your very own email list, there should be nothing holding you back.

If anything was unclear, please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I definitely encourage you to try out your newly created widget or email subscription form.

Sign up with your own email and see how the process follows. If something doesn’t run smoothly, fix it before too many people see it.

Honestly it sounds and looks harder than it actually is.

Please let me reinforce the importance of a mailing list. It has huge potential and Brendan Mace wrote a great tutorial on how he monetizes his list with a few simple steps.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on creating your very own list.

Unlike most tutorials, I like to try out the free versions of most things. That doesn’t mean it is the better way.

It’s just more convenient to spend less and earn money as you stat out in my eyes.

Eventually there will be a lot of plugins and mailing lists for example that work a lot better and offer more for a paid fee.

Thanks for reading,



    • When someone like you tells me this is an “Epic article”, someone like me gets a great feeling 😀

      Of course I had to pass you a shout out. Learning tons from your site!

      That being said, thanks to you,


  1. One of the best and most important decisions an internet marketer can make is to build a responsive email list.

    If you take a look at almost all the successful people in this business today, you will realize that they all have one thing in common….. They have a huge list of subscribers.

    Therefore, everyone should start building his own list starting from yesterday if you don’t want to be kicked aside.

    • I am actually trying to build mine currently.

      It’s not easy but I should have started 4 months ago 🙂

      Very wise words and encouraging thoughts from your side!

      All a matter of time!



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