How to Grow Your Money in a Way You Will Love


You can conjure up a whole world of wealth if you go about it the right way.

The right way, of course, is not to work yourself into a state of stress, nor participate in schemes you’ll regret. No, the right way to riches is to invest.

Invest in the best things at the perfect time and your money will begin to make money. Yet despite the simplicity of the idea, few people follow this formula.

Here is how you can shape the money-making narrative in your own life:

Invest in Traditional Things like Stocks and Bonds

The stock market is still seductive, helping ambitious people become millionaires and retirees fund their savings accounts.

Yet, despite the fact that there is nothing new when it comes to buying and selling stocks and only variations on the theme of how to go about it, in the most sensible and economical and profitable way, some things are new.

bundle of money show you how to be tech savvy about stock investments, providing the technology you need to stay on top of earnings dates, market caps, average daily and volumes.

The bond market, too, has its charms. A bond is predictable. It’s reassuring to know that your income stream – the interest you receive – will flow your way twice a year. And if you hold the bond to maturity, you’ll be rewarded. You’ll get the whole of your principal back. Bonds, then, help you build and preserve capital.

Invest in New Things like Cryptocurrency

What is the future of money?

If you’re still bothered that gold is no longer the anchor that reassures value, alarmed by how the Cypriot government confiscated bank deposits of high-net-worth individuals in 2013 to keep the lights on, and the Libor scandal made you question the integrity of central banks, then you may wonder if money has a future.


It does because there is a new type of money now—cryptocurrency. What keeps it honest, free from government confiscation and central bank meddling, is that it uses a blockchain, a decentralized technology based on peer-to-peer computing.

Cryptocurrency transactions are so quick and efficient that it’s easy to imagine how decentralized networks will be the next wave of technological change. You may want to look into getting your own cryptocurrency wallet.

Invest in Beautiful Things like Fine Art 

The world of art is intrinsic for the care and nurturing of the artistic spirit. Although the arts may not flourish as well as they did when the Medicis made it profitable to be a well-rounded genius like da Vinci, it is still alive and well.

As an investor, there are many points of entry into the world of art. You can simply buy and sell it, or you could work on creating an organization to encourage artistic talent.

Invest in Radical Things Like Relationships

Relationships are essential for human society, and one type of relationships that all economies need is the willingness of those who have plenty of money to lend it to those who have an abundance of talent.

Lending is often seen as simply a way for the lender to earn interest from someone who needs to buy money to get something that they can’t immediately afford.

Yet, lending can have a deeper meaning. It can be a way for angel investors to give those with brilliant ideas the resources they need to fully develop those ideas and take them out into the marketplace.

The 21st century’s technological gold rush is due to this kind of carefully-cultivated economic relationship. You can be a lender by joining a peer-to-peer lending website and reviewing the applications of entrepreneurs you wish to support.

In conclusion, the best way to make money is by investing, but investments can be diverse and interesting. While traditional investments are intriguing, there are many other ways to invest as well.

Think about investing in cryptocurrency and join the movement for the democratization of money. Think about investing in the world of art and nurturing the aspirations of artists. And think about investing as a lender and helping startups take their ideas out into the world.

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