How To Get Traffic For Your Website – Multiply Your Traffic 10x In One Day!

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The Need For Traffic

If you’re new to online marketing or blogging, you will most likely have very little to no traffic at all.

The basic steps are quite simple for anyone that wants to get involved in making money online.

You pick a topic (niche), create your website, write an article with an affiliate link inside and wait for someone to click on it and buy.high speed traffic for website

But that somebody never appears?

It’s because of that reason that most of us give up and never look back.

In my last income report, I showed you a graph where my average daily views varied from 20-30 with the odd exception of 40 views occasionally.

Obviously this wasn’t a groundbreaking amount of traffic but in the last 3 days I suddenly had an increase of 100-200!

What happened there? Did I discover the secret on how to get traffic to your website?

In this post I will teach you the following:

  • Show you exactly how to multiply your traffic 10x
  • Teach you other techniques I’ve learned
  • Traffic generations you should avoid

By now you should know that I am definitely not an expert in this business yet!

However as my journey progresses I tend to learn more and if I can do it, you can easily learn from me and copy my success.

The Old School Way

If you’re reading this, I can imagine that you started approaching your blog somewhat like most of us do.

You do your research on a certain topic and gather enough information to type out a nice article!

After typing out roughly about 1500 words, you go over it once and make sure you’ve added all the SEO necessities as well as keywords.

Now that your masterpiece is complete and you proudly hit the publish button!

You then observe your Google Analytics or other tracking tool, just to see the occasional visit land on your page.

Of course this must be a warm up and traffic will come to your site any minute.

Although you waited several hours now, your daily traffic didn’t change much except the additional 2 views you’ve received.

It’s all a matter of regularly posting content right?

You repeat the same process over and over again but even with social shares no major changes happened.

After several months your daily views hit a total of 20-30 and doesn’t seem to change.writing constantly

I was in the exact same situation!

First I thought it was because I’m not using the right keywords.

Then I blamed it on my SEO skills and refined these!

Since I don’t give up easy, I kept reading and kept researching.

If you continue to add valuable content regularly, insert the right keywords and socially share it, eventually your traffic will rise.

This is definitely a secure steady way of gaining more views over time, with ‘Time’ being the lengthy obstacle.

Since we’re impatient we want to have a faster increase!

I don’t have time to wait for 3 years of content publishing to eventually have 1,000 views per day!

Doing It Wrong

Of course there is always a incredibly quick way.

With a bit of money, you can acquire almost everything in this world.

  • If you have a Facebook page, you can buy likes.
  • If you have a Twitter account, you can buy followers
  • If you have… you get the idea

But if you have a website, you can buy backlinks to increase the site trust and therefore increase the traffic over night!

Definitely do not do that!

Here’s what happens if you buy likes, followers and backlinks:

Those likes are completely worthless since they are mostly fake accounts only serving the purpose of liking pages for money.Paying for traffic and followers doesn't work in the long runThese accounts don’t have any actual valuable friends that might see anything you post and therefore there’s no need for them.

Your twitter followers are pretty much the same.

What’s the point in having people following you that don’t look at your tweets or retweet them to non active members?

You’re just wasting money that way!

As for the backlinks, this is probably the most dangerous investment of all.

Think about it from a Google perspective.

A site that had a few backlinks over months, suddenly has an increase of 500 backlinks over night.

Have a look at the below graph. The first arrow indicates when backlinks were bought and the second indicates what Google does when it realizes:bought backliks graph

Not very natural behavior right? This is what will happen to your graph too.

In that example the person completely ruined their site which already had a decent traffic.

There are worse cases such as this one:traffic spike link buying

What happens after you’ve had your spike of the day?

Your site can get penalized and all hopes of generating traffic after that is pretty much gone!

This is why I strongly encourage you to stay away from these methods!

They won’t serve anything valuable to your business and therefore it’s not only a waste of money but also a threat to your site.

Another paid form of traffic could be through PPC campaigns.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

As the name suggests, you basically pay to be on top of search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google.

You set a limit on certain keywords such as $0.30 and each time someone clicks on your advertisement, you pay those $0.30.

However I am only experimenting with this as of this month so I cannot comment to much on it.

I personally don’t think I will do this for long if the results are minor successes.

PPC however isn’t frowned upon by search engines. Since it is a honest method to attract visitors to your site, you can do this.

Again I would only suggest for more experienced users to attempt PPC because you can easily blow through a lot of money if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

The Right Way

Here’s what I’ve learned that changed my outcome dramatically.

#1 The Pareto’s Law Method – If you haven’t heard of Pareto’s law, it’s a principle in which you tackle something in a 80/20 method.

Let me further explain with my example.

I used to post daily and write a new article on something I thought was useful for my readers.

All my energy went on researching, writing and perfecting my articles.

After talking to a dozen successful online marketers, they almost all told me to calm down and use the 80/20 principle.

Instead of writing 80% of my time and promoting the articles 20% of the time, I should do it the other way round.

After trying that for a few days, I noticed small increases.

Here are the social medias I use daily to promote my work:

(Feel free to follow me on each)

Watch out that you don’t spam these accounts either.

Tips for Google plus: Try to join communities that relate to your post/ article.

Don’t just post openly because most of your followers won’t even look at it.

Instead choose a community that talks about the topic and only that topic.

communities in google plus for traffic
Make sure to choose the right community for your article

Before posting anything from your side, make sure to introduce yourself and +1 as many posts as you can.

Do this for a couple of days before you start posting.

This way you won’t get banned and you don’t annoy people!

I learned this from Matthew Woodward. Someone you should look up!

Here’s my advice for Pinterest:

I had to open a new Pinterest account for posting too many things in the beginning of my account.

The way I avoided it the second time was quite simple.

  • Create an account and add several boards. Choose topics of personal interest and include an about me board.
  • Add people from your Facebook or random people with similar interests.
  • Make sure to add as many as you can.
  • Add a few images and pin a couple from Pinterest (choose at least 5 pins per board).
  • Every time you want to include something from your website, pin at least 5 pictures from other boards before you do.

This has worked for me since and should also work for you!

For Linkedin I suggest to follow the same approach as Google plus.

Twitter however is a bit special.

You can post several times throughout the day. Try to use hashtags to grab peoples attention.

You can tweet every two hours or so and always include a link if possible.

Try to vary from statements, to questions and facts to wake an interest to read the actual post in your links.

#2 The Guest Blogger – As the name suggests, you can try to guest blog.

Although I haven’t been incredibly successful with this method yet, it’s easy to understand how it can add value for your exposure.

Guest blogging can be done in two ways

  1. You can blog as a guest on other sites or
  2. You allow bloggers to post on your site

Either way can increase your traffic quite significantly.

In the first approach, you put your name out on already successful sites.

By blogging on their site, you automatically get several thousand views due to the sites already successful outreach.

A fraction of the readers will then hopefully look up the author and go onto your site.

To successfully guest post, make sure to have a small profile at the end of your posts with a small thumbnail of profile picture.

my profile description

As you can see above, that’s an example of my signature when I guest blog.

The entire content I publish, doesn’t include a single link to my website, except at the very end of my signature.

When you do guestblog, make sure to write the best quality you possibly can.

Definitely do not copy paste articles that already exist as you will probably not be accepted that way!

Make sure to thoroughly research websites that publish similar content and allow guest blogging.

guest blogging for traffic generation requires tons of research
Make sure to write your best possible post when you guest blog

You don’t want to talk about weapons on a travel blog for instance.

Letting people guest post on your website can be just as beneficial.

Not only do you have to do less work, you also get their readers to go on your site, as they are most likely going to link to their guest post.

Just make sure that their article is original and not a copy of their own blog or somewhere else, as this could damage your site!

#3 The Method That Multiplied My Views x10 Over Night!

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, my traffic increased ten times over night with one simple method.

This method is very simple and anyone can do this, if done correctly!

What I’m talking about, is joining roundups!

What is a roundup you ask?

A roundup is when a group of experts get together to talk about one subject and give their opinion to it.

By joining roundups, your opinion will be included with several other experts on a site which is most likely already an authority site.

Similarly to the guest blogging, thousands of viewers will see your thoughts and advice, which leads to clicking on your profile.

Since several other experts are already included in the roundup, thousands of their regular viewers will read these as well and hopefully like what you’ve written.

roundup for bloggers is cruxial
Roundups is a highly effective way to gain exposure and traffic for your website as experts from all over the world get together and discuss one subject.

It’s not always easy to find these roundups and it’s definitely not easy to join them either.

If you want to join them, I highly advise to build a relationship with the owner of the blog before asking to join their roundups.

Once you’ve been accepted, make sure to gather top-notch information together and write one of the most epic contents you’ve ever written.

You want to stand out in the roundup and impress the site owner as well as their readers.

To find roundups, I advise you to have a look at Neil Patel’s tutorial here.

Another online genius I see floating around on several roundups.

Final Advice

I know it can be tough to find the right strategy to increase traffic, especially as a newbie!

Heck, I’m still a newbie and I’m struggling daily.

However, the more you learn and the more you research, the more you will make a name for yourself and be able to implement new strategies.

Everyone has to start at the bottom in this business, but it’s those that keep fighting that come out with success.

Even if these strategies seem like a lot of effort, they are well worth it.

Where else have you seen numbers increase from 20-200 in a single night?

My final advice to everyone would be to establish connections with already successful bloggers.

If you want to eat a BicMac, you’re not going to go to Burger King are you?

So if you want traffic, you need to go to already existing traffic!

However you need to provide some value to these bloggers. Comment on their content, share your opinion, email them, mention them in your posts and actually try to help them.

You can’t expect handouts for nothing.

It’s also good to connect to successful bloggers for mentorship reasons.

Sue Anne for instance continuously talks about the importance of connecting with successful people in your field.

When I asked her about what the best approach to join a roundup would be her answer was: “Sue Anne headshotTo build traffic to your blog, I always recommend roundup posts. By asking influential bloggers for a quick tip or to answer a quick question, you can usually get them to participate. And the best part – most of them usually share your post when it goes live! Which brings new eyeballs and new subscribers to your site. Always a good thing when you are a blogger.

Gain their trust and you will have someone guiding you in the right direction!

I hope this was insightful and that you enjoyed reading some of my techniques.

I will hopefully get to learn many more soon to share with you.

Feel free to contact me personally if something wasn’t clear. I’m happy to evaluate on my points.

Make sure to sign up to my mailing list (found on the right with a free copy to start your own business in 25 minutes) to get this type of information directly to your mail!

Don’t forget to share this article on your social media if you found it useful.

Thanks for reading,



    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your quote! I will definitely try to join more roundups as it’s proven to be very effective.
      And since you’ve been blogging for much longer than I am, I can only take your advice 🙂

  1. Nice post Essi!

    Have you also tried joining Linkedin Groups that are related to Passive Income ? If you post good comments group moderators usually approve you pretty fast. Then once you’re approved you can send your articles to all the people in the groups you joined 🙂

    Takes a bit of time to set up, as most groups are moderated, but once you get approved (and as long as you don’t spam) should be a great source of traffic!

    • Hey Paulo,

      I haven’t yet no but it’s on my to do list for sure! I think I was too focused on content for the moment. Now I’m trying to expand on my social media networking.
      Thanks for the tip though I definitely need to keep that in mind :)!

  2. Great job Esteban!

    I can really see and where your tips will definitely, consistently generate some brand new eyeballs to our site!

    And you certainly can’t go wrong by following the proven expert advice of Sue Anne Dunlevie!

    I’m a fellow subscriber and big fan of hers as well! I’m pretty sure that’s how I originally can across your blog!

    I’m definitely going to check out several more of your posts!Take care!

    • Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the kind words!
      I’m still learning a lot but the more experts I follow the more I gain in knowledge!
      Sue Anne is really helpful and worth following too. I definitely learned tons from her.

      Glad to have a new regular viewer such as yourself on my site 🙂

      Thanks and see you soon!


  3. Thank you so much for the tips. I am a beginner in affiliate marketing and my greatest concern right now is on how to get the traffic to visit my website. It is barely 3 mths old. Even after promoting it via the social media, namely FB, Tweeter and Pinterest, I do not get any reader/visitor.
    I am really keen to know more about the roundups and guest blogging methods. Your article has been very useful for me to be in the know of a few other options besides the social media. Thank you!

    • Hey, Happy to help you out Kay.
      Keep working on it. 3 months is still a baby in affiliate marketing 😀 if you’re interested in roundups, have a look at the post where I describe in full detail how I wrote my roundup. It’s still getting a lot of traffic for me today.
      Again keep working and soon enough you will see traffic come your way. Write long posts with a lot of quality content. The longer they are the better usually!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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