How To Get Thousands Of Followers On Your Social Media Accounts

how to get thousands of followers title

how to get thousands of followers title

How I Generated Hundreds Of Followers

In my last income report I mentioned that I would focus more on how I can generate more social media followers.

Only recently I realized that I could get a lot more traffic by creating a profile for my online business on literally all the popular social media accounts.

By doing so I could gather a lot more traffic from different sources and possibly generate a lot more conversions.

Most of my traffic for my niche site, which generates complete passive income, is purely from these accounts.

In order for you to do the exact same, I will show you how you can repeat my exact steps for the same success.

This article will show you how you can:

  • Copy my exact method to understand how to get thousands of followers on your social media accounts
  • What to avoid in order to not get your account suspended
  • Which platforms convert best
  • What type of engagement you need to deliver to maintain this growth

Originally I wanted to wait to have 1000 followers on each account before writing this post, but seeing as my account is growing rapidly, I’m certain that I will reach that number in no time.

So if you’re interested to scale up your traffic for your business, or simply want more followers for your personal account continue reading!

What I’ve Reached So Far

I’ve owned a Twitter account for a few years now but I’ve never actually used it.

I’ve only recently started using it for my online business.

My Pinterest account has been around since July 2015, more or less and I recently created my Instagram account (15th October 2015).how to get thousands of followers follow my technique

All three of these accounts have seen massive growth within the last month. It all started skyrocketing with my Instagram account.

I somehow managed to get around 20-50 followers daily and copied almost the exact same strategy for every other social media account.

The growth tends to be greater the more followers I get as well.

With that method I went from:

  • 0 – 800 followers on Instagram.
  • 12 – 460 followers on Twitter
  • 36 – 560 followers on Pinterest

All of these were achieved In less than a month! And to top it off, I could probably have reached double of that if I really wanted to focus solely on that.

There have been days where my laziness took over and I didn’t do anything for these accounts.

Additionally there is another method which generates even more followers, I don’t even bother doing anymore, because it requires a little more effort.

Of course I will show you both, and you can try them out and let me know what you think.

But make sure to follow the rules, otherwise you will get your accounts suspended and trust me that you don’t want that happening.

What Happens When Accounts Get Suspended

When I first tried out my methods, I got such amazing results, that I went overboard and kept going to get the most amount of followers possible.

It didn’t take long for Pinterest to completely shut down my account and marked it as spam.

I tried reasoning with them and contacting them, but nothing seemed to work.

Of course it was more than just annoying as I had a few boards, a couple hundred of followers and most of my website was pinned already.

Instead of whining over a lost account, I created a new one with a different E-mail address and started from scratch.

This time however I laid a few rules.

I’ve seen nothing but great results so far. The great thing about these rules, is that they work for Instagram as well.

Of course I was too stubborn to listen to myself and pretty much made the same mistake for my Instagram account of my niche site.

I had about 200 followers in my first day just to suddenly get an error message that I wasn’t able to login anymore.

At that time I was in London and could only send a few E-mails.

I had to write down my name and personalized code on a piece of paper, send them an image with my face and the paper to prove that I was real.

After a long debate and many excuses, they reopened my account (by that time I already opened a new one which had more followers than my old one).

Twitter is a lot more flexible but since I got two accounts suspended, I won’t risk my twitter account to go through the same hassle.

The Importance Of It!

Let me start by explaining the importance of having a giant social media presence.

If you have an online business, you should want to be known. You want people to recognize your brand and remember your website.

The more people recall your face, logo or brand, the more traffic you will get and the more shares, comments and conversions you will receive!

I personally thought that people wouldn’t buy anything off their phone (since most people use their smartphones when they’re on social medias).

Little did I know that my niche site‘s Instagram account (which has less followers than my main profile) is making consistent sales passively.

To further confirm the power of social media, my niche site ONLY has an Instagram to get thousands of followers conversions

Every time someone shares a tweet, pins one of your images or boards, comments on an image, you are being further exposed to other people.

This ripple effect can have an insane reach!

Have you ever wondered how some people became overnight celebrities through YouTube for example?

It’s because of social media and the power of sharing. Your business can have that same power.

Neil Patel recently wrote a post on how he managed to generate $332,640 from Instagram alone!

Now besides him being an online genius, this doesn’t mean you could generate something similar in a similar method.

I have yet to discover my own strategy to monetize my accounts massively, but I’ve already got a plan and once it works I will link it back to this post!

What I’m trying to say is, don’t underestimate the power of social media. It is an ever growing community and you are missing out if you don’t join it!

Once you’ve reached a few thousand followers, you will barely have to do anything and continuously get 100’s of new followers a day!

Here’s How It Works

The way I approached it was very simple and straight forward.

First you want to obviously create your 3 accounts. Simply sign up add a nice profile picture for each and complete the necessary annoying steps to start.

(Note: Make sure to add a profile picture of you smiling, as they seem to be more responsive than serious or unrelated images)

Now I am assuming that most of you already have a Facebook account with some friends on it. If not this doesn’t really make a huge difference.

Most if not all of these platforms, will ask you if you want to send an invitation to your Facebook accounts.

You do not have to complete this step but it helps to get a few instant followers.

Pinterest Method:

Before you go follow crazy, make sure to create around 5-10 boards first.

You can easily do that within 30 mins to an hour and add an additional 5-10 images for each.

If you are struggling to actually create these boards, here’s some you  might want to include:

  • About Me
  • Travel Destinations
  • Favorite Films
  • Motivation
  • Favorite Books
  • Actors

Literally just add things you enjoy doing, looking at, eating or listening to. Whatever pops into your mind could be a board.

Now just search the topic of your board and pin the first 10 things you see. Mix it up a little by adding a few of your own images as well!

(Note: When adding images from your website, use the shortened link and make sure that all images are clickable to redirect to your desired link)

This step is necessary to show Pinterest that you are an actual user and not just some bot pinning anything it sees.

By now you should have around 50-100 pins. You can repeat this step every day as it helps other people discovering your pins and boards.

These people typically tend to follow you too if they like several things from your profile.

The main strategy I like to do, starts by searching for something in your niche in the search bar. So let’s say your niche is mixers, simple search that term.

Now look for the pin that has the most likes, shares and repins and open that to get thousands of followers pinterest style

Once you’ve opened the image, scroll down to the bottom to open the profile of the person that pinned this image originally.

Because the image got so many repins, it is almost always by someone that has several thousand followers. You can now click on his followers at the top.

All you have to do now is to follow everyone that is following that to get thousands of followers on pinterest

Here’s what you need to pay attention to, it is very tempting to just follow as many as possible, but you should limit yourself to 100 a day!

That’s where I went wrong the first time!

As you can see in this example, this particular profile has 37.6k followers, so you can easily fall back on that profile several times.

Or you may want to switch it up and look for various different profiles.

Instagram Method:

The Instagram method is almost exactly the same. Start off by following your Facebook friends if possible and add your friendly profile picture.

The next step is pretty important. Your profile should have an interesting description with your websites URL to get thousands of followers instagram profile

Write a few lines mixed up with emojis to make it colorful.

Now go to the search bar and look for your niche again. This time it should be searched as a hashtag though (e.g. #mixer).instagram mixer search

This step is just pretty similar as the above one. Click on the image that has the most likes and now click on the actual likes of the image.

You can now follow all the people that liked that specific image. Again I would highly suggest not to follow more than 100 a day!

For additional followers, you could like as many images as you want and every now and then a person will follow you for liking their to get thousands of followers instagram likes

I literally just scrolled and double tapped my screen without looking whilst watching TV once and got around 20 followers doing that!

What you also want to do is to add images regularly. I usually add one every other day.

As a description I usually add a couple of hashtags related to the image and my niche to get people in that area interested and liking my pictures.

Twitter Method:

Twitter is a bit more direct, after setting up your profile (including your link in your bio) and following your Facebook friends do the following.

Either search for hashtags in your niche or search for a very known person in that niche to get thousands of followers twitter method

I go for the latter method. Once I found someone slightly famous, I click on his followers and simply start following them.

Twitter is a bit more lenient with the amount of people you can follow a day, but just to be safe, I don’t follow more than 100 – 120 a day either.

And that’s pretty much it. As simple as it sounds, it works!

 Side Notes

To ensure a strong following, repeat these steps every day. I typically do mine in the morning just when I wake up so it’s out the way.

Sunday has the lowest follow back conversions so you might want to skip that day.

I strongly recommend to follow everyone back that follows you, because you might lose these followers otherwise (watch out not to exceed your 100 followers a day limit by doing this step).

Also make sure to reply to all comments you might receive. It helps to build relationships.

The last advice I could give you, to make this as fast and painless as possible, is to use a to get thousands of followers on your smartphone

By using a smartphone it is much easier and faster to do all the steps than using a mouse on a PC.

And finally, if you haven’t done so already, feel free too follow me on my social media accounts!

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

If you liked this tutorial, feel free to share it by clicking on one or several buttons on the side, bottom or top. I will highly appreciate it!

Thanks for reading and any confusions, compliments or concerns can be typed down below as a comment.

I always reply and always love reading them.



  1. Great tutorial Essi,
    One thing I realized is that anything you give your maximum attention will certainly blossom.

    And that was what happened with your social media accounts. But, do you create a separate social media account for all your sites?

    If yes, how do you manage all?

    BTW: you have to do something about this your captcha, it’s so annoying.

    • Hey Theodore,

      I only have one account for my twitter but seeing as I never really used it I just made it my professional one. For my Instagram, I created one separately from my personal one.
      As for the Pinterest account, I never used it before my website so I just instantly used it for my website as well but add personal things to it.

      It’s not hard to manage all of them. I just pin a few things in the morning on pinterest and post an image twice a week (every time I release a blog post) for my Instagram account.

      For twitter I use which is a great automated tweeting tool.

      I am looking to change my comment box but it does catch over 80 spam comments a day so I am keeping it for now. I know it can be annoying :/ sorry about that haha


    • Hey,

      Glad you enjoyed this tutorial. I just reached thousand followers on instagram and twitter the other day doing this. Pinterest account will probably reach the 1000 barrier by the end of the month.
      The good thing about this technique is that it’s not considered as spam so you have no danger of getting suspended.
      Let me know how it goes or if you need any help.

  2. I am a member of WA also. Great training. Enjoyed your site very much. Going to refer to your post on social media, one of my weakest areas. Think this will help me. Thanks for the good information. Deanna

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