How To Generate Passive Income – Week 1

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What has happened so far?

There are obviously several approaches to generate passive income streams, but today I thought I’d blog about how far I’ve come in my first week of signing up for Wealthy Affiliate – Premium membership.

So before I list all the things that have happened, let me explain what I’ve learned and how I’ve changed personally. I have read the same question and answers over and over again about how long it would take to generate passive income. The question is such an impossible one to answer as it depends on so many factors.

If you work out for example and ask a bodybuilder or a fitness model on “quickest way lose belly fat”, they could tell you it takes 12 weeks or whatever other time frame. But the truth is, if you have a different body type (let’s say your body fat exercisepercentage is way higher than someone else’s) it might take you 12 weeks, but you would have to work harder on it to achieve the goal.

It would also mean you would have to follow a strict diet and keep at it. Then there might be days where you fall sick and can’t make it to the gym or don’t recover enough, get an injury etc.

Additionally how do you define “getting a six pack”? Does it count if the slight outlines of the abdominal muscles are visible without flexing? Or do they have to be bulging out without any effort?

Measuring Passive Income

The above example of the six pack, covers similar issues with generating passive income. I am just curious when I will make my first Dollar. But then again I’ve been working harder certain days than others, in order to meet my minimum hours done for the week, that I’ve set as one of my objectives.

Overall I think that the harder you work for it the sooner you’ll see the results come in and larger and more satisfying that result will be.

In a week of starting this project I’ve so far gotten this done:

  • Created my website
  • Blogged and added several informative pages to it
  • Created 4 Reviews about money related websites/ programs
  • Set goals and achieved them
  • Joined the Gym again to become healthier
  • Gotten over 42 raw clicks on my website


So if you look at this progression you might think, hold on a minute that’s not impressive at all. But if you look at it from a different angle it gives a much stronger effect.

If you think that about a month ago I had no idea how to build a website or anything to do with it would you have believed me? Before a week ago I never thought I could write out several pages of researched information that might interest others. (I’m not saying I’m an amazing writer but certain comments tell me that people enjoy my thoughts).

I always liked the idea of setting goals but I tend to do it irregularly. Now that I’ve set some starting this project, I realized I achieved more than I wanted already. I set weekly goals and monthly goals, as well as bi-yearly ones. My monthly goals have already been taken care of to the most part.goal - target

I’ve been struggling to get back to the gym due to many reasons. I have now been back for nearly a week and it feels amazing. I feel vitalized and more refreshed. It also adds a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. Once I’m done I know the day has had some purpose. My mind is cleared from foggy thoughts and things that bother me and it helps me sleep better as well. Obvious benefits of going to the gym don’t need to be mentioned I guess 🙂

And finally, imagine starting an online business and opening a website is the heart of the business. The next important step is to get as many visitors on the website as possible. In only a week I’ve had 42 raw clicks!!! If this number were to increase (which hopefully it does as my content increases) I will be looking at roughly 100 raw clicks by the end of next week. Maybe I’ll have my first sale by the end of week 3.

Only time can tell when my first Dollar will come, but it is important not to give up now. I have to keep on moving and improving.

What’s next?

So what’s going to happen next. Well, hopefully my visitors will increase on my website and more people get to read it. I also want to add more visuals and nicer structure to my website.

I might start blogging my progression on a weekly basis but eventually I think a monthly might be more logic. Like I said before, I want to be 100% transparent and share all my struggles, issues and difficulties down my path, but I also want to share my achievements and success stories as I walk along.Long path

If a passive income is really attainable, the way I lead my journey, then anyone can certainly do the same. I am no different from you. All I do is keep a goal in mind and try to stay motivated.

Keep up your good work and please tell me if you are on the same path to success as me. I would love to hear other peoples progressions.

If you haven’t done so by now, I really want to encourage you to at least read my Wealthy Affiliate review, so that you too could learn how to generate passive income like me.

And if you’ve read my blog all the way down to hear you might as well leave a comment now 🙂





    • Thanks, I’ve come a long way since then 😀 feel free to check out my monthly progress. I will soon be writing about my second month!

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