How To Find A Business Mentor And Why You Should Seek One

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Importance Of A Mentor

There are many ways a mentor could help you succeed or improve in life. A mentor is a guiding figure, to help you progress in your personal path of life. You may have never thought about acquiring one but I will try to explain why it is a very important figure to be by your side, when trying to achieve goals.

coaching trainer boxing
Every legend started small

A mentor is a person that has some sort of experience in a field that you are interested in. Say you want to become a professional swimmer or boxer, you will most likely find a mentor to coach you that has taken part in the olympics or other professional swimming/boxing competitions.

The experienced person you choose as your mentor, should also be an advisor and a trustworthy figure.

A lot of times you need to be able to talk to that person on a human level and not just as a business partner or trainer.

Your mentor is most likely going to be someone to look up to as well. Someone that’s been in your footsteps and has grown to be the man/woman you want to become. That’s why a mentor is so valuable and why you should seek one.

You might be wondering how to find a business mentor for your personal business. It’s often much easier than you might imagine…

How They Can Help And Why You Should Ask For It

I found my mentor by doing hours of research on how to get into affiliate marketing. I didn’t want to jump into the market without anyone guiding me through it.

So before I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, which by the way is filled with mentors, I did my own research on which study material and processes to go through to be successful in this business.

Soon enough I fell on a website very similar to mine, and what I did next was simply contact the person and ask for advice. I still stay in touch with him now and he occasionally asks me how my progress is coming along.

When I struggle, I always ask him, or other people in the community of Wealthy Affiliate that have years of experience, for advice and I always come out with a positive attitude and an answer.

Therefor I encourage you to find like-minded people and form a relationship. I’ve often said it’s easier to succeed with people that have the same goals as you. You can share ideas, interact and help each other out.

Because you are like minded, you will form a bond and friendship, which automatically makes you want to help each other out.

If you have friends that tell you to be realistic and live life the way the rest of the world does, hang out with someone of people

Don’t listen to those that tell you your ideas are stupid. It will demotivate you, put you down and kill your dreams.

Especially in hard times it is important to hang out with like minded people. Those that succeeded already will tell you how they’ve been in your position before and how they managed to get out of that dark mindset.

Show them where you struggle, ask them for advice and how they beat through it. I can assure you that most success stories were denied or struggled several times before they became successful.

You can achieve the same if you constantly get back up and it is a lot easier getting back up when someone reaches out and gives you a hand in it. Find out where they failed and avoid their mistakes.

Copy Success

You can obviously be innovative and create new things but don’t try to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs if you don’t have a revolutionary idea. If your goal is similar to mine and you simply want to break free from the 9-5 life style, follow proven routes and branch out from there.

Find one solid idea you want to pursue and stick with it. Contact those who make a killing in that idea. Ask them everything you possibly can, take notes and follow their advice.

Don’t try to find shortcuts either. You might be lucky and manage to repeat the success faster with other incentives you try, but chances are you’re more likely going to fail by doing so.

endless road to success
Sometimes the road to success seems endless…

Asking your mentor what advice he could give and how he made it, will already be a short cut.

Find out a structure as well. Don’t try to pick your mentors brain and jumble all the ideas together in one go. For example, in the community of Wealthy Affiliate, there are 2 courses you can take, each of which has several lessons and take months to complete.

If you try to skip these lessons, you won’t succeed faster. You can’t assume that speeding a proven process will speed up your success. There is a reason the lessons are laid out the way they are.

It’s because they work best that way.

If you need motivation to succeed, think about the way your mentor is currently living. Look at what he’s achieved and how he’s living the life you would like to have.

Or simply talk to him. Ask him how he managed to overcome negative thoughts.

I like to look at success stories to motivate myself. Looking at other affiliate earnings, like these ones here, gives me a massive boost of energy.

Shut Up And Listen

Don’t try to impress your mentor by the things you’ve done. Clearly you need to be impressing him or her by showing interest and possibly add some sort of value you could provide him with. Share your goals and what you want to achieve.

He will surely help you out then, because now he wants you to succeed for both your benefits.

Mentors don’t want to waste their time with people that come and go. They don’t want to waste their energy with someone that’s going to make false promises and turns out to leave when it gets hard.

Question your mentor as if it were an interview.

build a strong relationship and show why you could add value to their business. As I mentioned earlier, try to pick their brain. Show interest in what they’ve done and how they’ve done it.

This is the way to gain your mentors trust and find one that will stick by your side until the end.

Who knows, maybe you will end up building a business together. Everything is possible.

Be ready for failure and show them that you are resilient. The average millionaire goes bankrupt more than once in their lifetime. This is why you have to be prepared to take risks and that is what mentors like to see.

Determined people willing to go the extra mile.

If you think about it this way, having a reliable source to give you guidance will be so much easier than doing everything on your own. Prove yourself and your mentor you are built to last, and they will help you.

Don’t expect the work to run smoothly from day one. Success is a roller coaster and you have to ride it until the end!

Feel free to leave behind comments and thoughts. Have you found a mentor yet or have you achieved success alone?

How are you planning to find your mentor?

Thanks for reading,



  1. Great article about finding a mentor. Especially when it comes to your time and money, trying to find someone to genuinely help out without kickback for themselves is pretty tough. Tough but not impossible.
    Good point also when you bring up listening. It’s hard to learn if you behave un-trainable.

    • Hey Brian,

      Glad you share the same opinion with me on this one. I think it eases the path to success by a huge chunk when having a mentor!

      Like you say, it’s hard to find someone that genuinely wants to help out but the kickback can also be a positive thing. If you manage to help each other out that’s great. For instance an old timer might have a lot of SEO knowledge and knows how to use keywords but the person he’s mentoring might have more knowledge in Social media and new trends.

      But overall I agree with your above mentioned point 🙂

      Listening is probably the most important bit when having a mentor I guess.

      Thanks for your feedback,


  2. I really enjoyed your outlook on mentor ship. Without mentor-ship where would any of us be today?

    From parents to friends, everyone has an influence on us it jus depends on what kind. I agree totally that picking good mentors is a big key to success.

    I have mentors in many different areas in life. Financial mentors, belief mentors, business mentors, and of course investment mentors.

    I believe 100 percent thy everyone has something to teach. Whether they cons share their mistakes or successes everything can be helpful!

    Just like this content, mentoring mentor-ship! 🙂

    Great job!


    • Hey Richard,

      You have posted a very well written comment there. I’m glad you share the exact same belief I do and as you said we have been mentored from day one in our lives.

      That’s the main reason we should continue to be mentored. OF course this doesn’t mean that we should get everything in our hands for free but a guide is always helpful and almost necessary for success.

      But if we get bad mentorship it can lead to bad results too so we have to pick carefully or be picked carefully!

      The most effort still has to be done by us i.e. taking the right decisions and choosing the right products etc.

      Thanks for your comment, really enjoyed it!


  3. Great article… someone once told me, “you’re gonna spend money one way or another.” Either you will spend it over time through trial and error. Or you can spend money on a mentor and reach your goals a lot sooner without enduring all the mistakes.

    Of course I chose the latter… however it wasn’t until I had already spent several hundred dollars going at it on my own. Would you recommend Wealthy Affiliate to seasoned marketer as well as a newbie?


    • Hey Mark,

      That is an interesting thing you were told. I guess having a mentor feels safer if you can put it that way.

      As for wealthy affiliate, I would recommend it for seasoned market if 1) you would like to promote a good program as an affiliate or 2) you would like to stay updated with the newest trends such as Google updates for example.

      There are quite a lot of seasoned marketers here who I personally talked to, that are just here for those reasons. They aren’t actually going through the lessons anymore.

      3) Reason would be to get a great free Vegas trip I suppose 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Mark,


  4. Good article as I didn’t think of getting mentor from within Wealth Affiliate and given a thought. Why not?
    A reminder to myself that if one needs to be successful, one needs to approach a mentor who has done and gone through the similar path. Totally agree with you.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Stanley,

      The fact that you are within WA already serves almost like a mentor. Everyone there is so helpful plus you have the courses and webinars to follow and tons of trainings.

      Basically you are exposed to several mentors all at once 🙂

      Thanks for agreeing and commenting!


  5. A business mentor is something I feel like I really need right now. Trying to figure everything out basically on my own is tough. Sometimes you just can’t see what you might be doing wrong and what you could be doing way better or differently to get different results.

    Your post sums up pretty well why we need a mentor and copying the success of successful people is smart business.

    • Definitely, I wasted a good year following advice of multiple people telling me a bunch of nonsense. Additionally I spend so much money on stupid ads and fb ads and other programs. Should have seen through them and their affiliate commissions.

      I’m finally on the right track now though so I’m happy 🙂

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