How To Automate Your Life (The True Path To Passive Income)

how to automate your life title

how to automate your life title

The Lazy Way Of Life

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” – Bill Gates

I’ve always felt like a lazy person. Although I am actually incredibly productive and accomplish great things when I put my mind to it, I love being lazy.

People often associate laziness with being unproductive which is very wrong. As Bill Gates’ quote shows, you can actually be more productive by being lazy.

I remember one time in math-class we were assigned a task and I managed to solve it within a few seconds before everyone else did.

(I wish I still had the question to show you the actual example)

The reason was, I didn’t try to solve it by calculating the answer, I looked for a shortcut and I used logic instead.

I should enforce that I was pretty average in math and actually failed my final exams, so it came as a shock to the entire class when I was the first to solve it!

I share this story because this way of thinking has always been part of me. Every task I have, I try to simplify it and solve it as quick as possible.

Today I will show you how I simplify or how to automate your life, specifically when it comes to work.

In this article you will learn:

  • What examples I use daily for my business which you can use too
  • Which tools I use to automate my life
  • The dangers of using these
  • The direct connection between automatization and passive income, plus how I make passive income

The great thing about being a productive lazy person, is that the more work you put in, the less you will have to move and do in future.

This is why I work as hard as I can on a daily basis, so that in a few years I can sit back and relax while watching the sun set, lying on the beach.

My Examples:

There are tons of tasks and things I have to do in my life and can’t be avoided. But there’s always a way to make these things less of a hassle for me.

In my previous post I talked about how I like to simplify shopping for instance. Instead of spending several hours looking for my groceries, I spend about 20 minutes.

But how can you do the same with other work related tasks? There is a very simple answer to this.

When I was still employed in an investment bank, I stumbled across an article where an american employee was earning $240k a year.

The interesting thing about this guy was that he barely moved a finger in doing so. Long story short, he outsourced all of his work to China.

Eventually he got fired, but that article (read the full post here) made me realize something…

If someone employed in a company can do this, then surely there must be a way to create a business and outsource everything in it as well.

This brings me to my first point:

#1 – Outsourcing:

Outsourcing is probably the greatest tool you could use if you want to automate anything to do with an online business.

You could literally hire someone to do almost everything required to run a to automate your life outsource

Whether a virtual assistant, customer service, cold calling, website related content creation to YouTube recordings, the list is endless.

There are websites such as or oDesk, where you can find people to take care of everything.

This is often incredibly cheap and really efficient because you can choose when things have to be done by and pay them with a fixed price or hourly.

There are of course many more sites which offer more specific tasks, so you can have accountants across the world, doing your taxes for example.

As your business grows, your tasks will too and therefore outsourcing can be a genius solution for you to save time and focus on other things.

#2 – Guest Posting:

Similar to outsourcing but probably more efficient and cheaper, is guest posting.

The reason why I would much more prefer guest posts than outsourcing my articles are the following:

Firstly, an author that will submit a guest post to your blog is more likely going to put a lot of effort in their post for it to be selected and actually posted.

If the content isn’t good enough it won’t be featured.

The writer will focus more on content and quality rather than the word count and deadline he was assigned to reach.

Secondly, they will most likely promote their post on your blog, which drives more traffic to your site itself.

Outsourcing a post will leave the task of promoting the post to your own efforts (unless you outsource promotion as well).

#3 – Aweber

I’ve previously written a post on how you can increase your traffic by having an email list.

Having an email list is a lot of work though. You have to build a relationship with your followers.

Help them out and keep them interested by continuously sending them emails with information they would like to read about or could be useful.

Although I wrote a very handy tutorial on how you can create your own list, I have since changed my email provider.

I am now using Aweber for a very simple reason:

You guessed it, automatization!how to automate your life aweber

Aweber has an awesome automated email function, meaning I can write a set of emails which will be sent out to my entire list when I choose.

Of course it takes time to write these emails and you still have to put a lot of quality and effort into them.

However, I prefer putting a few hours of work in one day to save time days of work.

I usually choose a day to write down 5-10 emails.

These vary from questions, letting people know to ask me things they struggle with, include new posts in other emails and much more.

I then choose the days I want them to receive these mail. A great feature of this automatization is that every new subscriber will start receiving the first mail.

They don’t start receiving random mails. There is a certain order in which my subscribers get them.

There’s also a certain timeframe each mail will be sent out so that I don’t come across spammy and annoy my readers.

Very handy and it keeps followers interested and shows them that you don’t forget about them, which can easily occur if you don’t write them continuously.

If you want to try out Aweber yourself for free here’s my affiliate link for a free monthly trial.

#4 – Buffer

I’ve only recently stumbled across this Twitter gem and I use it daily. As you might know, social media can drive an insane amount of traffic to your blog.

Since last month I focused more on my social media as I was lacking some strength in that.

Besides finding out a great strategy to increase my followers on Twitter, I’ve also noticed that I could get a few views and clicks by tweeting regularly.

One day I literally tweeted every hour or so and got great results. But being on alert all the time is way to time consuming.

I then found this gem called which is very similar to Awebers automated email to automate your life with buffer

With buffer you can simply write down a few tweets and set a automated tweeting schedule.

It then tweets these out for you automatically, as you’re logged in with your Twitter account.

So while I’m sleeping I get to tweet out some tweets and get some clicks from people across the world who are surfing the web.

I’ve been getting a lot of traffic thanks to this tool!

Dangers Of Automatization

Although all the above mentioned tools are incredibly useful and I use most of them regularly, you have to be careful with them.

When you outsource work, you should always make sure to interview the person doing your work, intensively.

The first time I outsourced a task I thought I did a good job interviewing the person, but it turned out to be a terrible experience.

Nothing was done the way I wanted it to and it was not just a waste of time but also a waste of money.

I highly advise to go through several rounds of interviews and use Skype to hear out their language skills and levels, if relevant.

As for guest posting, it is also really important to go through the finished post that has been submitted to you.

If you find a poorly written text, it will be damaging to your site.

Most importantly you have to make sure this isn’t a copied version of the authors website itself or any other text.

Make sure it is 100% authentic so that your site won’t get penalized by Google.

So although outsourcing and delegating tasks to other people can be amazing and really beneficial for yourself, just remember one thing:

No one works better on your business than yourself!How to automate your life overlook your business

If you have employees, they might do a great job but you would do a better job. It’s simple to understand why.

You are the only person that cares enough to improve the business.

An employee will get paid regardless of their effort.Once their task is done they get their pay.

Therefore try to establish your business until it reaches a certain level before outsourcing tasks.

You want to reach a certain goal, to create an identity first, so that you know what type of articles your blog should have.

That way your outsourced workers have a certain guideline to look back on. Additionally it is important to always keep an eye on your business.

You can never completely outsource everything without checking in every now and then.

Especially if you hire accountants or virtual assistants that take care of important tasks. This could be very expensive if done wrongly.

Making Passive Income Online

Now there are tons of ways to make money online and probably several thousand ways to make that money passively.

I chose to go into affiliate marketing for it’s simplicity. When I understood how it works, I was fascinated that you can actually make money that way.

Of course it takes a lot of work to learn every step at first, but once you know what you’re doing it’s completely automated.

If you combine the above points with your own knowledge, you could literally end up doing nothing but checking your account every month.

Here’s how I went about to creating my business and how I’m planning to automate it (possibly) in the future:

  1. Learn how affiliate marketing works
  2. Set up my business
  3. Continue to regularly learn from professionals and implement/ test what you’ve learned and teach in my posts
  4. Eventually outsource posts and let guest bloggers contribute
  5. Hire assistant to take care of social media and regularly post on them
  6. Check my monthly reoccurring income and transfer from PayPal to my personal account

As you can see, I’ve already completed 3 of the 6 points. The beauty of affiliate marketing makes this plan possible.

I don’t have any inventory or manufacturing of a product. All I do is promoting a product that already exists from a company.

Since I don’t have to ship, store, or take care of a team that overlooks the customer service, I just have to focus on promoting the product.

Once I have enough traffic and followers, all I have to focus on, is regular posts to gather more followers.

Another thought that has been crossing my mind regularly over the past few days is selling my niche website.

As you might know, creating a niche site with my method doesn’t take more than a few hours.

My current and only niche site right now is making around $800-$1,000 passively.

Although I haven’t touched this site once sine I’ve built is, I feel like it’s too much work to handle right now.

(Mainly because Amazon doesn’t pay me directly but sends checks/cheques over, which I’m not a fan of).

So I could be selling the site on

Flippa is almost like an auction house for websites and apps. Either you can buy/sell domains, established websites or Apps.

Since my website is performing nicely by doing nothing I could consider selling it for a nice amount and remove that “concern” of my daily life.

Final Thoughts

Although the last point was a bit irrelevant to the automatization theory, it still shows that you could build these automated income sources let them age for a while to sell them later on.

This can be very profitable if done correctly.

Overall there are so many things you can automize in your life. The other day my girlfriend and I were cleaning the flat and it took us half a day.

Getting a cleaner would save us that time and although we would spend a bit of money, I could focus on making more money online and grow my business.

So whatever bothers you in life can probably be done by someone else.

Just always remember that no matter how automated your life will be, you always need to pay attention to the results and check in regularly.

Always make sure you still have full control!

To see a full list of things I use for my online business, check out my resource page.

If you have any questions or thoughts please leave your comments below.

Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter to get regular advice and tips like these.

Feel free to share this post on your social media and remember to stay lazy if you want to be financially free!

Thanks for reading,



    • Hey,

      Very true! A lot of people work hard to achieve multiple income streams but I don’t think the goal is to work hard and keep working hard to have more money.
      For me it’s all about automatization. If I can make money while sleeping then that’s the real achievement!
      Thanks for leaving a comment and I’m glad it was a useful article to you 🙂

  1. Automation is key to scaling your business. When you’re at the point where you’re ready to do it, it’s time to choose the right software. Luckily there’re ons of useful tools out there nowadays. And cold emails is totally the first thing you should automate in order to bring more leads to you business that will help you grow.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you Jenna!
      If you truly want a passive income lifestyle you have to get comfortable with outsourcing and automating things. I always find it important to have done certain things yourself numerous times so you know how they work, can identify problems etc etc. that way when you outsource or automate it and something goes wrong, you can quickly intervene!

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