How My Roundup Made Me $250 And More

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The Story Of Roundups:

As you may have seen, in mid-March I finally got around to doing my very first roundup post, which included 33 super affiliates and how long it took them to make their first dollar online, as well as how they manage to maintain their income.

I’ve been wanting to create this roundup for several months and somehow never got around to doing it.

Once I did finally create it, the result was a lot better than I could have imagines, which is why I will breakdown how I did it and what came out it for me!

The inspiration for writing my first roundup was simple.

Every time I came across a roundup it was incredibly valuable and a bunch of experts shared their opinions.

Most of these opinions or answers usually share a majority of replies or share the same thought process and obviously that is something the audience can take back and implement to their lives.

Having fallen in love with the idea of generating online wealth, it was only a matter of time for me to get my roundup published, that would help me and my audience to get that income rolling in faster through a simple question.

It took me a while to come up with a question, good enough to be worth asking.

But then I traced back my steps and thought of the first few questions I used to ask  the pros all the time when I first started with affiliate marketing.

Everybody asks this question eventually when they first start out and that question is: “how long does it take to make money online?”.

Obviously you can go read the answers in the post itself and see what the experts said, but in this post you will learn:

  • Why I Created The Roundup
  • How I Did It
  • What It Did For Me
  • What You Can Do

You’d be surprised how much value the roundup gave me and my website and how simple it really is when you have a blueprint you can follow step by step, which you’ll get here!

Why I Created The Roundup:

The idea of a roundup can be a bit confusing at first. Why would you link out to a bunch of experts that are performing better than you?

Wouldn’t that scare away your readers and send them off to a blog that’s already more successful?

Well yes and no…

A roundup may send traffic to other blogs and thus losing some traffic. But you will soon find that there will be a lot more targeted traffic coming your way instead!

Look at it this way, if 33 super affiliates that have a massive audience suddenly share a link from YOUR WEBSITE directly on their social media, you’ll have the potential of thousands of people landing on your page for the first time.

Chances are they’ll spend a lot of time to have a look through your site and possibly buy or subscribe to something you’re advertising.

Another reason I always wanted to create a roundup is because it doesn’t actually require that much work.

A blog post usually takes around 6 hours from start to finish for me to create. A roundup may take several weeks but in hindsight it’s just a lot of back and forth.

In the end the majority of work is editing and making sure you’ve reached out to everyone. The rewards are not just a single one as you’ll soon discover and they can pay off in the long-run too.

Finally the main reason I wanted this roundup to be posted, was to get a lot more social exposure and get my brand out there.

When super affiliates share your post and thousands of people finally get to see your name and blog for the first time, they’ll easily recognize it when they come across another post of yours in future (whether that be a guest post or on your blog).

And once they recognize a familiar face, they’re more likely going to read that post of yours as well.

How I Did It

Before you get started you want to do the following. Make a list of all influential people you would like to contact.

To keep an overview, it is really important to maintain everything neatly organized and sorted so that you don’t mess up in the end or forget some people.

The easiest way to do so is to have a spreadsheet.

If you don’t have any of the Microsoft office programs, simply use Google sheets.

This is a replica of microsoft excel and works a gem, plus it’s completely free and all you need is a Gmail account.

Next thing you want to do is find the experts you’re looking to contact and list them on your spreadsheet.

The easiest way to find them, which is sort of the lazy mans guide, is to look for previously created roundups in your niche and collect all the names from them.

Not only will you have the ease to just copy and paste their names as well as their websites, you also know that they are more likely to reply because they’ve done so in the past.

roundup excel template
What Your List Could Look Like

Now to make the whole thing a bit easier to follow, I pretty much just followed this tutorial by Brian Dean, which he created for Quicksprout and added my own touch to it.

In your list, make sure to add the email next to each person it will save you time later on.

Your third step should be a very brief email explaining what you’re doing, why you’re reaching out to them and what you’d like them to do.

This could look something like this if you’re in the fitness and health niche:


I’m reaching out to fitness inspirations and experts to create a roundup to help people reach their summer bodies.

As someone who’s helped me reach my goals I was hoping to get you involved.

If so, this is my question: ‘What is your favorite low carb recipe?’

I can imagine you’re incredibly busy, so a quick sentence or two would be more than enough.

Kind regards,


Nice and simple and straight to the point. Make sure to flatter them with a cheeky few words telling them they’ve inspired you or something.

Now simply copy and paste this email and send it out to everyone on your list and write down the date you’ve written them.

For every answer you get, write an X or whichever letter/symbol you like in a new column next to the contact person (as shown in the above screenshot).

That way you can filter everyone that’s answered you and the remaining people on your list.

After about a week or two send out a second email to those who haven’t replied yet and those you’re still expecting to answer you.

Once you’ve gathered all your answers, constructing the actual post is pretty much up to you.

Some people prefer using fancy plugins that create snazzy boxes for their roundups whilst others like myself simply pasted the answers and added a profile picture next to it with the authors blog link and name next to it.

Make sure to give them credit and add their website URL as well as name, regardless what method you prefer using.

nichehacks roundup template
Example Of How Nichehacks Posted Their Roundup Answers

Other people include their twitter profiles as well. But obviously the more you add the more work you’ll have to do, so it’s really up to you and how much you want to add.

Once you’re done, be sure to go back to your list of contacts and email each and every one of the people that’s gotten involved to let them know your post it live.

Provide them with the link and tell them you’d be delighted if they took the time to share or comment on it.

This will increase the chances of them sending it out to their fans!

That was pretty much it. Overall the actual work only takes a couple of hours. Like I mentioned earlier all the hard work is collecting the entire data together.

But if you stay organized it isn’t half as bad!

What It Did For Me

To give you an idea how powerful a rondup post can be, have a look at the traffic bump I’ve gotten from my single post:

my roundup traffic generation

Over 150 views in a single day as well as the next day! That’s 300 views in just two days! More than I ever get for a single post currently.

Additionally all of the views are relevant and highly targeted.

Besides the traffic I’ve generated, I’ve also been talking and getting advice from some of the pro’s privately.

I’ve also learned a great deal from my actual question and realized I’ve been drifting off very far from my focus and have since gone back to my main goal.

You may be surprised that this post is still being shared occasionally by some which means I’m still generating traffic although it’s been a few months now.

And have a look at the sharing stats and comments on that very roundup:


I’ve received several shares from a single post within the first few days and it’s still growing. None of my other posts reached that many shares as of yet.


Comments we’re also going crazy as many of the featured individuals were kind enough to leave one behind.

Check out the amount of backlinks I’ve received from highly relevant websites directly connected to my niche:

backlinks generated from roundup

Pretty impressive right? And all of that for a few hours of work!

But more importantly and interestingly enough, one of the super affiliates contacted me shortly after and asked me to conduct a roundup for his blog.

I happily accepted his offer and here’s what came out of it for me…

Although I simply repeated the process (admittedly with a ton more outreach than I did which took quite a lot more time than my original roundup) essentially it wasn’t anything complicated or hard to do, just time consuming.

I was allowed to be featured in the roundup myself and I got paid for it. So thanks to my roundup I received $250 dollars for creating a replica for Tung Tran from which you can read here!

roundup payment tung tran

Yes his looks a lot nicer than mine and has a lot more answers, but I still generated a strong backlink and a nice amount of money for it!

I’ve also gotten a free 30 minute consultation with him and learned a few things on the side.

Not bad for a newbie like me right?

It just proves that money can be made anywhere online and you just need to be open and look for opportunities.

What You Can Do

As you saw, this wasn’t a hard task at all. You can easily repeat this process and do a much better job than I did.

I mean I even did a better job for Tung than for my own blog! All it required me to do was to be a bit more focused and consistent.

The process is described above and there’s always a roundup you can come up with for any niche so don’t think you’re left out.

There will always be experts in your field and they will happily share their input. Just have a snoop around and look for previously done roundups.

This will help you get inspired. There are some blogs that like which has weekly roundups.kikolani weekly roundups

Of course always remember to be original and try to come up with a great question. A question should make the experts be able to ramble on a little bit.

Look at comments of blogs in your niche or think of things you’ve seen people ask a lot.

Maybe you’ll find your question like I found mine, by asking something you’ve struggled with at the beginning of your blogging journey.

If you really want to have a roundup post but can’t be bothered with the work, you can always choose to outsource it.

Feel free to ask me! I’m happy to do it for someone else.

I hope this post shed some light on the benefits and pure positive impact a roundup can do for you and your blog.

Have you considered doing one? Is this finally going to convince you to create one? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below!





  1. Essi,
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    You look like putting lots of effort. What are typical blogger life activities.

    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks! I do put a lot of effort into it. Some of my regular activities include reading a lot of other blogs and thinking about what to blog next about. I always keep my eyes open for opportunities and most importantly I try to keep a schedule that’s persistent. Now that I have a new job it’s a bit harder to manage time!
      Again thanks for your comment,

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