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The Struggle

If you’re new to creating web content, ranking on search engines is definitely one of the toughest challenges.

It is for that reason that I thought to myself, why not provide a service that I have experience in and can help others out with?

Below you will find a list of things that are not only crucial to your website, but can also be incredibly tedious.

If you want to save time and start doing other things and let me do the hard work, choose from the list below and sit back, relax while it’s being done for you!


Keyword Service

As you may know, doing keyword research is a must when it comes to creating posts and pages.

If you want to dominate your SEO, you have to start with the keywords.

This can take up to several hours and when done wrongly, you may try to rank for the toughest keywords out there.

Sure there are brilliant tools for free and paid. But when you don’t know how to use them they don’t really serve much value.

Here’s what I’m offering as a standard keyword package:

  • 200+ relevant keywords for your website/business
  • Low competition so you can rank for them easily (including LSI keywords)
  • Each keyword will have a search engine difficulty next to it so you will know which are the easiest to rank for

If you’re slightly confused or not sure what exactly your niche is, I will also offer the keyword add-ons to:

  • Manually review your website and give you a detailed suggested niche/keyword according to it.
  • Detailed SEO analysis of the top 10 competing websites, so you know what your competitors rank for

As I know how tough it can be to research these things, it thought it would be a great idea to offer this service.


Blog Content

A good blog comes up with new content on a regular basis. Not only will it keep your website fresh, but your viewers will visit your page more frequently.

The only issue is, that coming up with new content on a regular basis can be tough, tiring and exhausting!

Since I have several websites and blog daily, I can take over that task and do the work for you!

Although I speak other languages, I will narrow down this service to English texts only.

Here’s what the basic offer includes:

  • Up to 500 words for a review, article, blogpost or any other website content falling into similar category.
  • Everything will be 100% original content obviously and plagiarism is not going to be an issue.
  • Will do the research myself, SEO optimized writing

If you want to include other features have a look below for the add ons that may interest you:

  • Use of premium images
  • Additional 500 words (total of 1000)

For any special requests just let me know so we can discuss them privately and come to an agreement.


Reputation Is Everything

One of the very overlooked tasks, that are vital to a business, is online presence.

If you want to get more followers, likes and shares, you need to stay active in the social media game.

However, a simple post has to be modified for each and every account. Images as well as the text vary widely from Facebook to Twitter for example.

Additionally the amount of posts you publish also need to be kept on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for someone to manage your social media accounts, look no further.

For a basic social media management you’ll get:

  • 2 social media accounts I’ll create content for and reply to queries.
  • 2 posts, updates or tweets for Twitter, Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn
  • 5 pins and 5 re-pins as well as likes for Pinterest

The add on you can request is the length of time you would like.

If you’d like me to take care of your accounts for a week or a month, all you have to do is specify and we can discuss!


The Checker

When it comes to writing content, it is usually advised to proofread it at least once before handing it over, publishing or selling the text.

Regardless of how many times you go through your own work though, you will miss out some mistakes.

Especially if you’re not fluent in the language it can be tough.

Here’s what I’ll offer as my proofreading service:

  • I will proofread and edit everything from grammar, punctuation, spelling, rephrasing, readability, consistency and more
  • Depending on the length the prices will vary!


Order Now:

If any of these packages interest you, simply fill out the order form below and I’ll get back to you in no time.

Obviously I want to provide the best service you could imagine so I will discuss the work you want to be done over email so that I know exactly what you’re looking for.

Payments will be done through PayPal for safety reasons and you shall receive an invoice through it.

If you have any other requests that aren’t listed, such as website creation or other tasks, simply ask me and maybe I can help you out with that as well.

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