High Quality Link Building Services You Can Do Yourself – 3 Main Points!

title image for high quality link building services

title image for high quality link building services

Better Late Than Never

It has recently come to my attention how important link building actually is.

On my last income report, you can see a massive drop where I went from a 4-figure income to a 2-figure one.

Now although I am fairly resilient and know that it’s just a bad couple of months ahead of me, I want to improve this as quick as possible.

Since I’ve spoken to some experts, I was advised to bring my micro site back to life.

It has proven to make good money so I might as well make it work again.

I was even considering to sell it at one point, as it was estimated at $12-$15k, but it would be to soon for me. (Proof below)

the price the website could double through high quality link building services

(Click here, if you want to buy/sell or evaluate your website)

Although 12-15k would be a nice and an incredible amount to have, after doing something that took me about 5 hours to create, I have a long term vision in my mind.

So what exactly am I going to do in order to boost the traffic again? I will start link building!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this post:

  • Why you should be link building for your website/blog
  • Why you should do it correctly!
  • How to do it

If you’re anything like me, you hate having to do tedious tasks. Especially when they’re not fun.

However, you should always look at it from a positive angle. Things like link building, will help you grow your business.

Therefore knowing that the effort and hard work you put in, will feel so much more rewarding once it pays off!

Plus you’ll save time in the long run by creating a shortcut to your success route.

1) Going Viral

What is the need for link building? The simple answer is, to please search engines, especially Google.

By doing so you will get ranked on top of the list, for the relevant keywords people research to land on your site!

But let’s step back for one second and look at the core of our website and the main reason or mission it’s supposed to serve (at least in Google’s eyes)…

Before you go crazy trying to understand why you’re not ranking, although you’re doing all the SEO tricks you’ve been taught try this:

Have a look at what exactly the factors are that Google takes into consideration before ranking a site.

Once you understand these, you can also understand that your site should serve to inform viewers as efficiently as possible.

Therefore spam websites and other, generally badly written, articles never go viral.

Even for your micro site, you should aim to provide as much information to get visitors, to see exactly what they’re looking for.

To summarize the above point:

  1. Google’s mission is to help people find the right information they’re looking for as efficiently as possible
  2. The better you can help provide this information the higher you rank on Google.
  3. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get
  4. The more traffic you get… you get the point!

If you’re running a website on workout supplements for instance, you want high authority websites, to link to your articles on your website.

high quality link building service you should look at
Create a massive web of high authoritive links leading to your site

So if you have a thorough review on a specific muscle enhancing supplement and let’s say bodybuilding.com then links to your site, that would be a very good indication that your site is valuable.

The more of these backlinks lead to your page the better of course!

You can think of it like networking in a way. When people discuss ideas and mention other peoples creations it’s kind of the same thing.

The more people hear about it, the more people will look it up, try it, buy it etc.

2) Stay Honest

Make sure that you read this post carefully all the way to the end as you don’t want to ruin your business!

If you read the title and decide to just skim through you may make massive mistakes.

These mistakes are easy to make, because we all want to go down the fast lane. But the term ‘Quality before Quantity‘ definitely applies here!

I know I just said that the more links you get the better, but there are two typed of backlinks and these are good and bad links!

Link building is a process you don’t want to pay for and get a bunch of spammy websites referring your honest blog.

Don’t get me wrong, there are services out there that will do a decent job to generate quality backlinks, but they will cost you a lot of money.

Before Google introduced it’s updated Penguin version, a lot of people used PBN’s for their link building strategy.

Now, some bloggers still swear that they can build these without getting into Googles black book.

If you want to play it safe though, I highly advise you stay away from that method. Sooner or later they will catch you.

There are several methods that can be done to generate honest backlinks. Some of which you’re already doing.

Writing out natural and genuine articles will be picked up by one or the other blogger.

If you’re lucky you may get a backlink here and there. Of course this will take around a year before you see any decent growth.

Technically this could take even longer than a year, so we’ll be looking at other techniques below.

3) Take Your Time

Whenever you write a post, make sure to use all the SEO knowledge you’ve learned and been taught.

That way you gain a good head start in the ranking game. But additionally you want to write great articles helping people.

Fill your posts with valuable information that people can use, share and help spread it on the web.

As mentioned above, this may get picked up by a couple of bloggers and link to your page.

First thing you want to do once you’ve hit the publish button, is to get that post to be indexed on Google.

Although you can use Google Webmaster to speed up this process, you want to let this happen naturally.

Even so, there is a little trick you can do:

  1. Head over to Alexa.com which is being crawled constantly by Googles spiders.
  2. Type in your exact URL and hit the search button.
  3. Let the spiders crawl your page and wait!

This can get your page indexed in a couple of hours or a single day!

Read more on how to use Tumblr indexing to your advantage for link building strategies in a few steps.

Here’s what else you can do and technically you should be doing this already but maybe you’re skipping an important detail.

Share your content on social media!

As mentioned several times now, Google adores helpful articles. When things are being passed around socially that equals quality!

Your articles may not go viral instantly but over time they could do!

Just have a look at the screenshot of my micro site and the amount of Pins I got from sharing it once:make sure to share content socially for high quality link building services to take action

The more share’s it gets, the quicker it will go viral…

What you want to make sure of, is using your Google Plus account (for obvious reasons) and also share on that!

Ready To Build

Now that your post is indexed, let’s start building links!

Remember the bodybuilding example we’ve talked about earlier? It is highly important to keep that in mind.

If your site suddenly gets a ton of house cleaning reviews to link to your supplement site, that wouldn’t make any sense now would it.

It’s misleading information and irrelevant so Google will pick that up and give you worse ratings.

Unless you seek out these sites and ask to link to yours, the chances will be rather small they will do so.

One thing I did learn however, is to remove the links on the comments you receive, if you’re using WordPress.high quality Link Building services. How to avoid bad ones!

(Although the comment was a spam one, you still get the point)

On the other hand, you don’t want to leave your link behind if you’re commenting on irrelevant blogs either!

This brings me to my next point.

One way you can generate weak backlinks, is by commenting on other blogs.

Do not spam comment and leave behind your link on every post you see.

Instead, try to comment on blogs naturally and possibly give good advice.

A good tactic here is to comment on blogs that use Commentluv.

Commentluv automatically takes your latest post and links to it. Here’s a great tool to help you find blogs that are using this plugin.

free tool for high quality link building services

Simply type in the niche of your blog e.g. dog training, choose comments and Commentluv (or keywordluv) as shown above.

The great thing about it is that it’s completely free and you can literally spend hours if not days, finding new interesting blogs.

Try to keep a list of the blogs you enjoy most which are also ranked highly.

How would you know these sites are highly ranked? A quick and easy indication is to look at the amounts of social shares the average post gets.

The more viral their posts are the higher ranked the chances are that the blog is highly ranked!

Why You Should Keep A List:

The number one most effective form of link building is Guest Posting!

It might seem long and tedious but the truth is, there is no better way. There are so many other reasons why guest posting is valuable:

  • More exposure
  • More shares
  • More traffic etc.

…to name a few. My last guest post got 36 shares, whereas my average post on my blog currently gets a fraction of that.

Once you have a few couple of guest posts spread around authoritative blogs, you will see a massive inflow of traffic.

The reason you want to keep a list, is because you want to comment on these blogs over a longer period to get your name out there.

Make them remember you so that you can eventually ask them for permission to guest post on their blogs.

Just look at this list of bloggers and you’ll see that every second one will recommend guest blogging!

Another method you may want to start introducing to your post, is to frequently mention other blogs that you follow.

Blogging is almost like a giant community, so you help each other out in a way.

By linking to relevant other blogs, you help out a fellow blogger and to make sure he knows about it, you send them a tweet or email.

If you’re lucky enough, he’ll comment or share your post, thus creating some additional traffic for you.

More importantly he remembers your name, face or blog and might give you a treasured backlink!

Once you have several backlinks find out where they are coming from. Sharing these articles socially, further boosts and strengthens the link.

One way to find out which websites are linking to yours is to go onto your Google webmaster tool dashboard and look up the list.use google webmaster tool to see where high quality backlinks are coming from

Another way would be to go over to SEMrush and to look up your domain and see what backlinks lead to your site.

where are your high quality link building services coming from?

There are several other ways of doing this but these are pretty quick and straight forward for anyone to use.

You could also sign up for a free account on ahrefs.com and get some more detailed information.


If you’re fairly new to blogging, you may want to create a few posts and pages on your site first before asking for guest posts.

Having a ton of people visiting an empty site doesn’t do much good to your business or reputation.

So to sum up the process follow this order and you are guaranteed to succeed:

  1. Write excellent content and provide helpful, SEO rich articles with long term keywords.
  2. Share them socially and look them up on Alexa.
  3. Find high ranking blogs using CommentLuv and leave valuable/genuine comments
  4. Build and establish connections with the blogger to pitch a guest post.
  5. Guest post and share your content socially!

If you think this is too much effort and too long, think about it this way…

Instead of blogging for months with minor traffic results, this will boost, not only the traffic but also the value of your site in the long run!

One guest post of a blog that has 10,000 or 100,000 thousand monthly views, can generate that traffic to your blog.


How many blogposts will it take for you to reach that type of audience?

Work smarter not harder!

As your reputation increases, conversions will too and therefore it is worth doing this process regularly.

Hopefully I managed to show you the importance of building high quality backlinks and more importantly, helped you understand how to create these!

If you’re still a bit confused or have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below.

For general feedback you may do the same.

Thanks for reading,



    • Hey Zaneem,
      Social networking is always good for business but for backlinking there is a lot more you can do that’s more effective.
      I’ve been trying those things out mentioned in the post and my traffic for my micro site already increased after 2 weeks.
      Currently I’m focusing on that site as it was highly profitable in December and now it’s almost dead (in terms of traffic that is).
      I will try out more things and write a follow up post I think.

  1. Esteban,
    Great article! There’s a lot of information to comment on, however, I would just love to focus in on the ‘ChasetheFootprint’ website! I love commenting on CommentLuv sites and that was a great way to find sites that use that plugin. As we both know, we need to mix it up when it comes to commenting on blogs to build backlinks. If MOST of your backlinks are from CommentLuv, it doesn’t look so natural and Google will NOT be fooled. Mix it up and keep it all natural looking! Thanks so much for sharing this great information!

    • Hey Jim,
      Mixing up is definitely important. Too much of one thing is always bad even when it comes to general life situations. Google is pretty clever by now and like you said they will not be fooled!
      Can only agree with you on your comment 🙂
      Happy you liked the information provided!

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