My Google Sniper 3.0 Review 2016

google sniper 3.0 review 2015

My Google Sniper 3.0 Review 2016

Product name: Google Sniper 3.0


Owners: George Brown

Level of Experience Needed: None.

Price: 47$/ month with several upsells (necessary to continue the course)

Overall Rank: 3/10


Google Sniper is a product that’s been around for several years. Google Sniper 3.0 basically is a course, teaching you to create smart websites, to rank on Googles top pages, when searching for a certain product.

He teaches you this through certain keyword searches and SEO ranking techniques he discovered, as well as other methods.

By being one of the top results, your chances of people going onto your site, obviously increases and the chances for people clicking on your affiliate links and purchasing the product therefore further increases.

Being convinced of this method I gave it a try.

I only realized after though, that this was a monthly fee of $47 and not a one time payment.

This also seemed ok with me, as he claims to support you throughout your journey of affiliate marketing, by hosting bi-weekly seminars and that you receive help from a supportive team that you can email when in doubt.

Additionally he guarantees a 60 days money back guarantee.

Almost all of the things I’ve just mentioned are very questionable if not false!

To begin with, you’re never pre-warned about a monthly fee, unless you see the tiny box on the top left that you can shift to the left.

Additionally it says you’ll be granted “access to everything” which clearly is not true either. See my screenshot below:

gs monthly fees

If you want to skip reading this review and learn about a legitimate community read my #1 top rated product!


Who Is Google Sniper 3.0 For?

Google Sniper 3.0 is initially created for people with no experience, but I suppose people that do have some knowledge would be interested in buying the product to enhance their marketing chances.

I think he targets newbies specifically, because that way his scam won’t be exposed before the purchase.

I say this because once you sign up for the course and watch the first few introduction videos, before getting to your purchase, he makes you want more than just a taste of the product and promises you to be a google sniper master if you fall for his upsell trap.trap

Once you get started with the course, you enter the “Google Sniper Cash Machine” where you get encouraged to promote and sell the product and see instant money coming into your account.

Apparently it’s so easy that the creator of the video taught his mom how to do this.

Now the problem with this “cash machine” is that you’re supposed to simply promote your affiliate link on social media sites.

You’re supposed to spam peoples pages, with tweets and comments by telling them how you’re making money online.

Not only did I find it slightly unethical, seeing as I just joined and didn’t actually make any money yet, but additionally it can result into banning your accounts for spamming!

On the other hand George Brown wrote a small E-book type of manual in PDF format, which is supposed to be your bible of the course.

It teaches you how to set up your accounts on a web hosting platform, buy domains, set up your sites and get familiar with WordPress and the necessary plugins to succeed as an affiliate marketer.


Trainings And Tools

So as mentioned above, you get to download a manual which serves as your guide in creating your ‘Sniper Site’.

It serves as a great reference to confusion.

Once you’ve finally found a keyword for a chosen product fitting all the criteria, which is near impossible, you get to buy a domain and set up your site.

The plugins he recommends to use are all fine and well but since the guide was written around 2009, obviously, the internet, as well as WordPress and its plugins, have made some significant changes.

You will run around circles trying to match the manuals print screens.

At one point it even shows you the old methods of ancient WordPress plugins, which I felt was just another way of filling the pages and making it seem like useful information that no one needs.Support message

Another feature that really got me annoyed is that they offered support and that you could email them if you needed advice or help (see above yellow message).

I tried getting information about setting my plugins for the updated version, with no reply of course.

That so called promise to a response never arrived, even when sending a follow up mail after creating my second site.

The bi-weekly seminars that are recorded and posted on the members area are also terribly outdated and I’m not even sure they still do them.

The first video has an image to it for the first minute and right after it just goes dark.

So you’re initially left with a voice telling you to “click here and now go right here”.

Very advanced indeed.

After 3.5 weeks into the course there were no new webinars or video lesson so I guess they stopped them as well.

At Wealthy Affiliate webinars are held regularly and all previous ones are recorded with HD quality.

Finally I’d like to add that the “Bulletproof” manual is supposed to serve to make your sniper sites ‘bulletproof’ and although I do agree a lot of good points are HINTED out on it, the majority of the things covered in that guide are pretty much mentioned in the main manual already.

It was a bit of a waste of time to be perfectly honest!


Pros vs. Cons



  • Cheeky monthly fees without, or barely any prior notification
  • Extremely outdated and barely renewed product since 2009
  • If followed from step one, most social network accounts will be blocked
  • Tons of upsells after initial purchasechange
  • Due to Google updates, sniper site methods are more likely to damage your ranking
  • Unethical approach to sell the product before actually having used it
  • You create cheap reviews to promote a product you have no idea about

Please note that I have been generous in adding the pros for this product.

I do believe though that it taught me a thing or two about the affiliate concept.

Yet what I learned could have easily been found online for free.


Final Verdict

In my opinion, I think George Brown has made a tremendous effort to create this court.

It teaches you to rank on top places for products being sold online and generating a passive income.

That would be true, if you bought the Google Sniper in 2011 latest maybe.

Another issue is that because the people who did manage to rank through that method are still up on the top ranked pages and when trying to find an honest review about Google Sniper, you will find the first few hits on Google to be actual sniper site.stay away

When searching for forums where people ask about whether or not the product is a scam, you will find tons of people saying it is not and claiming they made money with it.

I’m not saying they didn’t or don’t, but they usually end their ‘honest’ response by promoting their own Google Sniper site.

So it’s hard to judge.

Having used the program myself though and testing it out, I can honestly admit it’s not worth the time.

The additional trainings are so horribly organized, they’re just lazy and thrown in there.

Half of the videos are cut off halfway through, start in the middle of the webinars or have no sound or image to them.

Besides the minor things you learn from the site, I definitely would avoid this worthless product.

There are far superior courses in terms of affiliate marketing and I am a bit sad that George Brown let his product go to waste like that.

What I found hard during the course, was promoting products and telling people how good these were without having tested them myself.

If you do decide to use the Google Sniper 3.0 technique, please be aware that Google will most likely penalize these sites in the coming future!

Please read my review about Wealthy Affiliate for a FREE sign up course for affiliate marketing and make up your own conclusion – Click here to read WA review.

Thanks for reading and please leave comments behind.

I would like to read if anyone made any first hand experience with Google Sniper or similar products.




  1. Hi Esteban.
    I think your site is drop dead AWESOME.
    I have not seen anything like it, with this you are sure to stay Wealthy.
    Well Done and Thank you 🙂

    • Sheree,

      You leave such kind words behind 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy my site. I will continue to try and keep it as informative as I can. You shouldn’t thank me as I am thanking you for enjoying it so much. It makes me very happy !


  2. Well done, Estaban. It is obvious you have been working really hard. You are off to a great start.

    I like the depth of connection you are creating for your visitors.

    Your site is very clean and easy to maneuver. I’m relatively new at this and I can tell from the quality of your work you know what you are doing.

    There is something about the heading. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s too demure maybe the way to express it. It’s not bad. It just didn’t grab me. I went on looking around because I came here with the purpose of critique.

    I’m not happy with mine either. I have been battling that beast since I landed here. I see so many attractive ones. I just can’t seem to strike that ‘chord.’ Maybe you could advise ME. 😉 J

    • Hey Johann,

      I’m glad you like and recognize my hard work, as I really do spend a lot of time creating these posts and blogs. I put a lot of time and effort into it every time I write a review especially.

      It’s funny that you mention the heading because I must admit I haven’t quite found the right tone for it either. I think this is probably one of the hardest bit. I have to get on with it eventually but I’ve been putting it off for a while.

      Thanks for pointing it out though because I wasn’t sure if it was good enough yet and now I know it needs work. I’ll try and give yours a thought also as outside sources can often lead to good results 🙂



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