Getting Started

So Where Do We Start?

Have you also tried tons of different ideas and failed after a lot of painful hours of work? Or are you also sick and tired of sitting at a desk with a low paying job? Or maybe your job isn’t even that bad in terms of pay, but it just sucks the only time you have from your life? Occasional holidays which leave you broke at the end of the trip?

Good because so am I!

Sign up now to learn how to escape this routine now. Start making a change in your life today completely for free and learn how to make a passive income online.

Work taking every minute of my life
Work taking every minute of my life

This Is Why I Started This Website – I Will Show You How To Break The Pattern!

Why am I helping you? – Easy answer. If you are on this site, you must be having same issues as mentioned above. They might vary a little but it all comes to the same result, we need/want more money.

Also I know that a lot of people who are desperate take desperate attempts to join scam programs of so called “gurus” and lose a bunch of money. I almost fell down that road and I definitely am not one of these guys!

I won’t make you pay me a dime!


Follow Me Step By Step

So I want to be as straight forward as possible without leaving too much out. I found out about affiliate marketing (basically promoting someone else’s product and getting money for doing so) and literally anyone with a device connected to the internet can do the same.


Where Do I Begin?

First I need you to make a promise to yourself. I need you to promise yourself that you will give this a fair shot. By that I mean to study hard. I am a lazy person, but there are certain things I do to get where I want to be and I think these are good habits everyone can easily copy:

  • I always do tasks that bother me instantly so I don’t have to bother later, when I am even more exhausted(e.g. emptying the dishwasher)
  • I make a list of things I need to complete and try to complete them as efficiently as possible
  • I inform myself about things before I jump into the deep end (you wouldn’t buy a new car before inspecting it would you)
  • If you want to be wealthy, pick a proven successful method and give it your best.

The last point being the most important one. I will literally sacrifice a minimum of 2 hours a day until my next few posts will be written on a beach with a cocktail in my hand.

And if you think about it 2 hours is nothing! I used to have days where I worked 16-18 hours and nothing came out of it! Besides if you just take 45 minutes a day I’m sure it will be more than most people do!


How Is This Different From Other Programs/Approaches?

I will be doing it side by side with you!

I found that I always needed a guiding hand in anything I had to learn how to do. I hate doing things on my own. It’s just way more fun and easier to learn, build, create and succeed with someone by your side.

This is exactly what we’ll be doing here.



1) We will learn the content we need to know together. The basics is all we need to begin with anyway! The rest will come naturally and you might want to take a different path along the way compared to me!

2) We will build our own personal website (just like this one) because not only is it awesome to do so but it is necessary for an online business to own a website. Makes sense right? And trust me about 2 weeks ago, as I’m typing this out, I had no clue how to do this! Now I could set up a website within a few seconds and you will be able to do so as well!

3) We will create and succeed our first online income and hopefully let it generate a nice amount of passive pocket change!


Slowly but Steady
Slowly but Steady

What Will I Need To Succeed?

Let me list it for you, I know I said I wouldn’t make you pay me a dime but! I meant it 😉

– You will need no start up money! I know it sounds a bit weird but it’s just the truth.

– I will provide you with the link which will prove it to you but initially there will be a free account and a premium account which is pretty cheap anyway!

I just want to enforce that I am currently on the premium account, but I started off with the free version first, so no need to shy back.

Education is key, so you will need to study and really just pay attention and possibly take some notes. There is a course (which I really love) breaking down bits and pieces for everyone. So instead of landing on a website where you have everything about everything and you have to dig your way through, I will show you a site which takes you by the hand and puts you in the beginners class. Again all I need from you is to keep that promise!

Finally… I already ran out of things to say. You really don’t need a lot except motivation to be honest!

This graph shows you the benefits of the website I am talking about (and it’s costs):

So as you can see, I wasn’t lying about the free course

Please leave comments and ask questions if I left anything out. I am sure as time progresses you will thank me for showing you this site 🙂





  1. You are giving a good advice to your readers and I believe you will be able to help a lot of folks. The program you are talking about here is a real deal and anyone can get support whenever they feel they got stuck. That’s why this program is different from many other programs out there. Once you are inside the program you are not alone anymore and even founders, Kyle and Carson are part of the community and ready to help you build your online business.

    • Thanks for your comment Rufat.

      I agree that the site is the real deal as you say! I tested the owners with one of their automated replies to see if they would actually reply to me in person. It turns out they did in less than 24h 🙂 this just proves how serious the site is.

      Glad you enjoyed my site!

  2. I enjoyed your page a lot, your content is great. You also explained about some scams out there so people can be aware. Do you like the color blue? You can change the way each page is set up to give a refreshing look, also those lines through the middle sometimes breaks my mind from engaging your article. Not always though. Thx for sharing!

    • Hi Richard,
      Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the content and hopefully other people can make use of the reviews (good and bad).
      I think the color blue is quite neutral and nice for headers that’s why I’ve used it 🙂 also I thought I keep the same theme to maintain my style instead of switching each post to a different color. I don’t always use the lines but I guess it could be confusing for some. Maybe I’ll reconsider for the next few posts. Still a bit of a trial thing.
      Thanks again for the comment!


  3. Essi,

    You have given your readers some great information here about ways to make a passive income. Wealthy Affiliate does seem to be a great program for affiliate marketers, as long as they go into it with their eyes open, not expecting everything to handed to them. Of course they must have the mindset that there will be some work required on their part to achieve their goals to make an income online.

    • Hey Rick,

      That is very true. If you want to succeed with anything you start, you must have the right mindset and motivation to pull it through to the end.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post and agree with me.

  4. hi Esteban,

    I have a big question in my mind and that’s it ” what are you exactly do to become wealthy ? ”
    maybe this is a ridiculous but I couldn’t find my answer through the circulate in your website.
    ( you followed me on Instagram, so I became familiar with your website )

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