Get Started With Affiliate Marketing (Where To Begin?)

getting started with affiliate marketing

Blogging With Intent

Around the year 2008 I saw that a lot of people I personally knew (especially girls) started a new phenomenon called blogging.

Basically all they did was talk about the things they did during the day and added some pictures.bloggers

To me it wasn’t any different than updating a Facebook status or chatting online with each other.

What confused me, was that some of these people somehow managed to make a bit of spare change through it.

It wasn’t until much later, that I realized that there’s actually people who make huge amounts of money through their blogs!

At first I thought they had a magical gift and were extreme experts in html coding and everything else related to programming stuff online.

However in 2015, around June, a friend of mine explained the concept of affiliate marketing to me.

It took me about 20 seconds to want to get involved with it.

I saw the big picture immediately and it was at that moment where I wanted to get started with affiliate marketing.

Think about the amount of people that go online daily!

You need less than a fraction of that to land on your site and buy something off you!

What better way is there to start working as your own boss and from anywhere around the world?

But I Have No Skills

For those of you that aren’t entirely sure what affiliate marketing is, here’s the short explanation I always give: You basically promote products or services online for a commission.

For a thorough explanation feel free to read my post about it here!

I guess one of the most common fears that comes up, is that people doubt themselves too much.

Yes the IT world can be intimidating and quite scary.

But all the hard bits are long lost and in the past. Everything has been dumbed down and simplified these days!

If you can handle an iPhone you can surely handle an online business!

I don’t typically shy away from challenges, especially if they could create a new life for myself so I tackled this business with full motivation!

I was willing and ready to:

  • Learn html and everything related to it.
  • Build my websites with coding and skills I’ve learned through books and forums.
  • Learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing
  • Create 100 websites generating some cash from each.
  • Sign up to the best hosting platform etc.

And then I realized I’ve been looking at this way too complicated.

learning from teacher blackboard
Affiliate Marketing is half as hard as most people think!

The program I signed up to, taught me almost everything mentioned above in the first few lessons.

I even made my very first sale far quicker than expected (check out my monthly income reports for details).

So if you still think you aren’t skilled enough for this business, I can assure you that there are people far less tech savvy who are doing what you’re too afraid of!

Within the community, I constantly see elderly people teaching me tech-related things I had no clue about.

And they joined the program a few months before me, which makes it more fascinating.

Time To Make Money

Now that I was part of an awesome community and I was being taught how to make it, I wanted to know how long it will take.

I think everyone that starts off with affiliate marketing, wants to know how long it takes to make money online.

The funny thing is, most extremely successful affiliates made their first dollar after a very long time!

Some took over a few years…

Like most, I immediately wanted to see money coming my way.

Surprisingly I made my first dollar very early on.

The importance though, is not to see your first dollar or even your first $50!

Here are the 3 keys to succeed as an affiliate:

  1. Choose a niche you love and would never get sick of. Something you’re amazing at or would really passionately research about, until you explored every angle of it!
  2. Once you became an expert or have the desire to become an expert about a niche you seriously adore, build your website around it. Write useful information about it, for others to use. Be yourself and don’t try to sell! Simply share information about the subject you love talking about!
  3. Now that you’re on the right track, be consistent. Don’t stop here! Keep adding content, help more people and don’t give up. Follow the course step-by-step and stick to your goals!

The points are so simple and maybe they are even frustrating to some because you expected a secret hint.

But there is no shortcut. This is the shortcut! Stick to the plan.

If you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, don’t make the same mistake I kept making in the beginning.

I kept wanting my site to look like the pro’s so I kept researching and skipping ahead of the course.

This was such a waste of time and really set me back a couple of days.

There is a linear path to the courses they teach and there’s a good reason for it.

Where Do I Find My Niche?

Before starting with affiliate marketing, a lot of people also face difficulties to find the niche they’re good at.

And once they found it, they don’t know where to find an affiliate program to sign up to and promote their products.

I think both these issues are a lot easier to take care of than most might realize.

1. Finding a niche 101

So you would love to be an affiliate, yet you don’t know what you are passionate about or what you’re good at?

Here’s how to tackle your issue:

  • Create a mind map (yes, back to basics!)
  • Write down everything you spend time on that you enjoy (check your Instagram likes, go through your closet, fridge etc.) literally write down anything that comes to mind.
  • Ask your friends and family what they associate you with and what they think you’re good at.
  • Think about the things you’ve achieved or if you have a certain job can you advise people about that?
  • Sometimes you discover yourself throughout the process as you write about one niche.

This procedure should take some time so don’t rush it.

The better you’re niche is the more you will succeed!

If you have something you truly enjoy, you will make a killing in the future and you will never run out of business!

If worst comes to worst, you can always go through the Bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate, but I highly encourage you to find your own niche as it is a lot easier for you to succeed and see results in it, due to less competition.wealthy affiliate bootcamp course

2. Finding an affiliate program for your niche

Now that you’ve got the hardest part over with, it’s time to find the perfect program to sign up to.

Ideally you want a program that has:

  • High commissions
  • Your product and various versions and types of it
  • Has a good reputation

For a better and detailed description on how you can find the best affiliate program for yourself, feel free to read my previous post!

Once you’ve gotten these two points done, nothing should stop you but yourself.

I want to reinforce to make sure to choose a product you truly believe in and like.

Don’t start selling scammy products if you know they will just make you rich by promoting them.

Additionally make sure to have a site per niche.

Just because one of your sites might get thousands of clicks per day, you shouldn’t promote several products and hope to make more money that way!

Do note that a product could be a physical one or a service provided.


Although you might start off with writing creating an affiliate website, you will most likely end up making money through several streams.

As you might have noticed, my main affiliate promotion is for a program I am personally using, (find my profile here), that teaches you how to get started with affiliate marketing.

But there are far more ways to make money with your one site.

For instance, you could sign up to several affiliate programs promoting the same type of product or you could make money through selling ad space.

There are plenty of opportunities in which you can expand if you think outside the box.

It only came to me as someone posted a blog saying how many skills he’s learned within a few months at WA.

Everyone that reaches a certain point in either of the courses obtains skills that others would pay for such as:

  • Building websites
  • Creating SEO content
  • Optimizing websites for SEO
  • Keyword research and insertion

And that is just a fraction you now have that others might need.

multiple income streams
Expand your business over time by using your new found skills

I’ve written about people selling websites they’ve created for 6-figures and read about others making as much as $800 for creating and taking care of a website for a company.

I could create a website within a few minutes for someone these days!

You see the potential one business could create for you?

These are just a few examples of what lies ahead of you!

Aiming For Success!

As previously mentioned, most people fail because they give up to quick!

My advice would be to set up a free account! See if this is something for you.

Go through the first few lessons, create your free website etc.

Add new content whenever you find the time.

If you suddenly feel like there’s too much pressure or you have too many things to do on the side, give it a break.

Your account and site will always be there unless you decide to delete it!

Additionally I strongly encourage you to talk to others!

I always want my referrals to speak to me personally so that we can get to know each other!

Ask where I struggled and find out where the experts struggled!

This will help you succeed much faster than they did.

And finally be yourself when you are promoting products.

Try to identify why others might look up these products.

Why did you decide for this product and how was your thought process when buying it?

thought process shopping
Compare items and describe why you chose the particular product

Give them all the information you can and they will be grateful for it and trust your feedback.

You could demonstrate the product or write a review about it. I dedicated an entire page for Wealthy Affiliate at the top of my website!

Personally my biggest struggle to get started, was to get the right education.

People constantly say that everything you need to know is on the internet.

I agree with them but simultaneously, you won’t find everything you need in the order you need them.

When I tried to do my own research and develop the necessary skills to succeed, I ran around in circles and drove myself insane.

As mentioned above, the linear structure of the courses, are perfect for me. I just have to listen and do as told.

Of course I do a lot of research on the side, so that I can teach a little on my website as well (for free of course)!

Final Words

There is an enormous potential out there for anyone to get involved in affiliate marketing and trust me when I say that everyone can succeed in it.

It doesn’t matter what background you’re from or age, if you have access to the internet, you’re good to go!

I hope you seriously consider this opportunity and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

As I said, I love getting in touch with people and if there are any doubts or concerns, make sure to ask me.

If this was an enjoyable read feel free to recommend it to others and share it on your social media!

Thanks for reading and good luck creating your first online business,



    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for your comment!
      I’m glad you found them useful! I guess I struggled with these points so I Can help others avoid being in the same situation by sharing how I overcame these issues!

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, I can only say if you’re new to affiliate marketing they are by far the best program I found out there. I’ve signed up to a couple of programs and they always left stuff out or rushed you into things.
      Although it takes a lot of time and patience to see results, you see steady results very regularly and I think they help you build a sustainable income.
      That’s the whole goal I suppose and that’s why I love recommending them.

      Thanks again for your comment 🙂

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