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Getting rid of debt

The Education System

One thing that really annoys me, is how I’ve been raised and formed by society. Most of us get raised to go to school, graduate and hopefully save enough money to go to university or continue our education in another way. The majority probably gets a nice loan from the bank to pay the fees for that further education.

In the end we’re left with a bunch of debt and a bunch of knowledge that won’t make us any wealthier. Instead of teaching us that we can get paid surfing the internet with tools available to everyone, we fill our minds with useless knowledge, we hardly ever use even if we get a job in the field we’ve studied in.


After the years of dedication, forcing ourselves to get molded into the working life, we suffer the early months of job hunt and after several interviews and hard dedication, we finally get our first job. Finally the path to success has started…

Wrong! We get low wages and work long hours. I’ve mentioned it before but I can’t mention it enough either! I dread every morning when my alarm clock goes off. Then I wonder, why didn’t they teach us useful things in school, such as how to work as an independent contractor, how to open up a company, how to make the best use of the tax system.

Those are valuable skills an adult needs.

Automation benefit

Here are some tips to start building your small empire of wealth. Instead of spending your salary every month and hoping for a higher income, use the benefit of your internet banking software and automate all the bills you have to pay. Set the date on the first few days when your salary comes in.

For instance, I used to get paid on the 22nd usually, so on the 25th some of my salary got thrown into investments instantly. On the 27th all my bills were paid and then I cashed out a big sum to buy certain necessities (lunch and utilities).

Everything else I have to learn to live with because the rest has already been spent. That way you don’t tempt yourself to go and buy the newest gadget that you don’t need anyway. Additionally your credit score will look great as you always pay bills on time. That’s always a great feature to have these days, in case you ever consider to get a mortgage.

Just dedicate one day that you’re free and do this. Also try to set aside a minimum into your savings account. I tend to use my savings account for absolute necessities. IF for example I’ve spent more than I should and my bill payment got rejected, I can easily transfer some money from my savings account the same day and voila, problem solved.

Learn Learn and Learn

Try to constantly learn. If you haven’t done the above yet, learn how to live with spending less than you earn. It will help you in the future. Additionally I highly recommend books such as the “4 hour work week” and “rich dad, poor dad” as they really opened up my eyes. Both of these books show you how valuable it is to be free from debt and an annoying job.

I also wrote about hanging out with rich people. This can be interpreted as ‘rich’, in the sense of knowledge and not necessarily in the sense of money. If you’re constantly in a group where you are the smartest person, change the group. Nothing valuable will come out. It might be good entertainment but networking plays an important part in our lives. socializing

You can find out a lot by hanging out with new people. Sharing thoughts expanding knowledge and possibly forming useful connections for the future. For instance the vast majority of jobs (last I’ve read it was something around 85%) are not through online applications but through connections.

Almost every job I heard about in my company has been through a referral. This is because the person that referred you, built a certain trust and image of himself, which reflects on you!

Take action

Overall, it is nice and easy to blame society and the education system. But we have our faith in our hands. We can only point the finger at us. With the money we earn, we have more than enough opportunity to live in financial freedom. There’s no way it will come overnight but have a few more sleeps and eventually the next day is THE day.

Avoid using the credit card to pay for things. This is probably the most poisonous habit to have. It is so self destructing, to building your wealth, it’s best to just avoid it completely. I think I use my card once or twice a month to buy my groceries.

There’s never a need to use it really unless it’s an emergency. I’m not saying my groceries are an emergency but I buy mine through an online system so I can save time and just pick all the goods up in less than 5 minutes.

Because as we know, time is the only valuable thing in our lives 😉

To Get To The Point…

So if you want to know how you can make money online and really get paid by surfing the internet, simply read some of the positive reviews I’ve written or just skip ahead to my preferred tool that helped me generate an online income.

There are so many people making money online already so don’t be fooled and believe that this isn’t achievable either. You don’t need to be an internet whiz to learn how to do this.

I hope you had a nice read and consider my advice. I am not saying I’m a wealth expert but trust me when I say that out of most of the people I know, I’ve got the biggest number in my bank account so far and definitely not the highest paying job. Then again as my affiliate program continues my job is the least of my worries. I will soon be updating you with my progress.

I encourage you to leave comments and share thoughts as I always love hearing from others.





  1. Hey Esteban,
    I enjoyed your post, you mentioned a lot of things that we seem to forget these days. It takes so little and it seems a bit meaningless, but with a formed habit, these things can add up and provide with a difference. I also liked that you mentioned credit cards because people easily get sucked up into the system and basically become slaves.
    Overall a great post.

    • Hi Milos,

      Thanks for agreeing and liking my post. I agree that certain habits can make a big difference. I tend to avoid using my credit card by all means because when the next month comes a big chunk of my salary will be gone and that’s when most people fall into the trap of using it again and living in debt rather than having spare money.
      Thanks for your comment!

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