Get More Traffic To Your Website For Free – Because I’m Stingy Like That

Get More Traffic To Your Website For Free title

Get More Traffic To Your Website For Free title

When The Times Are Slow…

In my last income report I was complaining a little about not having reached my goal of generating the amount of visitors I wanted on my site for November.

I also mentioned that this month (December) will be even harder to reach that goal, because December is one of the toughest months of the year for website traffic.

You can read more about the seasonal trends of traffic and other insights on my post of traffic analytics here.

Although I am aware that I will probably not reach my goal yet again and I am fully prepared for a defeat, I still love a good challenge and I will try to achieve it anyway.

In order for you to be able to conquer this tough month and grab it by the horns, I will share my most used tactics for generating traffic on my blog.

Doing a little research on the side and looking at my own traffic history, I narrowed down my most effective methods to generate traffic.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Obvious techniques
  • Some less obvious ones
  • How to use all of these
  • Long term traffic success
  • Beat winter with a smile

Hopefully you enjoy this post and manage to achieve your goals for your own blog!

As I don’t like to invest more money into this business, I’ll only share tips on how to get more traffic to your website for free. After all most paid methods are dodgy.

The last time I used Adwords I spent a fortune with no real success, which scared me off a little.

The Obvious:

The best was to generate traffic is to post articles consistently.

The more you write and the more content you produce, the more your blog grows.

Why would it matter if your blog grew? Well if you write your posts considering SEO and Keywords, you have more chance of ranking on search engines.

Even if you aren’t on Googles top 3 searches, you are more likely to be found organically if you have 500 posts compared to 5.

Each post you write has thousands of keywords you might not even be targeting, which other people might type in search engines to find answers on your website.

Therefore it is important to just continuously post articles and to write these naturally. If you force keywords in, it will only cause a negative effect.

Use social media daily!

I spend about 20-30 minutes on social media just to connect with people and get more exposure.

When I write a new posts like this one, I spend a good hour to get my content out there.

To get more followers means getting more potential readers on my website and potential readers equals more potential conversions.

Use tools such as buffer to automate the process of tweeting for you. Make sure to link back to your blog with your tweets.

You can link back to articles more than once. Some sources say you shouldn’t link more than 6 times but personally I find that there’s no limit really.

I’ve seen my traffic grow regardless of how many times I’ve tweeted the same link. Each time I tweet I get at least 1 click so that’s fine with me!

The chances of the same person seeing your tweet twice is very slim. Even if he did, I doubt he would unfollow you for a link he’s already clicked on.

Google+ is another great source for social media traffic. Make sure to post your articles there.

However, instead of just posting it publicly and sharing it with your friends and followers, try using communities.

Obviously your article must be related to the community as well. If you’re blog is about dogs behaviors, maybe you would like to post in the Cesar Milan community.Get More Traffic To Your Website For Free cesar milan group

The chances of people actually reading your article is much higher.

Make sure to integrate yourself with the community first, before posting tons of your content in it.

I also typically recommend not to post more than once a day on Google+.

Look for active communities as well rather than ones where no one is posting or you see a lot of spam.

For other social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook a great headline and a fitting image can make all the difference.

Make sure to have nice images suited for each platform. Try free image sources like Pixabay for instance.

Last but not least, make sure to simplify sharing your content for people, by including social share buttons on your website.

As you can see on my site there are some at the top, bottom and the side on every page of this blog.

If your content is great and share-worthy, you might miss out if you don’t include these, as people often forget to do it manually.

The Harder Options:

So far I’ve included fairly easy methods which I use daily to increase my traffic.

The next few are slightly harder, not in the sense that they are hard to do, they just require a little more effort and time.

Email Lists for traffic.

Using email lists is a perfect way to get traffic straight to your blog. You directly invite people that enjoyed your content to begin with, to read your posts, be email.

Now the reason it isn’t quite that simple, is that you still have to write catchy subject headlines to grab their attention.

Additionally you have to hope they actually go read these. Most importantly, you have to generate a list first.

Obviously there are certain methods to increase your chances, such as asking your list what type of articles they’d like to read, ask them leave a comment etc.

However, asking your list to read the newest post usually generates a few clicks here and there, which wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

The bigger your list is the more clicks you’ll get.

The other very effective method would be to Guest post.

Guest posts are often neglected due to the amount of effort it requires. But if you think about it, it requires a little more effort than writing your own post.

Basically you can copy a post you’ve already written on your blog, re-word it and add more quality to it.

This quality can vary from content, images, links etc. Just make sure it’s a ton better than your own blog.

Guest posts are a very powerful way to fuel your traffic.

Of course you need to build relationships first before asking people to write articles for their own blogs, but nevertheless the reward is very powerful.

The Not So Obvious:

As well as writing guest posts, you can accept them on your own blog.

Why would you do that?

For one, it replaces the need for you to produce content and as we learned above, the more content you have the more chances you have of people finding you through keywords on search engines.

On top of that, besides your own social media posting, the author of the post will do their best to promote their content.

This will give you a new audience from his followers and more exposure and traffic to your blog.

So not only do you save time by not writing the post, you also get free traffic.Get More Traffic To Your Website For Free when connecting with bloggers

Connecting with bloggers in your niche.

I’ve mentioned that guest posting requires you to establish connections with other bloggers first.

Not only should you be doing this for guest posts, but also for general traffic. I noticed that a lot of my traffic came from actively commenting on other blogs.

Besides the fact that you also learn new methods to implement on your blog, you can also contribute by commenting and leaving valuable input.

People sometimes tend to read your comment and look up your name on search engines.

A great plugin that sometimes redirects to my latest posts is CommentLuv. Certain bloggers have these. You might enjoy using it for your blog.

Besides commenting on their blog, you should also occasionally mention them in your posts. Link back to their blog when possible.

If you do this regularly they will notice it and share your content. The more influential the person is, the greater their audience.

Let them know that you mentioned them as well, either through Twitter or email and they will be thankful to see you recommending their posts.

Using the Skyscraper Technique!

As for mentioning other bloggers, there is one technique that is incredibly effective and it is called the Skyscraper Technique, by Brian Dean. 

To explain it in a nutshell:

  • You basically re-write a post that already gets tons of traffic and social shares.
  • You then include a lot more of similar content (e.g. “top 10 tips for cooking” can be re-written by you as “200 tips for cooking”) and make it a lot better.
  • Then you get in touch with the sites that shared or linked to the original posts and let them know you wrote a similar article which is better.
  • These sites then replace the backlink to the old article with your new one.

Of course he explains exactly how to approach this, which keywords to use, how to find relevant articles and so on.

Link internally!

Linking to older posts on your site not only improves your SEO but it also keeps your readers longer on your site, therefore decreasing your bounce rate.

The lower your bounce rate the higher it gets valued by search engines.

You might have noticed that every so often my writing turns blue and links to a relevant article. That’s what you need to do as well.

Obviously only link to these articles when it makes sense.

Word of mouth!

There are certain occasions where you will end up in a group and meet new people or talk to friends who will ask what you do.

When I mention that I left the corporate world to start my own online business, a lot of people are fascinated because they aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing.

The next reaction they have, is to check out my website to see what how that makes money.

A useful tip to not let them forget, is to hand out a business card.

It’s one thing to mention your blog and wake someones interest on a night out, but it’s another for that person to remember it the next day and actually check it out.

That’s where business cards come in handy.

Leave an impression in Forums.

Similar to making connections with other bloggers and commenting on their websites, you can do the same on forums.

The more you comment on forums and add valuable advice, the more you will be noticed. Eventually people will fall on your site.

Don’t spam the forums by dropping your URL constantly. No one likes a spammer.

No Correct Formula

As you see, there are numerous ways to boost your traffic in hard times. You can’t rely on just one specific type if you want tons of traffic.

My recommendation is to do all of these.

Maybe not every day but if you mix it up, you have a lot of roots branching out to grab all kinds of people from different audiences.

I’m always on the lookout for new innovative ways to get more traffic. But these have proven to consistently grow mine.

If you have any additional powerful methods, please share them below in the comment section.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or want me to explain anything more thoroughly, you can also comment below and I will get back to you!

Thanks for reading,



  1. I see that you have mentioned guest posts in this articles. Do you use it to get backlinks or referral traffic. I heard recently that it is not that effective for SEO anymore and the main reason for people to do it is to get referral traffic.

    Thanks for writing such a clear article and your income reports look great man.

    • Hello again,

      I mainly use guest posts to get more awareness or traffic for my website. I’m surprised to hear that it’s not that effective for SEO. I’m guessing it’s still quite good for search engines though.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for checking out my income reports as well 🙂 I’m trying the best I can!


  2. Hello, I have to say that I truly love this post about getting more traffic to a website! It is packed with good information and is well laid out and easy to follow.

    I have to say that I have heard of most of these techniques, yet you gave me some great ideas for me to build my traffic. I am bookmarking this right now, so I will be referring back to it often and also to your other posts…oh also signing up for your newsletter with the hopes of more quality information that I can use in the future. Thanks!!

    • Hey Angela,

      I guess a lot of people have heard of these but i’m sure there are more people out there that didn’t :D. Thanks for signing up to the newsletter and bookmarking my page! Feeling rather special now haha.

      If you’re in my newsletter you’ll always be updated with quality posts coming out to further increase your profits 🙂


  3. Hey Essi,

    Great post my friend!

    I had never heard of the Skyscraper method so it was great learning about that. You have some solid strategies here and I am going to focus more on Social Media presence based on your advice.


    • Hey Carl,
      Skyscraper technique really is great. I must admit I haven’t used it for a while and I really should but got too much going on at the moment!
      Social media can easily be boosted. Have a look at this post of mine. I’m sure you’ll like it 🙂

  4. Hi there! These are some helpful tips on how to get more traffic for my website. Actually I am not that good in bringing new visitor into my site because I am just new in this business. Right now I am pushing myself in doing more. I think I will try to follow your advice in making more articles. So is this really effective?

    • Hey John,

      Adding more articles is effective for a number of reasons. Think about it this way, if you have a website with 3 articles about how to plant and take care of an olive tree for example, I’m pretty sure there is only a limited amount of information to help your readers grow a nice healthy olive tree.

      If you write several hundred articles, your readers will be covered to nurture their tree and have all the information needed in case it has issues, how to harvest the olives, which soil to use etc.

      It will just show them that your site is quality rich. Additionally, you will rank for a lot more keywords. Again if we look at the olive tree example, maybe some people are just looking for soil information, while others want to know temperature details and then again you may have some that are interested in the different types of olive trees.

      If you cover every angle, you have more people going towards your site.

      This will also tell Google it is a good site and they will then rank you higher. That’s why adding content regularly is useful!

      Hope this small explanation clarified it a bit 🙂


  5. I used a combination of some of the techniques highlighted here and my blog traffic seems to have increased. I think I need to focus more on my Twitter and also start guest blogging. I’ll be keen to see what guest blogging will do to my blog traffic, and if it is really worth the time and effort that I put in.

    • Overall it’s been quite a controversial subject matter. Many insist it helps while others think it’s a waste of time. I only think that it does add. Maybe you’ll just receive a tad of traffic from your guest post but this will be more than nothing. Plus they’ll come from other sources so they will remember your face next time they cross your website. Additionally you get backlinks from it and thus creating a more strength to your site overall which helps to push your serps

  6. It’s true what you say about being more likely to be found the more posts you have, and every post is loaded with potential keywords that can get your content found in search results.

    Things have been exceptionally quiet for my sites with traffic the last few months, and if what you say about December is true, then it’s only going to get slower.

    I will definitely be beefing up my social media posting as of now. Thanks for the great tips here.

    • Trust me, there are certain niches that slow down dramatically over December. Especially money related subjects in my experience.

      However my niche sites that sell consumer goods and senseless material goods have massive spikes during winter. Obviously things like black Friday, thanks giving and xmas make it really easy to sell during those times.

      Just keep on blogging and once you pass December you’ll have a nice traffic boost when your pages and posts have been crawled and indexed 😉 that’s always something to look forward too!

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