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The Importance Of Videos

As I’m continuing to learn how to make money online, I realized that I like reading articles which are followed by videos. The reason behind that, is that I like reading something and then giving my eyes a break to watch a video explaining the information I just read. I then like to finish off my lesson by an additional text.

Normally I tend to remember the information better that way and it seems that there are a lot of people out there that feel the same way.

Videos have several advantages, some of which include:

  • Faster explanations
  • Easy to create these days
  • Millions of users can be reached through places like YouTube
  • Viewers see exactly what you are trying to tell

Most of the lessons I’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate, start off with some text, followed by a short video and finally, the remaining text which explains most of what the video just went through in detail.

I’m going to show you a free screen recorder software, that I have come across and I will also outline the negatives of it.

How To Record A Video Lesson

So I will be showing you in my video, how easy it is to use recordings these days and hopefully you can see that. Please note that this is my very first time using such a software and I haven’t done this before so I ended up saying “uhh” quite a bit 😉

I’m not the greatest speaker yet but I am sure that with time and by creating more videos I will become more fluent, as you naturally do with everything you’re new to.

So as you can see it took me just about 5 minutes to record that video and it shows what I wanted to share with my audience.

Very simple to use and very straight forward. This video probably saved me about 20-30 minutes of work I would usually type out and add screenshots to.

If you look at the below screenshot, this is what the window looks like which you can adjust. At the bottom left you see the control panel of the recorder, where you can click to record and stop at any time, as well as adjust the microphone volume and replay your recorded footage. You can also alternate which camera to use.

Screencast-o-matic example

Some Negatives To Point Out

As you can see in the video, at the bottom left you will see a ‘watermark’ with the websites link. This can only be removed if you buy the pro version, but I don’t think It will bother me for the time being. Once I become more professional and efficient in video lessons, I guess I can upgrade and use some more features of the software.

I also noticed that in the beginning of the video, there are a few moments where it cut off my voice. I will try to speak slower in future to possibly avoid that little bug.

Other than these two points, I cannot complain at all. You have to remember that I didn’t pay a dime before using this program so this could easily be one of the best free screencasting software out there.

I did have to approach the microphone quite closely to be able to hear my voice clearly.

Other Options

Of course there are far better options out there and the things you can do with other programs are much superior. This is just a basic tool that I’m presenting here.

But again, I’m mainly trying to use it to teach my audience how to do what I do, so that they can copy it for their own use. I’m not trying to direct the newest Terminator or Jurassic Park here 🙂

Best screen recorder choice
Find your best screen recorder

I am however, a little bit disappointed, that I can’t pause the video and at least record over a previous minute or second to “edit” away mistakes. This would make it easier to remove errors, instead of re-recording the whole video.

That’s the only reason why I would consider to upgrade or buy a different software. But as it serves it’s purpose just fine and it’s for free, I can happily say that this will be my preferred software for now.

For the better options you can go check out the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp course, where it doesn’t only give you the different options, but also shows you what exactly each software has to offer, that the others don’t and which are best for what type of PC.

Some programs tend to work better for Mac’s while others are more efficient for Windows related PC’s.

Do note that this free screen recorder software supports both platforms equally. As you can see in the video though, my Mac is quite old and therefore I had to download the older software to run the program.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you can make use of it. I think it can come in quite handy for teaching purposes. Hopefully you won’t feel to shy to try it out, I certainly had a few doubts in the beginning, but at the end of the day, I just want to help out others with similar interests, so I thought there’s nothing to be shy of.

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment below and if you want to share your thoughts do so too! Feel free to show this to friends, family and colleagues as well. Maybe they want to start teaching or reviewing products. Who knows?





  1. Ive always wondered how to make those kind of videos lol I must say I agree with you on how some people find it easier watching a video explanation than it is reading a whole text. I like to rest from reading and watch a video, it makes it more interesting!

    Thanks for the great post!


    • Hey Reco,
      Thanks for reading and watching my tutorial 🙂 I feel the same way about a combination of both. Makes it easier and more interesting to pay attention. My attention span is super short as well haha so that helps!
      Thanks again,

  2. I really enjoyed this article and I appreciate you taking the time to inform people like me. I’ll definitely be giving this a go tonight. I’ve never made my own video before and am looking forward to seeing how I go.
    Thank goodness there’s a free version I can practice on. This is an awesome resource so thanks again

    • Hey Chris,
      Yea I’m always happy to share new things I learn and want to incorporate on my business venture 🙂
      I never made any videos before this one either it was actually quite a fun experience. Feel free to share your link with me once you’re done I would like to see the result.
      It definitely helps that it’s for free !

  3. Great tutorial Esteban! You covered all my questions about using this free screencast software. Since I would like to eventually start making videos, this is extremely helpful and I can’t believe its free!
    The ‘watermark’ does seem a bit annoying.
    Do you happen to know how much the pro version is?

    • Hey Young,
      I guess the watermark is a bit annoying but for a free program I think I can survive 😉 The pro version is so cheap as well actually. It’s only $15 per year. So I think if I will use this software more often I might start to use it as the pro version. As I only just tested it I thought I’d stick with the free version for now.
      Thanks for watching 🙂

  4. Excellent article, and I must say that once I start doing videos, I’ll start considering this program to start! Thank you, Esteban!

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