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The Importance Of Logos

What is the one thing that makes you remember a company? What is the one fundamental graphic representation of a company? The answer is their logo!

If you start a business, eventually you should have a logo. It represents you and your business. Not only does it represent you but your representation also reflects your professionalism.Logos

So the better the logo the more professional you business will come across. Besides it gives people a reason to remember and associate you with something.

Getting a logo can often be very expensive, if you ask someone to create one for you.

Or it can be cheap and therefor cheap looking. If however you want to take action yourself and create your own logo, but don’t know how to, this is the right article for you.

I myself have no photoshop skills, neither do I have any other artistic skills to come up with amazing logos.

As I was reviewing some websites of other members at Wealthy Affiliate I started noticing a pattern of logos and felt the urge to have my own logo.

So I asked the next best member how he got his and to my surprise he pointed me in the direction of a free online logo creator!

Trial and… Success!

Once I went on the website, I imagined a long day of work before getting anything, decent enough done, to use as my new logo.

To my surprise, I found out that creating your own logo can be much easier than expected.

Of course using a free easy logo creator, won’t end up like the next Coca Cola design, but be surprised at what it has to offer!

Here are some of the benefits of creating your own logo for free:

  • It doesn’t cost you anything
  • You can create what you imagined
  • You don’t have to wait for days until it’s done
  • You learn a new skill!

Instead of paying someone a couple of hundred bucks and sending the logo back and forth until you are somewhat satisfied with it, you can now make your own logo.

And who knows how many businesses you want to create. Each logo can now be created by yourself and faster than the first one.

The following logo I created, I literally completed it within a few minutes. I’ve created a video for you so that you can see how simple it really is.

It took me about 5 minutes to recreate my logo. Go Online Logo Maker now and try it out for yourself!



So as you could see from the video this was really not hard to do and there are so many small images to choose from and combine them with.

Try it out for yourself and feel free to share what you came up with. I would love to see what you managed to create.

Reasons You Should Make A Logo

In the beginning of this article I gave a few vague ideas why logos are crucial for a business. Now that I’ve shown you how easy you can obtain a logo, I hope to have convinced you to at least try creating one.

As you saw in the video, you don’t need to be insanely creative to come up with a logo. I literally just took the words of my domain and found images for them.

Here are some more reasons to convince you to get on board in the logo game:

  • Logos will make the first impression of your business. We all know first impressions are really important and therefore a good logo can help spike your business quite substantially!
  • We see a thousand logos and brands a day. If you can stand out of the crowd, people will remember you and fall back to your business, simply because of a great logo.
  • Be rememberable! There are millions of businesses of the same kind accessible to virtually anyone. If you can be remarkably different simply by a logo, people will fall back to your business rather than others. They tend to recommend yours before others as well if they can remember the logo.
  • Your companies image has to be better than the competitors. The logo alone can make a huge difference.
  • A logo screams out professionalism! Customers like professionalism and therefore you should consider owning a logo so that you don’t look like the person next door that just opened a garage sale.

    Head Start from competition
    Have a Head Start compared to competition

I’m sure that most of the points were already pretty clear in your mind, but it is still important to point out the impact an image can leave in the customers mind.

I’m not saying my logo for instance is the greatest one out there. I’m sure I will change it over the course of time.

But for now I am rather happy about the result and how simple it was to create.

By using a free logo design creator I didn’t lose anything. Quite the contrary, I added more value to my business.

What Other Options Are There

As I mentioned previously, there are numerous options out there. If you don’t have an idea yet for your company logo, you could simply just add a different font of writing as a header.

It looks slightly different and it slightly grasps the attention a little more than just a normal black on white header.

You could also seek out freelancers and ask them to create a logo for you for a certain fee.

There are thousands of websites with freelancers looking to create logos, on websites such as UpWork/ oDesk.

Finally you could do it like me and talk to people that already own a great logo that fits your style, discuss with them and ask them how they got theirs.

I kept seeing great logos of other members of the Wealthy Affiliate community. I started getting really curious and just approached them.

Within minutes I got answers and thousands of options, which led me to the free logo creator online, presented in the video I created.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny tutorial and that you understood my reasoning behind creating this.

As you might know by now I want to be 100% transparent and share everything I do and each step I take in creating my own passive income.

This is just another step and I am sure there will be more to follow 🙂

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts or logos on the comment section below as I would love to see what you came up with.




  1. Great article! I actually have been looking at doing a logo for my Technical Consulting company and I have very little experience using Photoshop. I have looked into hiring someone to get it done, but unfortunately it was a little too price. Thanks for leading me over to this wonderful tool!

    • Hey Tim,

      Cheers for the compliment. Photoshop can be very confusing in the beginning. I tried using it once when I was a lot younger and it took me ages to learn. Lost all my skills now 😛
      Hiring someone is going to be my next step but as my site is still young and fresh I thought it would be stupid to get involved with an expensive logo so early on.
      Hope you get to create an awesome logo with it 🙂

  2. Hey, Esteban! Very, very helpful article, and very informative! I have actually been contacting graphic designers [to include my ex–ouch!] about making a logo for my website. I was offered some very generous discounts because I am just getting started, but have yet to hear anything worth my while back. I will definitely be using this! THANK YOU!

    • Hey Brooke,

      It is definitely worth a try to use this free example here 🙂 It saves you from going to ex boyfriends hehe.
      Also it is for free so you have nothing to lose. I actually quite enjoyed playing around with it a little until I found something I enjoyed. Later on you can always find someone to help you create something more professional looking I guess.
      Thanks for reading/watching,


  3. I have come to this page at the right time because I want to create a logo for myself and so I found it. Thank you very much! 😉

    • Hey Jasmin,
      Glad you found my site in that case 🙂
      It’s very useful isn’t it and so easy to use! I will be looking forward to see your logo.
      Thanks for reading!

  4. Thank you very much Esteban. This is something I was thinking to have for my website someday. You made it lot easier. I will definitely have one using this.

    Of course a good logo will make your business look professional to the customers. Thank again for sharing this.

    • Hey Kasun,

      I’m glad you liked my post! Even more happy that I made your life easier 🙂 Show me the result once you created your own logo. Would be happy to see what you created!


    • Hey Salman,

      Good stuff 🙂 I quite liked the logo creator and used it for several of my websites. Once I felt like I had a bit more money on the side, I invested into a graphic designer to create a Logo for me. To be honest he didn’t do an amazing job since he just took my initial idea and created a very similar logo in the end -.-
      Happy you got some use out of this tutorial though 😉

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