Finding Target Audience For Your Product

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Appealing to Everyone

A lot of times I see people struggle when it comes to choosing their brand or niche that they want to sell, promote or pass on to other people. Does your finding target audience mean, that you should want to appeal to everyone? No definitely not and that is one of the main trap people fall into.

choiceThis issue doesn’t always have to be related to selling something. I know individuals that can’t say no for instance, because they don’t want to disappoint anyone. Others try to be friendly and try to be everyones best friend.

It doesn’t sound like a bad thing but let me give you short list of what the problem is with these two examples.

How Helping Hurts Others

Here are some of the things I’ve personally witnessed with friends of mine and they have repeatedly done this and worsen their relationships with others:

  1. If you can’t say no, you will end up disappointing someone. If one friend invites you to a party for instance and another friend asks you to go to the cinema together on the same day and you agree to both, one has to be ignored and therefore disappointed.
  2. By constantly agreeing you will look weaker and people will use it to their advantage eventually. E.g. everyone asking you to give them a lift and eventually you will end up being the cab driver for everyone.Strong connection
  3. Trying to be everyone’s best friend can lead to creating enemies. If you want to spend time with everyone but not everyones friendly with each other. If someone tells you their issues with another person and you then get to hear the issues from both sides eventually you will try to sort them but might stir up more problems. Or you spill out information that was meant to be kept secret.
  4. If you want to be everyones best friend you cannot focus on building strong relationships because you have to offer your time to too many people.

Like I said, I’ve personally witnessed this with a couple of people and it gets really frustrating eventually. There are numerous similar habits that are both good and bad. Feel free to see my article about it here.

The worst thing about it is that you cannot remain angry at these people because they are just kind hearted, but simultaneously you tend to spend less time with them because they just upset and frustrate you over time.

Relating Examples To Affiliate Marketing

To relate these examples with business related issues and more specifically to affiliate marketing, I will now explain how its relevant and how to avoid this.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, a lot of times I see people trying to pick a niche that they can sell or promote to everyone. Of course they want to help or reach out to the most people possible.

But the truth is, if you try to please everyone with your product, you will fail. There are too many different groups of people to please.

The good thing about individuality is that people feel very strong when belonging to a group. It forms a sense of community. All you have to do is find the group you belong to and start targeting them. (Read my review for the best community related to affiliate marketing here!)

The Benefits Of Groups

Once you have chosen your group, you can create your website and start writing about a relevant product. You will know exactly what this group wants to hear, see, use, eat etc.

Whatever it may be you will know best because you are part of it.

Additionally, you can support each other and ask questions when in doubt. For instance if you are passionate about guitars and there are a new set of strings you would like to promote, you will do the research for them with pleasure and line up all the benefits and disadvantages of them. Other people of similar passion might leave comments on your website, adding additional valuable content to it.socializing

And that is how you generate a nice amount of traffic and can continue working on your passion whilst generating some income.

I hope you see the benefits of taking your time before acting and choosing your brand before jumping into the market.

Please leave behind comments if you found this article useful and share your thoughts with me.

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  1. Hello!
    This was a great post and I couldn’t relate more to it. When i first started with affiliate marketing I had such a hard time choosing my niche. I kept telling myself constantly “well not everyone like this, or why would someone want to buy this?”. Fortunately a couple months later I finally did my research and decided what I wanted my website to be about. I couldn’t have made a better choice. It all starts with asking yourself “what do I really like and would pleasantly work with?”
    Thank you for this post. It will really help a lot of people facing this problem. Good job!

    • I think that’s the main attraction and beauty of affiliate marketing. That you can choose something you really enjoy and that’s what most people forget and overcomplicate. It’s good you found your niche!
      I wish you all the success and thanks for commenting and enjoying my post!

  2. Essi,

    Great article about finding a targeted audience.
    Finding the right people to show your website to is the key to getting readers and a following.

    Continue to write helpful articles and guide others that want to become affiliate marketers in the right direction.

    Be honest and transparent with your readers and you will discover others that want to make money online knocking down your door with questions.


    • Hey Rick,
      Thanks for the advice! That’s exactly what I’m going for. I want people to know the real me and my thought processes as I venture on this journey!
      Once I start making money on a regular basis they will see I started off as the average Joe and everything was fully documented! That way they will believe me more hopefully and maybe start converting to affiliate marketers themselves 😉

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