Easy Passive Online Income – How I Generated $143+ In 7 Days

easy passive online income title

easy passive online income title

Proof + What You Need

In my September income report, I mentioned that I would be experimenting with a project.

I started it on the 7th of October, but had to stop working on it partly, because I was on a short holiday to London.

Not only did the trip itself slow me down tremendously, I also had a few bumps and failures during the first week, which is why the result is slightly less than it could have been.

The Principle:

What you are going to be learning in this Article, is how I managed to generate  an easy passive online income method that generated $143+ in 7 days!

easy passive online income report
As you can see from the 21st – 27th sales have been made!

Not only will you hopefully manage to create the same, but you will be generating much more and much faster than I did.

Why would you perform better? Because I will tell you what exactly you need and what things you should avoid so, that you won’t have bumps down the road!

The principle of this method is, creating a niche site to sell Amazon products.

You might have heard of these before and you might have seen other tutorials out there.

I came across millions and they all had one plugin or program I was meant to buy or pay for.

This tutorial won’t cost you a dime. You might want to consider to buy your own domain though!

Results would be much better that way (they typically cost aorund $9-$12/ year).

What you will need:

  • A gmail account
  • An Amazon Affiliates account
  • A website (don’t worry everything will be explained here if you don’t know how to create a website)
  • Social media accounts (the bare minimum should be Pinterest and Instagram)

If you do not have a gmail and the above mentioned social media accounts, make sure to get these now.

They aren’t 100% necessary, but the closer you follow this tutorial the better the outcome will be.

easy passive online income proof of sales
Another Proof With The Actual Amount Generated

All of the tools and methods I mention are for free, so if you’re holding your credit card out by now, you can put it back in your wallet.

Here’s how we will approach this method:

  1. We will choose a product (unique niche) which we will sell
  2. Do some keyword research
  3. Create a website around the niche
  4. Advertise the products on our website
  5. Generate traffic through social media
  6. Earn passive income on autopilot!

I haven’t touched my own niche site since I’ve created it and it’s been consistently making sales.

This is what I like to call autopilot and complete passive income!

Technically you could repeat this method 10 times and make around $1,400 every week! The more sites you have, the faster you’ll reach that target.

By the end of your first time, you could outsource all the steps and have several done in a days time!

So I hope you enjoy this and pay close attention.

Step #1:

The first thing we have to do to create our easy passive online income, is to pick a good niche.

Normally I’d say that you should pick a niche you feel passionate about, have an interest in or generally find interesting.

However this is not entirely necessary for our micro niche site, because we’re just creating a quick small site that we want to forget about while it generates us money.

easy passive online income amazon search
Click On All And Choose A Category

We’re not going to continuously update content on it or try to improve it in any way once we’re done with it. You can if you want to scale up profits but I didn’t.

So how are we making sure our niche is a good one?

  • Head over to Amazon.com

    easy passive online income sub category
    On The Left Choose A Sub Category To Narrow Down Your Search
  • Choose any category and hit search
  • Choose a sub category and sort by customer review
  • Pick a popular most sold product!

Now you should be looking at a number of items that are really popular and people are happy buying.

Make sure that you choose a product in the price range of around $200-$800. Also make sure to have something which is rather unique.

I will not be revealing my niche because I think it was perfect and the competition is fairly high as it is.

The price should technically not matter too much, but seeing as Amazon commissions are really low, we want to have a certain limit for price ranges.

To help you ease your search, think of a product that’s trending, that people would always need and especially something that people prefer to order online.

This might be the hardest step so take your time and don’t rush it!

easy passive online income Ideal Criteria
Price And Review Are Perfect!

Step #2:

Now that we have our product, it’s time to do some keyword research.

Head over to the Google Keyword Tool and sign in.

easy passive online income keyword tool
Type In Your Chosen Products Name

Type in the exact model of the product you chose in Step #1.

So if your product was a wine bottle and the brand name was ‘Wine XYZ 300’ you type in that exact brand name.

Once the results show up, download them onto an excel file. This will make it easier to filter what we want to look at.

Open your excel sheet and delete all the following columns: A, C, F ,G, H, I, J, K

All we need to be looking at is the Keyword, Average Monthly Searches and the Competition.easy passive online income keyword tool results

What we will be looking at now is the competition. Since we don’t want high competing keywords, we will filter out everything we don’t need.

Simultaneously we want enough monthly searches so we will also have to ignore anything that is below 90 and above 500 monthly searches.

To do that we put a filter on and un-tick everything BELOW 90 monthly searches as well as anything UP TO 0.2 – 0.3 competition.

Write down all your newly found keywords that match these criteria. We will be using these later.easy passive online income excel sheet filter

(This is what your excel sheet should look like when all filters are applied)

You might want to do this for 5 different products in the same niche if the keywords are too specific.

So if your first product was ‘Wine XYZ 300’ you might want to look for ‘ASD Wine 40’. They’re both Wine but 2 different brands and therefore other keywords might appear.

However if your first keyword search provided you enough don’t worry about this.

Recap: What you should have by this step is 1) Have a niche chosen 2) a list of keywords for that niche

Step #3

Time to create our website. In order to generate easy passive online income, you really can’t do it without a website. I mean it’s possible but a lot harder.

Creating a website shouldn’t frighten you. It’s super easy and all you need can be found on this site anyway.

We are going to be working with WordPress for this example, because that’s what I’ve used and it’s so quick and user friendly to use.

When you choose your domain name, make sure to choose something that might be in your keyword list or something related to your product.

For instance if the niche were wine bottles, we want to call our site something along the lines of BestWineBottle.com or WineBottleReview.com!

The name itself should attract customers to your site but also reveal what exactly can be found on it.

Now you don’t have to follow this step exactly, but if you want to optimize your conversions, make sure to choose a theme that is suitable.

By suitable I mean that you should choose something shop-like. There are a few nice ones you could pay for but I chose a free one.

easy passive online income wordpress theme
Theme On The Bottom Right Looks Good

Choose a theme that is neat, doesn’t have too much going on and clearly displays products we’ll be trying to sell.

Next thing you want to do is install and activate the following set of plugins:

  • Jetpack (for contact page)
  • SEO by Yoast (for SEO)
  • Pretty Link (to cloak your affiliate links)
  • Any Social media plugin (for maximum exposure)
  • WP Product Review (not necessary but a must in my eyes)
  • Statpress (also not necessary especially if you have Google analytics)

Once you’ve installed all the plugins it’s time to get to work. Create a minimum of 4 pages.

Ideally you want to have a contact page (all you have to do is post the Jetpack contact form) a privacy disclaimer and 2 more pages related to your product.

Make sure that your two pages include an image and at least 500 words of text. Every page should include a keyword from your list as well!

Step #4:

Once you’ve created your 4 pages you can start writing your first review of the first product.

Again, choose a keyword from your list and write at least 500 words. You have to repeat this step 5 times so that we have 5 product reviews.

With the help of the WP Product Review plugin, your reviews will look awesome and very professional. Basically hard to resist when customers see them!

All the written stuff can be outsourced. You can easily ask anyone to write 500 words for a quick $5 at any freelancer site.

I would advise at this stage, to slowly publish the reviews. One each day, to show Google that your site will be updated regularly and to get indexed faster.

If you know your way around Google Webmaster, you can get indexed pretty much straight away, but I’d have to write another tutorial on this.

So to play it safe, post a review a day BEFORE including your affiliate links.

After being indexed you can go affiliate crazy. However, I would typically advise not to post more than 3 per page.

I had one in the beginning of each review, one at the end and one in the WP Product Review plugin.

Step #5:

Once your site is pretty much complete, it’s time to get some traffic.

Although we should have a pretty good traffic source through our keywords and our SEO written texts and reviews, we need to push it a bit further.

The easiest way I managed to get traffic, was through Instagram and Pinterest.


If you are completely new to Pinterest, I highly advise you to create and account, add all your friends from your Facebook account and add at least 10 boards.

On each board you should have around 5-10 pins. Simply choose things you actually like and include an about me board.

easy passive online income pinterest account
Have A Few Boards Of Personal Interest

This makes your account look authentic and not spammy.

Then you should add one additional board of whatever your product is that you are selling on your new niche site.

Pin each review separately with their keywords as hashtags in the description.

I will write a more thoroughly explained post how to get 500+ followers a week, but as for now just add around 100 people a day on your account.


Instagram can be more product related. Create an account just for the product itself.

In your profile description, make sure to add some emojis, short description of your site and include the link to your site.

You can also add all your Facebook friends, just as on Pinterest. This is not to make your friends buy your product (unless you want too).

easy passive online income instagram account
Feel Free To Add My Account 🙂

It’s merely there to show Instagram that this won’t be another spammy account.

What you can do next is add a few people on your account.

Again, I will be writing a thorough tutorial to maximize exposure and get tons of followers in no time but just make sure to add 100 people for now.

If you add too many you’ll most likely get suspended, so try to stick to 100 max. per day!

Next thing you can do with Instagram, is to include pictures of your product. These can be the same as on your review site.

Again, make sure to include the keywords written in hashtags (e.g. #WineXYZ300) followed by nice short descriptions.

That’s pretty much it!

Over time you should be generating enough traffic to let this run completely passively.

I haven’t touched my Instagram account since a week after it’s creation. My Pinterest on the other side is a ongoing thing as I use it for several websites.

This is what I call easy passive online income, with barely to no effort whatsoever!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

If you did, make sure to share it with people. You could literally repeat this process 10 times and make $1,400+ a week.

Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter if you want more awesome tutorials to generate passive income. Like my Facebook page as well!

Any questions or general thoughts, can be left below in the comment section!

Thanks for reading,




  1. Hi Essi,

    This same tactics i watched in a you tube video that time i thought its not good way to earn money via Affiliate. But as you mention same things, now i am thinking that you both are right.

    I need to think again about this.

    • Hey Mukesh,

      Like I said In the article itself, there are millions of people who wrote similar methods to create a small and quick Amazon affiliate site. I think they are probably the quickest way to make money online but unless you take care of them and create several, there isn’t much money to be made of.
      A little extra income on the side however with one or two sites is always great and that’s what these sites are good for 🙂

      Honestly I say go ahead and just give it a try, the worst that can happen is that you won’t make any money. The most I spent to create this was the domain I purchased so that’s nothing really 🙂



    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks. Let me know how it works out! It’s quite easy to do. Only advice is to make sure you have something popular that people would like to order online.

      This is great for a quick extra buck on the side 😉

  2. Great post! Have you made any new sales since uploading this post? And how much would you spend on Google Adwords?

    Many thanks, Soyfur.

    • Hey Soyfur,

      I did spend a bit more than I wanted on Adwords as I’m still new to it. I have made some sales before and after adsense however.

      Overall I’m not sure if adsense is necessary but it does help to get more sales. I will probably write an entire post soon about adsense and how I approached it.

      Hope this answers your question 🙂


  3. Hi, Would like to try this system, but have never used Excel. Is there another way? I also am a member of WA. Have been following you for a couple of weeks and enjoy your site, have been trying to earn money for a couple of years with very little success, but not giving up. Thanks, Deanna

    • Hey Deanna,
      I guess you could do it without excel but it would be a bit more time consuming. The thing about excel is you can filter out everything you don’t need. Maybe you can find some free version online or maybe there’s a different way to filter out everything on the google keyword tool.
      I’ll have a look and try to find a solution for you. But as for now I suggest to keep going through with the WA training 🙂 after all it’s still the most sustainable way to make money I think 🙂
      Good luck and thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi Esteban,

    I recently discovered your blog and I am LOVING it – such great and helpful info! Thank you.

    I have picked a niche and planning to create a mini site like you have. Not sure I am doing the Keyword Research correctly so please could you help?

    If I have a keyword phrase that has 2400 monthly searches and the competition is 0.15. Is this a good phrase to use?

    Or is it better to use one that has 390 monthly searches and competition of 0.05?

    Because you said to ignore things over 500 monthly searches but I wasn’t sure why that was? I thought more monthly searches would be better?

    Thank you

    • Hey Chloe,

      Firstly let me say thanks for liking my blog so much 🙂 Always good to hear that!

      Good to see you’re trying out a micro site as well. To be honest it’s a bit of a trial and error thing so if it doesn’t work out straight away, you can always tweak a little bit here and there to make it work.

      I would say that having higher monthly searches than 500 is usually more competitive but you can always try it out. You say that you found a keyword with 2,400 searches and competition is at 0.15 so maybe type in that keyword in an anonymous window to see what other sites rank for it.

      If you have a lot of authority sites on the first page of google, it might be a bad idea to try and compete with them. However if they are some amateur sites I would say go ahead and try outranking them!

      Usually if you have 10 keywords with 240 monthly searches and 0.05 competition it would be better than having one keyword with higher searches and competition.

      However, like I said it is a bit of a trial thing. I’ve only done this a couple of times and I’m still learning a lot, so you may want to try out your own version of this and maybe it works out better than mine (if it does let me know please 😀 )!

      One thing is certain, if you build several pages and several posts over time, you are ranking for more keywords and you will become more competitive.

      Hope my answer helps,


  5. Essi,
    Are you proposing to promote more than one product in a micro niche?
    I heard that micro niche is thing of past. Does it still work?
    Your blog is growing but there is a very good pull. I check this out every now and then. Good luck. I’m also in WA.
    – winningstar

    • Hey Zaneem,

      On my micro sites I promote 5 products to give them a bit of a choice but not too much either.
      Micro sites definitely aren’t a thing of the past. I made around $2k with one site alone (within 3 months).
      Obviously that shows the minor investment of $10 and 5 hours work is definitely worth it 🙂
      However, this month I only made one tiny sale.
      I guess if you do create these sites you have to maintain them a little and work on them regularly to keep them profitable. I should have sold the site when it was performing well but I wanted to see if it would keep up it’s sales.
      We’ll see how it continues. I’m currently trying out different ways of creating these sites so maybe I’ll have an update soon.
      Thanks for passing by on my blog every so often 🙂

      • Hi Essi,
        Thanks for your reply. When you said, ‘need to maintain’, did you mean adding more articles after keyword research?

        • Hello again,

          Yea in a way. There is a way to set and forget them, but I haven’t managed to figure out just quite yet how that works.
          I honestly didn’t touch my site since I created it but the traffic seems to have slowed down massively now. So I have to somehow keep it at a level where enough people visit the site without me having to create article after article.
          Once I discover how it works I will share it though. But as for now, the only way I’d make some sales is through ads I think. I get about 2-5 clicks on my link per day and I’m selling rather expensive items.

          • Thanks Essi for taking time to respond.

            I read your January income report. I think your December was better due to the seasonal sales.

            Wish you all the best.

  6. I am impressed about your writing! I am trying to earn from Fiverr. It’s really hard for me to earn money from it. I complete my profile as http://www.fiverr.com/ben_amin but can not earn a dime. I got a web site buyer who want me to do SEO of his fybeternit.com site but it so hard.
    I am interested about your Passive Income system. I want to do it. If I want any help would you help me? Also any seo tricks…

    • Hey Ben,
      Fiverr can be tough to begin with as you need a lot of good ratings before people even consider hiring you, but with no jobs there will be no ratings right? Maybe you could try doing exceptional jobs and a bit of extra to begin with. That will guarantee great ratings.
      If you want to know more about how I make my income you should definitely have a look at my #1 rated product. Maybe it will interest you.
      It’s basically teaching you how to make money from affiliate marketing!
      Hope this helps and good luck,

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