Early Risers vs Night Owls – Why Mornings Matter Most

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Dreadful Mornings

Are you the type of person that wakes up at 7 a.m. with no issues whatsoever, starts smiling and getting on with their daily routine as if nothing bothered you ever?

Or are you more the type of person that loves to sleep in and the sound of your alarm turns into an instant reflex to snooze?

There is definitely a huge difference between early risers vs night owls and there is a clear distinction on which one has the upper hand when it comes to being successful.

I’m sure you can all guess which group of people have the better habit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train yourself to wake up early with no problem either.tired dog

Whenever I write about successful habits, there is always an easy way for my readers to obtain these habits in no time. All it takes is a small will and some motivation. The rest comes automatically whether you believe it or not.

In this article I want to help all my night owls to wake up earlier or at least to wake up with less of a grumpy morning and be more productive in life. The morning has a lot to offer and life’s to short to be grumpy half of the day!

Old Habits

When I used to be younger, I would love to sleep in, especially on weekends. When I say sleep in, I mean sleeping until 1 pm or later. The sheer sound of an alarm would drive me insane.

old fashioned alarmYou can imagine what it felt like to wake up for school. I would usually be grumpy until I had my first meal, which would be around midday.

Because I generally don’t have a big appetite and woke up so early, I wouldn’t feel hungry until lunch time. As you can imagine this lead to:

  • Feeling grumpy
  • Exhausted/ Tired
  • Lack of concentration
  • Little to no motivation

I never really understood the point in waking up early. Neither did I feel the need to eat something in the morning. After all the entire morning was there to rush and catch the bus instead.

Up until recently I still had the same routine. I would wake up really early occasionally to squeeze in a breakfast and workout and then rush to work. When I did that, I felt amazing.

Sadly this routine only lasted for a month or two, I quickly fell back to the usual snooze routine, where I would end up in the shower 15 minutes before work and race through the rush hour in full rage!

My usual energy levels would rise late at night and I would always find it hard to sleep when it was time to.

Current Habit

Now that I work for myself, I feel like it’s worth getting up earlier and getting as much done as possible in a day. When I feel myself getting distracted I dwell on it and I get back to work twice as hard.



In my old routine I didn’t feel like it was necessary to be early since no one showed up early or motivated anyway.

This also made it feel like I was just constantly trying to battle time and catch up for the lost morning.

I’ve studied and learned a lot from successful habits and one of the key habits to have in order to create the wealth I want to have, is to wake up early.

The reasons are fairly obvious!

Now that I wake up earlier, I get to enjoy my coffee and I can reflect and think about what I have to get done. How to do things efficiently etc.

work at home benefits
Being able to enjoy my morning coffee while working calmly is priceless

I don’t have to rush my entire day anymore to be able to make it into the shops on time. I can call places before they put me on hold and I can divide my tasks appropriately depending on what has to be done first.

Believe it or not but I try to wake up earlier every day.

I’m sure you all have an idol or two you like to look up to. One of my idols since I was a kid is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The successful Austrian giant came from a little place, that barely anyone knows (Graz) and became a successful entrepreneur, governor of California, holds the world record for youngest Mr.Olympia title, successful actor and much more.

In his autobiography he describes how he used to wake up insanely early and accomplished several tasks in a single day.

It was that passage that made me realize I have to be more active if I want to be successful.

Since then, I always tried to wake up early, eat healthy, work, exercise and study.

I used to think it was inhuman to do so many things in one day and that it should be divided onto several days instead. But spreading out the work means it would take weeks if not months to get results.

But the reality is that a day has 24 hours, 6-8 of which we need to sleep. There are plenty of hours left to be proactive.

Top 4 Tips

If you want to be more successful, or simply improve your daily life, you should seriously consider to start having a productive morning routine as well.

It can eat up so many of the tasks you dread to complete and let you focus for the rest of the day.

I’ve previously written about the importance of checklists, which will help you divide your tasks efficiently.

#1 – Write down the tasks you have to do the night before, you will sleep better and you won’t feel as overwhelmed the next day. Waking up with 100’s of things to do, easily tires you out before you even get going!

Tick off the things you’ve completed and watch how every tick gives you a sense of accomplishment. Your mind will register that the day has less obstacles ahead and you will subconsciously narrow down your focus.

I think that is one of the most powerful ways to learn my wealthy affiliate lessons. They always give you a couple of tasks to complete per lesson.

#2 – Get rid of your stereotypical thoughts. Telling yourself you’re a night owl puts you in that mind frame and sets you up to be one. Instead try and embrace the morning. Think about how good you will feel waking up earlier and having a head start from now on.

To learn more about self-talk and developing a positive mind frame, have a look at my previously written post on techniques to change your thinking.

#3 – Don’t check your phone or emails first thing in the morning. Take a moment to think about things you want to accomplish and have a look outside your window to see the nature a little bit.

I must admit I still have difficulties with this one, but I’m working on it. The problem is that I am so curious to see my progress and check my emails to see if I made any more money online, that I struggle a lot not to do that first thing.

smartphone email checking
Avoid stressful mornings by not checking your emails first thing in the morning

The best way to avoid it would be to get a traditional alarm clock and put my smartphone in a completely different room.

#4 – Go to bed earlier and set your alarm earlier – If you want to start being an early bird, it’s time to make a change now. Set your alarm an hour earlier and if you must, set yourself an alarm to go to bed as well.

There is no secret method to wake up earlier really. All you have to do is start a new trend. The first week you might struggle a little but soon enough it will become second nature.

Watch how you will wake up around 8 on weekends and get things done to enjoy the day after. My advice is to sit up straight away once that alarm interrupts your sleep. Go to the bathroom or make a coffee and before you know it, you’re awake.

Now that you have an extra hour, take your time to eat breakfast, read the news etc.

The next few wake ups will be more productive!

I hope that I managed to bring across the importance of waking up earlier and how it can help you succeed.

Of course it’s not easy to switch a lifestyle from one day to another, but sometimes the easiest way is to just do it.

What are your thoughts on waking up early? Who wins the battle between early risers vs night owls? Which type of person are you? Leave behind comments and thoughts as I would love to hear your opinion.

Let me know if you feel more productive from now on! You can contact me here or on my Facebook page, so don’t forget to like it!




  1. I’m naturally a morning person, but lately I’ve been staying up later and waking up later, and I feel terrible! It’s amazing how even an hour’s difference can make me feel off-balance for the whole day.

    I liked your tip about not checking your phone first thing in the morning. I tend to do that too, and it isn’t even something I thought could be wrong. So I tried resisting the urge to check my phone for just five minutes, or read a couple of pages in my book instead, and I found I woke up easier and felt better.

    • Hey,
      I know exactly what you mean. I stood up an hour later today because I had to stay up much later last night. If I sense that I won’t get my 7 hours sleep the night before, I naturally set my second alarm an hour later than usual otherwise the whole day would be wasted. But I do feel terrible as well and feel like I’m catching up.
      The phone tip is a hard one to follow since my alarm is on my phone.
      When I feel myself checking emails etc I instantly just put it away and go make a coffee or something.
      Glad you enjoyed my article,

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